Greenbrier County, WV Birth Records - 1854

1854 Birth Records
Greenbrier County WV
Transcribed by
Source: Microfilm #464939

Child                          Parents                  Date
Adkins, Mary A.                Henson and Margaret      10/10/1854
Alderson, James W.             L.M. and Elizabeth       7/17/1854
Anderson, Elizabeth T.         George W. and Mary       11/13/1854
Anderson, Frances D.           William and Sabina       3/1854
Anderson, George W.            Joseph and Jordina       6/31/1854
Arbaugh, Mary E.               William and Elizabeth    12/10/1854
Arbuckle, Sarah Jane           Alexander W. and unnamed 7/1854
Argabright, John R.            Pharis and Rosanna       5/30/1854
Armstrong, Mary E.             William and Margaret     4/17/1854
Baker, Jacob L.                Jacob G. and Rachel L.   5/6/1854
Barrett, Jane C.               George and Barbara       12/25/1854
Beard, Nancy J.                Christopher and Sarah    12/8/1854
Beard, Virginia F.             Samuel and Sabina        8/29/1854
Bennett, Joel                  Robert and Alcinda       3/31/1854
Bennett, Sarah                 William and Mary         3/1854
Beson, Sarah A.                Richard and Rebecca      12/1/1854
Bevins, Charles Lewis          Charles J. and Charlotte 3/13/1854
Bibb, Malon A.                 Martin and Sarah         2/11/1854
Black, Alva Viola              Henderson and Jane       12/1854
Black, William Davis           George W. and Elizabeth  11/5/1854
Bobbett, Emily                 Tilman and Jane          3/17/1854
Bobbett, Joseph                Greenville and Nancy     7/8/1854
Boggess, Elizabeth             Benjamin and Mary A.     5/15/1854
Boggess, Melville S.           Daniel and Clara         4/12/1854
Boggs, Cornelius               John A. and Phebe        3/19/1854
Bowles, Perry H.               James and Mary           8/6/1854
Boyd, Mary Jane                James W. and Lydia       5/26/1854
Brackman, George McDonald      James and Jane           8/12/1854
Brackman, Luther               Gabert H. and Nnacy      11/1854
Bragg, Ellen M.                Michael and Mary J.      11/14/1854
Bransford, Samuel (slave)      Henry (owner)            6/9/1854
Brown, Archibald               Alexander and Mary       2/26/1854
Brown, Austin                  Tinsley and Ptsy         6/25/1854
Brown, Charles W.              Samuel C. and Susan      6/4/1854
Brown, Rebecca J.              Hunter and Julia A.      12/23/1854
Brown, Renick                  William K. and Margaret  3/9/1854
Brown, unnamed                 Light and Sarah          10/1854
Bryant, Rosena                 John and Mary J.         3/22/1854
Burns, Andrw B.                Andrew and Catherine     7/26/1854
Burns, Caroline L.             Christopher and Eveline  12/1854
Burns, Elizabeth E.            James L. and Adaline     6/3/1854
Burns, Sarah F.                Thomas and Eliza         11/14/1854
Burwell, Frances R.            William B. and Louisa    10/15/1854
Byrd, Paul                     James N. and Jane R.     3/9/1854
Byrd, Virginia                 Valentine, and Martha    6/1/1854
Caldwell, Ann Eliza            D.C.B. and Sallie        12/28/1854
Call, Andrew                   Patrick and Rebecca      11/1854
Callison, John F.              Charles B. and Edwina    7/23/1854
Callison, Sarah                Elisha F. and Sarah      5/20/1854
Campbell, George W.            Mansfred and Matilda     5/1854
Caraway, Jason E.              George and Ruth          7/10/1854
Caraway, Nancy                 Samuel and Amanda        7/11/1854
Carrigan, John                 John and Rachel          8/1854
Carter, R.P.K.L.               William P. and Catherine 7/28/1854
Childers, Samuel B.            Holly and Elizabeth      4/11/1854
