Smith / Shoemaker / Harris Families - 1880 Census

Transcribed Cheryl Singhal

Smith, Jackson 22 head of house farm laborer  
Smith, Virginia 24 wife    
Smith,Taylor 26 head of house Farmer  
Smith, Chloe M 25 wife    
Smith, Mary C. 1 daughter    
Smith, Jaquiline 21 hired Lucusiops Hook  
Smith, Jacob 39 head of house Farmer  
Smith, Sarah J 40 wife    
Smith, Margaret 14 daughter    
Smith, Broza J 13 son    
Smith, John M. 10 son    
Smith, James R 7 son    
Smith, Joseph 86 head of house Farmer VA
Smith, Mahola 66 wife    
Smith, William 36 head of house Farmer  
Smith, Martha L. 26 wife    
Smith, Albert  10 son    
Smith, Presby 1 son    
Smith, Calvin 43 head of house Farmer  
Smith, Mary 32 wife    
Smith, Caroline 17 daughter    
Smith, ClaraC 16 daughter    
Smith, Frank Lee 13 son    
Smith, SarahF 11 daughter    
Smith, Al B W 8 son    
Smith, Lon A 5 daughter    
Smith, Mary M 1 daughter    
Smith, S M 11  ----- at WV Inst.for Deaf, Dumb & Blind -Romney  
Smith, Jonah 31 head of house Farmer  
Smith, Alverd J 31 wife    
Smith, David R 6 son    
Smith, Magie B 4 daughter    
Smith, John A 2 son    
Smith, Puha A 56 head of house   VA
Smith, SarahC 26 daughter    
Smith, Charles B 21 son    
Smith, Jacob 45 head of house hotel keeper PA
Smith, Elizabeth 40 wife   PA
Smith, H. John 16 son   PA
Smith, Josephus 14 son   PA
Smith, Nathan 48 head of house Farmer PA
Smith, Rachel 41 wife   PA
Smith, Mary 20 daughter   PA
Smith, Laura 18 daughter   PA
Smith, Emeline 16 daughter   PA
Smith, A Mildred 13 daughter   PA
Smith, P William 11 son   WV
Smith, Phillip 8 son   WV
Smith, L Rosa 6 daughter   WV
Smith, V Ethel 3 daughter   WV
Smith, Samuel 29 head of house works on RR MD
Smith, E Cynthia 35 wife   MD
Smith, E Elizabeth 18 sister   WV
Smith, William 34 head of house Farmer PA
Smith, E. Eliza 28 wife   PA
Smith, O Denton 18 son    
Smith, J.Emma 16 daughter    
Smith, M. Elizabeth 12 daughter    
Smith, O Demus 37 head of house Farm Laborer PA
Smith, Rebecca  36 wife   PA
Smith, H. William  11 son   PA
Smith, Sophia 9 daughter   PA
Smith, C Mary 7 daughter   WV
Smith, Edward 4 son   WV
Smith, J. Clifford 1 son   WV
Smith, Joseph M 42 head of house Farmer  
Smith, Sarah E 40 wife    
Smith, Charles W 16 son    
Smith, John C 14 son    
Smith, Henry B 12 son    
Smith, Hunter H 5 son    
Smith, Marvin J 2 son    
Smith, Ramses 6/12 son    
Smith, Martin 30 head of house Farmer PA
Smith, Mary 28 wife   MD
Smith, Holvey 2 son   WV
Smith, Levina 1 daughter   WV
Smith, John 28 head of house Farmer PA
Smith, Rachel  30 wife   MD
Smith, Lucinda 4 daughter   WV
Smith, Scott 1 son   WV
Smith, N. Seymour 22 head of house Farmer VA
Smith, Lydia A 21 wife    
Smith, Mary 53 head of house   VA
Smith, Rebecca J 35 daughter    
Smith, Benjamin 19 son    
Smith, Jonathan W 12 son    
Smith, Mary E 10 daughter    
Smith, Rebecca A 51 sister-in-law    
Smith, James F 24 hired James Pepper  
Smith, Wesley 50 head of house Farmer VA
Smith, Nancy 51 wife    
Smith, James W 16 son    
Swisher, Tabitha 15 niece    
Smith, Charles 23 head ofhouse laborer VA
Smith, Virginia 25 wife    
Smith, Sam W 3 son    
Smith, James  3/12 son    
Smith, GeorgeM 37 head of house Tailor Scotland
Smith, Mary 36 wife   Scotland
Smith, Mary S 15 daughter   Scotland
Smith, Wm George 13 son   Scotland
Smith, Elizabeth 9 daughter   Scotland
Smith, Margaret  7 daughter   MD
Smith, Jesse 4 daughter   MD
Smith, George 1 son   WV
Shoemaker, Thornt. 41 head  of house Farmer VA
Shoemaker, Sarah E. 36 wife    
Shoemaker, JamesWm 16 son    
Shoemaker, Mary A 13 daughter    
Shoemaker, Charles E 11 son    
Shoemaker, Martha C 9 daughter    
Shoemaker, Arch J 7 son    
Shoemaker,  Emma C 5 daughter    
Shoemaker, Blanche W 2 daughter    
Shoemaker, Granville 56 head of house Farmer VA
Shoemaker, Sarah 54 wife    
Shoemaker, John T 20 son    
Shoemaker, Annie M 17 daughter    
Shoemaker, MettieV 12 daughter    
Shoemaker, Elieh 71 head of house Farmer  
Shoemaker, Leyda  66 wife    
Shoemaker, Wm 55 head of house Farmer VA
Shoemaker, Sarah A 47 wife    
Shoemaker, Wm L 16 son    
Shoemaker, Larkin C 12 son    
Shoemaker, Thomas N 9 son    
Shoemaker, AnnieR 7 daughter    
Shoemaker, Edward 29 head of house Farmer  
Shoemaker, Hester 26 wife    
Shoemaker, Sevia 2 daughter    
Shoemaker, Elizabeth 30 hired Samuel Fleming  
Shoemaker, John 48 head of house   VA
Shumate, Joseph 56 head of house Carpenter MD
Shumate, J. Susan 51 wife    
Shumaate, Annie 10 daughter    
Shauhollzer, Bazil 30 w/TaylorSmith Farmlaborer  
Shauhollzer, Amanda E. 23 wife    
Shauhollzer, Bertha B 3 daughter    
Shauhollzer, Sarah Z 16 sister    
Harris, John M. 72 Head of House Minister MD
Harris, Eliza M 75 wife   NC
Harris, Levan T. 24 Head of House Farmer VA
Harris, Sedina C 19 wife    
Harris, Wm K 2 son    
Hinkle, D. Lewis 64 head of House Farmer MD
Hinkle, E. Mary  50 wife   VA
Aders, B Mayberry 12 grandson   WV
Aders, J Martha 9 granddaughter   WV

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