October 1868

of the George William Washington Diary

1st, 40°, Thursday: Some fog. Start 3 plows in the upland stubble, Gus & Jno cutting corn. Let Roy have 10 lbs. of meal $1.50. A light shower late in the evening, fear we are going to have rain. {Pugh at work}.

2nd, 60°, Friday: Cloudy & damp, rained some during the night. {Pugh at work}. Finished the piece over the ditch and commenced the piece next to the shop. Nothing of interest occurred.

3rd, 56°, Saturday: Cloudy, rained during the night. Send Robert to Springfield for the sheep bells & some iron. Kate & Sallie rode to Springfield, George to Romney to attend the political speaking. {Pugh at work}. George returned & reports a fine set of speeches from Liman Kilgore & etc.

4th, 48°, Sunday: Still cloudy & damp, occasionally a shower. Family all at home.

5th, 50°, Monday: Still cloudy & threatening. Rob't & Sal go to Romney to school. I rode to the ridge to salt the cattle. Jake promised to come tomorrow if he is able, & shuck corn for me. Young is to come & cut for me. After dinner I rode to Roy's to get him & by Springfield to get Gus a pair of shoes. Called at Mr. Grace's to see about the wheat he was to let me have, promising me 10 or 12 positively and perhaps 13 bushels. {Pugh helping}

6th, 42°, Tuesday: Some fog and quite smoky, like Indian Summer. Jake, Young, and Roy come to help me. {Mr. Pugh at work}. Beck and her little ones came. Lucy is looking pretty. Letters from the girls, all well.

7th, 44°, Wednesday: Another fog. Jake, Young, and Roy helping. Hope to finish cutting today, all I will cut. I rode to Romney to attend the meeting of the Board of Registration, being there to prove my loyalty. What a farce, as I expected. They took my name from the registration books, to think such a lot of irresponsible, contemptible lot of fellows setting on the character of gentlemen. Finished cutting corn or rather stopped. Am afraid to cut the Island. Paid Young 2 bushels of wheat. Paid Roy $2 in full for his work. Engaged Ephraim M. Grace 12 or 13 bushels of wheat at $2.25 per bushel.

8th, 48°, Thursday: Cloudy and high wind. I wrote a few lines to Jacobs and sent him some Yank documents. Start the plows and harrow. {Mr. Pugh working}. After breakfast send George to Grace's for the wheat I am to get from him. He got bushels. Mr. Pugh sharpened two shears for Young, $0.25. After dinner I accompanied the ladies to Mr. James Inskeep's and spent the evening. Jo came to hire with me. I hired him for one year at $120 and furnish him a horse and garden. He is to commence work in the morning.

9th, 30°, Friday: The coldest morning we have had this fall, a very heavy frost. Jo came to work. Keep two harrows running, the balance picking apples. Young came for a cradle to cast his buckwheat, let him have one; also let him have one bushel of wheat. Fisher sent his son for grist of corn, let him have 21/2 bushels. {Pugh}

10th, 30°, Saturday: Another heavy fog & frost. Start the drill. Sow, broad cast, the side between the ditches. {Mr. Pugh at work} James Rees came. Also Jno. Inskeep spent the night with us. Miss Kate Stump and Miss Hattie Blackman, go to Mr. Price's Res. on a visit.

11th, 36°, Sunday: Heavy fog, no frost. Gave {Old Mr. Pugh} $2.95. Family all at home. Mr. Pugh left, will not be back for 2 or 3 weeks.

12th, 40°, Monday: Send Dan & 4 horses to help Jno. Inskeep thresh. Let Jo have the team & wagon to move his things over. He loses the day. James & family started for home but meeting with an accident returned. It is a great mercy they were not all killed. The horse ran off with them & broke their buggy to pieces. I rode to Springfield. Miss Susan Poland came to help Mrs. W. sew. Received a note from Peter Miller agreeing to do the papering of the Church for $2 per roll.

13th, 34°, Tuesday: Another fog. Hope to finish seeding today. Kate rode down to her Uncle Robert's. Finished seeding all the ground I have plowed. Am at a mind whether I shall rake up the balance or not of that field. After dinner James and family made another effort to get home. I let him have one of the mules that I know is perfectly gentle. He is to send her back tomorrow. In the evening it clouded up and looks like rain. Make Jo and Sam get in some wood. Set Gus to gathering the soy beans.

14th, 36°, Wednesday: Some fog, rained during the night and still cloudy. Send Jo with two of the horses to help Cousin Bob's father thresh his wheat. George starts to the depot and from there to Cumberland. Gave him an order on R.D. Johnson for wheat money I had in his name. Set Sam and Gus to cutting and spreading corn in the island. As the day advances it looks more threatening. I think there will be rain, and I am not exactly prepared for it.

