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R. PINCKNEY LAKE, M. D. - is a native of Maryland, born in Dorchester County, March 19, 1827. His father's family were of English birth, and early and prominent among the settlers of Maryland, and his father, George LAKE, was born in Dorchester County, Maryland, in 1786. The mother of Dr. LAKE was of the SLOCUMB family, of Alexandria County, Virginia, and she was born in that State and county, in 1783. Her family were of French descent. In Madison County, Virginia, December 5, 1882, R. Pinckney LAKE was joined in wedlock with Virginia A. LIGHTFOOT, who was born in Madison County, Virginia, May 21, 1835. Philip and Ann (SMITH) LIGHTFOOT were her parents, both Virginians by birth, her father born in Culpepper County, and her mother in Madison County; the death of both occurred in Madison County. George LAKE, father of Dr. LAKE, died in Dorchester County, Maryland, and his mother died in Mississippi. Many relatives of Dr. LAKE were in the Confederate service, and not a few gave their lives in defense of the sovereignty of the citizen. None regret the sacrifices they have made in the cause, that if lost, was yet a noble cause, and nobly lost. R. Pinckney LAKE was graduated from the Jefferson College, Washington County, Pennsylvania, in 1848, and from the University of Maryland in 1850. He has been settled in Greenbrier County since the latter date, and constantly engaged in practice at White Sulphur Springs and Lewisburg. His residence and post office address are at Lewisburg.

JOHN W. LEWIS - born January 23, 1834, in Blue Sulphur district, a son of George and Susan (HOCKMAN) LEWIS, in this district, April 18, 1861, was united in bands of wedlock with Ruth M. HUFFMAN, who was born in Blue Sulphur district. September 5, 1837, a daughter of Enos and Jane (GEORGE) HUFFMAN. The further history of her parents will be found recorded in the personal sketches of her brothers, E. E. and S. R. HUFFMAN, in this volume. The grandparents of John W. LEWIS were among the earliest of the settlers in this county, and both his father and mother were born in the county. his father in 1808. George LEWIS died in 1872, and Susan, his widow, is still a resident in Blue Sulphur district. Her father was Jacob HOCKMAN, who was of German origin, who came to this county from the Shenandoah Valley, bringing Mary, his young wife, with him. They have long since passed from the scene of their earthly labors. George W. LEWIS was a soldier of the Confederacy, brother of John W. He was killed in the retreat at battle of Droop Mountain. Caleb V., another brother, was in the same service, and was basely assassinated by some Northern stragglers from the army, who pretended to surrender, and in handing over their guns shot at their captors and he was killed. Edna A., born March 19, 1862, and George W., born January 11, 1864, both at home, are the children of Mr. and Mrs. LEWIS. John W. LEWIS owns and farms 300 acres, lying on Muddy Creek bottom, in Blue Sulphur district, and he receives his mail at Palestine, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

JESSE J. LIVESAY - was a son of John and Mary (CAMPBELL) LIVESAY, both natives of Greenbrier County, and the family record is: John LIVESAY, born August 25, 1775, married Mary CAMPBELL, born May 15, 1777. They were married September 1, 1795, and their children were born: Sarah, July 20, 1796, died about 1850; James, April 3, 1798, died in Ohio: Thomas, March 20, 1800 died in Ohio; Nancy, March 28, 1802; John, May 3, 1804, died in November, 1882; Betsy, August 21, 1806, lives in Ohio; Jesse, subject of this sketch, November 28, 1808, a farmer and grazier of Fort Spring District; Campbell, October 17, 1811; died in the West, July 1841; William, April 26, 1814, died in Ohio, March 15, 1850; Joseph, June 2, 1817, died in this county, April 22, 1841, Charles R., March 26, 1820, died in California. John, father of these children, died September 3, 1840, and his widow died September 3, 1849. Jesse LIVESAY married, near Lewisburg, Eveline C. TUCKWILLER, who was born near Lewisburg, October 28, 1819, a daughter of David and Sallie (LINSON) TUCKWILLER, both natives of Greenbrier County, and now many years deceased. The record of the children of Jesse J. and Evaline C.(TUCKWILLER) LIVESAY is: Sarah F. (CARAWAY), born February 26. 1835, lives on Muddy Creek, this county; Samuel A., August 9. 1837, died October 4, 1879; Mary M., August 13, 1839, died August 1, 1858; Eliza T., September 13, 1841, lives at home; David T., September 24, 1843, lives in this county; Charles W., September 2, 1846, lives at home; Catharine L., March 18, 1849, lives in this county; Alfred E. W., June 8, 1851, lives at home; Elizabeth M. T., September 20, 1853, lives at Ronceverte; Nonnie C., June 9, 1856, died April 30, 1881; Martha H., September 17, 1858, died September 1, 1861; Annie R. M. (ERVIN), June 13, 1861, lives in this county; Jesse E., February 15, 1863, lives at home. The family postoffice address is Ronceverte, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

