Queries Posted in Jan. and Feb. 1997

BUTT:Jack Butts Wed Feb 19 07:42:44 1997
BUTT: Archibald, George, Thomas The Surname was represented in WV before 1800. Some were in Berkeley by 1800 others in Greenbrier abt. same time. Thomas was b. 1801 in Greenbrier accord. his obituary in IL. George I'm not sure of. He was in Frederick Co. MD in 1790 then disappears with his family of eight and may have moved to Berkeley Co.,WV.
Theron Fenton Wed Feb 19 11:53:00 1997
Looking for parents of John Fenton born on June 8, 1802 in GreenBriar County.

James R. Davis Fri Feb 14 08:08:08 1997
Daniel SHEPHERD b.1757 Allegany Co.,MD/PA/NY?, d.?, m.1777 Goshen, Orange Co., NY to Cloe BURR of CT. ... Lived in Greenbrier Co.,VA 1781-1799 and Madison, Montgomery and Bath Cos.,KY 1799-1810, probably Greene &/or Warren Cos., OH about 1810-1815. Kids lived in Franklin, Clinton, Delaware, Champaign, and Clark Cos., OH, with several moving to IN about 1920. ... Children: Asa 1781, Sarah 1784, Solomon 1786, David 1788, Mary 1790, Nancy 1793, Huldah 1793, Peter B. 1795, Moses 1797, Celia 1800, Rhoda 1802, and Aaron 1804. ... Daniel possibly had brothers: William, David, Moses, John and Joseph. ... Want to confirm siblings and find Daniel's parents and exchange other details. When and where did Daniel and Cloe SHEPHERD die? ... See my Shepherd web page. When writing please state what page you saw my query on and what surname it was on. Thanks. James R. Davis, 6708 Austin Way, Sacramento, CA 95823 (james.davis@10.gigo.com).

Ruth Hall Wed Feb 12 08:53:36 1997
I am researching the names of McCARLEY,BOGGS,FERRELL. Particulary EVELINE ELIZABETH FERRELL,Father John L. Ferrell, Mother E.E.?, believed to have been born in Roane County, WV. She was married in Gallia County Ohio to ROBERT B.McCARLEY on 4 June 1879. AGNES NANCY BOGGS born abt 1810? Married John McCARLEY in Gallia County on 28 April 1833. She is beleived to have born in Greenbier County, WV.

Lori Samples Tue Feb 11 22:42:49 1997
Looking for anyone wanting to share information on the SAMPLES family of Greenbrier county, and other counties up through Clay Co., Have lots of info, willing to correspond!! I am a descendant of The brothers John and Samuel Samples

Doug Smith empic@ione.net
Green and Stephen Grant were supposedly born in Greenbriar Co in 1824 and 1835. They came to Lawrence Co Ohio in 1837 or 1845 with or without their parents. I am looking for them or their parents in Greenbriar. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

RCarr10132@aol.comas looking for info on the Carr suname in the southen area of Greenbrier County..

Julia JCleme4401@aol.com
My ancestors were Floyd MORRIS, m. Elizabeth Canterbury, had daughter, Julia Anna or Julianna. Cannot find information on her other than Floyd was the son or grandson of Leonard MORRIS s/o William MORRIS (@ 1700's). Also, Fleming COBBS who married Sarah Katherine MORRIS. Fleming was supposed to have helped build Fort Donnally.

Wally Garchow wally@calweb.com
Tue Jan 28 11:13:00 1997
I am tracking descendants of Abraham PITSENBARGER Jr and Mary COWGER. They were married abt 1795 in Pendleton Co., VA. Their descendants populated Pendleton, Greenbrier, and Nicholas Counties. View the PITSENBARGER HOME PAGE to see the beginnings of this family at: http://www.calweb.com/~wally/darke/w-pits1.htm

Karen White KIWhite@aol.com
Sun Jan 26 06:13:34 1997
HOLCOMB, Lucretia (1842-1900; m. Charles David Kincaid, son of John L. Kincaid and Leah Withrow). Lucretia's father: Henry Holcomb, probably son of Samuel Holcomb, b. c. 1810; d. before 1850). Mother Leah; looking for Lucretia's mother, b. 1810, d. 1861. Lucretia's siblings: Amanda J., b. 1836; James, 1839-1864, m. Rufina Kincaid, sister of Charles David Kincaid; Mary, b. 1840, m. a Withrow; Robert, 1844-1899 may have m. Amanda Foster; Samuel, 1846-1862; John, b. c. 1849

