August 1868

of the George William Washington Diary

1st, Saturday: (written in margin "Paid Bob Parker $1 for bringing me over the sacks from Johnson, the sacks not coming he is to bring them when they do come.") Still cloudy. Left immediately after breakfast so as to get to the depot before the Carrs as Mr. Johnson promised to send 300 sacks this morning by express and I want to get Parker to bring them over in the stage. Got to the depot some time before the Carrs. No sacks came. Met with James Dempsey on his way to my house. Called on Mr Nimrod Farr for the money he owed me, paid me in full $119.25. Called in Springfield & paid Will Stump for N.B. Gutherie $65 that I borrowed a few days since. Borrowed Jno. Daily's sacks, found all well on my arrival at home. George had made them haul in a large rack of wheat which will help the cause. Mr. Parker helped yesterday and today. Earsome's boys loaned me 2 horses in the event I want them. Found Will Parker here, who thinks I can get 2 horses from his father if I want them as they are not using theirs. Think I will send down and see if I can get a couple. An evening of rain.

2nd, 64°, Sunday: Still raining, a night of incessant rain. The Young folks who spent the day at Mrs. Inskeep's did not get home last night.

3rd, 68°, Monday: Robert brought me two of cousin Bob's horses & 37 sacks from Jno. Daily's. Mr. Parker made a half day, he & his horse. Sent Margaret to Romney for some sacks Mr. Kuykendall loaned me. She brought me 40 sacks. Threshed 42 sacks today, or rather this evening, it being after one when we began. Sent Rob't. Parker $20 quaterage.

4th, 72°, Tuesday: All hands at the wheat. Send Dave to the ridge for Young & Jake, they came also. Polk Hinkle, who has moved in the Keen's house, I let him have the house & garden & fire wood for 24 $ per year. If he works right for me I will not charge him for the house. A young man by the name of George came to get work but having enough to carry on the threshing did not hire him.

5th, 68°, Wednesday: Heavy fog. Same hands helping me. Andy & Rollings got mad yesterday & left the machine. James Hines came down & ran the machine last evening & is still feeding. Patterson came to run the machine, Hines left to thresh his own.

6th, 70°, Thursday: Another heavy fog. Same hands helping, except Mr. Parker who is gleaning the bottom, having given him permission to do so.

7th, 70°, Friday: Another heavy fog. Young and Hinkle helping. Jake went home last night and has not returned. Parker still gleaning, finished up everything about 3 o'clock. Sent the machine to Springfield for Patterson. Settled with Parker and paid him in full, $8.00. Let Hinkle have 14 1/2 lbs. of bacon at 18 cents. Brother Eggleston and wife came to see us. Also Brother Dice spent the night with us on his way to his quarterly meeting.

8th, 68°, Saturday: Showers during the night. Brother Dice left before breakfast. Send Sheets and Kuykendall back home filled with corn, 90 b. 31 lbs. Didn't measure it, suppose there is between 90 and 100 b. Set the boys to measuring and filling up wheat for hauling off next week should we leave. William Raison borrowed 5 bushels of wheat. Mr. Adams called for his commodity note, didn't pay him. Cleaned up and loaded two teams with 55 sacks of wheat. Jo got $5, had 90 b.31 lbs. of corn.

9th, 68°, Sunday: A lovely morning, quite a fall appearance as some of the young folks attend Dr. Foot's protracted meeting in Romney, the day quite windy.

10th, 64°, Monday: Cool and pleasant, Start the teams with 55 sacks of wheat. Paid Dave $10, cleaned up two more loads . George returned, had 120 B. 30 lbs. Brother Fitzpatrick, R.W. Parker and Butt come to spend the day with us.

11th, 66°, Tuesday: Cloudy, fear there will be rain. Start two loads to the mill {Ricky Young} got two bushels of wheat after dinner. Brother & Sister Eggleston and Brother Fitzpatrick left. George had today 129 b. and 39 lbs. brought out sacks for Fisher and Shannon for corn.

