April 1868

of the George William Washington Diary

April 1st, 32°, Wednesday: Another frost. After breakfast Mr. Carter left for Clarksburg. The wind getting quite high. Mrs. Maranda Taylor came to spend with Ettie. Set the small boys to cutting corn stalks on the island. Dr. & Sam hauling in white corn. Two plows running, think they will finish the bottom today.

2nd, 40°, Thursday: Cloudy and damp. Think we will have more falling weather. Send to the mill and for the oats. After feeding put all hands to setting out onions. I wrote to Mr. Jacobs. George brought me 25 bushels of oats from Sheets & Kuykendall.

3rd, 32° Friday: Quite a freeze. Mr. Jacob sent for a load of hay, clearing up the balance of the hay in the bottom. The Dr. spading up the garden. Dave came to hire with me. Hired him for one year at $120 per year. Edward came over, left all well. {Dan 3 Bushel of corn}.

4th, 36°, Saturday; quite a cool wind. Sent Robert up for his mother. Gave him $20 to pay James Rees for bringing Sam from Baltimore* for me and to get me 2 gallons of brandy. Edward left for home. Received letters from Mrs. Washington and Bettie. Jno. Inskeep called and paid off his note, $75. Archibald Young came down to get some corn, let him have it, took with him 1 1/2 bushels of ears, sold him the hay on the ridge for $12. Charge it to him. Gave old Dr. Wash an order on Jno. Daily for a pair of shoes $--.

Didn't quite finish the sod. Had the old Doctor fixing the strawberries etc. George rode up with Jno. Inskeep, Miss Ellen rode to Romney to attend Dr. Foot's meeting. *(Sam'l McJilton was indentured to Mr. Washington on 29 Nov. 1867)

5th, 28°, Sunday: Quite a freeze, the air cutting, high NW wind. George didn't return last evening, I suppose stayed all night with Jno. Inskeep. Miss Ellen didn't expect to return till this evening. Miss Ellen & George returning....expect a pleasant meeting.

6th, 24°, Monday: Another freeze {Dave} Dave sets in to work this morning at $120 for a year, if he is a good boy & attends closely to his work I will give him something more, probably as much as $130. {Julia a bull calf} Bro. Butt came home, I paid him in full for bringing August* up for me from Baltimore, $5. Mrs. Washington got home, left Beck much improved. Brought Little Lucy home with her. *(August Leftner from House of Refuge in Baltimore)

7th, 38° Tuesday: Raining too bad for the boys to be out. About 12 it stopped and when they got their dinners, started the plows at the upper end of the place. Nothing of interest occurred.

8th, 32° Wednesday: High NW wind. A perfect hurricane blowing all the flax away. Two plows running. Fixed the calves in the bull lot. Scattered the thickest of the manure where the straw rotted in the bull lot.

9th, 28°, Thursday: Cloudy & damp, quite a freeze again. Two plows running and the balance scattering and hauling manure. Commenced snowing about 10 o'clock & a day of snow.

10th, 34°, Friday: Still snowing & storming. The boys getting in some wood as we are entirely out. George rode to Springfield, brought me letters from I. Wright and from R. Carshaddon.

11th, 36°, Saturday: Clear & windy, start two plows, the other boys shucking white corn. Send Robert to Green Spring after a shepherd dog sent me by Mr. I. Wright from PA. James Gibson spent the day with me. In the evening Isaac Parsons called to see if I could let him have some hay.

12th, 42°, Sunday: Close & sultry, the young folks go to church in Springfield. About 11 o'clock clouded up & commenced raining. Rained incessantly till about 5 when it turned to snow & in a few minutes the ground was covered. Miss Ellen & Ettie didn't get home.

13th, 28°, Monday: Quite a snow on the ground. I think it will soon disappear. The sun comes out and the snow melting fast, being Easter the darkies are keeping holiday. Henry came to see me about his two children, I advising him to take legal advice on subject. Ephraim Herriott called to pay me some money for Thomas Davies & Nimrod Alkire paid off two notes, $381, and took up the notes. The after part of the day pleasant.

14th, 34°, Tuesday: Clouded up again. Start two plows out as it is and finished the field. The boys are plowing, Dr. & Sam hauling corn. Dave shucking. Isaac Parsons came for a load of hay. Let him have a 4 horse load, didn't charge him anything for it. About 12 o'clock came up the thunderstorm, and gave us a hard rain. Henry came and took one of Ellen's boys, had authority from Alfred White so he claimed. Set the boys to plowing manure in the barnyard.

