A Brief History
Enon Baptist Church

Located 2 miles southeast of
Greenbrier County, West Virginia

NOVEMBER 6, 1957

    Compiled and Edited by Evert F. Boone from the existing Church Minutes and information and help given by the older residents of the Community.

    Of these our thanks are extended to: Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Loudermilk, Mr. W. P. Boggs, Mrs. Maude Spencer and Mr. Miles S. Brackman.

    ENON BAPTIST CHURCH was organized March 2, 1896. This organization meeting was held in what was then known as the Cross-Roads School House, that stood near the present location of Roy Heffner's home, on the Frankford-Anthony-Blue Bend Road. This School House was a small one-room log building. Some of the day's teachers were: Miss Dora Littlepage, Will Withrow, Miss Anna Deering, Miss Emma Wetzel, Henry Walton.

    This group organizing the Church consisted of: G. B. McClung, elected moderator; John A. Seldomridge, clerk; 1. Samuel H. Seldomridge; 2. Thomas F. McAllister; 3. Andy Woollard, and 4. Susan Blankenship.

    The name, ENON, meaning much water, St. John 3:23, was adopted. Also adopted were the Article of Faith and Covenant of the Missionary Baptist Church.

    The first Deacons elected here were: Samuel H. Seldomridge, Thomas F. McAllister and John A. Seldomridge. G. B. McClung was chosen first Pastor and services scheduled for Saturday, preceding each month's fourth Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

Further Organization
    May 22, 1896 after Sermon by the Pastor, a committee of 12 was appointed to consider the building of a new Church Building.

    After regular services on June 27, 1896, the following Church Trustees were elected: Samuel H. Seldomridge, L. D. Blankenship, W. Thomas Via, Thomas F. McAllister and John A. Seldomridge.

    We are told that one important duty of a Christian is to build or build to an existing foundation for those that follow us. We find our early group doing just that, because on February 23, 1897, the records tell of the organiztion of a semi-monthly Prayer and Bible Study Service, on the first Sunday of each month, at William Dotson's house and on the second Sunday at regular meeting place, the Cross-Roads School House. W. F. Seldomridge (Uncle Floyd) was elected leader for each of these services. The vote was unanimous.

    April 24, 1897, records show the organization of two Sunday Schools, at 9:00 A.M. at the Cross-Roads School House and 3:00 P.M. at William Dotson's house. Sunday School Literature was ordered, this was later reconsidered and one Sunday School only was held each Sunday at 10:00 A.M. at William Dotson's house.

    William Dotson's house stood near present site of M. S. Brackman's Shop. Mr. Brackman tore down the old log building years ago, replacing it with the present frame structure.

    This Cross-Roads school house burned sometime soon after 1900. The school house at Pine Grove was built to replace it.

    W. C. Spencer and Samuel H. Seldomridge elected August 21, 1897, were Enon's first delegates to this meeting.

    Enon's present Pastor, William H. Johnson, was Moderator of this Association, the 157th session, meeting July 30 and 31 at Mt. Herman Baptist Church at Sarton, W.Va. Rev. Johnson was elected Moderator for the 1958 session.

    ENON has always been kind to any mission or benevelent movement. February 24, 1900, we find Enon, authorizing its Clerk to write Rev. J. S. Stump, that Enon Church will pay all that it can to Missions. Records show the Church has continued this policy. During the last year, 1956, Enon contributed to Missions the sum of $190.07.

    Mr. and Mrs. John Dotson gave Enon the church lot, about one acre, by deed, dated July 6, 1896 and recorded the 20th day of same month and year in Deed Book No. 49, pages 346 and 347. C. B. Buster, Clerk of the County Court.

    Land for cemetery, 132 sq. rds. was also given to Enon by Mr. and Mrs. Dotson, by Deed dated January 28, 1899, and November 17, 1905, in Deed Book No. 68, pages 180 and 281. John S. Crawford, Deputy Clerk.

    Parsonage Lot. Columbus C. Loudermilk and wife, and Austin H. Bowes and wife, by deeds dated June 17, 1947 and recorded June 25, 1947 in Deed Book 158, pages 205 and 206.

    ENON was dedicated September 25, 1898.

    On March 13, 1900 a committee of three, the Pastor, Rev. C. B. McClung, C. B.Dotson and W. F. Seldomridge, were appointed to draw up some rules of procedure and government for the Church. Rules of parliamentary procedure by Hissox were approved and adopted.

