May 1868

of the George William Washington Diary

May 1st: 56°, Friday: A lovely morning {Louisa a bull calf}. All hands planting corn. I want to finish the bottom this week. Nothing of special interest occurred.

2nd, 54°, Saturday: Rained some during the night. All hands at corn. About 12 it commenced raining and made it too wet to plant. Sent 15 head of cattle to the ridge. Had one there, making 16. Jno. Inskeep came down to see George, stayed with him. Robert returned from New Creek, left all well.

3rd, 50°, Sunday: Still cloudy & damp. The young folks go to Springfield to church; has the appearance of clearing off. Children report a large turn-out.

4th, 56°, Monday: Still cloudy {Dan 1 B. of meal}. Bros. Butt & Dice came out to breakfast. Fear we will have more rain. All hands go at the corn again. Bro. Butt & Bettie spent the evening with Mary Blue. Edward came over, left all well.

5th, 54°, Tuesday: Still damp & drizzling rain. Two plows running in the island. The young folks go to Romney. Sent by George $5 to Chessy for my toll for one year. Dan & Lizzie Parker came to see the young folks.

6th, 60°, Wednesday: Still cloudy & foggy. Hope when the fog disappears the clouds will also. Edward returned from Romney & started for home. Dan Parker left also. The day turning out to be a pretty one. Late in the evening a thundershower.

7th, 54°, Thursday: Rained quite hard during the night. Still threatening. All hands go at the island plowing. Raking & piling the stalks. About 1, heavy thundering & lightning, an evening of rain & thunder. A letter from McMaster requesting me to get subscribers to the Journal. The river raising. E.S. Lake came for seed corn, let him have 4 bushels at $1.10-$4.40. I helped him take it to Herriott's boat. He didn't pay for it as he owes me on a note due. Told him to leave it till he paid the note.

8th, 50°, Friday: Cloudy, wind from the NW. Too wet to do anything with the ground. Haul some wood & fix a bridge over the ditch. After dinner start the plows and harrow. Nothing of special interest occurred.

9th, 34°, Saturday: Quite a frost. George accompanied Miss Lizzie Parker to Springfield. Sent by him for some tobacco for the boys. Dan got 1/2 lb. & the Doctor 1/2 at $1.50 per pound. Start three plows. Hope to finish the island today. James Rees & family came. Beck is looking badly. Ettie stayed to keep house till Beck returned. James will go back tomorrow. Edward came for some sugar corn.

10th, 36°, Sunday: Clear & light frost. The family all at home. No church today. Dan complaining.

11th, 36°, Monday: Another light frost. Gave Edward 10 or 12 bushels of seed corn. John Daily called to get Edward to go to Romney as a witness in some suit he has. Gave Dan $4, the balance due him on last year's work, & pay for John's cutting cornstalks. Bet & Miss Ellen rode to Romney. Let Old Jake Horn have a horse & plow to run out his corn ground. Start two plows to running out in the island. Plant the patch in sugar corn, etc., etc. Dan sick, day out.

12th, 42°, Tuesday: Quite a high wind, Dan still sick. Earsome Boys commenced operations in the island. Isaac Long called to get the money I owed him. I didn't have it for him.

13th, 48°, Wednesday: Rained hard, nearly all night and still pouring down. River rising very fast. Shell sugar corn & to go to mill. River quite high, all over the island.

14th, 40°, Thursday: Still raining wind getting to the NW. Hope it will clear off. River still raising, fear it will wash, very much. Fix fences, etc.

15th, 46°, Friday: Still showering, the river has nearly got within its banks again. Fear from the looks of the island or what I can see of it that its very much washed. Set all hands at the fences to repairing, moving, etc.

16th, 50°, Saturday: Heavy fog, hope it will be clear when the fog passes off. Send George to the mill, all the rest at the fences. Showery pretty much all day. Nothing of special interest occurred.

17th, 52°, Sunday: Still cloudy & misting rain. The family all at home, except George who spent the night with Jno. Inskeep.

18th, 56°, Monday: Still cloudy. Rained during the night. Too wet to do anything with the ground. Got all hands to fencing. I go to Springfield. Mrs. W. & Beck accompanied me. Paid ferriage going & coming $6.80. From Springfield I go to Simon Taylor's, borrowed from him $300. Paid express fare on a lot of sheers sent me by Mr. Wright ($0.50). Mr. Sheets from the mountain sent my gun home & got 142 bushels of seed corn.