15th, 38°, Wednesday: Heavy fog. The first we have had for some time. Set all hands to shucking & hauling white corn. {The Doctor sick}, loses the day. About 12 commenced raining again. Had quite a hard shower.

16th, 66°, Thursday: Still cloudy, close & sultry, {Doctor still} sick. Too wet to plow or harrow. All hands at the corn. R. H. Patterson came out and sat a while. Let (him) have my growing crop to thresh. He is to come here from Herriott's. I wrote to Joshua White, Esq. Bet got home from Baltimore, left our friends there well.

17th, 59°, Friday: A lovely morning. Sow the oats, and let old Doctor out this morning. He and Sam cutting corn stalks in the bottom. Dr. Daily called on his way from Springfield. Had been down to see Mrs. Dr. Moore who is sick.

18th, 44°, Saturday: Another lovely morning. Start one plow & two harrows. Miss Maranda Taylor came up to spend a while with the girls. Jno. Inskeep spent the evening with the young folks. Paid me for young Joseph Pancake $63. Stayed all night with George.

19th, 48°, Sunday: Quite cloudy & damp. George accompanied Jno. Inskeep to Romney. About the middle of the day commenced raining & still at it. I hope there will not be too much.

20th, 40°, Monday: Still cloudy & damp. Start two harrows & one plow. If not too wet will stop the harrows & start another plow. Commenced raining too bad for the hands to be out. George rode to Springfield, sent Mr. Gushwin by George the balance of the $100 I borrowed from him, $28. Mr. Young bought the potatoes Old Hensen had on the ridge 4 1/2 bushels. They are hardly worth buying. Let Young have 35 half-bushels of corn on the ears, making 8 bushels & 3/4. Gave George $3 to pay Betty's stage fare from the Creek home. Bro. Butt returning home.

21st, 42°, Tuesday: Still cloudy & damp. The ground too wet to work. The boys hauling in hay, spreading manure & etc. Ettie rode to Mrs. Inskeep's. Mr. Peter Miller's son brought me a letter requesting me to send him the amount of his account for repairing some chairs, $10, which I sent. Mr. & Mrs. Daily came out to visit us. Jno. & I had several games of chess.

22nd, 48°. Wednesday: Clear & calm, some fog, but soon disappeared. Start two plows The ground feels wet, paid Jno. Daily $ 200. He & wife left in the stage. Sam & the Dr. hauling manure. After dinner 1 plow & 2 harrows running. R.H. Patterson came out to see me relative to selling me a Buckeye reaper.

23rd, 56°, Thursday: Another lovely morning. Bro. Butt takes his buggy to Romney to get repaired. After dinner sow the balance of the oats. Richard Hoffman came to see me relative to selling me a reaper.

24th, 48°, Friday: Another lovely morning. 1 plow & 2 harrows running. Bro. Fitzpatrick spent the day with us. In the evening Jno. Inskeep & Mrs. Maggie Blue rode down & set till after tea. Clouded up & threatening rain.

25th, 46°, Saturday: Raining lightly. Start two plows to running out corn ground. Richard returned to New Creek. Ettie went with him to Jim Rees. Gave Mrs. Washington $15. Cleared off in the evening. Received letter from Missouri informing me of the death of my youngest brother Joseph. Also the death of my niece Margaret Chase.

26th, 34°, Sunday: Light frost. Prospect of a pretty day. George & Betty rode to Springfield to church. Jno. Inskeep rode down to accompany them but was too late.

27th, 32°, Monday: Another light frost, though a bright morning. Run 2 plows running out and 2 harrows. Miss Ellen sick, no school. Mr. Meekin's team commencing passing through hauling corn from Herriott's not however without permission. Edward Lake spoke for 4 bushels of seed corn for Bare Lake.

28th, 40°, Tuesday: Cut & plant potatoes, finish running out & commenced planting. James Parsons got 5 more bushels of corn. Left his colt here for pasture. I agreed to keep it for him until after harvest. Fear it will rain. The air is getting very damp. Old Mr. Stoner left two sacks for Lake's seed corn. An unusually large and distinct circle around the moon.

29th, 42°, Wednesday: As I feared pouring down rain and every prospect of a big one. Between showers made a ditch to turn the water through the patch. R.H. Patterson brought out the mail & showed me a letter from R.H. Carshaddon relative to a reaper offering to let me try one a day or two, etc.

30th, 46°, Thursday: Heavy fog, hope it will be clear when the fog fades off. If so, as soon as it dries off a little, go to plowing in the bottom. Paid Margaret $20. Finished the ditch & then went to planting corn, two droppers running. Bro. Butt got home but rode to Romney to see the Dr., Lucy being indisposed.

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