BIOGRAPHIES, Greenbrier County, WV - "H"

AUSTIN HANDLY - one of the substantial farming residents of Lewisburg District, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, was born in their county, June 4, 1826. He married Mary E. BELL, who was born in Bath County, Virginia. Their marriage was solemnized in Rockbridge County, Virginia, November 15, 1855, and their children were born: Bessy D., August 11, 1857; Charlie R., January 3, 1859; Hattie B., August 1, 1860; Sallie A., June 30, 1862; Jane Lee, May 12, 1864; Mary Lewis, August 24, 1866; Phil. N., May 12, 1868; George Lacy, March 21, 1870; Lucy J., August 10, 1874; Henry M. M., January 21, 1876; John A., May 8, 1880. Sallie A. died in 1863, Hattie B. died in 1881, and John A. died April 13, 1883; the others are living in Greenbrier County. John and Elizabeth (SHANKLIN) HANDLY were the parents of Austin HANDLY, and both are now deceased. His mother died February 22, 1854, and his father departed this life September 21, 1875. The wife of Mr. HANDLY was a daughter of Joseph G. W. and Harriet P. (DICKESON) BELL, her father, born in Rockbridge County, Virginia, February 22, 1814, and her mother, born in Bath County in 1847. On the 10th of January, 1863, soldiers of the Federal army laid in waste the estate of Mr. HANDLY, burning to the ground his house, barn and stables. He was three years sheriff of Greenbrier County, elected in 1862, was re-assessor of lands, 1882, and has been county commissioner since 1881. His post office address is Lewisburg, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

HARVEY HANDLY - descended from the HANDLY-SHANKLIN families, who were among the earliest and most prominent of the settlers of the county of Greenbrier, who was born in this county, October 28, 1817. John and Elizabeth (SHANKLIN) HANDLY, both now deceased, were his parents. His maternal grandfather emigrated from Ireland in 1769, and settled three miles west of Lewisburg in 1784, and there passed the remainder of his days. William HANDLY came from Augusta County, Virginia, about 1790, and settled about one and one-half miles west of Lewisburg, on the farm now owned by Austin HANDLY, brother of Harvey. His brother John settled in life for himself at Falling Spring, fifteen miles north of Lewisburg. Harvey HANDLY is the owner of one of the best cultivated farms in Greenbrier County, lying in Lewisburg District, and takes special pride in raising blooded horses, having the best strain west of the Blue Ridge in the Virginias. He served in this county as surveyor, 1840-58. In Goshen, Rockbridge County, Virginia, June 14, 1842, he married Mary C. S. BELL, who was born in Goshen, September 13, 1822, a daughter of Joseph and Mary Ann (NELSON) BELL, now both deceased. Ten children were born, as follows, to Mr. and Mrs. HANDLY: William M., April 8, 1843, died in June, 1845; Joseph B., January 4, 1845; Mary A., October 28, 1846; John O., May 25, 1849; Bettie P., May 12, 1851, died in October, 1861; Thomas A., June 9, 1853, died in September, 1865; Harvey J., January 31, 1859; Charles W., March 5, 1861; Mary B., October 12, 1863. Joseph B. was a Confederate soldier - all living children reside in Greenbrier County. The family postoffice address is Lewisburg, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

JOHN O. HANDLY - is fourth child and third son of Harvey and Mary C. (BELL) HANDLY, whose record has just been given. His birth was in Greenbrier County, May 25, 1849, and his marriage was consumated in Lewisburg, September 14, 1882. His wife is Mattie, daughter of Johnson and Sarah A. (WAYTE) BELL, and she was born in Lewisburg, January 7, 1846. Her father's birth was in Rockbridge County, Virginia, on the 16th of December, 1816, and he made his home in Greenbrier County in 1845. Her mother, born in Augusta County, Virginia, October 9, 1822, died in Greenbrier County, January 4, 1869. John O. HANDLY is one of the enterprising business men of Lewisburg, where he successfully conducts a livery business. His residence is in Lewisburg, and his postoffice address is Lewisburg, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

