1890 WV Veterans Index Greenbrier County

I abstracted these names from the 1890 WV Veterans Index. The names with astericks beside them mean that they may be listed under more than one spelling.

Name District
ADWELL, Robert A. Lewisburg
ALLEN, Geo. W. Falling Spring
AMOS, George H.* Falling Spring
BALDWIN, Oen Falling Spring
BARKER, William H. Meadow Bluff
BEAT, Elery C. Fort Spring
BETTS, David Fort Spring
BLAKE, Benjamin F. Fort Spring
BLAKE, William B. Fort Spring
BLAKE, William M. Lewisburg
BLANKENSHIP, Hiram B. Falling Spring
BLANKENSHIP, Joseph Falling Spring
BOON, John Falling Spring
BRANKLEY, Antone Falling Spring
BRANT, Mason M.* Falling Spring
BRANT, Mason W.* Falling Spring
BROOFMAN, David Meadow Bluff
BROWN, Austin M. Falling Spring
BURKS, Alexander* White Sulphur
BURKS, Laura C.* White Sulphur
BURNS, James L. Blue Sulphur
CALBISON, Isaac A.* Meadow Bluff
CALLISON, Isaac A. Meadow Bluff
CALISON, Madison Meadow Bluff
CARTER, Martin D. Blue Sulphur
CASEBOLT, George M. Falling Spring
CHAMBERS, Hugh Falling Spring
CHATTERTON, Alphons Meadow Bluff
COLEMAN, Elexiond Williamsburg
COOKE, James H. Blue Sulphur
CORRELL, William M. Falling Spring
COUSINS, Franklin Blue Sulphur
CRANE, Charles L. Meadow Bluff
CROOKSHANKS, Tyrie H. Williamsburg
CURRY, Samuel H. Irish Corner
CUTLIP, James D. Falling Spring
DANCY, James M. Williamsburg
DEITZ, James Meadow Bluff
DEPRIEST, Joseph Blue Sulphur
ELLIS, Abram S. White Sulphur
FAZIER, John H. Fort Spring
FAZIER, Lucy Fort Spring
FERRELL, Peter Blue Sulphur
FEWELL, Patrick H. Anthony's Creek
FINK, A. L. Blue Sulphur
FISHER, Christopher Falling Spring
FITZGERALD, George W. Falling Spring
FLECKMAN, Van Buren R.* Falling Spring
FLESHMAN, Van Buren R. Falling Spring
FOGUS, Henry Falling Spring
FOGUS, Margaret Falling Spring
FORD, John Falling Spring
FORD, Michael Falling Spring
FRAVEL, Israel Fort Spring
FRAZIER, John H. Fort Spring
FRAZIER, Lucy Fort Spring
FULLER, Amazi S. Fort Spring
GABERT, John L. Falling Spring
GARDENER, Rufus Meadow Bluff
HAGAR, Amzi Lewisburg
HAL, Robert E. Meadow Bluff
HALL, Thomas A. Meadow Bluff
HAMER, David Williamsburg
HAMIAK, Charles Williamsburg
HANIFIN, Patrick Fort Spring
HANNA, Andrew M. Falling Spring
HANNA, Michael K. Williamsburg
HANNA, Samuel Williamsburg
HARRIS, David Meadow Bluff
HAYES, Benjamin Falling Spring
HICKLE, Amos S.* Falling Spring
HINKLE, Amos S.* Falling Spring
HOKE, Christopher C. White Sulphur
HOKE, Henry A. White Sulphur
HOOVER, Samuel Fort Spring
HUNLEY, Silas* Williamsburg
HUNTEY, Silas* Williamsburg
JOHNSON, Samuel Lewisburg
JOHNSTON, John S. Falling Spring
JOHNSTON, Mary E. Falling Spring
KINCAID, Alexander Falling Spring
KINCAID, Lemla G. Blue Sulphur
KRAMER, Ephraim L. Fort Spring
LAYTON, David M. Falling Spring
LEE, Christopher Williamsburg
LEGG, John W. Falling Spring
LEGG, Samuel D. Meadow Bluff
LEWIS, George H.* Falling Spring
LIVESAY, George W. Falling Spring
LIVESAY, John Blue Sulphur
LONG, Napolean B. Irish Corner
McCLUNY, Cyrus H. Falling Spring
McCLURY, Alphius P. Falling Spring
McCLURY, Cyrus R. Meadow Bluff
McCLURY, Joseph K. Irish Corner
McMILLION, James W. Falling Spring
METZINER, Jacob* Fort Spring
METZINGER, Jacob* Fort Spring
MILEM, James B.* Blue Sulphur
MILERN, James B.* Blue Sulphur
MOXLOYE, Thomas White Sulphur
MYLES, Ruben C. Falling Spring
NICELY, Virginia C. Williamsburg
NICELY, William Williamsburg
NICHOLAS, Michael Falling Spring
PACE, James W. Falling Spring
PARKER, William H. Meadow Bluff
PECK, Joseph L. Irish Corner
PERKINS, Jesse Falling Spring
PERKINS, Mary J. Falling Spring
PICKERING, John Falling Spring
PRICE, Charles E. Meadow Bluff
PRICE, Joseph D. Meadow Bluff
PUSE, Robert R. Falling Spring
RIDER, James R. T. Anthonys Creek
RUCKER, William Lewisburg
SCUDDER, Fulton Meadow Bluff
SHAUGHNESSY, Nancy Falling Spring
SHAUGHNESSY, Paterick Falling Spring
SHAWNER, Andrew C. Meadow Bluff
SHAWNER, John T. Meadow Bluff
SHEETS, Frances Falling Spring
SHEETS, Strother Falling Spring
SHIELDS, William H. Falling Spring
SHOFER, Joseph White Sulphur
SIZEMORE, John Falling Spring
SMALES, John Meadow Bluff
SMITH, Shorten White Sulphur
SMITH, Franklin Falling Spring
SMITH, James Meadow Bluff
SNEDEGAR, James A.* Falling Spring
SNODEGAR, James A.* Falling Spring
SPINKE, Allen Williamsburg
SUNDERS, Edward Lewisburg
SURBER, Thomas C. Anthonys Creek
TAYLOR, Samuel W. Williamsburg
THOMAS, John Fort Spring
TINCHER, Christopher Blue Sulphur
VIN, James T. Falling Spring
VIN, Wesley F. Falling Spring
WADE, Morgan Anthonys Creek
WEAVER, David W. Fort Spring
WEAVER, John F. Fort Spring
WEAVER, Mary E. Fort Spring
WHANGER, David Fort Spring
WHANGER, Sarah E. Fort Spring
WHITE, Charles White Sulphur
WILES, ----- Fort Spring
WILES, Adaline Fort Spring
WILPHONG, John Falling Spring
WINCHELL, James W.* Blue Sulphur
WINDELL, James W. Blue Sulphur
WOODLEY, Alexander W. Fort Spring
WOODWARD, John R. Falling Spring
WORKMAN, Nancy J. White Sulphur
YOAKUM, George W. Meadow Bluff
YOKEUM, George W.* Meadow Bluff
YOKUM, George W.* Meadow Bluff