1959 Yearbook
The Ronceverte Baptist Church
(Organized May 24, 1877)

Main at Locust
Ronceverte, West Virginia

David Harper, Pastor
809 Pocahontas Avenue
PHONE: MI 7-4765



    The Ronceverte Baptist Church was organized in the first school building in Ronceverte through the efforts of Rev. Thomas Givens and Rev. J. P. Campbell. There were eleven charter members when the church was organized on May 24, 1877. Those who were charter members: J. M. Ayres, Mrs. Bell Ayres, William Foglesong, H. E. Beckner, Mrs. Callie Beckner, Thomas Jamison, Mrs. Katie Jamison, William G. Perry, Mrs. Caroline Perry and L. W. Bowers. All of these charter members are now deceased.

    The Rev. J. P. Campbell was called to be the first pastor of the church. A few years after the organization of the church, a small chapel was built. The present Sunday School room was the Sanctuary in that day. The present Sanctuary was was built in 1914 during the ministry of Rev. E. T. Billups.

    On May 28th of this year (1959) we will have the privilege of celebrating the 82nd birthday of the church. During these years many have been won to the Lord. Heaven will be brighter because of the toil and labor of all who have heard His call and answered it by a definite commitment to Him. During these years twenty one men have served as pastors of the church. The are listed as follows:

Rev. J. P. Campbell 1877-1878
Rev. Sweeney 1878-1881
Rev. W. P. Hank 1881-1886
Rev. B. H. Phillips 1888-1890
Rev. C. T. Kirtner 1890-1892
Rev. J. W. Crawford 1897-
Rev. G. W. Parker 1898-1904
Rev. A. A. McClellan 1904-1909
Rev. L. R. Wilson 1909-1911
Rev. Morris 1912
Rev. E. T. Billups 1913-1915
Rev. H. B. Stoneham 1916-1918
Rev. T. H. Binford (supply) 1918-1920
Rev. L. J. Priestley 1920-1923
Rev. J. C. Maxim 1923
Rev. Russell Asbury 1925-1926
Rev. H. B. Ferrell 1926-1930
Rev. L. D. Chandler (supply) 1931
Rev. J. R. Gillespie 1932-1945
Rev. H. B. Fisher 1945-1947
Rev. David A. Harper 1947-(present)

    So far as is known, only seven of these men who have served the church are living. In a future day we expect to meet those who are not living around God's Holy Throne.

Special thanks to William H. Johnson, Jr. for sharing this history with us!