JOSEPH BELL HANDLY - is a son of Harvey and Mary C. (BELL) HANDLY, whose record has just been given, and he was born January 4, 1845, on the farm where his father still lives, near Lewisburg, this county. In his eighteenth year, in the fall of 1862, Joseph B. HANDLY enlisted at Richlands, in the 14th Virginia Cavalry, Confederate service, serving in Company K until its division, when he was placed in Company E. His company stayed in Greenbrier County one year, and was engaged in a skirmish at TUCKWILLERS Hill, and had their winter quarters, winter of 1863, at Monroe Draft, this county. In the following spring they moved on to Lynchburg, in front of the Federal General Averill's forces, and in April or May went down the Shenandoah Valley, advancing on Washington as far as Georgetown. He took part in the marching, countermarching, and engagements of the campaigns of the Valley until in January, 1865, the 14th was transferred to BEALL's brigade of cavalry, operating with LEE until the surrender. Among the engagements in which Mr. HANDLY took part were Monocacy, Maryland; Georgetown, Fishers Hill, Kernstown, Cedar Creek, Cedarville, Winchester, Timberville, and under Lee the engagements of Five Forks, and of Appomattox, where Mr. HANDLY was fighting until ten o'clock from daybreak, firing ceasing two hours before the surrender. He was never wounded, nor taken prisoner until the surrender, but he more than once left the battle-field with his clothing shot full of holes. His occupation is farming and dealing in stock, and he is located in Lewisburg District. At Richlands, February 27, 1878, Joseph B. HANDLY was united in marriage with Sallie Smith WATKINS, who was born in Charlotte County, near Smithville, Virginia, July 11, 1858. Her parents, William Leigh WATKINS and Ann Cobbs (HARRIS) WATKINS, still reside at the place of her birth. Her father was born there, and is about fifty years of age at this time. Her mother, now about forty-five years old, was born in Virginia, also. Joseph B. HANDLY receives his mail at Richlands, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

DAVID SALVADORE HAPTONSTALL - is grandson of Isaac H. HAPTONSTALL who came from New York State to Greenbrier County at a very early date, in the year 1771, and whose son Isaac, father of David S., was born near White Sulphur Springs, this county. Isaac HAPTONSTALL married Cynthia B. CARPENTER, who was born in North Carolina, and their son David S. was born in Greenbrier County, June 23, 1827. Isaac HAPTONSTALL died May 5, 1868, and his widow died May 3, 1874. David S. HAPTONSTALL was joined in wedlock with Mary Ann Libby ERWIN, in Irish Corner, June 22, 1869, and their children were six, of whom five are living at home, and one is deceased. Samuel M. was born March 27, 1870; Franklin A., July 11, 1872; Sallie E., January 15, 1875; Calvin Willard, January 20, 1877, died May 3rd following; Margaret Susan, May 10, 1879; Elizabeth J., November 6, 1882. James and Margaret (PRICE) ERWIN were the parents of Mary A. L., born in Irish Corner, March 15, 1847, who became the wife of D. S. HAPTONSTALL. Her father was born in this district, her mother's birth was in the year 1825, and both are living at Irish Corner. David S. HAPTONSTALL was one of the most popular militia officers Greenbrier County ever had. He was commissioned major of the 135th Virginia Militia, by John B. Floyd, governor of Virginia, and held the office a number of years. He combines the avocations of farm life with the trade of a mason and plasterer, and his post office address is Monroe Draft, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

B. F. HARLOW - born in Albemarle County, Virginia, July 20, 1835 was a son of Henry Martin HARLOW and Mary Elizabeth HARLOW nee HAWLEY. He received a common-school education and at the age of sixteen went into the printing business. At eighteen he became one of the editors of the Farmer's Friend, a weekly paper published in Union, Monroe County, (then) Virginia. In 1855 he took charge of the Greenbrier Era, which he edited until November, 1858, when he went to Memphis, Tennessee, and there took a position on the Daily Bulletin. In 1859 he returned to Lewisburg and entered upon the practice of law, in which he continued until the outbreak of the war between the States. He enlisted as a private in the Greenbrier Cavalry (Confederate), served until made prisoner in May, 1862, was imprisoned at Charleston and at Wheeling, then at Camp Chase (Ohio) and exchanged in the latter part of 1862. Returned to his regiment and served until discharged for disability incurred in service and during imprisonment. In 1863 he was contributor to the Lynchburg Daily Republican, and in 1864 was assigned to duty in the post office department, Confederate service. At the close of the war, broken in health, crippled in pocket, debarred from practice by his inability to take the "Attorneys Test Oath", he contributed a short time to the Lynchburg Daily News. Then, in 1865, in Lewisburg he established the Greenbrier Independent, which he still continues. He has also become a successful farmer. He has never been a candidate for or held an office of emolument, but was a delegate at large from the third congressional district of West Virginia to the Democratic National convention which met in Cincinnati in 1880. He was on the committee on organization in that body. February 28, 1867, he married Henrietta Clay RENICK, daughter of B. F. RENICK, Esq., and from that union eight children have been born: Rose Belle, Annie Virginia, Henry Martin, Benjamin Lacy, Henrietta Caroline, Mary Evelyn, Homer Holt, and Austin HARLOW.

