Greenbrier County Vital Records - Deaths

This file was submitted by Lorna Marks
These records are taken from various FHC Greenbrier county microfilms.
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BLETHEN,___(wf) b-Grbr d.12 Oct 1882 4 days old, f-A W Blethen m-S E
Blethen; rpt-N Blethen

BLIFFIN, Arthur William d.22 June 1940 at Ronceverte,  45yr 5mo 25da,
farmer, widowed, meningitis

BLIFFIN, E L 35 Anthony Creek farmer married d.1920

BLETHEN, Guy Coolidge d.30 Mar 1941 at Ronceverte WV, 16yr 3mo 19da,
Suicide-gunshot wound of head, school boy

BLETHEN, Nathan Whitney d.9 Dec 1937 78yr at Alvon WV, 4mo 3da, farmer,
married, chronic nephritis

BOWEN, Arch R d.4 Aug 1933 carcinoma of liver age 70 d.Alvon farmer married

CHILDERS, Allen d.7 July 1962 at Bellburn WV, WM, 59, miner, married,
coronary thrombosis

CHILDERS, Boyd M d.9 Jul 1917 at Sue WV, 3 mo

CHILDERS, Clark L. d.4 Nov 1921 at Sue WV, apoplexy, 81yr 4da, farmer,
widower, rpt-A.A. Slatton

CHILDERS, Floyd W. d.25 Apr 1935 at Caldwell WV, WM, 79, lobar pneumonia,
farmer, widowed

CHILDERS, George Summers d.18 Aug 1964 at Ronceverte WV, WM, 78, laborer,
married, cardiac decompensation hypertention severe organic heart trouble

CHILDERS, Henry Mitchell d.20 Aug 1966 at Ronceverte WV, WM, 82, mill
worker, married, coronary thrombosis arteriosclerotic heart disease

CHILDERS, John Sept 1862 age 21 parents-Wm & Rebecca J Childers

CHILDERS, Julia d.1919 at Irish Corner, 56, widow, rpt-E.B.Miller,Assessor-2
Oct 1919

CHILDERS, Lavina d.17 Dec 1925, WF, 72yrs, kidney trouble, etc, Anthony's
Creek, housework, single, rpt-J.N. Hoke

CHILDERS, Lena Wyatt d.14 Nov 1948, WF, 51yr 8mo 18da, born-Caldwell WV,
cancer of breast, weaver, single

CHILDERS, Maggie J. d.7 Apr 1938 at Richlands WV, WF, 78yr 9mo, housewife,

CHILDERS, Mamie 1919, WF, Anthony Creek, 72, widow, rpt-E.B. Miller,
Assessor-2 Oct 1919

CHILDERS, Mary S Sept 1862 age 3 parents-Wm & Rebecca J Childers

CHILDERS, Minty E. d.6 Sep 1918 at Falling Spring, WF, 54yr 5no 21da,
housewife, married, rpt-S.A. McFerris

CHILDERS, Nancy E Sept 1862 age 5 parents-Wm & Rebecca J Childers

CHILDERS, Opha Orville d.27 July 1964 at Ronceverte WV, WM, 42, upholster,
married, car ran into bridge-skull fracture etc. w/irreversible shock

CHILDERS (CHILDRESS), Robert Wilson d.5 Aug 1931, 10yr 6mo 11da,
peronitis-cause unknown, White Sulphur

CHILDERS, Ura d.15 Nov 1925 at Ronceverte Hosp., WM, 29yr, amputation of
leg, miner, married, rpt- Allen Childers

CHILDERS, Violet Gertrude d.15 Aug 1934 at Alvon WV, WF, dysentery, 2yr 9mo

CHILDERS, Wm E. d.23 Jan 1933 at Maxwellton WV, 45yr 7mo 20da, influenza
followed by pneumonia, farmer, married

CHILDERS, William Forest d.28 Apr 1954 at Crawley WV, WM, 67, railroad
section foreman, married, coronary occlusion w/myocardial infarction

CHILDERS, Wm. Jennings d.5 Jan 1953 at Caldwell WV, WM, 48, farmer, single,
acute hemorrhage

