Hampshire County Authors

By Cheryl Singhal

Hampshire Countians who have written books, articles, or theses, include:

  • John C. Ailes - newspaper columns
  • Selden Brannen - "Historic Hampshire" the County Bicentennial Book
  • Georgia Sirbaugh Brooke - poetry
  • John J. Cornwall - former Governor; wrote newspaper columns
  • Vicki Bidinger Horton - several genealogy reference books
  • Blanche Harmison Kuykendall - a family history of the Charles Harmison (1823, IL) family
  • Ed Miller - a local history book with emphasis on his family
  • Maud Pugh - "The Capon Valley..." local and family history in the Capon Bridge area
  • Cheryl H. Singhal - "History of the Cresaps, 3rd ed" and newspaper articles
  • Wilmer L. Kerns, Ph.D., is technically not Hampshire Countian, but as a descendant of some early families in the county, he has written so extensively on the Capon Bridge area, it seems churlish not to include him.

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