JOHN THOMAS HARPER - son of Thomas and Mary A. (MITCHELL) HARPER, was born at Harpers Ferry, Jefferson County, (then) Virginia, on the 1st of February, 1827. His parents were natives of Montgomery County, Maryland, his father born in 1798 and his mother in 1800. His father's death was on the 26th of March, 1848, and his mother died August 23, 1876. In Cumberland, Maryland, August 1, 1849, John T. HARPER married Mary B. HORNBACH, who was born in Baden, Germany, on the 13th of June, 1830. Their children were ten born: Mary Elizabeth, November 16, 1850, died September 22, 1852; John Williams, November 25, 1852, lives at home; Emma J., January 7, 1855, lives at Buchanan, Virginia; Fannie A., August 9, 1857, lives at home; George T., February 12, 1860, lives at Buchanan; Susie I., August 28, 1862; Robert Lee, October 22, 1865; Mary A., April 9, 1868; Charles S., September 24, 1870; Ida F., June 21. 1875 - these five at home. Jacob F. and Mary J. (ACKERMAN) HORNBACH were the parents of Mrs. HARPER. Her father was born in Baden, Germany, in 1793, and her mother was born in the same city May 9, 1794, and both died in Alleghany County, Maryland. His death occurred February 27, 1850, and his wife died September 13, 1845. Mr. HARPER enlisted in 1861, and served through the war between the States in the Confederate army. John W.,the oldest son of the family, is a young man of great business promise, and has charge of the J. T. HARPER & Sons' store at White Sulphur Springs, dealing in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Tobacco, etc. John T. HARPER owns 775 acres of land on Anthonys Creek, and 700 acres in Monroe County. His land is all well-timbered or under cultivation, with croppings of iron ore. He receives his mail at Mill Hill, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, and his wife is postmistress at that point.

CHARLES H. HEDRICK - born in Blue Sulphur district, Greenbrier County, February 27, 1840, is still a resident in this district, where he owns a fine farm, and he is also successfully conducting a grocery and butcher business at Alderson, Monroe County. Henry and Nancy J. (LIVESAY) HEDRICK, the latter died in 1873, were his parents. His first wife was Virginia ROBISON, whom he wedded March 9, 1860, and who died without children, March 6, 1866, in Mason County, Illinois, of consumption. In Monroe County, West Virginia, September 9. 1867, Charles H. HEDRICK and Eliza HOGGSETT were united in marriage, and their children are five, John Henry, born September 27, 1868; Mary V, November 12, 1869; Lulie B., May 8, 1871; James N., June 1, 1873; Willie H., December 1, 1878. John and Mary HOGGSETT, born in Augusta County, Virginia, were the parents of Mrs. HEDRICK. They made their home in Monroe County, and the mother is still living on the homestead there, the father died in 1857. The birth of Mrs. HEDRICK was in Monroe County, born September 8, 1841. She had one brother, S. F. HOGGSETT, who was a Confederate soldier, serving in Edgar's Battalion, Company F. Charles H. HEDRICK's post office address is Alderson, Monroe County, West Virginia.

HARVEY J. HEDRICK - born in Greenbrier County, February 2, 1829, has passed his life in this county except for sixteen years he lived in Illinois 1858-74. During his residence there he ably filled the office of justice of the peace for five years, and township collector one year. The first wife of Mr. HEDRICK was Isabella ROBINSON, and their children were three: James W., born November 2, 1855; Charles H., April 2, 1858; Isabella, December 9, 1862, deceased. In Ford County, Illinois. November 29, 1864, Harvey J. HEDRICK and Rachel A. HARRIS were joined in wedlock, and to them were born eight children: Lilla B., March 6, 1866; Perry M., January 18, 1868; John H., November 8, 1871; Stephen H., March 20, 1872; De, February 24, 1874: Nancy E., July 18, 1876; Mary, November 10, 1878; Martha A., February 11, 1881. John H. is deceased, the other children of the second marriage living with their parents. The two sons of the first marriage live in Mason County, Illinois. Rachel A., wife of Mr. HEDRICK, was born in Montgomery County, Indiana July 8, 1845, a daughter of James M. and and Elizabeth (BISHOP) HARRIS. Her father was born in Hamilton County, Ohio, in February, 1815, and her mother was born in Indiana, in April, 1819. They now make their home in Illinois. Henry HEDRICK, father of Harvey J., was born April 25, 1792, in Greenbrier County, and he married Nancy LIVESAY, born in this county, he is still living here, but his wife is deceased. Harvey J. HEDRICK owns and carries on a farm of 450 acres in Meadow Bluff District, and is thinking of going southwest, and offers his farm for sale at a very reasonable price, His postoffice address is Little Sewell, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