    On April 4, 1956, a written constitution, previously drawn up and considered was adopted for the government and order of Church procedure. The committee drafting the above constitution was composed of Rev. William H. Johnson, Mrs. Minnie Boggs, Miss Barbara Perdue, Daniel J. Boone and Evert F. Boone.

    G. B. McClung, March 2, 1896 to October 22, 1899.
    George W. Parker, January 27, 1900 to December 27, 1903.
    J. L. McCormic, January 29, 1904 to August 31, 1907.
    G. W. Wollard elected October 5, 1907. No acceptance.
    G. B. McClung, October 5, 1907 to October 3, 1908.
    W. H. Parker, October 3, 1908 to May, 1912.
    S. E. Brown, May 4, 1912 to September 25, 1914.
    G. B. McClung, November 1, 1914 to November, 1915.
    Resolutions of Respect for Rev. McClung, November 27, 1915 by a Church appointed committee.
    W. H. Parker, November 27, 1915 to February 23, 1918. Ferrell.
    Joseph E. Smith, January 5, 1932 to March 4, 1945.
    Bruce Wood, May 28, 1945 to August, 1950.
    Paige Neal, January, 1951 to February 2, 1952.

Present Pastor
    William H. Johnson, April 12, 1952.

Ministers Other Than Pastors

Ministers other than Pastors who have preached at Enon.
    Rev. G. Wash Wollard, February 26, 1899
    Rev. H. P. Hardiman, May 1899. T. S.
    W. H. Parker, autumn of 1902, assisting his brother, G. W. Parker in Revival.
    Rev. Stone assisting J. L. McCormic in Revival.
    "Uncle" Jack Robertson offered services as Pastor.
    Rev. John Holiday, October 2, 1909.
    Rev. C. C. Hedrick, May 4, 1912.
    Rev. John Bosley, 1902, assisting in Revival.
    Rev. Taylor.
    Rev. Tharp.
    Rev. Childers.
    Rev. Horace and Elmer Taylor.
    Rev. Casto.
    Rev. Elkins, conducting funeral.
    Rev. Bowling, May, 1936, assisting in Revival.
    Rev. Bud Goddard, June, 1946, assisting in Revival.
    Rev. F. Nelson, conducting Revival.
    Rev. Roy Kessler, September, 1949, assisting in Revival.
    Rev. Hubert Morgan, conducting funeral.
    Rev. Carter, conducting funeral.
    Rev. Thomas Ludington, conducting funeral.
    Rev. L. L. McDaniel.
    Rev. McCormick, July 1950, assisted in Revival.
    Rev. Ernest Snodgrass.
    Rev. Guy Weikle, September 1950, conducting Revival. Later filling part time appointments and assisting, May 1952, in Revival.
    Rev. John Sumate, June 1951 assisting in Revival.
    Rev. Hurd, April 1952. TS.
    Rev. Richard Clark, August 1953, assisting in Revival.
    Rev. Ezra F. Carroll, December 1953, a member of Enon, an always ready helper in doing God's work.
    Rev. McCormick, June 1954, assisting in Revival.
    Rev. Holmes, November 1954, assisting in Revival.
    Rev. David Harper, November 1955, assisting in Revival.
    Rev. Hobart Quesenberry, October 1956, assisting in Revival.
    Rev. Brice Barton

    1955-Rev. Joseph E. Smith, Rev. Bruce Wood, Rev. Paige Neel; 1956-Rev. Waldo Jackson, Rev. Richard Burns; 1956-Rev. Waldo Jackson, Rev. Clarence Vicnert.

    W. Floyd Seldomridge, April 1987.
    Samuel H. Seldomridge, March 1900.
    J. W. Seldomridge, April 1908.
    William Osborne, June 1909. W. F. Seldomridge, Assistant.
    H. Thomas Clemons, January 1913.
    R. Tracy Lundington, March 1914.
    J. W. Seldomridge, March 1915. William F. Loudermilk, assistant.
    James W. Seldomridge, April 1918
    Richard R. Seldomridge, March 1933. J. C. Spencer, assistant.
    Charles Hefner, March 1936. J. C. Spencer, assistant Ernest W. Wykle.

Present Superintendent
    Daniel J. Boone; H. Melton Boggs, assistant.

    The first ones: Samuel H. Seldomridge, Thomas F. McCallister and John A. Seldomridge, March 2, 1896.

    Those elected January 23, 1899: W. Floyd Seldomridge, served until death, September 7 1951; James Gilbert, John Callison and J. W. Seldomridge.