Clingman, unnamed              Andrew and Elizabeth     10/24/1854
Clingman, William              Jacob and Catherine      4/10/1854
Clues, slave                   Sidney B. (owner)        2/1854
Cochran, Elizabeth             Solomon and Elizabeth    6/14/1854
Coffman, Sarah                 Joseph and Sarah         1/16/1854
Coffman, unnamed               David and Catherine      5/22/1854
Cook, Caroline                 Eli and Margaret         7/1854
Cook, Mary C.                  James and Mary C.        10/31/1854
Cooper, Nancy C.               Washington and Maria     10/20/1854
Copenhaver, Margaret           Frances and Matilda      6/24/1854
Copenhaver, Nancy              Frances and Matilda      6/24/1854
Correll, John M.               Reuben and Mary          10/9/1854
Crane, Thomas L.               Edward and Martha        4/3/1854
Creigh, Christopher            D.S. and Emily           11/1854
Crist, Jasper Ogden            Andrew and Elizabeth     9/1/1854
Crone, Oliver C.               Henry and Eveline        3/8/1854
Curry, Elizabeth N.            Isaac and Margaret K.    11/1854
Dearing, Virginia              James and Rebecca        11/17/1854
Dearing, Wilbur F.             James H. and Ann         9/18/1854
Depriest , James H.            Thomas and Mary          4/27/1854
Depriest, George W.            John and Sarah J.        12/25/1854
Donally, James                 John and Ann             2/19/1854
Dotson, unnamed                Albert and Barbara       4/3/1854
Dotson, William Robinson       Alexander and Sophia     6/1854
Duncan, Lucy A.                John and Adaline         10/1854
Duncan, Nancy E.               Nathan and Elmira        11/1854
Dunn, Thomas                   William and Julia        3/1854
Dyche, Frederick               Elijah and Elizabeth     3/1854
Eagle, Charles A.              Joel and Harriett        3/24/1854
Eagle, James M.                Joel and Harriett        3/24/1854
Eagle, Rebecca A.              Levi and Susan           5/1854
Edmunds, George W.             Petr and Susan           7/1854
Engles, Harriett E.            William and Martha       6/21/1854
Feamster, (slave)              William (owner)          11/31/1854
Feamster, Franklin             William and Mary J.      3/11/1854
Fink, Albert D.                Peter and Rebecca        4/1/1854
Fink, John Wiley               John and Elizabeth       1/25/1854
Flesher, Sarah C.              Henry and Sophia         7/1854
Fleshman, David M.             Daniel and Martha        1/9/1854
Fleshman, John G.              Henry and Mary           3/8/1854
Fleshman, Margaret             Harrison and Palmire     4/15/1854
Foglesong, James Leonadas      Washington G. and Nancy  1/11/1854
Ford, John H.                  William and Cintha A.    6/26/1854
Ford, William                  James and Mary           2/5/1854
Foster, Betty                  William P. and Isabella  12/28/1854
Fox, Caroline                  Samuel and Florence      12/12/1854
Fox, Washington                David and Mary           10/22/1854
Freeman, Lucy J.               Ballard and Hannah       11/2/1854
Gabbert, Margaret E.           Archibald and Mary       9/17/1854
Gabert, Andrew R.              Andrew and Elizabeth     9/1854
Gilkeson, Henry F.             Isaac and Mary           10/18/1854
Hall, Reuben A.                Reuben and Jane          4/14/1854
Hamilton, unnamed (slave)      Andrew (owner)           3/1854
Handley, Richard G.            Samuel and Nancy         9/7/1854
Handly, Emily (slave)          Joseph (owner)           10/1854
Hanna, Joseph F.               John and Ruth            11/5/1854
Hanna, Lucinda                 William M. and Elizabeth 3/29/1854
Hannah, Calvin                 Andrew and Parmelia      8/7/1854