EDWARD HENNESSY -railroad watchman and farmer, is the owner of 1,060 acres of good land, well-timbered with white pine, white oak, poplar, hickory, ash, chestnut, etc., his farm lying about three miles from White Sulphur Springs, and in the district of that name. He was born in Ireland in 1833, and he married Margaret S. STEERS, born in Pennsylvania, June 11, 1844. Their marriage was solemnized May 17, 1865, and their children were born: Mary Elizabeth, June 6, 1866; Alice M., August 21, 1867; Margaret Ellen, September 23, 1868; Michael Evans, September 9, 1870; Joseph Edward, December 23, 1873; Joanna, July 2, 1875; John Isaac, December 7, 1877; Juliette July 2, 1879. Alice M. died March 21, 1872, and the other children are all at home. Patrick and Mary (COSTELLO) HENNESSY are the parents of Edward HENNESSY; and his wife is a daughter of Evans and Elizabeth (MULHOLLEN) STEERS. Her brother, William STEERS, was a soldier in the 27th Virginia Infantry, Confederate service, through the war between the States. Edward HENNESSY's post office address is White Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

HON. HOMER A. HOLT - born April 27, 1831, in Parkersburg, Wood County, (then) Virginia, was a son of Jonathan and Eliza (WILSON) HOLT. His father, born in Monongailia County, (then) Virginia, in 1800, died in Harrison County, West Virginia, at West Milford, in 1880. His mother, whose birth was in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, in 1807, died at Weston, Lewis County, (then) Virginia, in July, 1836. At Sutton, Braxton County, (then) Virginia, January 27, 1857, Homer A. HOLT wedded Mary A. BYRNE, who was born April 11, 1835, at Bulltown, then included in Lewis County, and now a part of Braxton County, West Virginia. She is a daughter of John BYRNE, of Bulltown, and her mother's maiden name was Ann HAYMOND. The children of Mr. and Mrs. HOLT were born: John H., August 10, 1859; Fannie D., April 30, 1868; Robert B., September 5, 1870; Mary N., February 2, 1877. In the fall of 1853, Homer A. HOLT was admitted to the bar, and he practiced in Braxton and adjoining counties from 1854 to 1873. In 1874 he took up his residence among the people of Greenbrier County, and since January 1, 1873, he has been judge of the circuit court of the 8th and 10th Districts, an office he still fills. In 1872 he was a member from Braxton County of the State constitutional convention. Judge HOLT's residence and postoffice address are Lewisburg, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

SAMUEL H00VER - born in Garrett County, Maryland, December 15, 1842, has been a resident in Greenbrier County since August 1, 1881, and is a farmer and blacksmith in Fort Spring District. He is a son of Carlyle H00VER, born in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, and Rosanna (DURST) H00VER, born in Garrett County, Maryland. His wife, whom he married in Grantsville, Maryland, was Rachel A. RECKNER and her birth was in Garrett County, Maryland. Her parents were natives of that State, John and Barbara E. (Potter) RECKNER. The children of Mr. and Mrs. H00VER, all at home are: Lucretia E., born November 17, 1867; Fannie B., May 20, 1870; Ralph R., October 13, 1874; Clara V., April 23, 1877; John Franklin and Nathaniel W., May 10, 1879. Samuel H00VER was made prisoner by the Confederate troops on the 3d of January, 1862, and was sent first to Libby prison, thence to Belle Isle, where he remained two months, and was then sent to Andersonville. From Andersonville to Savanna, (Georgia), then to Charleston and to Florence, (South Carolina), and then to Wilmington, then to Goldsborough (North Carolina). The Federals making it warm for the Confederates in North Carolina at that time, he was soon taken back to Wilmington and paroled, and the weary pilgrimages of his captivity were ended as he passed again within the Union lines. When he entered Andersonville his weight was 150 pounds, and under the kind care of Captain Whirz his weight was reduced to 75 pounds before he was released. He rapidly regained his health but was exceedingly weak for some time after his release. Ronceverte, Greenbrier county, West Virginia, is his post office address.

