Camp Greenbrier Company 1539 - 1933-1936

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Camp Greenbrier, occupied by Company # 1539, 6/23/1933 - 8/30/1935
occupied by Company # 2593, 7/1/1935 - 1/11/1936

Camp Greenbrier was located in Hines on private property.

Below is a photo of Company #1539, taken June 28, 1934. This photo is dedicated to Robert D. Collier, and graciously donated by Norman B. Collier , son of Robert D. Collier.

Company 1539 - Camp Greenbrier

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The Company commanders were C. R. Hoffecker, Lt., USNR, and Capt. Harold R. Kelley. The camp superintendents were W. T. Henshaw, Jr. and F. W. Pickering.

The C. C. C. Camps in West Virginia 1933-1942 by Milton Harr.