15th, 40°, Thursday: Rained during the night. Dan got home this morning. Finished threshing after night. Set him and Sam to hauling out my share offor fear of high water. Gus cutting and shucking in the Island. James Rees sent my mule home. They got up safely. I start Charley back with his horse. Appearance of clearing off.

16th, 30°, Friday: Jo got back in last night. They finished threshing at Cousin Bob's. Roy came with him to get a horse to plow his patch. Let him have one. Start two teams to hauling corn from the Island. George brought me $97 from Mr. Johnson , more I think than I had coming to me. He had gone with some material for making a carpet to Mrs. Carter. Bro. Fitz came.

17th, 40°, Saturday: High wind. I take the boys and go to the ridge with the sheep, 315 head. Make a pen for holding them of nights. The young folks accompany Brother Fitzpatrick to the Branick Mountain to attend a Sunday School picnic. Burt Parker came home with them. The day quite cool. A letter from R.D. Johnson informing me of a mistake in paying George of $49.25 and asking that it be remitted which George did, borrowed the money from Mr. Gushwin. Sent the amount back to Gushwin by William Stump.

18th, 28°, Sunday: The coldest morning of the season. One of the ewes came fresh. Task Sam. George took Burt Parker home, her horse having got out last night and went home.

19th, 38°, Monday: Rained light during the night. Mr. Keller of Romney called a few minutes. Mr. G. L. Blue came to get permission to clean some wheat through my mill, which was granted. Set the boys to digging potatoes, but finding the earth stuck to them, quit; set them to shucking corn. After dinner take them to the ridge to fix some fences for the sheep.

20th, 40°, Tuesday: Some fog. Go at the potatoes again. Jo got 101/2 lbs. of bacon at 18 cts. Letters from the girls - all well. Ellie in St. Louis attending the state fair.

21st, 40°, Wednesday: Rained lightly during the night. Commenced the potatoes again, but the rain stopped us. Shelled some corn & sent Dan to the mill. Let Dan have two bushels of corn.

22nd, 38°, Thursday: Cold NW wind. Start two teams to hauling corn from the island. I ride to Springfield. The election. Borrowed from Simon Taylor $400 took up the $300 note and added it to the $400 and gave a note for $700 payable on or before the first day of August, 1869. Snowed some in the evening.

23rd, 36°, Friday: Cold, damp air. Finished hauling my share of the Earsome corn from the Island. Cut and put away the Henson corn, finished digging the potatoes, etc., etc.

24th, 38°, Saturday: Clean up a load of wheat and take it to the mill. Had 62 bushels and 37 lbs. Let Dan 150 lbs. of flour. Brought home two barrels of flour for myself, as Sheets could not recommend it as being very good. Paid Jno. Hiskell my taxes, $148.68. Bought Jo material for a suit of clothes, $5.60. George spent the night with Jno. Inskeep. Paid Mrs. Offner 10 cents toll. Edward came, left all well, gave Mrs. Washington $6.

25th, 30°, Sunday: Heavy frost. George returned from Mr. Inskeep's. Family all at home. About 10 o'clock commenced thundering and raining, every appearance of a settled rain.

26th, 38°, Monday: Clear and calm. A lovely morning. Sent by Edward to Colham $3 for the Fireman's insurance. Set the boys to hauling corn, shucking, etc., on the Bottom. George accompanied Kate to her Uncle Robert's.

27th, 32°, Tuesday: Heavy fog and some frost. George goes to Greenspring for some salt and onto Cumberland for his Aunt. Gave him $50. Sent by him to Dr. Moore 5 sacks of wheat, less or more bushels, he is to weigh in Springfield. Make the boys shuck corn till noon and then make them haul in. I rode to the ridge to see how the sheep are doing.

28th, 42°, Wednesday: Quite windy through the night. Paid Daniel $30 on his work. Set them to shucking corn in the Bottom. Jno. and Will Ransom come for my hand mill, lent it to them and sold them my old Winchester mill for $5. They are to take it when they bring the other one home. George returned, brought me 4 sacks of salt and $2.50. Returned $25.40 of the $50 I gave him yesterday. 632 lbs of wheat.

29th, 28°, Thursday: A stinging cold morning. George tried the Old Hound. No deer. Patterson came out to shuck some corn. Keep the boys shucking in the Bottom. The day pleasant after the effects of the frost passed off.

30th, 36°, Friday: Heavy fog and some frost. The boys still shucking corn in the Bottom. After dinner set them to hauling in corn. George and the small boys pick over the potatoes and put them away. After dinner he took his mother to Romney.

31st, 34°, Saturday: Cloudy and damp. Make the boys finish hauling in the corn, and then go to getting wood. I rode to the ridge to salt the stock. The sheep I think are improving some. An evening of rain. Gus* ran off about the middle of the day. I suppose gone back to Baltimore. It is too inclement to go to see about him, and I care little or nothing about him. Let him go. Jno. Inskeep came down to spend the night with George. *(August Leftner - Indentured from the Baltimore House of Refuge)

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