Harford, Mary M.               Jesse and Elizabeth      10/2/1854
Harnest, John H.               Erasmus and Martha       5/27/1854
Hatcher, George A.             Jesse and Nancy          8/16/1854
Hays, Margaret F.              George and Catherine     6/20/1854
Hedrick, Daniel C.             John and Ruth            5/10/1854
Hedrick, Isabella A.           John and Frances         3/6/1854
Hedrick, unnamed               David and Nancy          8/1854
Hedrick, unnamed               Henry and Octavia        10/9/1854
Hefner, Mary C.                William J. and Frances   5/10/1854
Henning, unnamed               Daniel and Sarah         10/1854
Henry, William S.              Robert and Rachel        9/19/1854
Henson, Virginia A.            Christopher and Rachel   11/8/1854
Hickman, Martha A.             Harrison and Margaret    3/9/1854
Hicks, Christina               Andrew and Mary          1/27/1854
Hicks, Josephine               Michael and Geriar       10/1854
Hines, Srah A.                 Charles R. and Sarah R.  12/1854
Hinkle, James W.               James and Susan          4/1854
Hinkle, James W.               Daniel and Amanda        7/7/1854
Hinkle, Webster                Samuel and Eliza         5/18/1854
Hiser, Frances M.              John and Barbara         7/31/1854
Hoke, Rosa B.                  John and Eliza           10/19/1854
Holly, unnamed                 Wellington and Mary A.   12/2/1854
Hoover, William F.             Nathaniel and Sarah      7/5/1854
Houchins, John H.              John and Mary J.         10/30/1854
Howard, Geroge A.              Allen and Sabina         11/16/1854
Huffman, George                Simon and Eliza          1/21/1854
Hughart, Renick C.             John and Martha          3/21/1854
Hundley, William W.            Valentine and Mary       12/23/1854
Hunter, Newton                 Matthew and Mary         9/29/1854
Jamison, Effie                 David and Martha         3/3/1854
Jeffries, Joseph M.            Andrew and Sarah         3/30/1854
Jeffries, Matilda N.           Nathaniel and Matilda    5/1854
Jeffries, unnamed              Minedred and Amanda      8/7/1854
Johnston, James                Melville and Isabella    11/14/1854
Jones, Margaret M.             William A. and Aseneth   12/11/1854
Jones, Wilson B.               Thomas J. and Elizabeth  3/14/1854
Kershner, Betsy A.             James and Tabitha        9/1854
Kerster, Franklin              John A. and Martha       8/18/1854
Kincaid, Harvey Albert         James D. and Nancy       8/2/1854
Kincaid, Mary L.               A.D. and Mary            9/1854
Kincaid, Samuel H.             Andrew and unnamed       8/18/1854
Kincaid, Thomas                William R. and Mary A.   3/14/1854
Kincaid, unnamed               Charles H. and Jane E.   7/1854
Kirkpatrick, unnamed           George and Belinda       9/1854
Knapp, Charles William         Bery and Nancy           1/21/1854
Knapp, Henry R.                James A. and Elizabeth   9/13/1854
Knight, Margaret Susan         Alexander and Susan      5/20/1854
Leonard, unnamed               Michael and Mary J.      9/1/54
Lewis, Harvey                  Harrison and Mary J.     5/17/1854
Lipps, Ann Eliza               Andrew and Hannah        5/4/1854
Lipps, Boyd                    John and Mary J.         3/15/1854
Littlepage, Mary Y.            J.D.T. and Mary          8/5/1854
Livesay, Cornelia              John and Margaret        9/17/1854
Livesay, Lualla                Joseph and Rachel        2/13/1854
Livesay, unnamed               William and Francis      12/16/1854
Longenacre, Virginia           David and Catherine      4/15/1854
Loudermilk, Washington H.      David and Susannah       9/7/1854
Lusher, Sarah A.               Thomas and Lydia A.      7/1854