JACOB HUFFENAGLE - owns a farm of 550 acres in Fort Spring district, valued at $16,500, and devotes it largely to grazing. His residence is located in one of the most beautiful spots in the beautiful county of Greenbrier, and his old age has all material comforts. He was born in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, August 15, 1815, a son of Jacob and Mary (RIDER) HUFFNAGLE, both of whom have been more than half a century numbered with the dead. His father died in 1819. Both were born in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. In July, 1834, the subject of this sketch made his home in Greenbrier County, and in this county at Lewisburg, in 1840, he was united in marriage with Adelaide Johnson KOHLENBURG, who was born in Frederick County, Maryland, in 1817. Of their union three daughters were born: Anna, February 22, 1842, died January 6, 1860; Mary, March 3, 1844, whose home is in this county; Sue A., July 25, 1847, who lives at home. Jacob HUFFNAGLE's post office address is Lewisburg, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

ENOS ED. HUFFMAN - son of Enos and Jane (GEORGE)HUFFMAN, was born December 11, 1839, on the farm where he now lives in Blue Sulphur district, Greenbrier County, December 3, 1860, in Monroe County, (now) West Virginia, he married Margaret Swan ELLIS, who was born in Monroe County, February 7, 1839. Andrew and Mary (ALDERSON) ELLIS, her parents, are still living in Monroe County, and her mother was born in that county, on Greenbrier river, December 31, 1813. Her father was born in Greenbrier County, July 19, 1811. The father of Mr. HUFFMAN was born in the Shenandoah valley, Virginia , August 15, 1793, and died in Ohio, April 19, 1856. Mr. HUFFMAN`s mother, who is living with him was born in this district. October 25, 1794. Enos Ed. HUFFMAN was a soldier of the 36th Virginia Battalion, and a participant in the battle of Gettysburg among others. His brother Washington was in the same command, was a prisoner at Camp Chase and Fort Delaware, lost his health from exposure, and died November 15, 1868, from the effects. The children of Mr. and Mrs. HUFFMAN, all at home, are seven: Cornelia B., born November 7, 1861; Ambrose H., November 10, 1864; Calah, September 16. 1866; Cary, October 6, 1868; Andrew, November 21, 1870; Robison, November 10, 1874; Mark S., December 14, 1876. Mr. HUFFMAN also raised Arabella ELLIS, born July 13, 1863, his brother-in-law's daughter. She now lives with John Lewis, in Blue Sulphur district. Enos Ed. HUFFMAN is an extensive farmer and stock-raiser, has been a member of the school board two years, and is superintendent of the baptist Sunday school. Address, Alderson, Monroe County, West Virginia.

SIMEON R. HUFFMAN - has lived over thirty-seven years on his homestead farm of 335 acres, in Blue Sulphur district, Greenbrier County, and has it nearly all improved and under cultivation. On Snake Run he has 60 or 70 acres of mountain land, mostly in timber. He was elected treasurer of schools for this district, and served from 1867 to 1869. He served eighteen months as magistrate, also. His birth was in Blue Sulphur district, October 19, 1822, and he married in Monroe County, then Virginia, February 26, 1846 His wife was Bellicent GWINN, born in Monroe County, December 2, 1819, and their children were four, of whom two only survive: William, born March 18, 1847, died October 7. 1862; Mary, born February 13, 1857, died August 2, 1859. At home with the parents are: John, born September 23, 1849, and George, born January 21, 1854. Enos HUFFMAN, father of Simeon R., was born in the Shenandoah Valley, August 15, 1793, and was quite a boy when his mother brought her family from the valley to Greenbrier County. Afterward she moved to Preble County, Ohio, with all her family except Enos, who remained in this county, and married Jane GEORGE, born in this district, October 25, 1794. She was a daughter of Thomas GEORGE, who settled here in 1790, and was a great hunter. He killed many bear and deer, and used to capture wolves and pen them in a corn-crib, where at one time he had seven. Enos HUFFMAN died in Indiana, April 19, 1856, and his widow still lives in Blue Sulphur district. Joseph and Mary (TAYLOR) GWINN, the parents of Mrs. HUFFMAN, died in Monroe County, the father on the 23d of April, 1862, and the mother June 23, 1872. Joseph GWINN was Born in Monroe County, November 6, 1783, and his wife was born in Rockbridge County, Virginia, May 15, 1786. Simeon R. HUFFMAN's postoffice address is Palestine, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

