July 1868

of the George William Washington Diary

1st, 70°, Wednesday: Some fog. All hands at the island, hope to finish it today. Mr. Brown called and dined with us, has closed up his business collecting his wool. I think I will give up sheep this fall. Ettie & Sallie start to New Creek to a picnic. Patterson came out with a bolt and screw for his buggy plow.

2nd, 72°, Thursday: Close & sultry. Finish the corn the third time. Set Dan & Dave to opening lanes for the reaper. Richard came to put-up the reaper & start it. Young got 2 bushels of corn. George went to New Creek last evening, left about dusk. Start the reaper, it does not come up to my expectations. Jo Parker & Jno. Long came to see it work. I fear they are not favorably impressed. Parker helped.

3rd, 70°, Friday: Another close morning. Mr. Parker, Young & old Jake helping. Dave sick. George got back awhile before day this morning left all well at James'. The girls will come home Saturday. Young got half lb. of tobacco.

4th, 72°, Saturday: Closest morning we have had, sufficatingly hot. Young & Jake all day, Mr. Parker till noon. Young complaining, the fellow not well. George went to meet the girls. They got home about 11 o'clock. Bro. Butt & Bet rode to Romney. Dave $1.10.

5th, 72°, Sunday: Some air moving, still very warm. Family all at home. The warmest day of the season. Thermometer reaching 99°, fine rain.

6th, 72°, Monday: Still cloudy. Start two cradles. Send the broken parts of the reaper to Springfield to get repaired. Young & his little boy & Horn helping. Mr. Parker came to dinner 1/2 day to him. Frank Allen spent the evening & night with us. Dave 1/2 lb tobacco. Sam Fisher 4 barrels of corn by Rob't.

7th, 70°, Tuesday: Light fog, some clouds. Sent Rob't. to Springfield to get a bolt for the reaper. Parker, Horn, Young & his son helping. The day a hot one. Finish the upland and move to the bottom after dinner - find the grain much better than I had supposed. James Daily & Miss Em Blue spend the day & night with us.

8th, 72°, Wednesday: Slight rain during the night. James & Miss Em left after breakfast. Anna & Bett rode to Romney to see Miss Ellen. Same hands helping - Old Jake and the Old Doctor gave out the last-half day. Jno. Inskeep spent the evening & night with us.

9th, 72°, Thursday: Another light shower during the night. Parker, Young & son helping - Jake sick. Jno. Inskeep left after breakfast. The reaper doing finely. The day close & sultry. Broke the reaper & had to stop, fear we will not finish this week. A fish peddler asked to stay all night - let him stay.

10th, 68°, Friday: Heavy fog. Old Jake still sick. Parker, Young & son helping. I rode over to see Herriott's Buckeye work - it does nice work. I was decidely pleased with its performance. Broke a bolt & had to send to Springfield, consequently did not get as near done as I expected - finished the bottom.

11th, 72°, Saturday: Another heavy fog. Parker & Young helping. Commenced in the lot near the house. Find the wheat much better than I had supposed it to be. Finished cutting & putting it up.

12th, 74°, Sunday: Some fog. The family go to Springfield to Church. Bro. Fitzpatrick gave us a good sermon.

13th, 72°, Monday: Some fog. Start in two mowers in soy grass. R. H. Patterson called to see if I was ready to go to threshing. Borrowed from Jno. Daily $30. Old Doctor loses the day - gave him $2. Bro. Butt came - is more & more pleased with his horse. The day an awful hot one. Richard's Father came. Mr. Parker came to see his horse. The horse died a few minutes before he got here. I paid him for his helping me in the harvest - $12. In place of his charge bought a mare & colt from him for $125 six months after date, he insures her sound to work well & 9 years old this spring. He is to bring them to me tomorrow. George went to New Creek for Sallie.

14th, 70°, Tuesday: Another close morning. Start the mowers again. Bro. Hoffman left after breakfast. Mr. Parker brought me the mare & colt. Gave him my note - six months after date for $125. He insures the mare sound, 9 years old this spring and to work well. Bro. Fitz came, stopped the reapers and put all hands to cooking.

15th, 72°, Wednesday: Close & sultry. All hands at the reaper. George & Sallie got home sometime during the night. Left all well at James. Finished mowing and putting up the grass. Patterson came to thresh, sent for the machine. The young Ladys go to spend a day or two with Miss Foot. Bro. Fitz & Butt spend the day with Mr. Foreman Inskeep.

16th, 74°, Thursday: Prospect for a hot day. Send Rob't. to the bridge for Jake & Young. Commenced threshing. Jake came. Young not at home. Jno. Inskeep sent his wagon & 4 horses & driver. The day awful hot. Threshed 38 sacks. Fisher 35 lbs bacon.

17th, 74°, Friday: Young came. Jake, Richard, & Jno. Inskeep's hand helping. Dudley Taylor came to see Patterson relative to threshing his crop. Patterson starts to the Ponds to see Mr Taylor to get him to thresh next week instead of week after next. Threshed today 63 sacks.

18th, 76°, Saturday: Another awfully hot morning. Same hands helping. Mr. Parker came yesterday before dinner making a strong half-day. One of my horses over hot, fear it will die. Isaac Parsons & Ephraim Herriott came to see about threshing. George goes to Romney to accompany the Young Ladys home, they have been spending the last few days in Romney. Threshed 60 sacks today.

