January 1868

of the George William Washington Diary

1st, 22°, Wednesday: Still snowing, raining & hailing. Stopped about 10 o'clock. The young folks go to Romney, none at home, but Mrs. Washington and myself. Robert and Jno. go still* hunting. James Gibson returned with the children and spent the night with us - they have to return tomorrow as Dr. Hamelshimer did not get through with them both. *(still hunting refers to hunting deer without hounds while alternately moving and standing).

2nd, 30°, Thursday: Still cloudy and a prospect for more falling weather. The young folks return to Romney. Set Jno. and Dan to cutting wood. Bro. Butt rode down to Springfield for the mail. No school today. Jno. got one plug tobacco, continued raining about 1 o'clock.

3rd, 28°, Friday: Fair, set the boys to hauling wood from the mountain. Nothing of interest occurred. The day warm and pleasant.

4th, 30°, Saturday: Clear, high NW wind moving rapidly. Jno. Inskeep spent the evening and night with George.

5th, 30° Sunday: Clear and warm. Family all at home except George who rode to Romney for the doctor. Sallie is quite sick with sore throat. We fear it is diphtheria. The doctor comes, thinks our fears groundless. Says she will be well in a few days.

6th, 25°, Monday: Snowing and raining. After the boys finished feeding made them shuck corn in the Barn. Jno. went to Mr. Nelson's to get his boots fixed. Let Dan have a cow to milk. The doctor thinks Sallie better today.

7th, 30°, Tuesday: Still cloudy, all hands shucking corn in the barn. The river raising. The ground in a perfect slush. {Dan 2 Bushels Meal}. *(brackets are used in this transcription to highlight phrases which the author emphasized by enclosing with a circle or bubble).

8th, 26°, Wednesday: Snow flying, high NW winds, turning quite cold. All hands go at the corn, an exceedingly cold disagreeable day, freezing all day. {Jno. 1 Plug Tobacco}.

9th, 12°, Thursday: Still high wind. All hands at the corn again, a pretty cold bitter day.

10th, 14°, Friday: Another cold day, still at the corn. I am anxious to get it out of the way. Jno. Inskeep came down for Miss Ellen to attend Dr. Foot's meeting.

11th, 18°, Saturday: Rather more pleasant. Send Mr. Nelson a load of hay. Haul up some for ourselves, then crib what corn we have shucked. George rode to Springfield for the Mail, brought me a letter from L.F. Allen informing me the eighth volume of the H. book is ready for delivery.

12th, 6°, Sunday: Keen cutting air; if the wind blew as it has been doing for the last few days, it would be an awful morning. The family at home.

13th, 10°, Monday: Cloudy. {John Louis} went to his old home yesterday and has not returned. George, Dan & myself shucking corn. Moderated during the day, fixing for another storm.

14th, 14°, Tuesday: Snowing rapidly. {Jno. not} yet returned. Still shucking corn. A day of incessant snow.

15th, 16°, Wednesday: Send George to Gibson's mill. Dan & myself shucking corn. Mr. Butt & the young ladies spend the evening with Mrs. Foreman Inskeep. Jno. Inskeep returned with them. {Jno. not} got home yet.

16th, 10°, Thursday: George sick, Dan & myself shucking corn. The day an exceedingly cold one. {Jno. not come}.

17th, 16°, Friday: Clear and cold. George still complaining. Edward & Sue come. Dan & myself shucking {Jno. returned to supper}. Lost five days.

18th, 14°, Saturday: Clear & cold air. Set Dan & Jno. to hauling hay, the little boys and myself finished shucking the corn in the barn. {Jno. 1/2 Plug Tobacco}.

19th, 20°, Sunday: Clear & cold with a prospect of a pretty day. We all go to Springfield to hear Bro. Butt. He gave us a good sermon. Heard of the death of old Mrs. Connilley. She died very suddenly.

20th, 26°, Monday: Trying to snow again! Make the boys clean out the ice house preparatory to filling it. Edward & Sue leave for home, Bet accompanying them. Sue gave me $20 to buy her a calf. Commenced hauling ice after dinner.

21st, 24°, Tuesday: Snowing briskly. Cut & haul ice all day. John Inskeep comes to get George to go with him to Hardy. {Jno. 1 plug of tobacco}.

22nd, 8°, Wednesday: Clear & cold, all hands at the ice. Dan Parsons, Mrs. Isaac Inskeep, Jr., Suda called & set a few minutes. Misses Ellen & Ettie go to set up with Mrs. Susan Inskeep who we learn is quite sick.

23rd, 14°, Thursday: Cloudy, raining, and sleeting, hauling ice all day. Turning quite warm it thawed considerably. Fear it might be injurious to the ice.

24th, 26°, Friday: Clear & pleasant. Edward came home, left all well. The river some swollen, the boys getting wood. Received from R.D. Johnson 8 bundles of sacks, supposed to be 150 that Edward had sent me to send off some of my corn.

25th, 18°, Saturday: Clear & calm. Make the boys get a few more loads of ice. Edward left for home. After dinner set them to cribbing corn.

26th, 28°, Sunday: Cloudy & threatening. Another fall. The family at home.

27th, 30°, Monday: Raining & snowing. After the boys finish feeding, set them to hauling corn from the barn. George rode to Springfield for the mail, and his saddle. On his return started to Hardy. Archibald Young came over and we entered into Articles of Agreement for a portion of my Ridge Land, which I rented him. After dinner we rode to the Ridge.

28th, 22°, Tuesday: Snowing. Set the boys to hauling corn from the bottom to the upland. Capt. Scott & Mr. Welton from Hardy spent the night with me. Joseph Tasker called & sat a while.

29th, 26°, Wednesday: Snowing. The gentlemen left after breakfast. Kept the boys hauling corn from the bottom. Bro. Fitzpatrick spent the day with us, the day quite cold. Snowing & blowing.

30th, 12°, Thursday: Clear & higher wind, a stinging cold morning. Let Dan have the day to haul himself wood. Jno. helping him. The day cold and disagreeable.

31st, 20°, Friday: Clear & high wind. Make the boys finish hauling the corn from the bottom and then haul wood. I walked over to James Inskeep for a set on the location for the fence between us as a permanent line; he to make and keep up one half & I the other. Bro. Butt left for the quarterly meeting at Frankford. Sent for the Doctor to see Ellen who gave birth to twins.

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