Horse Shoe Bend School, Irish Corner District, 1914

Photograph of the class of 1914 of the Horseshoe Bend School in Irish Corner.

The teacher (center) is Bessie Lowance White, who was 22 at the time of the photo. She was the great aunt of William Johnston (the submitter). Also in the photo (immediately behind Bessie's left shoulder) is his grandmother Ethel Lowance Johnston. Standing to Ethel's left is her twin sister Mary Edith Lowance Helms. Their sister Ollie Mae Lowance Deavers also is in the photo. Bill believes she is the second from the left in the second row and that their brother Homer Lewis Lowance is the boy to the far right.

We need help in identifying the rest of the students. Their names are are below. One of them is Lancelot Deavers who later married Ollie Mae Lowance.

TEACHER: Bessie Lowance
Fannie Lewis
Fred Lewis
Lacy Bennett
Lawrence Holliday
Fred Morgan
Millard Morgan
Vernie Morgan
Rosa Morgan
Bessie Morgan
Edith Lowance
Ollie Lowance
Johnny Lowance
Blanche Lewis
Evelyn Bennett
Guy Stanley
Julian Holliday
Elbie Morgan
James Morgan
Zula Morgan
Jennings Morgan
Lola Pauley
Ethel Lowance
Homer Lowance
Lancelot Deaver

Harvey Lewis
J. D. Morgan
J. H. Lowance

Cover and list of pupils from 1914 Sovenir Booklet.

Special thanks to Bill Johnson for sharing this with us!