"Three Years in the Company Street"

Co. F, 150th Infantry, West Virginia National Guard, Ronceverte.

June 30, 1925 - June 29, 1928

Original Roster of Company F, 150th Infantry
1st Sgt. Carl R. Morgan
Sgt. Harry N. Bailey
Sgt. Peyton H. Bray
Sgt. Lawrence G. Holliday
Sgt. Hugh A. Peters
Sgt. Eugene M. Swink
Sgt. Herman A. Underwood
Corp. John S. Banton
Corp. James M. Dancy
Corp. Andrew B. Fleshman
Corp. Harry J. Kern
Corp. Jackson K. Martin
Corp. Hubert W. Morgan
Pvt. 1 cl Thomas W. McCrary
Pvt. 1 cl Byrun F. Anderson
Pvt. 1 cl Eustus L. Brown
Pvt. 1 cl Wilburn L. Dolan
Pvt. 1 cl William H. Jackson
Pvt. 1 cl Forrest O. Kincaid
Pvt. 1 cl John C. Littlepage
Pvt. 1 cl Virgil J. Morgan
Pvt. 1 cl John A. Peters
Pvt. 1 cl Earl P. Reaser
Pvt. 1 cl Waverly G. Shires
Pvt. 1 cl Robert J. Underwood
Pvt. 1 cl Harold B. Woodrum
Pvt. Slater M. Butts
Pvt. Marshall M. Casdorph
Pvt. Russel W. Cox
Pvt. George M. Curry
Pvt. Samuel F. Curry
Pvt. John L. Dolan
Pvt. Bedford E. Johnson
Pvt. Homer L. Lowance
Pvt. Clayton A. Morgan
Pvt. Clayton H. Morgan
Pvt. Daniel J. Morgan
Pvt. Herman A. Morgan
Pvt. Lynn W. McMann
Pvt. James C. Munsey
Pvt. Hansford D. Nester
Pvt. Herbert S. Patterson
Pvt. Rayburn E. Sawyers
Pvt. Charles C. Shires
Pvt. Robert O. Steeps
Pvt. Albert R. Underwood
Pvt. Joseph J. Underwood
Pvt. Wheeler L. Wiekle
Pvt. Arthur P. Woodhouse
Pvt. Oscar V. Wright
Pvt. Robert L. Wright

Roster of Company F, 150th Infantry, June 29, 1928
Company Headquarters
1st Sgt John S. Banton
Mess Sgt James C. Munsey
Supply Sgt Jackson K. Martin
Corp Doran K. Samples, Company Clerk
Pvt William B. Coleman, Runner
Pvt Burgess A. Reed, Runner
Pvt 1 cl Herbert S. Patterson, Artificer
Pvt 1 cl Robert J. Underwood, Bugler
Pvt Samuel H. Underwood, Bugler
Pvt. Charles D. Hanifin, Cook
Pvt. Wilburn D. Dolan, Asst. Cook
First Platoon
Sgt Joseph J. Underwood, Platoon Sgt.
Sgt Oscar V. Wright, Left Guide
Sgt Clayton A. Morgan, Right Guide
Second Platoon
Sgt Forest O. Kincaid, Platoon Sgt.
Sgt Arthur P. Woodhouse, Right Guide
Sgt Marshall M. Casdorph, Left Guide
First Squad
Corp Slater M. Butts
Pvt 1 cl Paul A. Boone
Pvt 1 cl Okey T. Loomis
Pvt 1 cl Wiliam A. Wallace
Pvt Henry H. Kauffelt
Pvt Herbert R. Donovan
Pvt Joseph Sawyers
Pvt Lewis E. Martin
Second Squad
Corp Richard W. Cook
Pvt 1 cl Lawrence G. Holliday
Pvt 1 cl Eugene M. Swink
Pvt 1 cl Carl M. Flack
Pvt Russell A. Boyd
Pvt Paul S. Collins
Pvt Clarence C. Collins
Pvt Archa C. Collins
Third Squad
Corp Mike C. Donovan
Pvt 1 cl Edwin R. Fletcher, Jr.
Pvt Walter C. Campbell
Pvt Rosser E. Hodges
Pvt Paul R. Wright
Pvt Carl F. Woodrum
Pvt Albert R. Underwood
Pvt Linwood C. Ratliff (or Ratcliffe)
Fourth Squad
Corp William B. Makowicz
Pvt 1 cl Keith Powell
Pvt 1 cl Weller E. Price
Pvt 1 cl Waverly G. Shires
Pvt 1 cl John C. Littlepage
Pvt 1 cl Earl A. Flack
Pvt Robert S Leach
Pvt Earl R. Yates
Fifth Squad
Corp Charlie C. Shires
Pvt 1 cl James A. Brown
Pvt 1 cl James A. Arbaugh
Pvt 1 cl Bedford E. Johnson
Pvt 1 cl Costus L. Brown
Pvt 1 cl Gordon A. Deaver
Pvt 1 cl William H. Jackson
Pvt Frank W. Goodall
Sixth Squad
Corp Robert L. Wright
Pvt Ralph E. Waugh
Pvt Clarence C. Collins
Pvt John L. Dolan
Pvt Gerald C. Erwin
Pvt Earl P. Reaser
Pvt Earl M. Waugh
Pvt Robert V. Steep
Recruit Squad
Corp Silas A. Rutherford, Instructor
Pvt Clayton G. Howard
Pvt Floyd E. Rogers
"Kernel" Green, Co. Mascot (colored)
1st Lieut. M. E. Morris
2nd Lieut. R. L. Kramer
Capt. O. C. Damewood