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Cherry Evans April 1, 1998

Seeking information on birthplace and parents of Daniel SHERWOOD and wife Mary WILLIAMS, who lived in Greenbrier Co. They immigrated from Ireland by way of Liverpool, England in 1853. Children: Sallie A. (m. Franklin Pierce SYDENSTRICKER), Charles William, Mary Susan (m. George D. SAMPSON), Elizabeth Jane (m. R. A. Creigh NICKELL), Daniel Alton (m. Mary Esther MORGAN), Emma Effie (m. Samuel Franklin SAMPSON), Walter Mayo (m. Susan Virginia MORGAN). Thank you. Cherry Evans

Vickie MillerMarch 29, 1998

I'm searching for information about John L. Hamilton. He was in Greenbriar Co (W)VA from 1758 until 1780 when he moved on to KY. I suspect that he may have left family behind in Greenbriar Co. He was born in 1726 Scotland and died 1802 Barren Co KY. He had the following known children:James, John L. Jr., Elizabeth (Ailsa), Robert, and Jean Hamilton.

Keith A. Hall March 26, 1998

Seeking parents/ siblings/ancestors of Reuben HALL [1809-1866] married 1830 Jane LONG [1813-1875] in Monroe Co, WV. 1850 census shows Reuben and family as farmers in Greenbrier Co. WV with 10 children - the youngest Robert Calvin HALL [1850-1912] was my G-grandfather. ANY information would be greatly appreciated in helping me trace Reuben and Jane's ancestory.

Michael VanBaaren

John G. CLARK md Frances McCLINTOCK, 1771 in Greenbrier Co., West Virginia. They were both born in Augusta Co., Virginia. John was son of James & Elizabeth CLARK; and Frances was dau. of William & Martha McCLINTOCK. They later moved to Montgomery & Bath Co., Kentucky. Their dau. Martha CLARK, b 1776 in Greenbrier Co. married James BUTCHER in Bourbon Co., Kentucky, 1794. Would like to correspond with anyone researching CLARK, McCLINTOCK or BUTCHER in this area. Thanks! Michael VanBaaren E-Mail: norseman@jps.net Home Page

Bud Newman March 25, 1998

Looking for info. on John and Mary Ann McDowell DARNALL family . Mary Ann according to family history was the prettiest girl in West Virginia. John was my ggg grandfather on my paternal grandmothers side. John and Mary had the following children: William Martin (my gg grandfather) b. Aug. 4, 1848 in Alderson WV., Newton, Frank, Sarah, and Jennie were the rest of the family. This is all I've been able to find out. It was mentioned by an aunt that Frank, Sarah, and Jennie lived and passed away on the family homestead in Alderson. Any help would be appreciated. Noticed in Hardesty's Biographies msg. dtd. 22 MARCH 1998 under Fort Springs District a Newton C DARNALL, can anyone provide the Biography? I'm hoping this Newton is my Newton.

Sandy Williams March 22, 1998

Looking for information or descendance of George V. & Susanah (Williams) Eagle. Both were from Greenbrier. George was born in 1789, died July 4, 1869, Susanah was born July 22, 1788, died Aug 18, 1864. They moved to Gallia Ohio in 1814. Sandy Williams - slwcew2@aol.com

Sandy Williams March 22, 1998

Looking for information or descendance of John & Elizabeth Williams. Their children were Henson, Richard, John, William W., Nancy (Mathews), Susan (Eagle), Polly (Danks), Betsy (Rader) & Sally (Burr) If a connection please e-mail me at slwcew2@aol.com

Doug Purcell March 22, 1998

Seeking information on Richard PURCELL or PURSELL (c 1775-after 1820) who was involved in land transactions in Greenbrier County in 1814 and possibly before. On June 7, 1814 PURCELL, who lived in Christian County, Kentucky at the time, granted power of attorney to David McCLURE of Greenbrier County, VA to transfer and convey all property of PURCELL in Greenbrier County, on the Greenbrier River, patented in the name of Thomas EDGAR and William CLENDENING who had sold the property to PURCELL and George McCLURE. PURCELL later (October 5, 1814) appointed Charles GRATTON of Greenbrier County as attorney to transfer and convey a 170 acre tract of land to John ANDERSON or James READ. I also would appreciate any information available on any PURCELL families in Greenbrier County from about 1790 to 1840. Thanks for any help offered. -- Doug Purcell dpurcell@the-link.net