    Those elected October 6, 1901: Lee D. Blankenship and Charles B. Dotson.

    Those elected Debember 29, 1933: Charley Hefner, Richard R. Seldomridge and Okey L. Seldomridge.

    Those elected September 8, 1946 and later the present group of Deacons: Ernest W. Wykle, Carl R.Wykle, H. Melton Boggs, Daniel J. Boone, November 1954; Evert F. Boone, November 1954, and Rev. Ezra F. Carroll, December 1956.

    First, John A. Seldomridge, March 2, 1896.
    Chas. B. Dotson, December 8, 1908 to January 1913.
    R. R. Seldomridge, March 1936.
    Roy Judy, September 1937.
    W. Robert Seldomridge, April 6, 1941.
    N. Ernest Withrow, July 18, 1943.
    Mrs. Minnie Boggs, March, 1946; Roy W. Judy, assistant; H. Melton Boggs, assistant.
    J. W. Seldomridge, May 24, 1913 to July 7, 1935.
    Ralph E. Wykle, June 1950; Mrs. Anna Wykle, assistant.
    Marie Judy, March 25, 1955; Joyce Boone, assistant.
    Present one, Mrs. Evelyn Boone; Mrs. Minnie Boggs, assistant

    R. Tracy Ludington, May to September 1906.
    J. W. Seldomridge, 1908 to May 1913.
    J. L. Ludington, February 18, 1934.
    Earl Shue, March 18, 1934.
    Joyce Boone, March 25, 1955.

    J. M. Seldomridge, 1908.
    Charlotte Clemons.
    Mrs. Josephine Sprague.
    J. W. Seldomridge, 1914.
    J. C. Spencer, 1934.
    Carl Seldomridge, 1934.
    William Loudermilk, 1916.
    Mrs. Clara Dotson, 1918.
    Miss Leah Brackman, 1936.
    Mrs. Maude Hughes, Sunday Church School Treasurer. Ernest W. Wykle, Church Treasurer. Mr. Wykle seems to have been the first Church Treasurer, appointed about 1938 or 1939, serving until his resignation, April 1, 1955. Church moneys before this were cared for by other officers.

     Present ones: Mrs. Annabel Johnson, Sunday Church School; Leah Boone, Assistant; Evert F. Boone, Church; Daniel J. Boone, Assistant.

    First group apponted May 26, 1896 were: Samuel H. Seldomridge, Lee D. Blankenship, W. T. Via, Thomas F. McAllister and John A. Seldomridge. B. C. Spencer appointed March 21, 1903. Winters Kershner and H. Thomas Clemons appointed December 1908. J. W. Seldomridge appointed July 3, 1909. Arthur Seldomridge appointed March 20, 1938. Carl R. Wykle and Roy Christian appointed September 19, 1943.

    The present ones: Arthur L. Seldomridge, Carl R. Wykle and W. Robert Seldomridge.

Note of Especial Important
    (In listing all preceding Church Officials many names that should appear may not be listed. This is due to lack of information. The Church Minutes lack these records and some of it can not be supplied.-The Author.)

    Newman R. May, January 2, 1909. W. Floyd Seldomridge, February 4, 1911 (acceptance delayed). William H. Johnson, March 1953. Ezra F. Carroll, December 1953.

    Rev. Joseph E. Smith, August 28, 1934, and Rev. William H. Johnson, February 11, 1954.


    The first Children's Day Service was held on the first Sunday in July 1899. This is now an annual observance.

    This Young People's union was organized December 27, 1902.

    The following names of members are recorded between the dates of business meetings on July 23 and August 21, 1897:

Samuel H. Seldomridge, Susan Blankenship, Thomas F. McAllister, Sallie A. Seldomridge, John A. Seldomridge, Jane Clemens, W. C. Spencer, Roxie Seldomridge, L. C. Blankenship, Malinda McAllister, William Blankenship, Cora Seldomridge, James Seldomridge, Alice E. Blankenship, Arthur Lewis Gilbert, Jennie Bell, John H. Dotson, Hannah Spencer, Chas. B. Dotson, Eliza Dotson, William Dotson, Gussie Quick, Andrew Groves, Rosie Gilbert, Robert Groves, Leona McAllister, Leonard Copenhaver, Martha Loudermilk, John Callison, Ellen Walton, Charles Walton, Emma Keister, Robert Sharp, Sallie Laudermilk, Lafayette Crosier, Mrs. John Callison, R. Tracy Ludington, Mrs. Bell, William Loudermilk, Mrs. Sallie Gilbert, James Gilbert, Miss Josie Crozier.

