Obituary of Elisha Pepper, born 1777 in Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia

Elisha Pepper of Warren County, TN

The unknown person who wrote his obituary in the local New Era 1869 stated "one of our oldest citizens, regretted by all who knew him as a respected and useful citizen, was born in Greenbrier County, Virginia A.D. 1777 - making him 92 years old. His father was killed by the Indians when he was just a boy and his mother died about the same time. Being an orphan, he was then taken by some of his relatives to BOON or ROCK STATION, Kentucky in which state he lived until shortly before 1806 - when in company with Johnny CAMPBELL and others moved to Alexandria, DeKalb County, in this State. The party had to cut their way there through the woods. Mr. Pepper married in Alexandria in the year 1806, and in the fall or winter moved to this County, and settled upon the place where he recently died. His health had not been good for forty years past; and for seventeen years he had not been able to go about at all. He has been walking on crutches for twelve years, the effect of a fall which dislocated his hip." It should be noted here that DeKalb County, was formed in 1837-8 from Cannon, WARREN and White Counties.

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