Sandy Williams March 22, 1998

I am looking for information or descendance of a William WILLIAMS born about 1794. He had a son Nathaniel H. WILLIAMS born 1820 in Frankford, Greenbrier, Co. His son moved to Gallia Ohio around 1845. Do not know if William did or not. Please e-mail me if a connection at slwcew2@aol.com. Sandy Williams

Leoneita Milner March 21, 1998

Looking for parents/siblings of John CASTEEL b Greenbrier Co 1778. He was bound to Jacob Riffe 1787. And appears in 1799 Tax List. Any information on Casteel family will be welcome.

Leoneita Milner

Tamara Kincaide March 19, 1998

Looking for info on Hugh KINCAID-23 living in Greenbrier County in 1850 census, also listed in same dwelling Samuel-42 and Katherine -41 and Jacob -37. Would like to see if Samuel and Katherine are his parents and a birth record for Hugh for the years 1826/27 possibly in Greenbrier Co. Thanks Tamara Kincaide

Mary Bobrowski March 16, 1998

Researching MINTER - early 1800s. Jesse MINTER m. Mary _____, their children were William, Benjamin, Mary B, Ann C W, Eliza - possibly Caroline and others. Jesse was a school teacher. Thank you, Mary MMMSR@aol.com

Jennie Kavage March 14, 1998

I am researching the Cackley/Weber/Jackson families that lived in Ronceverte in the first half of the 20th century. Mary Helen Cackley, daughter of Indiana Miami Jackson and William Henry Cackley, married December 1900 John Frederick Weber, son of Hannah (or Anna) Amelia Eley and Frederick Maeder Weber. Jennie Kavage - JWTV12D@prodigy.com

Dwane Porter March 13, 1998
BROWN Cemetery

My gggrandfather Balis Sergent died in Greenbrier Co. Feb. 7, 1886. A letter from his wife Elizabeth describes the cemetery he was buried in as the Brown Cemetery. She described its location thusly: "He lays on the mountain between Brownstown and Rennik (sic) Valley about 4 miles east of Falling Springs." If anyone would have any information regarding this cemetery I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks, Dwane Porter

John Grimes March 11, 1998

I am looking for information on Felix and Catherine GRIMES. Felix has appeared to have died in Greenbrier County in 1814. This family appears in VA and WV circa 1770, living mostly in Bath County.

Jerry Rose March 11, 1998

- I am looking for information regarding James W. PERSINGER b abt 1843 in Greenbrier Co., WV and married Rosa Mae MOSS b 1876 on 20 February 1897 in Monroe Co., WV. James died before 1911. He could have been married prior to Rosa, perhaps to Lucinda BRAGG on 18 Apr 1882 in Summers Co., WV.

James' parents could have been James S. PERSINGER and Sarah F. BOWYER. Sarah was born in Greenbrier Co., WV on 10 Mar 1816. James S. PERSINGER died in 1891 in Summers Co., WV.

Elder James S. PERSINGER's parents could have been Jacob PERSINGER and Elizabeth HUMPHRIES married 05 Jan 1806.

James S. PERSINGER had a sister, Cynthia A. PERSINGER who married James LILLY.

Can anyone please help with this information in connecting James W. PERSINGER to these later PERSINGERS? Thanks

Paul Lockey March 9, 1998

I'm looking for information on SAMUEL BELL CHILDERS born April 1854. I have just found that a Samuel B. CHILDERS was born in Greenbrier Co. to Holly and Elizabeth CHILDERS....would like more information.