WILLIAM R. LIVESAY - owns a farm in Lewisburg District of 1,500 acres of Blue Grass land, well watered and stocked. He is also the owner of LIVESAY Mill, on the Lewisburg and Williamsburg pike. His birth was in Falling Spring District, this county, January 6, 1817, and all his life has been passed here. He has been one year president of the board of supervisors and two years justice of the peace. May 5, 1855, in this county he married Ann Elizabeth PATTERSON, and they had two sons: George, born May 5, 1857, died January 7, 1858; William Crawford, born July 12, 1860, lives at home, engaged in farming. Ann E., wife of Mr. LIVESAY, was born in Augusta County, Virginia, came to Greenbrier County about the age of twelve years, and died on her husband's farm July 19, 1862. She was a daughter of John and Jane (CRAWFORD) PATTERSON, and her parents, natives of Augusta County, are deceased. Her father died in Augusta County, and her mother in Charlottesville, Virginia. September 8, 1864, William R. LIVESAY married Elizabeth Groves HERN, who was born in Augusta County, Virginia, May 28, 1829. She was a daughter of Joseph and Barbara (STRICKLER) HERN, who came to Greenbrier County when she was a girl, and died in this county, her father on the 7th of July, 1869, and her mother on the 20th of March, 1873. Joseph HERN was born in Shenandoah County, Virginia, in 1787, and Barbara, his wife, was born in Rockingham County, Virginia, October 7, 1797. William R. LIVESAY, who was born near Blue Sulphur, this county, December 14, 1780, and in Pocahontas County married Mary SWITZER, who was born on Little Levels, Pocahontas County, August 3, 1786. They resided in Greenbrier County until death, and both died on the farm now owned by William R. George LIVESAY died March 21, 1865, and his wife died February 26, 1857. The brothers and sisters of William R. LIVESAY were Thomas, John, Rebecca, Andrew, Joseph, Elizabeth, Allen, Melinda Mary, Washington, Lucinda, and Harvey. William R. LIVESAY's postoffice address is Richlands, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

History of Gallia County, Ohio, by H. H. Hardesty, Originally published 1882, page 31.

Lee Lowry born at Gap Mills in Monroe county, West Virginia he was born June 18, 1841. His parents were born in the same county in West Virginia, and this is also where his mother died. Mary M. Patterson became the wife of Lee Lowry, at Salem, Greenbrier county West Virginia, February, 26, 1861. Her parents are Joseph and Mary B. (Puckett) Patterson. Her mother was born in Nelson county, Virginia and both her parents reside in Greenbrier conveying supplies to the army. Mr. Lowry has the following children: Mary A., born June 22, 1862, resides at home; Joseph W., January 20, 1865 in Kanawha county, Virginia; Andrew C., March 4, 1867, in Fayette county, West Virginia; Lee A., December 26, 1871, in Greenbrier county, West Virginia; John H., March 17, 1872- Sarah C., March 17, 1872 (twins); Charles I. G., July 29, 1879. Mr. Lowry's son, Lee A., received injuries which caused scrofulous sores on his knee joints, causing him intense pain ever since 1877, since which time he had to carry himself on crutches. He is now attended by Dr. S. B. Hartman, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who is relieving him of his suffering. Mr. Lowry is engaged in farming and stock-raising. His postoffice address is Sprinkle's Mills, Gallia county, Ohio.

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Dr. Clark Lowry.

Clark Lowry is a native of Greenbriar county, West Virginia, where he was born March 4, 1870. When quite [young] he moved with his parets to Gallia county, Ohio, where he was raised and [educat]ed, beginning the read medicine March 1, 1894. In September, 1893, he entered the Ohio Medical University at Columbus, taking a two year course in this college, after which he entered the University of Louisville (Kentucky) from which institution he graduated March 30, 1896. The following month he located to Ironton and practiced medicine until he entered the New York Polyclinic, a special school for graduates in medicine, where he took a course which he completed May 1, 1897. He is now located with his brother, Dr. Jos. W. Lowry, at Morris Corner, opposite the Court House, Ironton, Ohio. Dr. Clark Lowry is a very brilliant young man, possessed of more than ordinary ability, and undoubtedly has a bright future before him.

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Sarah C. Lowry.

Sarah C. Lowry, M. D., began to read medicine in 1892 and entered the Ohio Medical University the following year taking a two year course at that institution. She entered the Laura Memorial Medical College for Women at Cincinnati, September, 1895, where she graduated in April, 1896. Since this time she has been actively engaged in the practice of her profession at Ironton and her ability, as particularly shown in handling the cases of women and children, is bringing her rapidly tot he front ranks among her professional associates as well as the public generally. Dr. Sarah C. Lowry is a native of Greenbriar county, West Virginia, but from infancy has resided in this state. Her office is located at 180 Mulberry street, Ironton, Ohio.

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Joseph W. Lowry.

Dr. Joseph W. Lowry was born in Greenbriar county, W. Va., 1867, and moved with his parents to Gallia county, Ohio, when quite young. He was educated in the common schools and the Normals at Waterloo and Oak Hill and the Gallia Academy at Gallipolis. He began the study of medicine in 1889 and the following year entered the University of Maryland at Baltimore, spending the following summer attending medical clinics at the college of Physicians and Surgeons at Baltimore. He afterward entered this college and completed two years lectures, then entering the University of Louisville where he took his third course of lectures. The degree of M. D. was conferred upon him in 1893 since which time he has been engaged in active practice at Ironton, Ohio. Dr. Lowry has served this cityas Health Officer for nearly two years and is now serving his fourth term as township physician and surgeon for Upper Township. He is one of the eminent physicians of the state and esteemed for his personal worth.

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