19th, 48°, Tuesday: Clear & cool, start three plows to running out the island again, the freshet having filled up the furrows. George went to mill with the little wagon. After dinner gave him some notes & started him out collecting. Let Jno. & Will Earsome have 5 bushels of corn, $2 per bushel; received from them $10. Lent them my little wagon to take it home. They are to bring me a calf from Springfield in the morning. Dan 3 bushels of corn; Dave a plug of tobacco.

20th, 54°, Wednesday: Heavy fog. Finished running out & started to planting. I drop (seed) till George returns. George got home about 11 o'clock. Collected from N. Feire $900.00, and took a new note for the balance. He owes me $166.80--from Ben Lake, $50 from James Johnson, $66.50 gave up Johnson's note. Lake's $50 to be credited on his note. Jno. brought me the calf from Springfield. James Rees came for his family.

21st, 56°, Thursday: {Orphan Rose a bull calf} Quite cloudy, all hands at the island. Hope to finish it today. James Rees paid me the money he collected for me from the Carshaddons $2.38, and $2. balance due me on his and my dealings. James and the young ladies go to spend the evening with Mrs. Jno. Blue. Did not quite finish the island.

22nd, 54°, Friday: Clear & cool wind. Finished planting the island. Make the boys plow & fix the ground for potatoes & cabbage. When we get (finish) our dinners will wash the sheep. James & family left us about 10 o'clock. Robert went with them to accompany Et home. Washed the sheep.

23rd, 58°, Saturday: {Sultana, a bull calf} Cloudy & damp. Gave the boys the day to plant their patches, etc. Commenced raining about the middle of the day, and bids fair for a little rain. Gave the doctor an order on Mr. Gutherie for $5 worth of goods, and 60 cents in cash. George went to Mr. Seymore's for the money he owes me & to Mr. Taylor for Bett's horse. An evening of rain. Fear it will put the river up again.

24th, 54°, Sunday: Still raining lightly. Family at home. Jno. Inskeep rode down & sat awhile. Ellie and Bob didn't get home. Fear Bett is sick. The river raising quite fast.

25th, 50°, Monday: Still cloudy. Start the hands in the bottom corn. I am glad to find so little missing. A funeral procession has just passed, and am at a loss to think who it could be, as I have heard of no one in the neighborhood sick. George returned, brought me $72, the principle of the amount they now owe me. George informed me the funeral procession that passed was Mrs. James Sheetz of Romney.

26th, 60°, Tuesday: {2 Merinos}, clear & calm, a lovely morning. All hands at the corn. I ride to Romney, settled with Mr. Jacob & paid him in full, $867, and took up my note. Gave him a certificate of the fact for his protection in case of any difficulty hereafter. He also took a copy of the note I took up. I gave him the certificate at his request. He also posted the three last receipts I took from Baker on the certificate. Settled with Sheets & Kuykendall to this date and paid them in full $93. Settled with Richard Martial, postmaster for Box, and paid him 75 cents. Paid Champ Paddy $6.25 for 5 pounds of tobacco. Called at Isaac Parson's and got my shepherd pup.

27th, 62°, Wednesday: Clear & sultry. Wind from the south. More rain brewing I fear. Let Patterson have a team again to plow and plant his patch, hope he will finish today as I want my horses. Lent Earsome my little Wagon. He got a peck of seed corn. About 1 o'clock there came up a thunder storm, rained considerably, and broke up, and clouded up again and at 3 commenced a gale and gave us for one hour and a half or two hours the heaviest rain I ever saw fall.

28th, 60°, Thursday: Still cloudy & occasionally sprinkling rain. Set the boys to fencing. Sent George with some money to Isaac Long $500 and to William French $300. I wrote L. F. Allen requesting him to send me the 8" Vol. of A.M.H.B. having sent him the money some days since for it, and the pedigree he recorded for me in the 8" Vol. George returned the $500 sent Long, not being able to get over the north Branch. Brought me a receipt for French's $300. The afternoon too wet to plow.

29th, 62°, Friday: Still showery. Set the boys to fencing. George goes to Springfield for the fish, etc. etc. Bro. Fitz spent the day with us. In the evening Bro. Butt and Bet rode to Romney. Another hard rain late in the evening. The river raising fast.

30th, 60°, Saturday: Heavy fog; kept the boys fencing. Old Dr. Wash loses the day on a visit to his brother-in-law. Wood Daily came down with Bob.

31st, 62°, Sunday: Clear and cool air . Family all at home, the river too high to get over to church.

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