Greenbrier County, WV Birth Records - 1853

1853 Birth Records
Greenbrier County, WV
Transcribed by
Source: Microfilm #464939

Child                          Parents                    Birthdate
Abraham, Nancy E.              James M. and Caroline      2/18/1853
Airy, Henry                    William and Rachel         7/1853
Airy, Martha A.                Samuel and Sarah Jane      11/28/1853
Airy, Mary M.                  William and Sarah          8/1853
Alderson, Cary T.              Lewis A. and Eliza         4/29/1853
Arbuckle, James Edward Wyatt   Alexander W. and Julia     11/1853
Arbuckle, Sarah Elizabeth      John A. and Caroline       10/31/1853
Armstrong, Henry Patton        Andrew and Margaret        7/30/1853
Atkins, Geroge W.              Reuben and Nancy           3/11/1853
Atkins, Margaret Ann           Reuben and Nancy           3/11/1853
Barret, Rebecca Margaret       Jesse and Elizabeth        1/24/1853
Beard, Alice Cavendish         Robert M. and Rebeca       9/6/1853
Beard, Samuel (slave)          Thomas (owner)             1/8/1853
Benson, Catherine Jane         Richard and Rebecca        8/15/1853
Black, Elizabeth Alva Viola    Henderson and Jane         12/281/853
Blake, Lucinda A.              Lewis and Mrgaret          4/27/1853
Bobbett, Samuel M.             Oregon and Elienzan        7/20/1853
Brackman, Jane F.              Michael and Margaret       11/28/1853
Brackman, Margaret C.          Michael and Margaret       11/28/1853
Bragg, Augustus L.             Joseph and Catherine       3/6/1853
Brock, Nancy A.                Samuel and Catherine       6/1853
Brown, Betsy Ann               George W. and Elizabeth    10/10/1853
Brown, Jason                   George and Betsy           3/1853
Bryant, Mary E.                Lafayette and Elizabeth    5/29/1853
Bryson, Martha J.              John and Hannah            11/7/1853
Burdette, Susan Jane           Robert and Elizabeth       1/1853
Burns, Rebecca Jane            Thomas A. and Elizabeth    7/15/1853
Burr, Mary M. Maretta          Aaron and Margaret         12/3/1853
Buster, Fanny (slave)          Claudus (owner)            6/6/1853
Buzzard, William P.R.          Henry and Sarah            12/23/1853
Byrd, James Franklin           William W. and Margaret    8/1853
Cales, Rachel M.               James and Sarah            6/1/1853
Campbell, Mary A.              Mansfield and Matilda      2/14/1853
Caraway, George                Samuel and Amanda          4/27/1853
Caraway, Rebecca               George and Ruth            3/20/1853
Carlisle, Mary C.              James and Martha           9/18/1853
Childress, Louisa Jane         William and Rebecca        4/10/1853
Clemmons, John                 Andrew and Elizabeth C.    10/2/1853
Clinebell, Mary Catherine      Robert J. and Josephine    12/4/1853
Cohenour, Joseph               James and Mary J.          10/3/1853
Cole, William Renick           James and Elizabeth        9/3/1853
Correll, James Michael         Reuben and Mary            3/8/1853
Crane, Charles Edward          James A. and Martha A.     8/22/1853
Crotty, James William          Henry T. and Nancy         3/11/1853
Curry, Margaret A.             James and Ruth             1/1853
Darnell, Martha A.             William M. and Eliza       7/26/1853
Deam, Cyrus William Lee        Addision and Caroline      11/30/1853
Deam, Lewis R.                 Henry and Malinda          11/28/1853
Dick, Sarah E.                 Joseph and Elizabeth       3/21/1853
Dickson, Lillian L.            Samuel and Margaret        7/13/1853
Dietz, Virginia Catherine      James Jr. and Rebecca      8/22/1853
Dietz, William Franklin        James Sr. and Catherine    9/1853
Donnally, Albert               Charles and Cynthia        11/1/1853
Dowd, Emily Virginia           Almiron and Emily C.       8/1853
Dunbar, Elizabeth L.           Matthew and Elizabeth      4/14/1853