12th, 64°, Wednesday: Cool and raining, start the teams again. Send one load of wheat and one of corn. Send Fisher 2 1/2 b. corn, Shannon 2 B. & John Dailey 2 sacks of oats, between 4 and 5 bushels. Set the boys to cleaning up corn. George returned, had 71 B. of wheat and 68 of corn. Mr. Jno. Inskeep and sister, wife Em Blue, Mr. Slaughter, Mr. Vape and wife Ginny Lind spent the evening with the young folks. Anna Ellie Fineas had gone up to Mr. Gibson's, consequently was not at home. The day cool, feels like frost.

13th, 46°, Thursday: Start two loads of corn. Bet and Jay ride to Springfield to attend the funeral of Mrs. Dr. Moore. Quite a large turnout. A letter came for Virginia Offutt to my care so she must be on the road somewhere. Letter from Johnson.

14th, 48°, Friday: Heavy fog, start only one team, not having sacks. To my surprise George Chase and family arrive in a wagon from Springfield just from White Sulphur Springs. Meeting the stage having got off at Green Springs. Miss Em Blue and Miss Pugh called to see the ladies. Mr. and Mrs. Daily spent the evening, Bill Stump and Lizzie Parker left. Jno. Inskeep sat like old times.

15th, 50°, Saturday: Another heavy fog, the Miss Dempseys and Simms take their leave. Send the wagon back to the Depot, hope to get some sacks today. George gave me $50 for Larne Reese. After dinner George Chase left, the girls will remain a week or two. Gave George $21 and he gave me a check on N.Y. for the amount. Made the boys, after running through the wind, make the balance of the corn. Make them spend the balance of the day cleaning up wheat & spreading it. George returned at dusk. Gave Wash $6.60, settled with Jo. and gave him an order on Jno. Daily for $3.36 in full of account.

16th, 52°. Sunday: Light fog, family all at home. In the evening Sally and Bob rode up to see Miss Ellen a few minutes, found her quite cozy.

17th, 60°, Monday: Light fog, set the boys to cleaning wheat and oats. George went to Springfield and to Green Springs. I went to R. D. Johnson. Rollie Parker came for his wheat and I told him about the mare kicking so we could not work her. He told me he had a four year old colt he would give me in her place. The day quite warm. Old Wash not come in, and I do not care if he never comes. Hope he may not. George returned, no sacks. He is quite unwell. Jno. Inskeep rode down and sat awhile in the barn.

18th, Tuesday: Another heavy fog, start two plows, sat the smaller boys to cleaning up the oats in the basement. George quite sick. Jno. Inskeep spent the night with him. The doctor not come. I find the ground plows very hard. If I can get sacks, will go to hauling again and wait for rain. Isaac George brought an order for Young's piece of meat I promised him yesterday-- shoulder weighing 9 lbs. He got for Polk Hinkle--one b. of wheat $2--one b. of corn $1.25. Sent Robert to Cumberland for sacks. I found the ground too hard to plow, so if I can get sacks we'll haul off the balance of my grain. Sent an order to Callahan for a barrel of sugar. Wrote to Johnson requesting him to send me $300.

19th, 64°, Wednesday: A lovely morning, start two plows. I with the little boys finish the oats. Isaac George came to work for me, set him to mowing the weeds in the yard. A fine rain. Robert got home just as the rain commenced, brought 300 sacks and $300 from Johnson.

20th, 66°, Thursday: Sprinkling rain, start the teams to hauling grain. Had 67 B. corn, 93 oats. Got Dave a pair of shoes from John Seders $3.50. George returned from the Picnic. Met with his sister there, she will be down tomorrow or Saturday. Miss Lizzie Inskeep called on the ladies. Paid Isaac Long $100.