Rhonda Kittle Livingston rhett@mail1.i1.net
Sun Jan 26 09:44:49 1997
Looking for any information regarding a Bertsel Kittle. He married a Ruth Ball from Greenbriar County. He died about February or March of 1969. At the time of death he was residing in Taylor County. Any information such as the date of birth, who his parents were, marriage date, etc would be greatly appreciated.

LaDonna Hopkins LADHOPKINS@aol.com
Sun Jan 26 14:38:36 1997
Searching for info on JOHN WHITE b ca, 1760, who married NANCY COPLEY in Montgomery Co.,VA on Jan. 8, 1793. Nancy's father was THOMAS COPLEY

Robret E.Page genepage@crown.net
Wed Jan 22 21:38:27 1997
I am looking for info on Lively McGhee,late 1700-early1800, married a Winford Thompson, any info on this couple,would be greatly appreciated. contact me at genepage@crown.net

Mary Alice Dell Tue Jan 21 21:11:17 1997
HUMPRHEYS - I am looking for name of wife of RICHARD HUMPREYS b. Ireland, d. abt 26 Mar 1816 in Greenbrier Co. I am descendant of his son, Samuel, who along with many of his siblings moved to MO about 1818. I believe Richard was the son of JOHN HUMPHREYS who died in Monroe County in 1810. Would apprecitate any informtion on this family. Thanks Mary Alice Dell

Jan 20 18:00:54 1997
Wayne Hannah E170lakewy@AOL.comI am descended from David Hannah, Sr, b. abt 1740 in Ireland and d. 1826 Pocahontas Co. I believe him to be son of Joseph Hannah of Augusta Co. who lived on Naked Creek and on South River (I think near Grottos area) from abt 1742 until his death in 1789. Can anyone in Pocahontas area help? I have much info I will be glad to share with any interested party.

Jan 15 20:53:30 1997DixonAomia Sage rogers@online1.magnus1.com
Charles Dixon: son of Henry Lee and Mary Jane. Born around 1860 W Va. Killed by a train at a place called Stretcher Neck Tunnel in Fayette Co. W VA. Married twice. First: wife; Ellen Douglas. children; Laura, Fannie, Mary, Emma. Second marriage: wife; Mary (Molly) Agnes Nickel, born 1863 W VA, died, Aug 1938 Alderson W VA. Kenny Knob Cemetery. (stone next to her at grave site is a Charles Otho, b-12-29-1912, d-m-2-1918. Children; Walter Edward, Charles Author, Nellie Viola, (my grandmother) Bessie Jane, Missouri Agnes. Laura was born in Kentucky 10-16-1876 lived in Staunton Va where she died 1-29-1969. son Charles lives there now. Walter told stories that his father died when he was 13.

January 15, 1997 from WRWolf@aol.com ()
ALT - I had a cousin, Pauline ALT, who lived in Lewisburg, and died in March 1978. I'd like to to find her obituary, if it was published. What newspapers would it have likely appeared in? Does the Lewisburg Library keep copies of these papers? Could someone look it up for me?

January 13, 1997 from wkeel@falcon.cc.ukans.edu William Keel
CONNELL, FLEMING - Seek information on Angel CONNELL and Martha FLEMING married April 29, 1782, in Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia. Father of Martha FLEMING was a William FLEMING. Martha FLEMING born about 1765 in Virginia. Family moved to Madison County, Kentucky ca. 1795. Children born in Virgina: Polly, Betsy, William, James, and Pierce. Brothers of Angel CONNELL named William and James.

NULL, ROACHJanuary 13, 1997 from SEAPORT@worldnet.att.net Mary Campbell
I am looking for information on Jeremiah ROACH that married Elizabeth NULL on August 7,1790 in Greenbrier county Virginia that is now West Virginia. Any help would be great.