Duncan, William F.             Charles and Casey          6/13/1853
Eagle, James William           Henry and Mary Jane        10/8/1853
Edgar, Henry (slave)           Archibald (owner)          6/21/1853
Flack, Mary C.                 James and Amanda           6/2/1853
Flanagan, Oscar                George P. and Lucy         1/22/1853
Fleshman, Elizabeth Jane       Royal and Jane             8/27/1853
Fleshman, Virginia             Andrew and Elizabeth       6/19/1853
Flint, Sabina                  Ezekiel and Malinda        11/11/1853
Fogus, Oscar                   Henry Jr. and Margaret     11/1853
Ford, Phillip Renick           George W. and Catherine    1/1853
Fourhand, Frances W.           Henry and Cynthia          2/5/1853
Frazer, Martha                 James A. and Sophia        2/7/1853
Gabbert, Harrison C.           Archibald and Mary A.      1/6/1853
Gillespie, Ellen K.            John and Sarah             10/24/1853
Gillespie, Richard B.          James and Margaret         1/1/1853
Gum, Albert                    Timothy and Martha         2/15/1853
Gum, Lewis Edward              Jesse and Jane             1/10/1853
Handley, Peter (slave)         Robert W. (owner)          1/8/1853
Handley, Thomas A.             Harvey and Mary            6/1853
Hanna, Agness (slave)          James (owner)              5/14/1853
Hanna, Wlizabeth S.M.          William and Lydia          10/20/1853
Hannah, Mary Elizabeth         Abraham and Sarah          1/3/1853
Harrah, Mary Ann               Washington and Jane E.     3/28/1853
Hatcher, R.N.                  Jesse and Nancy            5/10/1853
Henson, Clark                  William and Mary J.        11/1853
Hess, Arabella Virginia        Thomas J. and Margaret     7/22/1853
Hickman, James William         Marshall and Nancy         5/22/1853
Hicks, Susan                   William and Jane           10/3/1853
Hinkle, Gustavus Adolphus      Andrew S. and Martha       11/1/853
Hinkle, Sabina                 Lewis H. and Christiana    7/6/1853
Hoover, Zelda Ann              Samuel and Edith Jane      10/6/1853
Howard, Malinda C.             Allen and Sabina           5/28/1853
Hoylman, Edward                Franklin J. and Mary J.    10/11/1853
Huggins, Elizabeth H.          Thomas and Mary J.         11/11/1853
Huggins, Samuel                Robert and Nancy           5/23/1853
Humes, George                  William and Sarah          12/1853
Humphreys, Daniel Frzer        Andrew C. and Mary         12/22/1853
Humphreys, Oliver B.           Matthew and Louisa         8/1853
Hush, Catherine Ann            Samuel and Harriett        8/28/1853
Hutchinson, James M.           Andrew and Mary            3/1/1853
Hutsonpille, Alice Ann         David and Ruth             7/1853
Jackson, Matthew A.            James W. and Margaret      4/29/1853
Jarrett, Sarah F.              Vincent and Rebecca        12/17/1853
Johnston, Louisa A.            St. Clair and Sarah        2/20/1853
Jones, Charles (slave)         Abel (Owner)               7/1/1853
Jones, Henry B.                James E. and Sarah         12/291/853
Judy, David                    William and Abigail        5/2/1853
Judy, Margaret                 Samuel and Jane            11/28/1853
Judy, Sarah                    Jacob and Mary M.          10/18/1853
Judy, Sophia                   William and Abigail        5/2/1853
Kengan, Summerfield            James and Mary J.          12/2/1853
Keys, Gasham                   John and Betsy             10/11/1853
Kincaid, Eve (slave)           Samuel (owner)             8/1853
Knapp, Edward                  Albert G. and Mary         11/28/1853
Knapp, George Washington       John A. and Elizabeth      8/22/1853
Knapp, James Abraham           John and Hannah            8/27/1853
Landrum, Eliza Frances         William and Catherine      4/10/1853
Langford, Charles Edgar        W.G.L. and Mary A.         11/25/1853
Lewis, Clarinda T.             Archibald and Matilda      11/6/1853