Lynch, Sarah C.                Richard and Sarah        6/11/1854
Mahony, Lewis M.               Timothy and Hannah       7/31/1854
Mann, (slave)                  Matthew, (owner)         12/14/1854
Mann, Benjamin                 Thomas and Elizabeth     9/25/1854
Martin, Shadrack A.            Shadrack and Mary        2/26/1854
Martin, unnamed                Henry and Amanda         7/10/1854
Martin, unnamed                William and Mary         5/15/1854
Martin, Virginia               Thomas and Cintha        11/28/1854
May, Lutharia                  Elijah and Matilda       10/16/1854
May, unnamed                   William J. and Peggy     2/29/1854
Mayers, John R.                Charles and Mary         11/11/1854
McClung, Cyrus                 William and Elizabeth    8/9/1854
McClung, Hannah C.             Joseph and Margaret      11/3/1854
McClung, James W.              Charles and Jane         9/17/1854
McClung, John Ballard          John B. and Nancy        11/25/1854
McClung, Joseph A.             Allen and Frances        1/10/1854
McClung, Lewelland             Madison and Mrgaret      8/1854
McClung, Mary                  Charles and Mary         1/1854
McClung, Rebecca V.            James and Nancy          3/1854
McCoy, Lucian E.               James and Amanda         5/1854
McKay, Margaret                John and Sarah J.        8/24/1854
McKeever, Eliza J.             Paul and Mary J.         2/26/1854
McMillion unnamed              Levi and Mary            7/1854
McMillion, Dickson             Andrew and Jane          11/1/1854
McMillion, Dolly               Joseph and Alice         2/1854
McMillion, Sarah A.            Nathan and Elizabeth     6/1/1854
McMillion, unnamed             Beverly and Elizabeth    11/29/1854
McNable, George A.             John and Jane            5/11/1854
McPherson, Mary W.             Jonathan W. and Margaret 7/30/1854
Meade, victory                 James W. and Fanny       9/23/1854
Miller, Sally                  Jonathan M. and Rebecca  1/17/1854
Montgomery, Sallie Estelle     James N. and Ann S.      5/1854
Moody, Floyd Estill            Robert and Francis       5/1854
Morgan, Alcinda                Turner and Martha        11/2/1854
Morgan, James M.               Turner and Martha        11/2/1854
Morgan, unnamed                George W. and Margaret   6/1854
Morgnet, Virginia              Thomas and Sarah         1/20/1854
Morrison, Madora               Thomas and Rebecca       11/1854
Myles, (slave)                 Joseph (owner)           9/1854
Myles, James Edgar             Joseph and Martha        1/24/1854
Neal, (slave)                  William (owner)          12/1854
Neal, Agatha                   Christopher and Annis    12/7/1854
Neal, William Felix            Felix and Frances        8/8/1854
Nicholas, Henry                Jacob J. and Elizabeth   1/1/1854
Nicholas, William Henry        William and Tabitha      8/4/1854
Nickell, Rosetta               Alexander and P.L.       11/22/1854
Ocheltree, William Hansford    Sampson and Jane         8/1854
Osborne, Margaret Ann          Josiah and Nancy         8/31/1854
Osborne, William P.            William and Sally        11/1854
Ott, Dolphenia F.B.            David V. and Jane        11/3/1854
Peers, unnamed                 Matthew and Alcinda J.   5/1854
Perkins, Margaret F.           Beniah and Amanda        2/19/1854
Phillips, John Riley           John and Sissa           6/29/1854
Piercy, (slave)                George (owner)           12/4/1854
Pointer, Antoinette R.         Charles H. and Jane E.   4/17/1854
Price, Margaret H.             Abraham and Mary         5/8/1854
Ramsey, Edward C.              William and Sarah        4/17/1854
Remley, Clara                  Rev. James and Jane      12/181854
Remley, George W.              John and Ellen           12/1854