COULTER, Buren H. d.3 Apr 1942 at Quinwood WV, WM, 6yr 1da, bronc pneumonia,
rpt-John Coulter

COULTER, Edgar F. d.20 Ma 1943 at Hughart WV, WM, 67yr 26da, laborer &
farmer, married, chronic eudocarditis, rpt-Mrs. Ernest L. Watts

COULTER, J. H. d.15 Dec 1917 at Ronceverte WV, WM, 70yr 10mo 1da, farmer,
married, cholecystitis, rpt-Mrs. W.H. Cackley

COULTER, John Samuel d,28 Nov 1926 at Sue WV, WM, 81yr 5mo 21da, farmer,
married, leakage of heart, rpt-W. E. Childres

COALTER, Roy (infant) d.5 Feb 1937, WF, 1 day, d.Quinwood WV, had no
doctor - live on mountain where road is impassable, rpt-Mrs. C.C. Jackson, Reg.

COALTER, Susan d.1 Jul 1898 at Greenbrier, 30, consumption, born-Greenbrier,
parents-Holly & Mary Childers, rpt-John S. Coalter husband

DICKSON____ (WM) 18 Sep 1891, 7yr 15 da, d.Dawson WV, bur-Lewisburg,
whooping cough

DICKSON, Caperton Steward d.6 Oct 1931, WM, 68, White Sulphur, nephritis,
farmer, divorced

DICKSON, E.H. (or O.H.)  d.24 Feb 1889, single, 32yr 1mo, pneumonia &

DICKSON, Eldreth P. d.15 Jan 1962 87yr, Ronceverte, carpenter, widowed,
cardiac decompensation & uremia

DICKSON, Elmer G. d.11Jun 1898, 28yr, married, White Sulphur, poisoning

DICKSON, Geo. W. d.20 Mar 1912, age 49, White Sulphur, rpt-wife

DICKSON, H. Frazier d.26 Feb 1909, 68, White Sulphur

DICKSON, Jas. G. d.27 Nov 1898, 23, pneumonia, laborer, parents-Jas. S. &
Mary A, rpt-Jas.S. father

DICKSON, John E 25 June 1862 age 25yr3mo10da, s-Samuel & Sally, b.Grbr,

DICKSON, John M age 15 (prob 1883) b-Grbr rpt-father s-John & Rebecca

DICKSON, Laura Jane d.1 Feb 1902, 46 yrs, d.WSS, bur-Lewisburg, cerebral
hemorrhage, undertaker-J.A. Handley

DICKSON, Mary J. d.4 Mar 1900, 66yr, White Sulphur, bur.Monroe Co., fatty
degeneration of heart

DICKSON, Mary L. d.15 Feb 1900 at White Sulphur, pneumonia, 11mo 15da,
parents S.A. & M.J. Smith, rpt-father

DICKSON, Mathew d.5 Mar 1915 age 76 White Sulphur Springs, single, Bright's

DICKSON, Mrs. R.B. d.26 Dec 1899, 28yr, married, consumption

DICKSON, Robert Hunter d.18 Dec 1963 age 90, WSS, farmer & horseman,
married, arteriosclerotic heart Disease

DICKSON, Samuel B 9 Oct 1882 age 26 s-Thomas & Mary Dickson, rpt-mother

DICKSON, Vina M. d.8 Feb 1925 at White Sulphur, WF, pneumonia, age unknown,
married, rpt-John M. Dickson

DICKSON, W.H. d.5 May 1906, 83yr, Dawson WV, paralysis

DOSIER, Levi W. d.4 Sep 1948 at Ronceverte WV, 74yr 4mo 20da, farmer,
widowed, cerebral hemorrhage

FIFER, Abram d.1 Oct 1893 at Grbr, 83, dropsy, born Grbr, parents unknown,
laborer, wife-Nan Fifer, rpt-V.Bowen son-in-law