Cara Plumb Miller March 9, 1998

I'm searching for information on a Fred Wallace b. Dec 2 1902. I have no other information on him except that he was born in Rennick, Wv, Greenbrier Co. Cara

Barb Lucas March 9, 1998

Searching for MATTHEW(s) in that area ca1790 when find a William MATTHEW married Elizabeth WANOB. Looking for a son William born 1806, married and died in Tn. Thanks, Barb...email: Dixeebarb@aol.com

Charles De Priest March 9, 1998

Looking for any information on De Priest who lived in Greenbrier Co. West Virginia, any information would be greatly appreciated, My ancestors came out of this county , and surround areas, counties....Charles De Priest

Bill Cheatham March 9, 1008

I'm trying to find information on James CHATTAM who married 15 July 1826 in Greenbrier Co., Elizabeth PRICE. On 28 Aug. 1830 in Pike Co. Oh., Elizabeth CHEATHAM of Greenbrier Co. Va. married Levi Cross. Was Elizabeth Cheatham the widow of James CHATTAM? James & Elizabeth CHEATHAM may have had a son James S. Cheatham.

James Michael Adkins March 7, 1998

I am looking for the family of Laura Tinscher Burdette of White Sulphur Springs. She was my maternal great-grandmother. Any assistance would help me get started. Thanks. James Michael Adkins AdkinsJ@LEAV-EMH1.army.mil

Dorothy Landoll March 7, 1998

I'm looking for the ancestors of David Stephenson (b. ca 1767; d. 2-21-1814, Champaign Co., OH0 m. Martha McClure (b. ca 1775) - daughter of Arthur McClure. They married 12-18-1789 in Greenbrier Co. - there is some indication that David's name is spelled Stephins in the marriage record. Any info on the family or ancestors is greatly appreciated. Dorothy Landoll

Dorothy Greywacz February 27, 1998
, Walter, lived on Muddy Creek with his wife Sadie and children, and a younger brother. Walter was scalped by the indians in Kanawha Co in 1774. His family was sent back to the fort in Greenbriar Co, just prior to his death. Does anybody know what happened to his family?

Louise Bias-Hill February 27, 1998

Jesse BIAS, BIASS, BYOUS, BYAS, born around 1786 in Greenbriar Co., VA/VW. Anyone have any information about him, siblings, parents, etc.? I am in VA for 2-3 months if anyone has a suggestion as to where I might find this information. Thanks, LOUISE BIAS-HILL

Susan C. Abadie February 27, 1998

I am trying to help an 85 year old friend find her grandfather's parents. His name was Richard Fietie or Fictie WILLIAMS. He was born 28 Apr 1825 in Greenbrier Co. He moved to Gallia Co OH where he married Mary Ann MANRING 6 Apr 1848. They later moved to Gentry Co. MO where they both died. They had children John A., Maggie, Sarah Jane, William Franklin, Simon Bollivar, Martha Ellen, Carrie Sisson, Della Ruth, Minnie May, James Hunter, Jordan Roy (her father). Richard F. WILLIAMS was in the Civil War from Ohio. She has lots of information from Richard forward but nothing of his parents and before. Susan C. Abadie SAbadie134@aol.com

Wanda Muncey Gant February 22, 1998

Elisha PEPPER II born 31 March 1777 Greenbrier Co., VA died 5 March 1869 Warren Co., TN. Father Elisha PEPPER I died King's Mt. SC. Believe line goes to John PIPER. Anyone know for sure?

Jan Stevens February 20, 1998

I am researching David KINNISON, born in Greenbrier County 24 Mar 1811. He moved with his parents to Ohio when he was young. He married Henrietta KELLY in Pike County, Ohio on 22 Aug 1839. David died in Winneshiek County, Iowa on 15 Sep 1893. I need assistance in locating his parents. Jan Stevens

Jeanne Webb Gadd February 15, 1998

I am searching for any info on the following families. Joe Wyatt WEBB married to Carrie Ellen SHEARER at one time lived in Quinwood, WV. Known children were Paul Joseph WEBB, Helen WEBB NEAL, Ruby Jean WEBB KOPELMAN, James WEBB (deceased). If you have any info or have known any of the above, please e-mail at yegad@blrg.tds.net.

Robert H. Wilson February 15, 1998

RUSH, George Howard or G. H. RUSH or S. F. RUSH. George Howard Rush was my ggf. His parents were G. H. and S. F. RUSH. I am trying to determine who Georges parents were, and where they came from. Any information would be appreciated.