19th, 70°, Sunday: Pleasant air. The young folks got home last night after I went to bed. James Gibson came with them. Met with a serious loss in the death of Old Marion - something of lock jaw from being over hot. James Gibson left after dinner. Edward rode up to see Miss Ellen.

20th, 70°, Monday: Heavy fog too wet yet to thresh. We had quite a hard rain yesterday evening & last night making it too wet to thresh. The hands are gathering in, will have to put them at something else. Cleaned out the cabbage & sow beans. Commenced threshing after dinner & finished about 4 o'clock. Mr. Parker came & made half-day, Young a whole day. Young got 171/2 lb bacon at 18 cts. Chester came for wheat for Patterson got 12 bushels. Ben Shannon 21/2 Bushels. James & family came. The young folks spent the evening with Mary Blue. John Daily & Jno. Inskeep came & sat till bedtime. Hired Jno. for one month at $12/month to be continued if I like him.

21st, 72°, Tuesday: Some fog. Jim and Edward left before breakfast. Made the boys plow and hoe the potatoes and cabbage. Mrs. W., Beck & myself spend the day with Mrs. Susan Inskeep. Found Mr. List and Mr. Ott, two pleasant gentlemen, rode up in the evening and sat a few minutes with Miss Ellen. Ettie & Sally Dempsey go to spend the day at Cousin Bob's. Sent George out collecting. Did not get any from Farr. Collected the balance on Lake's note and for the seed corn, $19.

22nd, 76°, Wednesday: Start the boys at the hay. I rode to Springfield, paid Jno. Daily the $30 I borrowed from him some days since. Borrowed from N.B. Gunther $15. Richard took two horses & went to the depot for the drill. It is a pretty nice looking machine. Think it will do well. Let Dave have 12 lbs. of bacon at 18 cents. Shelled some white corn to go to mill.

23rd, 74°, Thursday: Heavy fog. Send Robert to the mill. Wrote to Sheetz to send me 150 or 200 lbs. of flour. Bob too unwell to go. Sent Dan. Gave Dan $1 for Margaret to get its worth in flour. Gave Dan an order for two bushels of wheat or the flour of two bushels. Mrs. W., Beck, and myself go to spend the day at Mr. Gibson's. Called at Foreman Inskeep's and paid Miss Ellen Carr $50. We had quite a merry & pleasant day. The company promised to spend Saturday evening with us. On our return my horse ran off, fortunately did no injury. Mr. Gilkinson kindly offered me one of his. It being however out of town made us so late we concluded to stay all night, spent a pleasant evening with Mr. & Mrs. Hiskill. Fine show. Dan got 3 bushels of corn.

24th, 72°, Friday: After breakfast left for home. Had quite a rain on the road. Every appearance of a settled rain. Found all well at home. George had the hands shelling corn. As soon as the rain ceased put them to work cleaning out the sugar corn & send Mr. Gilkinson's horse back. Bro. Butt came. Met with McCuin. Paid him in full for work he says he done for George after we settled $2. Settled with Richard & paid him in full $10. Rained pretty much all day.

25th, 74 °, Saturday: Heavy fog. Dave loses the day. Dan & Jo getting wood, etc. The Gentlemen from Mrs. Inskeep and Miss Lizzy spent the evening with us. The balance of the invited guests did not come. We had a pleasant time. Mr. Ott gave me as a memento a very nice penknife. I am very much pleased with him.

26th, 70°, Sunday: We went to Springfield to church. Bro. Butt preached a good sermon. Quite smoky presenting an appearance of Indian summer.

27th, 68°, Monday: Still cloudy & sultry. Commenced raining. Fixed to go cutting oats, but it rained too much. Put all hands to shelling corn. George took Beck home. Sent by him tar to go for Mr. Davis's horse. In the evening Mrs. Wilson & Jane Gibson came, spent the evening. They broke down. Jim sent to Jno. Inskeep to borrow his buggy, I having none. Let Jo have 1/2 bushel of corn, 62 1/2 cents. {Doctor set in to work again}.

28th, 66°, Tuesday: Still cloudy though I think there is a prospect of its clearing off. The sun raising; if not too wet will go at the oats, start the reaper. The oats good. George returned to dinner. They got up safely. Left all well. Dave got 1 plug of tobacco.

29th, 60°, Wednesday: Quite a fall morning. Some fog, as soon as the fog passes, all hands go at the oats. Ettie & Anna ride to Romney. Nothing of special interest occurred.

30th, 62°, Thursday: Finished cutting the oats. They are too damp to tie up or rather too weedy. Patterson came with his machine to go to threshing. Set it in the old orchard field, but will not thresh before Monday. Mr. Parker set in to work about 4 o'clock, will help us haul grass, wheat, etc. the balance of this week and help thresh next week.

31st, 68°, Friday: Cloudy and threatening rain. I put all hands at the hay. After finishing the hay put them to hauling wheat to the machine, so as to get a start. I go to Cumberland. Sold my wheat to Johnson at $2 per bushel. Corn at $1.25 both to be delivered in Cumberland. Returned to Springfield and stayed all night. Found all well.

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