Lewis, John                    James and Mary J.          9/1853
Littlepage, Sarah Francis      William and Mary A.        7/1853
Livesay, Andrew                William and Francina       5/5/1853
Livesay, James Achman          John and Catherine         9/25/1853
Lowe, Velina Jane              John M. and Margaret       8/10/1853
Lowry, George William          Thomas and Rachel          10/29/1853
Ludington, Rebecca Jane        Frances and Rebecca        1/14/1853
Lynch, Jordan B.               William and Nancy E.       8/23/1853
Mann, Calvin A.                Thomas  and Elizabeth      5/14/1853
Mann, unnamed                  Mathew and Elizabeth       10/12/1853
Marshall, Mary E.              James L. and Ann           8/15/1853
Martin, Angeline               Claudius and Catherine     2/18/1853
Martin, Eliza Jane             John W. and Elizabeth      3/15/1853
Massie, James                  John and Elizabeth         3/15/1853
Mathews, Blanche (slave)       Mason, (owner)             2/1853
Mathews, Isabella              James and Rebecca          8/1853
Mathews, Jim (slave)           Mason, (owner)             11/1853
McCarty, Julia Ann             Jacob and Ruama M.         7/10/1853
McClung, Edward M.             Andrew and Mary M.         10/29/1853
McClung, George Russell        William W. and Elizabeth   12/22/1853
McClung, Samuel Floyd          Alexander and Ellen        8/26/1853
McCormick, Madora S.           Allen and Sarah            4/8/1853
McCoy, Elizabeth F.            William J. and Julia A.    3/1853
McFarland, Edward (slave)      William H. (owner)         11/1853
McGee, Edward                  Lewis and Frances          8/15/1853
McMillion, Doctor Davis        William and Nancy          4/4/1853
McMillion, Henry Clay          Ballard and Nancy          12/4/1853
McNeer, Angeline               William and Margaret       4/15/1853
Miller, Nancy J.               Michael C. and Isabella    7/25/1853
Moore, Mary Jane               Thomas A. and Elizabeth    3/24/1853
Morgan, Martha R.              Henry and Mary C.          1853
Morgan, Martha R.              Henry and Mary C.          5/7/1853
Moses, William Lewis Franklin  Allen J. and Isabelle      5/28/1853
Mules, Marbury Goheen          Samuel and Rebecca         4/14/1853
Myles, John Luther             William and Eliza          5/2/1853
Myles, Mary (slave)            Joseh (owner)              2/1853
Neal, Jacob (slave)            Felix (owner)              6/1853
Nicely, Margaret Eliabeth      St. Clair and Sarah        9/8/1853
Osborne, Isaac                 William and Sally          6/1/1853
Osborne, Martha J.             Jesse and Addie            6/21/1853
Osborne, Rebecca E.            John and Rachel            10/29/1853
Osborne, Sarah Jane            George and Catherine       4/30/1853
Pare, William                  Thomas and Ann E.          4/1853
Patterson, Emily               William and Elizabeth      5/28/1853
Patterson, Mary C.             Charles and Francina       10/11/1853
Patton, Elizabeth M.           Robert and Margaret        5/6/1853
Pennel, Catherine Augusta      Reuben and Francis         10/12/1853
Perry, Solomon                 Moses H. and Eliza Jane    10/8/1853
Persinger, James Thomas Patton Jeremiah and Sarah         2/17/1853
Peters, Mary E.                Saline and Jane            12/26/1853
Peyton, Agness                 Charles L. and Agness      4/11/1853
Phillips, James Henry          George W. and Lucinda      12/5/1853
Price, Charles Atley           John E. and Sabina         2/13/1853
Price, Jacob H.                Charles and Amanda         8/19/1853
Price, Jane                    Samuel and Jane            2/25/1853
Price, Martha                  Pierre and Malinda         8/1/1853
Rader, Andrew (slave)          Anthony (owner)            6/18/1853
Ransbarger, Nancy Virginia     William F. and Eliza       7/1853
