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Check out the Mountain Heritage Book Website at http://www.mountainheritagebooks.com/. Lots of old and hard-to-find publications relating to West Virginia.

S-K Publications has 1820-1840 and 1850 Census Books for sale for Greenbrier County, WV, as listed at: http://www.skpub.com/genie/census/wv/greenbrier.html

Their books are photocopies of the handwritten records, copied from the microfilm (plus there is a typed index in the back of the book).

compiled and edited by Margureitte Flack Ratliff and Jane Green Volckmann.  
The compilers of this massive work have attempted to find and record as many 
of the descendants of Jacob Georg Wickline (b. 1750 in New Hanover, PA) and 
Maria Catharine Spahr as possible. The final result of many years of devoted
research has produced over 15,000 descendants of Johann George Wicklein (Jacob's
father) plus their spouses, in all nearly 30,000 people, over 27,000 of whom
are recorded in this book as the families of descendants of Johann Georg's son,
Jacob George Wickline and his wife Maria Catharine Spahr. The primary sources 
of this vital information were courthouse, burial and census records. This book
is presented in what is known as a National Genealogical Society Custom Journal
Narrative Report format, with the exception that the compilers have also included 
information, when available, for the non-Wickline spouse. This format is logically
arranged and pleasant to read, including such information as place and date of 
birth, place and cause of death, burial place, occupation, spouse's place and 
date of birth, spouse's parents, and birth and death dates, marriages, and
residences of children. When enough information is available, a "mini-biography"
is provided. Many precious family photographs are included. This listing is by
generation rather than by family, but the reader will still find entire family
units together. The first seven and a half generations are in the first volume
and the rest of the seventh and remaining generations are in the second book.
A nice feature of the fullname index is the inclusion of each person's date
of birth and, if available, date of death. 2002, 1580 pp., 2 vols., 8.5x11, 
fullname index, illus., hardback, $160.00 #V2056   
Call Heritage Books, Inc at 1-800-398-7709 or their address is Heritage Books
Inc 1540 Pointer Ridge Place #E, Bowie, MD 20716.
Make sure you write on your check order #V2056.
They do accept all major credit cards. 
Or e-mail them at info@heritagebooks.com  
You may also contact Margureitte Ratliff by e-mail at swalnut934@aol.com 
as she has a few sets of the books for sale at the pre-published price of 
$128.00 plus $5.00 for postage.

Iberian Publishing Co, 548 Cedar Creek Dr., Athens, GA, 30605

  • Postage on orders up to $10 = $2, $10-$25 = $3, $25-$50 = $4, over $50 = $5
  • Greenbrier County Records, Volume 1, transcribed by Larry Shuck, 1988, $22.00
    • Early Survey Records, 1780-1799; Early Court Minutes, 1780-1801 [1811]; Magistrates' Memoranda, 1817-1819; Court Record Books, 1828-1835; District Court Records, 1792-1797; Deeds, Sweet Springs Courthouse, 1789-1808
  • Greenbrier County Records, Vol 2, transcribed by Larry Shuck, 1989, $22.00
    • Personal property tax lists: 1782/83, 1786/88, 1792, 1796, 1799, 1805, 1815
  • Greenbrier County Records, Volume 3, transcribed by Larry Shuck, 1990, $22.00
    • U.S. Federal Populations Schedules: 1820; 1830; 1840; & 1850
  • Greenbrier County Records, Volume 4, transcribed by Larry Shuck, 1991, $49.95
    • Marriages of Greenbrier County, [W.] Virginia, 1782-1900
  • Greenbrier County Records, Volume 5, transcribed by Larry Shuck, 1992, $22.00
    • Greenbrier County, [W.] Virginia, Deeds & Wills; Early miscellaneous deeds, 1750-52, 1754, 1769, 1783-84; Deed Books 1-5, 1780-1814; Will Book 1, 1777-1833
  • Greenbrier County Records, Volume 6, transcribed by Larry Shuck, 1993, $22.00
    • Greenbrier County, [W.] Virginia, Death Records, 1853-1900
  • Greenbrier County Records, Volume 7, transcribed by Helen S. S. Stinson, 1994, $24.95
    • Greenbrier County, [W.] Virginia, Land Entry Book, 1780-1786
  • Greenbrier County Records, Volume 8, transcribed by Larry Shuck, 1995, $29.95
    • Birth Records of Greenbrier County, [W.] Virginia, 1853-1898

Mountain Press, P.O. Box 400, Signal Mountain, TN 37377-0400

  • Postage is $3.50 for the first volume, and $1.00 for each additional volume
  • 1790 Greenbrier County, VA [WV] Census, $3.50
  • Greenbrier County, WV Wills 1780-1765, Pauline Haga, $20.00

Heritage Books, Inc., 1540-E Pointer Ridge Place, Bowie MD 20716

  • Postage is $3.00, regardless of the number of books
  • Check out their site at http://www.heritagebooks.com/
  • The Virginia Genealogist, John Frederick Dorman, ed., Vol. 2, 1958, $18.50
    • contents include: Greenbrier Co Legislative Petitions
  • The Virginia Genealogist, John Frederick Dorman, ed., Vol. 12, 1968, $20.00
    • contents include: A Guide to the Counties of Virginia: Greenbrier, Greene, Greensville, and Halifax Counties

Mullins Genealogical Publications; Mrs. John C. Mullins; Rte 2, Box 307; Clintwood, VA 24228

  • Unless otherwise stated, Postage is $2.00 for first volume, and $.50 for each additional volume
  • Greenbrier Co, WV, 1850 Census, Rhonda Robertson, $17.00

Pauline Haga, Box 1061, Crab Orchard, WV 25827

  • Postage is $2.00 for first and $1.50 per additonal volume
  • 1850 Census, $23.00
  • 1860 Census, $23.00
  • 1870 Census, $23.00
  • Wills 1780-1865, $23.00

Ida Lancaster; 3308 Linda Dr., Amarillo, Texas 79l09

  • Email to: txrose@arn.net

    Ida will do limited look-ups from her book, "Thomas and His Children", which she has written about the SKAGGS Families of Greenbrier County, W. V. This book is also available for purchase: $45.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. If you live in Texas, please add tax. Email Ida for more information.