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GEORGE KIRKPATRICK - post master, notary public and farmer, owns a farm of 220 acres on Anthonys Creek, four miles above Alvon, and a second farm of about 270 acres on Howards Creek, five miles from White Sulphur Springs. All is good land, well located and well improved, and on the lower farm is found coal and iron ore. The parents of George KIRKPATRICK were Thomas K. and Jennie (HAYS) KIRKPATRICK, who came from Augusta County, Virginia, to Greenbrier County in 1812. His birth was in Anthonys Creek District, September 4, 1816, and on Howards Creek, October 20, 1836, he married Belinda D. DEAN. The fifteen children of their union are recorded: Thomas H., born July 27, 1837, lives in Augusta County, Virginia; George Dean, September 8, 1838, died May 26, 1845; William K., December 3, 1839, lives in Idaho Territory; James F., August 17, 1841, killed December 18, 1855; John H., December 1, 1842 lives on Howard Creek, this county; Eleanor V., February 6, 1845, died April 9, 1863; Francis H., May 13, 1846, lives on Howards Creek; Samuel B., February 8, 1848, lives at home; Margaret J., December 11, 1849, died February 11, 1863; Hugh M., February 26, 1851, lives on Howards Creek; Susan Ann, January 10, 1853, resides in Fayette County, West Virginia; Aquilla F., September 22, 1854, lives at home; Edward C., September 20, 1856, lives in Augusta County, Virginia; S. Kate, February 3, 1859, lives at Hinton, Summers County, this State; Virginia, October 5, 1861, died when four days old. Four sons were in Edgar's Battalion, Confederate army. Thomas H. as first lieutenant, William K., sergeant, and John H. and Francis. Thomas was wounded, John was held prisoner of war in the last year of the war, and all gave faithful service to their State. The mother of these children was a daughter of George and Margaret (KEISTER) DEAN, who came to Greenbrier County from Pendleton County in 1825. She was born April 25, 1817, and died March 28, 1863. In Monroe County, West Virginia, March 20, 1866, George KIRKPATRICK married Bettie A. SHANKLIN, who was born September 16, 1824. Mr. KIRKPATRICK is a good citizen who has been honored with many public trusts. He was eight years constable, eight years justice of the peace, two years supervisor, four years secretary of the board of education and is now commissioner of roads, postmasters at Lowry's Mills, notary public, and member of the Democratic executive committee of Greenbrier County. He has been for fifty years a member of the Presbyterian church, elder and clerk of the Session many years.

BERNARD N. KNAPP - a resident in Blue Sulphur district, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, is engaged in the jewelry business in Alderson, Monroe County, and his business card is elsewhere given. George L. and Amanda M. (WESTFALL) KNAPP, residents in Greenbrier County, are his parents, and he was born in this county, at Lewisburg, July 27, 1848. He married Sarah E., daughter of David and Nancy (TUCKWILLER) HEDRICK, their marriage solemnized September 29, 1869. Their children, all at home, were born, Nannie E., October 22, 1870; Mason, March 6, 1873; Emma 1., May 5, 1875; Mattie B., June 23, 1877; Ada C., August 26, 1879; Bertie N., November 23, 1881. The wife of Mr. KNAPP was born in Greenbrier County, July 10, 1846, and her parents are both natives of this county, her father born December 19, 1814, and her mother born May 12. 1824. Her father resides near Lewisburg. and her mother died October 28, 1861. The subject of this sketch has been five years in the jewelry business, at his present location, and has been in the business altogether for thirteen years. His post office address is Alderson, Monroe County, West Virginia.

GAMALIEL KNAPP - was born in Greenbrier County, near Lewisburg, November 14, 1819. He was a son of Joshua KNAPP, born in Greenbrier County in 1793, and Phoebe (McDANIEL) KNAPP, born in Kentucky. His parents moved to Kentucky in 1851, and his mother died in 1863, his father in 1865. Near Lewisburg, August 15, 1819, was born Mary HUTSENPILLER, and she became the wife of Gamaliel KNAPP at her father's residence in Greenbrier County, October 9, 1851. Their daughter Sarah Ann, who is married to John A. MILLER, was born August 2, 1852, and their son, John McDANIEL, was born December 23, 1855. John and Mary (SURBAUGH) HUTSENPILLER, the parents of Mrs. KNAPP, were born in Greenbrier County, and here their days were ended, the father dying October 15, 1861, and the mother dying December 19, 1863. The brothers and sisters of Mrs. KNAPP were: Ann, Benjamin(deceased), Hettie, David (deceased), Anthony and Henry, all living in this district. Benjamin HUTSENPILLER, the grandfather of Mrs. KNAPP, was one of the first and most prominent settlers in Greenbrier County. During the troubled years of the civil war, Gamaliel KNAPP remained at home upon his farm, a staunch Union man, and one of the very few in this county. He owns a farm in that part of the district known as Grassy Meadows, the land well located, and all tillable. His son John owns a saw mill near at hand. Salem, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, is Gamaliel KNAPP's post office address.

Transcribed and submitted by Valerie Crook, and Ed Johnson, , 1998.

Source: Hardesty, Henry H. Hardesty's Historical and Geographical
Encyclopedia. New York: H.H. Hardesty and Company, 1884.
Rpt. in West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia. Ed. Jim Comstock.
Richwood: Comstock, 1974.

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