    Enon's first pastor, Rev. G. B. McClung, seems to have been a power for good in the community. His first work in the Enon area seems to have been conducting a revival in an old log building, long since gone, that stood somewhere near the present site of the Henning Church of God. At this revival our "Uncle Floyd" Seldomridge, then still in his teens, was converted. Also along with him, was one of three others from the Enon area, and two, Mr. C. E. Lewis, was one of these, from the Maxwelton-Savannah area. After this revival we find Mr. Lewis and his friend from Maxwelton, getting busy in organizing a church there. As a reward for their efforts and those who followed in their footsteps, they have the present Clifton Presbyterian Church. Mention could be made here of Lewis Chapel, a branch of Clifton, and named in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, lifelong members of Clifton.

    Rev. McClung also pastored West Point Baptist Church at Asbury. We're told that he united in marriage there about 1900. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Zickafoose the singers who have several times visited Enon, where their singing is always welcome. Rev. McClung baptized Mrs. Zicafoose and received her into the Asbury Church some five years before their marriage.

Friends must part and strangers meet. Ties be broken, once so sweet. All things old must change to new. And you and I must bid adieu. And when the world shall link your names With gracious lives and manners fine. The teacher shall assert her claims, And proudly whisper, "These were mine."

    Enon has always been tolerant of, and helpful, never a hinderance, to those of other faiths, when the Church of God folks first came to this area, they held their first services in Enon. Now they have a pretty building, a full time pastor, Rev. Fred Maynard, and a large congregation.

    Horace and Elmer Taylor, founders of Church of Christ, north of Frankford, held one of their first area revivals in Enon.

    Rev. Mary F. Nelson held one of her earlier revivals in Enon. Now her folks have Neal's Chapel, at Vago.

    Two brothers of our "Uncle Floyd," Mr. Nelson and Mr. Alfred Seldomridge, early members of Enon, moved to Hinton to work on the rail road. These boys got busy and helped organize one of the Baptist Churches there.

    When our sister church at Anthony, was organized, Enon contributed her mite. Bobby Cook and W. L. Sexton, transferred their membership from Enon to Anthony, maybe some others. Bobby is surely one of the pillars of the Anthony Church and of Mr. Sexton it can truthfully be said, "he was faithful unto death." Rev. G. C. Musick is their under Shepherd.

    Enon's folks have always been diligent in care of their building. Main building was started in 1897 and finished the next year. Mr. J. Henry Dotson was the building foreman. Plastering was done by Mr. W. T. Via and Mr. Rick Fleshman. Main building in 37 feet by 47 feet. The Parsonage was built in 1947 and 1948. Church was replastered and a cistern dug in 1949. Four basement church school rooms were constructed in 1952. Church was painted inside, ceiling was covered with celotex tile, and the oil furnace installed in 1954. A Pastor's study and two additional church school rooms were built early in 1957.

    Practically all the lumber for the first building was sawn and given to the Church by Mr. John Dotson. His saw mill was located on the branch almost directly below Mr. Frank Merrill's house. Mr. Merrill owns and lives in the John Dotson home place.

    "Aunt Maggie" Laudermilk seems to be Enon's most elderly member, by both age and seniority. She became a member of Enon in November 1902 and is now getting close her three score and ten years "young."

    Some of us have wondered at the goodness of our "Uncle Floyd." We learn his mother was one of those good kind souls who can always find good deeds to do She was always visiting the sick, needy and always ready to lend a helping hand.

THE HUMAN TOUCH 'Tis the human touch in this world that counts, The touch of your hand and mind, Which means far more to the fainting heart, Than shelter and bread and wine. For shelter is gone when the night is o'er; And bread lasts only a day, But the touch of the hand and the sound of the voice, Sing on in the soul away. -Spencer M. Tree).

    Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner is; but exhorting one another; and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. --Hebrews 10:25.

    Now, reader, we've come to the end. Thank you for taking time to look this over. Hope you've found it at least a bit worthwhile. Just one other thought: I'd like to dedicate this brief sketch to that group of faithful, sincere and honest workers at ENON, both those of the past, who have gone on, and those of the present, who remain. Yes. I'd like to dedicate this to them.

    Now as our brethern across the sea say it, "Au revoir."

(The Author).

Special thanks to William H. Johnson, Jr. for sharing this history and photo with us!