Vanessa Dumrauf February 14, 1998

Looking for info on George Beauregard Coulter born about 1862 to George J Coulter and Flora Jane Cole Coulter. George B. Coulter's first wife was Julia Childers, they married in 1883 in Pocahontas Co. His second wife was Mary E. Duffield and they married in Braxton Co in 1888. Supposedly George and his family lived in Ruppert and George died in 1934. Would like to know who his children were and where he may be buried. Any help please e-mail me!

John Reed La Rue February 13, 1998

I am seeking information about the family of Abraham LAREW also known as Abraham, the Eldest. He was born in Huntderdon Co, NJ or Bucks Co, PA about 1725. His wife's name was Sarah. They had the following children, John, James, Isaac, Roena, Peter, Jacob, William, Daniel, Abraham Jr., Susan and Sarah. They left PA for VA prior to the Revolutionary War and were located in Loudoun Co from 1772 to 1786. After a short stay in South Carolina, the family relocated to Greenbrier Co., VA and Kentucky about 1800. Abraham, the Eldest and Daniel are buried in Greenbrier County. Where did this family settle in Greenbrier County? John Reed La Rue jlarue@prodigy.net

Cathy February 13, 1998

I am looking for the parents and siblings of LEWIS M. WALKER, born in Greenbrier County around 1862. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Cathy

fcruble@isbe.accessus.net February 13, 1998

Robert Morris Ruble born 1819 who were his father and Mother? they were supposed to have been from Brier Co. Va. then it became Greenbrier W.V. His father is supposed to be buried in this county. This is for a relative of Robert Morris Ruble. I am looking also for the father of Thompsom C. Ruble who was born in 1826 in Highland Co. Ohio. His parents were also from Va. I think maybe W.V. email fcruble@isbe.accessus.net

Michael A. Radcliff February 11, 1998

Need to find the names of the parents of Mary E. FOX, b Oct 1860 in Greenbrier County, married William H. BURNS on April 5, 1876 in Greenbrier County. -- God Bless You, Michael A. Radcliff 2009 Olive Court Milton, W.Va. 25541 mradclif@marshall.edu

Bob Herald February 11, 1998

I am looking for information on John SHUMAKER and his wife Sarah WOLFENBARGER. John was reported born in Germany on 29 Mar 1785. He came to the US in 1789 and grew up in Greenbrier County, later moving to Jackson County, Ohio. Sarah was born in Greenbrier County on 3 Mar 1780. Please email any information to Bob Herald. rherald@ibm.net

Frances K. Grimes February 9, 1998

Would like info on Abraham NETTLES married Mary McDONNEL 27 Dec 1783 in Greenbriar Co., WV. He signed a petition 20 Nov 1781 as an inhabitant of Greenbriar to repeal an Act to advance money or crop for building a road. Due to frequent drafts for defense, they could barely keep their families fed. In Greenbriar County Court in 1786 he was certified a disabled soldier of the Continental Army, was unable to make a living due to wounds suffered in service, and he continued to be a pensioner. According to History of Monroe Co., WV by Morton Abraham NETTLES was a disabled vet, lived on Scotts Branch and had a considerable family. William LACY married Mary Belle NETTLES about 1754. Anyone working on these families, please contact me. Frances Kaye Castle Grimes email fgrimes@memphisonline.com

Fran Wheeler February 7, 1998

I am currently researching the RUBLE Family. My great,great grandfather was William RUBLE married to Rebecca Ruth SHAWVER. I know that they had two sons, George Washington RUBLE and James RUBLE. I am in need of any info on this family. Thanks so much and Happy researching. Fran Sasiegal@aol.com

Ed Johnson February 7, 1998

I am trying to locate the parents of Samuel JUDY. Samuel was born 23 July 1822 in Greenbrier County. He married Jane DEITZ on 9 Nov 1848. Jane died on 10 Jul 1858. The only surviving child of this marriage was Strother JUDY born about 1849 or 1850. On 24 Dec 1863 Samuel married Sarah V. CRAWFORD JEFFRIES. Samuel and Sarah had 4 children: Virgil, Robert, Martha and Laura. I suspect that Samuel was a son of David JUDY and Catherine KESLER but have not located anything to confirm this. I am also searching for all the children of David and Catherine Judy. I only know of William, James Allen, and Susan. Thank you. Ed Johnson EDEAJ@aol.com