ANDREW F. HULL - is the eighth child and fifth son of Jesse and Elizabeth (CLEEK) HULL, whose record is in the sketch following this one. January 26, 1850 was his natal day, and his marriage was solemnized, near Falling Spring, May 25, 1875. His wife is Emmeline Eliza, daughter of Joseph Josiah and Ann Eliza (ELLIOTT) WALKUP, and she was born near Falling Spring, January 24, 1852. The children of Mr. and Mrs. HULL are three daughters, born: Mary Corinne, April 3, 1877; Lucy Lawren, May 13, 1879; Eliza Virginia, December 18, 1881. Mrs. HULL's paternal grandparents, John and Nancy (BEARD) WALKUP, were the earliest settlers in Falling Spring District, and among the most prominent. Her grandfather Elliott was accidentally shot while watching a deer lick on North fork of Anthony Creek, many years ago. Andrew F. HULL has a farm of 1,200 acres, 96 acres enclosed and excellent bottom land. The remainder flat and upland, is well timbered, white pine, white oak, ash, poplar, locust, sugar and hickory. The post office address of Andrew F. HULL is Lowrys Mills, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

JESSIE HULL - son of George HULL, was born in Bath County, Virginia, December 20, 1801. In Pocahontas County, (then) Virginia, August 6, 1837, he married Elizabeth A. CLEEK, born in Pocahontas County, June 3, 1807, a daughter of Matthias and Margaret (CRAWFORD) CLEEK. Their children are recorded: Margaret, born March 20, 1828, lives on Little Creek; William C., October 5, 1830, lives in this district; John M., August 25, 1838, died June 1, 1862; Evaline, February 15, 1833, died November 26, 1869; James Silas, June 1, 1836, died August 24, 1837; Jesse A., December 10, 1841, lives at home; Alice F., January 14, 1848, lives in Highland County, Virginia; Andrew F., January 26, 1850, lives at home; Charlotte, September 23, 1854, died September 19, 1883. Three sons were in the Confederate army, William C. in the 22d Virginia Infantry, Taylors company, and John and Jesse in Company B, Edgars battalion, 26th Infantry. John died in the service at Christianburg, Virginia, in 1862. Jesse was in the battles of White Sulphur Springs, Fayettesville, New Market, Cold Harbor, Lynchburg and Kernstown. In the last-named battle he was wounded in the thigh by a minie-ball, and recovered only after great suffering, reaching home in September 1864. Jesse HULL, the father, died July 20, 1875, and Elizabeth H., his widow, died February 16, 1879. Jesse, Andrew and William own 3,000 acres of land on Anthonys Creek, five miles above Alvon, 300 acres bottom land under cultivation. The upland is well timbered, good medicinal springs abound, and iron, coal and lead are found everywhere in the 3,000 acres. The family post office is Lowrys Mills, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

WILLIAM CRAWFORD HULL - an energetic and prosperous farmer of Anthonys Creek District, Greenbrier County, owns about 900 acres of excellent land of which 130 acres is bottom land and under cultivation. The remainder is upland, well timbered with white pine, cedar, locust, poplar, white oak, ash and sugar. Iron ore is to be found in abundance, the mountainous portion of his land being, on fact, almost a solid cake of iron ore. Lead, silver and coal, also abound. Mr. HULL's grandfather was a soldier in the patriot army, war of 1776, and with his comrades, by the treachery of their commander, was sold to the British forces. The parents of William C. HULL were Jesse and Elizabeth (CLEEK) HULL, whose record has just been given, and he was born in this district, October 25, 1830. In Pocahontas County, West Virginia, April 23, 1867, he married Mary A. CLEEK, who was born in that county, July 13, 1837, a daughter of John and Phebe Ann (LIGHTNER) CLEEK. Mr. and Mrs. HULL are the parents of: John F., born October 14, 1870; Eutoka Addie, April 23, 1872; Elizabeth L., Jully [sic] 13, 1874. Mr. HULL was a soldier in the civil war. He served in Captain Taylor's company, 22d Virginia Infantry, Confederate army, and was in the battles of Cloyd Mountain, Piedmont, Winchester, Droop Mountain, Fishers Hill, Lynchburg, the seven days fight near Richmond, and others. Lowrys Mills, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, is his postoffice address.