FIFER (PIFER), Carl J. d.20 Mar 1916, 16 da, WSS

FIFER, Clarence d.19 July 1892 age 5 b-Grbr parents J B & B A Fifer,

FIFER (PHIFER) Kate d.Feb 1912, Alvon, paralysis

FIFER, Nancy 28 Apr 1862 age 52 d-Jno & Nancy Childers, rpt-husband

FIFER, Robert d.Jun 1889, 6yr 3mo, s-Abe & Nancy Fifer (another film says
Abe & M, rpt-father)

FIFER, Sarah J 5 Nov 1867 born Grbr rpt-Sally Fifer Stepmother

FLESHMAN, J.W. d.21 Jul 1887, 21 single, White Sulphur

FLESHMAN, John  d.15 Nov 1898, 72, Blue Sulphur, paralysis

FLESHMAN, Nellie 19 Feb 1922, d.White Sulphur age 22, housewife, married,
rpt.B.A.Dixon, no cause given
(Nellie Woods Fleshman)

LANHAM, Ernest d.16 Feb 1905, 7yr, born White Sulphur

McKEEVER, Allan d/18 June 1922 at Camp Slad, 81yr 6mo 9da, cause
complications, rpt-Mrs. S.A. McFerrin

McKEEVER, B F on 12 Apr 1874 age 38 b.Grbr s-James & Ann McKeever,

McKEEVER, Clyde B. d.1919, Falling Spring District, killed at war, 25 yrs,
soldier, single, rpt-E.B. Miller, Assessor

McKEEVER, Dora (Mrs) d.31 Jan 1935 at Esty WV, WF, 64yr 7mo 18da, housewife,
widow, cerebral hemorrhage, rpt-Mrs. Mary F. Walton, Reg.

McKEEVER, Mary S. d.1919 at Falling Spring, age 5, no cause given,
rpt-E.B.Miller, Assessor

McKEEVER, Newton d.23 May 1884 age 12 b-Grbr parents-Isaac & Mary M

McKEEVER, Paul July 1858 age 36 parents Abm & Patsy McKeever, b-Pocahontas
Co, rpt-Jas Gardner

McKEEVER, Rachea d.23 Oct 1911 at Frankford WV, age 12, typhoid fever,
rpt-L.D. Rupert

McKEEVER, Ralph d.25 Nov 1903 at Greenbrier, cause unknown, 3yr 10mo 20da,
parents-G.S. & Lena McKeever, rpt-father

McKEEVER, Ruby Olive d.25 Feb 1914 at Little Creek WV, 5yr 4mo 27da,
tubercular menengitis, rpt-L.D. Rupert

McKEEVER, Samuel d.14 Sep 1940 at Alvon WV, WF, 91yr 1mo 24da, housework,
widow, bronchial pneumonia, rpt-J.H. Allen

McKEEVER, Thomas d.19 June 1949 at Ronceverte WV, 73yr 21 da, farmer,
married, rpt-Mrs. Ernest L. Watts

McKEEVER, Wm. P. d.4 Sept 1923 , 62yr 11mo 9da, no cause given, Justice of
Peace, married, rpt-Mrs. S.A. McFerrin

PARKINS, Janna 21 July 1858 age 57 parents-Geo & Hanna Hall rpt-Husband

PERKINS, Charles T d.7 May 1876 age 78 b-Grbr parents T & S Perkins rpt-wife

PERRY, Deloris Gladys  d.13 July 1957, 60yr 3mo 9da, White Sulphur,
housewife, married, cerebral  hemorrhage, essential hypertension,
nephritis, toxic thyroid
(dau.of Emma Woods)

PERRY, Jacob A. d.30 Jun 1916, 60yr 8mo 21da, married, preacher & farmer,
broken neck - killed by horse

PERRY, Jerry d.28 Dec 1890, 48yr 5mo 21da, from Cork, Ireland, Ronceverte
WV, disease of heart & Gastritis

PERRY, Joseph d.22 Aug 1862 age 24 b.Grbr parents-Thos & Sarah Perry,

PERRY, Joseph 21 Aug 1876 age 83 s-Thomas & ___Perry, rpt-neighbor

PERRY, Mosey Hill d.18 Mar 1965, age 79, Clifton Forge VA, farmer,
bronchopneumonia terminal

PERRY, Sara d.7 Feb 1904, 73, pneumonia, rpt-Jas. F. Perry Nephew

PERRY, Tipsey Ned d.21 Nov 1956 77yr 5mo 19da, WSS farmer, married, cardiac
decompensation, rheumatic heart Cardio-Renal Syndrome, etc.