21st, 70°, Friday: Still cloudy, send the teams off with oats. Sent John Daily sacks, 35. Having sent him two with oats in some days since I borrowed 37. Brother Butt got home. A fine shower late in the evening. George had 198 bags of oats.

22nd, 70°, Saturday: Heavy fog, start the teams back with wheat. Sent 56 sacks. Sent Jno. Seders 6 B of corn. Received a letter from R.W. Gilkinson. Several of the young folks gathered in. Alfred White and Ben Daily and Jno. Inskeep stayed all night. Edward arrived about dusk. Left all well. Two of my horses gave out. The old sorrel mare they had to leave at Springfield.

23rd, 72°, Sunday: Quite cloudy. Messrs. Daily and White returned to Romney. The young folks attend church in Springfield. Beck came about 11 o'clock, gave us an agreeable surprise; about 1 o'clock a fine shower. The young folks not yet returned, now after 3. Still threatening rain.

24th, 70°, Monday: Cloudy and sprinkling rain. Send one team only today with 31 sacks of wheat. Set the small boys to hoeing up and cleaning out the late potatoes and paid Beck the $30 given me by George from Jno. Seders on a lot of leather he got from her. Beck left us this morning. Edward is quite unwell, not able to be up. Robert goes to Springfield to get his saddle repaired. Send James Parson's wagon home.

25th, 68°, Tuesday: Send off the last load of wheat I will send at this time. I go with the wagon and will go on to Cumberland, loaded in the wheat and then jumped in the car Dr. Boner with me and went to Cumberland. Settled with Kirk, paid him in full for commission $24 also freight on the Bone Dust $10.15. Settled with Johnson for all the grain sent except the oats which stands unsold. Johnson thinks it would be better to clean it over again before offering to sell it. Spent the night with Mr. Johnson. Was kindly received and entertained. His daughter is a loquacious lady.

26th, Wednesday: Left the Johnsons before breakfast and had a busy morning. Young Anning met me at the bank about 7, and cashed Johnson's check for $1,287.10. I then paid Long and Co. $26 in full for three plows sent me by Edward and freight to Green Spring. Paid Coulehan in full for a barrel of white sugar $48.76. Ticket 50 cents. Got 4 tickets to St. Louis $28.30 each for which Mr. Johnson posed settling, and take it out of the oats, when he sells. I got home about the middle of the day, quite unwell. Sent to the depot for Mr. Buckhannon who is to accompany the ladies to St. Louis. He and Mr. Kirk came up with George. Edward came to accompany the party to Morefield.

27th, 68°, Thursday: Gave Bet & Ed $225 and cash and an order on George Chase for $76.60 which I think might be enough for them. Gave George $20. Took the girls and their baggage to Green Springs, stayed with them till just as the cars were commencing. Bought the last of the Coal and Bone dust, got home about 11 at night. The old Doctor came back and worked today. Poor Ed was completely broke up on parting with me.

28th, 70°, Friday: Clouding up, should there be no rain it will make it much more pleasant for their meeting at Morefield. I am told a great many have gone. The old Doctor plowing again today. Late in the evening a fine shower.

29th, 66°, Saturday: Some fog. Weaning calves, lambs, and separating the sheep, have 146 old sheep, 130 lambs, 66 ewes, 54 Wethers and 10 bucks. Doctor plowing today. Gave Ellen $10.

30th, 70°, Sunday: Sunny, heavy fog, Messrs. R.D. Johnson, and Sprigg came last night on their return from Morefield. Stayed with me till evening and left for home. They represent having had a pleasant time of it. George and Kirk got home this evening.

31st, 68°, Monday: Some fog. Isaac George came with an order from Polk Hinkle for two or three dollars, I gave him $5. I charged him with it. George took Mr. Kirk home. The young ladies from R.W. Parker came to spend a few days with us. Started one harrow, sent Robert and Gus to the mile-wide for 200 lbs. of flour. They got it. I am afraid I shall have to attend court as I am summoned as a jury man.

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