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Robert Eli HANNA was the son of Robert Calhoun HANNA & Catherine Elizabeth OTT.

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(the online version of his biography has typos, see correctl content below...)

(2) Hardesty's West Virginia Counties, Col 7, Bilmer, Ritchie, Lincoln, Wayne;

published by Jim Comstock; Richwood, WV; 1973; p 125.

Biography of Robert Eli Edry Calhoun HANNA

Robert Eli Edry

Calhoun Hanna - was born in Greenbrier county, (now) West Virginia, July 6, 1861. Robert Calhoun Hanna was his father, and his mother is Catharine Elizabeth Hanna. His father was shot in the arm by Confederate soldiers and died from the effects, and in the same year, with his mother, the subject of this sketch went to Kentucky. In 1865, they came to Lincoln county, which has since been their home. The father of Mr.

Hanna was of Irish descent, and his mother was of Dutch ancestry. He is combining the labors of farm life with the profession of teaching, and may be addressed at Griffithsville, Lincoln county, West Virginia.

Extracted from West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia, a reprint of Hardesty's Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia Lincoln County, WV, Biographies List, 1884.

FERDINAND P. HURXTHAL -is the sixth-born of the children of F. G. HURXTHAL, whose record is: F. G. HURXTHAL, born in Germany, October 18, 1779, married Dorotha DARTHAUS, who was born in Germany. Their marriage was solemnized in Baltimore. Maryland, March 8, 1808, and their children were born: Pascoline, April 21. 1809; Sophia, December 5, 1810: Ferdinand, March, 1813: Frederick T., October 1, 1814; Emelia, December, 1815; Ferdinand P., for whom this sketch is compiled, May 20, 1817; Augusta, August 3, 1818; George, July 6, 1819; Ferdinand R., February 22, 1822; Dorotha, June 9, 1823; Karthaus, January 21, 1825; Caroline E., September 7, 1826; Charles B., January 25, 1828; Godfrey A., September 15, 1829. Of these children only three are now living. Ferdinand P. HURXTHAL married Helena C. FINLEY, who was born in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, September 27, 1842. They have two children living in Ronceverte, and had two sons and one daughter who died in infancy. Ferdinand S. was born May 26, 1848; Fannie September 10, 1855; Frederic K., March 16, 1856; Finley and Helen, deceased. Ferdinand P. HURXTHAL's business is dealing in general merchandise, and his postoffice address is Ronceverte, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

ANTHONY HUTSENPILLER - was born near Lewisburg, Greenbrier County, a son of John and Mary (SURBAUGH) HUTSENPILLER, and grandson of one of the earliest settlers in the county. His father died October 15, 1861 and his mother died December 19, 1863. August 28, 1827, was the date of Anthony HUTSENPILLER's birth, and he married Mary A. SHARP, born in Sewell Valley, Greenbrier County, July 25, 1829. Their marriage was solemnized in Sewell Valley, February 19, 1856, and their children were born: Van R., May 18, 1857; Hettie C., May 18, 1859; Mary L., August 12, 1861; John H., August 13, 1864, died August 24th following; Margaret A., March 13, 1866; Ada, April 21, 1871, died October 31, 1882. Mary L. married James W. KNAPP November 3, 1881, and resides on Lick Creek, Summers County, this State; the other Living children are at home. The Salem post office is kept in Mr. HUTSENPILLER's house, and his daughter, Hettie C., is postmistress. Edward and Lydia (NEAL) SHARP, who came from Eastern Virginia to Greenbrier County in 1820, were the parents of Mrs. HUTSENPILLER. Her mother died December 10, 1863, and her father's death was in May, 1864. At the time of the civil war Mr. HUTSENPILLER was a miller, and by the law of the Confederate States men of that trade were exempt from military duty. He is now farming, owning 262 acres of land all tillable, which he has had under cultivation since purchasing it in 1867.

Transcribed and submitted by Valerie Crook,, Darla Ruebush, and Ed Johnson, , 1998.

Source: Hardesty, Henry H. Hardesty's Historical and Geographical
Encyclopedia. New York: H.H. Hardesty and Company, 1884.
Rpt. in West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia. Ed. Jim Comstock.
Richwood: Comstock, 1974.

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