Renick, Robert John            Robert and Sarah         11/25/1854
Reynolds, Henry J.             Franklin and Catherine   6/11/1854
Rhinehold, unnamed             Robert and Elizabeth     5/1854
Rider, unnamed                 Richard and Eveline      1/24/1854
Riffe, Andy (slave)            Samuel (owner)           7/1854
Rodgers, Mary B.               Cornelius and Mary       2/1854
Rodgers, Samuel E.             Daniel and Elizabeth     4/1854
Sampson, William H.            Franklin and Lavina      6/14/1854
Scott, Sally A.                Joseph and Virginia      11/28/1854
Seldonridge, Austin            Archibald and Sabina     10/4/1854
Sharp, Laura V.                John and Rebecca         6/16/1854
Shawver, Paul H.               George and Elizabeth     3/14/1854
Shephard, Elizabeth            William and Catherine    11/21/1854
Sims, John M.                  Daniel and Virginia      3/15/1854
Smith, Robert H.               James and Sarah          10/28/1854
Snyder, George                 John and Lucinda         10/16/1854
Spotts, James William          James C. and Charlotte   4/21/1854
Stalnaker, Lewis M.            William J. and Sarah     11/1854
Stone, Mary Catherine          Ingrahm and Sarah        7/1854
Surbough, Henry Vandel         John A. and Elizabeth    3/2/1854
Surgeon, Andrew                Andrew and Jane          9/18/1854
Syme, (slave)                  William H. (owner)       2/1854
Syndenstricker, unnamed        Michael and Rosanna      5/30/1854
Thomas, John A.                John H. and Margaret     12/29/1854
Thomas, unnamed                David A. and Mary        5/15/1854
Toothman, John                 Marshall and Mary        2/8/1854
Toothman, Nancy                Elijah and Nancy         9/31/1854
Tuckwiller, (slave)            David (owner)            6/17/1854
Vance, Rachel M.               John C. and Mary E.      4/1854
Vandal, Sarah E.D.             Joseph and Elizabeth     4/6/1854
Vaughn, Thomas R.              John B. and Mary J.      9/1854
Volk, Charles D.               John and Annette         4/1854
Wade, Eliza J.                 Otho and Mary A.         1/15/1854
Walkup, John                   Josiah and Ann E.        5/1/1854
Walkup, Samuel A.              Liman and Elizabeth      2/21/1854
Walkup, William F.             Joseph and Susan         4/1854
Wallace, Henry A.              Washington and Miriam    11/1854
Wallace, Virginia              Robert B. and Margaret   5/1/1854
Warren, Floyd                  Uriah N. and Mary A.     2/23/1854
Watts, John Michael            James F. and Rachel      5/30/1854
Watts, Margaret A.             James A. and Sarah J.    12/23/1854
Watts, Mary L.                 Aaron B. and Mary        12/28/1854
Wethered, Benjamin F.          John and Jemima          4/1854
Whitman, Robert J.             George and Mary W.       7/1854
Williams, Alice Ross           Henson and Mary          2/19/1854
Williams, Charles A.           Peter and Margaret       5/13/1854
Williams, James B.             Albert G. and Nancy      9/29/1854
Williams, unnamed              Charles and Mary         12/23/1854
Wills, Mahlon                  Mahlon and Lucretia      8/2/1854
Wills, Mary Jane               Mahlon and Lucretia      8/2/1854
Windle, Augustus               Charles and Sarah J.     4/27/1854
Withrow, Sarah J.              Columbus and Clementine  8/21/1854
Wright, Everson L.             James and Elizabeth      2/15/1854
Yates, Leana B.                Joseph and Jemima        11/1/1854
Yates, Sally A.                John A. and Phoebe       11/17/1854
Zircle, Charles (slave)        Samuel (owner)           12/4/1854
Zopp, Benjamin W.              Benjamin and Abigail     9/8/1854

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