Linda Lewis-Weissinger February 5, 1998

My grgrgrgrandfather was John Jarrett LEWIS (JJ) the 9th child of Wilson LEWIS ca 1754. Possibly Wilson is buried in Greenbrier. John Jarrett was born there on 12/15/1790. He first married a Jane SMITH 1795 ca 1845 (cemetary unknown). She was the daughter of Jonathan SMITH 1760 and Jane ELY 1765. John married an Elizabeth MORGAN but she hailed from SC. If you need this I can supply her information. I am assuming you would not have record of her in Greenbrier. She is my grgrgrgrandmother, however. Wilson's other children were: (and 6 others, no names) Abner, married Eleanor HOWARD d/o Samuel HOWARD and Chloe OSBOURNE; Mary, married BASHAM. In 1820 they were in Kanawah City, VA; Frederick, moved after 1830 to ?; William, married Watts CREECH; Hannah, married Adron HOWARD (brother to Eleanor, wife of Abner); Wilson, was back in Monroe, VA/1821 signed power of attorney over to JJ (my gr); Hiriam married Lucinda JENKINS 1810 SC d/o William JENKINS 1785 and Elizabeth ROARK 1785. Please do you have any information on any of my ancestors? It would greatly be appreciated. Thank You, Linda Lewis-Weissinger -- Linnie777@aol.com

Cliff Loudermilk February 2, 1998

I'm searching for information on the family of George LOUDERMILK (b. 1773) and Rosanna (HUFFMAN) LOUDERMILK (b. 1779). They moved to Greenbrier County from Augusta County, VA, about 1815. I'm particularly interested in their two youngest sons, William (1818-1911) and Joseph (1824-?). Can anyone tell me if either of these two men served in the Confederate army? Or what became of Joseph and his wife, Rachel, after 1860? Any help is greatly appreciated. Cliff Loudermilk (cleroy60@yahoo.com)

Cara Plumb Miller January 31, 1998
, FRANCES: Searching for information on Frances GREEN my gggggrandmother. She married Ezekiel RUCKER in Oct or Nov of 1818. Any information will be appreciated. Cara grider@c2i2.com

Kevin Thompson January 27, 1998

My great grandmother, ETTA T. HEFFNER, was born in Greenbrier about 1861 and was married there, on 2 April 1879, to James William PAYNE of Hillsboro. Who were her parents? All I know is that her mother was a KINCAID. Thanks much for any help. Kevin Thompson

Keith Scott January 27, 1998

I am looking for information on ancestors of my great-great grandparents Andrew LIPPS (b. 1812) his wife: Hannah HAYMAKER Lipps (b.mid 1821) and Alexander HUGHART and his wife Amanda TUCKWILLER Hughart (also born early to mid 1800's). My great grandparents were Denny David LIPPS (b.6/25/1898 - d.1/4/88) and Virginia WHITE Lipps (b.8/14/1898). They were all from the Lewisburg area. Thank you, Keith Scott. E-mail: jkscott@cstone.net

Cay Devin January 24, 1998
Looking for information on the CRISAMORE family. Adam CRISMORE and Henry CRISMORE appeared on the 1820 census for Lewisburg, Greenbrier CO, WV. Is anyone else researching this family? Would be happy to share information. cay devin devinc@seanet.com

Jerry Erickson January 23, 1998

John ANDERSON (1720-1810) emigrated to Greenbrier Co area in the early 1700's. Married Elizabeth ? , children Elizabeth (~1730) wed Henry HUNTER, James (~1730) wed Agnes DEAN of Bath Co area, Peggy (~1740) wed James REED, and Rebecca wed William WARD.

Bruce Lynch January 21, 1998

I am looking for information on George Daniel LYNCH, my great grandfather. He married Sally HOWARD. They had a son ARVELL OR ORVELL LYNCH and a daughter (name unknown, think she married a FRAME). Thank you for any help. Bruce Lynch

Joan Enright January 20, 1998

Seeking information on a Daniel and Sally (Calloway) NEAL family that resided in Greenbrier County about 1797 before migrating to Washington County, VA. Thank you, enrightj@erols.com.