ASHENFELTER, FISHBACK, HUFFMANJanuary 13, 1997 from crbright@juno.com (Chuck Bright)
- I am searching for siblings and parents of Humprhey (Umphrey) HUFFMAN who was born about 1796 and moved from Greenbrier County to Highland County, Ohio about 1816. This HUFFMAN family may also have been connected to the Jacob ASHENFELTER and Jacob FISHBACK families. The following HUFFMANs also resided in Highland County at the same time and may be related to Humphrey: Ambrose, Felix, Rosannah, Aron, Sawyer and Isaiah.

January 10, 1997 from bcarroll@cybertron.com Bill J. Carroll
Am interested in learning the names of the parents of Samuel W. CARROLL born December 1, 1817 in Greenbrier County, W. Va. died April 8, 1909 in Hartford, Kansas. Married Elizabeth SEXTON, who died Nov. 19, 1847, 9 days after the birth of Charles Wesley.

-January 6, 1997d.cunningham-raytown@worldnet.att.net (David Cunningham)
Looking for a John CUNNINGHAM b:1781 Frederick County, Va. and reportedly left home soon after he was grown and went to Greenbrier County and most likely pushed further west with the tide of emmigration. Father's name was John and Mother's, Elizabeth.

January 6, 1997 from co340@cdsnet.net or co340@juno.com (Renford Smith)
SMITH,I am looking for any information possible on my fathers grandparents - James SMITH and Margert Ann (WHITAKER) SMITH. They lived in MarFrance, WVa. My aunts have refused to supply any information regarding them, so any information would be very useful. Thank You.; Renford Smith Jr.; Jacksonville, Oregon ; co340@cdsnet.net or co340@juno.com

January 6, 1997 from SandraG627@aol.com Sandra Griffith
KNAPP - Abraham KNAPP was born 1802, he is in Greenbrier Co, WV until 1840, in 1850 he is in Wirt Co with wife Jeanette and family, he died in 1878 in Mason Co, WV. Where was he the last 20 years of his life? He does not show up anywhere??

January 5, 1997 from cblack@sacinet.net Charlotte Black
Amiel WILLIS, b. abt 1772, maybe NC, m. 19 Feb 1799, Monroe, WV. d. aft 1850, Giles, VA. Lived in Greenbrier, WV. Married Mary "Polly" HIX (HICKS). She b. abt 1780, Greenbrier, WV, d. bef 1850, Giles, VA. Children: Stephen Hamilton WILLIS, son of Amiel WILLIS, b. 14 Sep 1804, Greenbrier, WV, m. 31 Mar 1829, Athens, OH, d. 5 May 1864, McArthur, Vinton, OH. James b. abt 1800, John b. abt 1802, Jonathan L b. abt 1803, Samuel b. abt 1805, William b. abt 1806, Hannah b. abt 1807, Mary L b. abt 1809, Elizabeth b. abt 1810, Ammill b. abt 1811, Margaret (Peggy) b. abt 1818, and Jane b. abt 1807, all born in Greenbrier co.

January 4, 1997 from SclDays@aol.com (Marilyn Stroup)
KERR, James born Nov 1800 in Bath Co. VA. Married FOGLESONG, Phoebe born 1810 Lewisburg, Greenbrier Co. James & Phoebe md. May 1826 in Greenbrier Co. In the 1850 & 1860 census for Greenbrier Co. these children are listed: Daniel, Thomas, Sarah, James William, Susan V, Phoebe, John Bailey, Ellen E, George A. Three of the children die by 1865. Only marriage info I have is for Thomas K. who marries Louisa V. HILLERY. Does anyone have info on this family?

January 3, 1997 from phillipsben@texoma.net Benjamin H. Phillips
Need information on Thomas J. PHILLIPS and wife Susan (Susanna) Unknown, they were on the 1860 Greenbrier census, with sons Charles D., John Riley, John Joseph, Floyd Nathanial, Lewis W., Sold land in 1864 and then he must have left WV, because I can not find them anywhere since.

January 1, 1997 from judith@svpal.org (Judith Manley)
- Looking for the parents of Philip CARY born in Greenbrier Co. about 1807. His father was born in England and his mother was born in Virginia. Also looking for the wife of Philip who was born in, then VA, now WV about 1800. Her first name is Mary.