REYNOLDS, Frank H. 1 Jan 1932, b.1852, farmer, d.Ronceverte, appoplexia

REYNOLDS, Goldie Roxanna  d.6 Feb 1959, 71yr 1mo 21da, housewife, Orient Hill
(WSS), widowed, cerebral accident
(Goldie Woods Reynolds)

REYNOLDS, John d.19 Jan 1906, married, Grassy Meadow, heart failure

RHODES, Andrew d.18 May 1885 age 69 Grbr rpt-wife, father-Andrew Roads

RODES, Catherine d.12 Jun 1916 at McClung WV, 84, cancer

RODES, Elizabeth d.13 June 1891, FW, 86yr 6mo, White Sulphur, Grippe & old
age, Vol.1A
(another film record adds parents-C & R Rhodes rpt-sister)

RODES, Henry J. d. 28 Dec 1887, 9yr 1mo 7da, measles

RODES, Ida d. 20 Oct 1904, WF, 20, married, Blue Sulphur, consumption

RODES, Martha J. d. 29 Nov 1908,  74 yrs , Blue Sulphur, housewife

RHODES, Nancy A d. 2 Dec 1866 age 43, from Grbr

SMITH, G. M. d. 22 Jun 1915 at White Sulphur, 64, farmer

SMITH, John F. d. 6 Feb 1916 at Smoot WV, 28yr 9mo 13da

SMITH, Maggie S. d. 13 Jun 1916 at Blue Sulphur, 24yr 4mo, measles

SMITH, O. W. d. 1 May 1904, WF, accident, rpt-R.W. Smith father

SMITH, Samuel S 7 Mar 1857 age 51 b.Shenandoah rpt-Son

SULLIVAN, Naoma Crusoe  d. 3 Jun 1949, 77yr 6mo 29da, Ronceverte WV,
housework, widowed, mesenterie thrombosis myocarditis
(Naoma Dickson Sullivan)

WOOD, A G (Mrs) d. 24 Apr 1923 54yr 2mo 10da coleystitis b.Caldwell housewife

WOODS, Buster B d. 18 Jan 1912, tuberculosis 16yr 5mo 23da b.Falling Spring

WOOD, Edith d. 3 Aug 1912 at Ronceverte, no age given, fever, rpt-mother

WOOD, Ernest d. 12 Feb 1919 pneumonie 1ye 10mo b.White Sulphur Springs

WOOD, Ezra d. 12 Aug 1905, 48 farmer married, born Alvon, d.near Alvon,
dropsy, bur.Alvon, undertaker- A.E. Huddleston WSS

WOODS, Frances d. 21 Feb 1883 age 35 Albermarle, rpt-husband, mother-Frances

WOOD, George d. 24 Feb 1901, age 15, fever, rpt-Father Wm.D. Wood

WOODS, Malcolm Vivian d. 5 Oct 1949 67yr 4mo 17da, WSS, carpenter, widowed,
hypertensive cardiovascular renal disease, pneumonia

WOODS, Joel d. 13 Oct 1892 age 77 born Nicholas Co. rpt-wife, parents Ann &

WOOD, Olive (Mrs) d. 9Apr 1924 age 47 paresis & intestines b.Ft.Spring
housekeeper widowed

WOOD, Ruba F, d. 27 Jan 1916 age 2yr 6mo 26da b.Caldwell, no cause given

WOODS, Siby  d. 12 Apr 1900, 86yr, White Sulphur, old age

WOOD, Ernest 19 Feb 1919, d. White Sulphur, 1yr 10mo, pneumonia

WOOD, William d. 13 Feb 1910 age 74yr 1mo 4da b.Grbr chronic bronchitis farmer

WOOD, Zack (WM) d.Grassy Meadow 21 Jan 1910, pneumonia, age 84 farmer

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