Julie McGrew January 19, 1998

Seeking descendants and other researchers of the MCGRAW/MCGREW family of Greenbrier County. Parents: Martin and Margaret. Probable children: John, (George) Anthony, Mary Anne, Martin, William, Samuel, Elizabeth, Henry and Thomas. I am trying to locate the origin of this family prior to 1796. Julie McGrew URL: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Estates/2009

Julie McGrew January 19, 1998

Seeking any information regarding John McGRUE, indentured servant of James McEntire seeking release according to Greenbrier County Court Orders of 1792. I am attempting to discern his place of origin and a connection to the McGRAW/McGREW family of Greenbrier and Monroe Counties. Julie McGrew URL: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Estates/2009

J. Hughes January 17, 1998

I'm looking for information on the origins of a Thomas HUGHES, who was probably born about 1826/7, and married a Julia Martindale in 1854 in Gallia County, Ohio. Thomas probably died in Gallia County. But he may have come from Greenbrier since Julia's father, James MARTINDALE, was born in Greenbrier County VA on 26 Mar 1807/1809. Thomas' mother-in-law was named COTTRELL. Thanks, J. Hughes Web Page: http://www.changesurfer.com/Hughes.html

Beckie Rawdon January 16, 1998
I am looking for information on Richard CHAMBERS b. abt 1785 who married Mary "Polly" GARRED. Her surname could be listed a number of different ways. Reportedly Richard was born in Monroe county. He was living in Kentucky but the early 1820's. I am guessing the marriage would have been around the middle of the 1810's. Any help would be appreciated! Her relatives lived in Greenbrier, Kanawha and Monroe counties. Visit these homepages:

Vivian Hytovick January 16, 1998
Seeking to correspond with anyone researching HOOVER in Greenbrier County. Also, would like to know who William McCALLISTER was. He was residing with Henry and Barbara HOOVER in Greenbrier County in the 1850 Census.

Beckie Rawdon January 16, 1998
I am seeking information on Rachel HARROW born about 1818 in Monroe/Greenbrier. She married Thompson M GWINN on October 21, 1841 in Monroe county. Any information as to possible parents would be greatly appreciated. Visit these homepages:

Cecil A. Legg January 14, 1998
I am searching for information regarding my mothers family. Surname HOKE. Resided in Ronceverte area. Harry Franklin HOKE, grandfather, born in 1891 in this area. Thank you, Cecil A. Legg

Nancy C. STORY Adkins January 9, 1998
Searching for dedscendants or anyone who may know how I can obtain any information on the STORY families who lived in Greenbrier Co. I am esp. interested in the FRANCIS STORY family. FRANCIS STORY married ELIZABETH INGRAM Dec. 1785 in Greenbrier Co. The STORY families were still in Greenbrier Co. in 1800 and 1810. and I don't know how much longer. I would appreciate any help, or suggestions. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Nancy C. STORY Adkins at kabaybruce@zoomnet.net

Jeanne Mills January 5, 1998
Looking for the parents of James F. Brock, born about 1832 in Greenbrier County per his service record. Census records for this time show Andrew BROCK and Nancy SMITH Brock living there, with children of approximately the right age, but no names given. Other Brocks shown on census do not appear to be close to the correct ages. Would appreciate any information. j&jmills@metrolink.net

Fred Hibben January 4, 1998
Hibben or Hibbin or Hibbins. I am looking for information on the Hibben family in Greenbrier County about 1788. There is a James R. Hibben who was born there and later moved to Pike County Ohio. There is a Sarah Ann Hibben who was born in "Virginia" in 1788 and in 1835 moved into Gallia County, Ohio with two children, John and George, but no husband. We are trying to identify the missing husband of Sarah Ann and believe there may be link to James R. or his family, perhaps a brother. One of Sarah Ann's sons George married a Lydia Williams from Greenbrier County. The will of John Williams was probated in both Greenbrier County and Gallia County OH. naming her as a beneficiary. Any assistance in locating our missing link would be greatly appreciated. It has been a long search. My name is Fred Hibben and my E-Mail address is FHIBBEN@aol.com.

Mary Campbell January 2, 1998
I am looking for information on the Handley line that went to Ohio.