Reid, Franklin Pierce          James L. and Rebecca       4/23/1853
Remley, George W.              John and Ellen             12/15/1853
Renick, Emily Eveline          Benjamin F. and Eveline    5/9/1853
Renick, Minton (slave)         Benjamin F. (owner)        6/8/1853
Reynolds, Virginia E.          Charles L. and Sarah       10/19/1853
Richardson, Margaret E.        James and Salistina        11/23/1853
Richardson, William            James and Mana             7/1853
Rider, Joanna                  Robert D. and Nancy        4/22/1853
Robinson, James Henry          Archibald and Rachel       7/17/1853
Robinson, John                 John and Jemima            9/1853
Robinson, Mary J.E.            Robert and Mary J.         5/28/1853
Rodgers, Sarah C.              Eli and Charlotte          5/10/1853
Rucker, Thomas Scott           William G. and Margaret A. 9/14/1853
Rusk, William H.               George W. and Angeline     11/1853
Sammons, Margaret Reed         Charles B. and Rebecca     4/11/1853
Scott, Clinton, (slave)        Hiram (owner)              6/1853
Scott, Robert Henry            William S. and Ann         2/9/1853
Shaver, Elizabeth              Peter and Mary             10/30/1853
Shawver, Mary Jane             Isaac and Eliza            8/1/1853
Shepherd, Virginia M.          William and Catherine      4/29/1853
Shuck, Martha E.               William and Mary M.        1/26/1853
Skaggs, Sandford R.            Alexander and Mary         5/1853
Smith, Lewis                   James and Sarah            4/11/1853
Smith, Lizzie Hardin           Jacob and Mary M.          7/1853
Snedegar, Isaac H.             Abraham and Jane           7/171853
Snedegar, Phoebe               Joshua and Dianna          5/20/1853
Stalnaker, Mary                Randolph and Caroline      12/16/1853
Summerson, Junius R.           R. and Sarah               6/1853
Suttle, Alice                  Gaden and Sarah            9/1/1853
Thompson, Marietta             William and Catherine      6/1853
Tidd, William Brown            James H. and Caroline      3/21/1853
Tincher, John H.               John and Barbera           8/5/1853
Truslow, Rupell                John W. and Mary           6/1/1853
Tuckwiller, Charles (slave)    Daniel (owner)             4/1/1853
Vance, Eliza Jane              Thomas and Lucinda         3/20/1853
Vandal, Joel W.                Samuel and Sarah Jane      3/25/1853
Walkup, Wallace Abraham        Thomas and Elizabeth       5/3/1853
Warran, William Joseph Andrew  William L. and Elizabeth   7/6/1853
Watts, Aldridge                David and Selena           10/15/1853
Watts, James Salathiel         James A. and Sarah J.      5/29/1853
Wethered, Alice (slave)        Pierce B. (owner)          7/1853
White, Joseph Hamilton         George and Ann             12/11/1853
White, Nelson                  William and Mary G.        7/9/1853
White, Sarah                   Alexander and Ruth         10/9/1853
Whittman, Rebecca F.           James E. and Virginia      7/15/1853
Wickline, Jacob G.             David H. and Harriett      9/7/1853
Wiley, John William            James W. and Mary E.       11/20/1853
Williams, James Austin         John and Eliza             4/1853
Williams, James Franklin       Thomas W. and Harriett     10/13/1853
Williams, Martha               John N. and Srah           6/1853
Windle, Charles A.             William and Cynthia        11/30/1853
Withrow, Ann Bland             John and Louisa            10/23/1853
Withrow, Charles (slave)       James (owner)              2/1853
Withrow, Mary Creigh           James and Mary J.          10/4/1853
Withrow, Robert L.             Samuel H. and Amanda M.    9/1853
Wolfenbarger, Washington       John R. and Mry            2/13/1853
Woods, Elizabeth Susan         Joseph and Mary Jane       2/27/1853
Zoll, Margaret Jane            William and Sarah M.       10/18/1853

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