History of Hampshire County, West Virginia
From Its Earliest Settlement to the Present

by Hu Maxwell and H. L. Swisher
A. Brown Boughner, Printer; Morgantown, West Virginia; 1897

Chapter  Contents Pages
- Introduction -
PART 1 - State History
I Exploration and Settlement 13-22
II Indians and Moundbuilders 23-29
III The French and Indian War 30-47
IV The Dunmore War 48-59
V West Virginia in the Revolution 60-73
VI Counties and Boundaries of the State 74-90
VII Constitutional History 91-119
VIII John Brown's Raid 120-126
IX The Ordinance of Secession 127-135
X The Reorganized Government 136-148
XI Formation of West Virginia 149-156
XII Organizing for War 157-165
XIII Colonel Porterfield's Retreat 166-173
XIV General Garnett's Retreat 174-181
XV General Lee's West Virginia Campaign 182-188
XVI Contest for the Kanawha 189-194
XVII Schemes that Failed 195-199
XVIII Miscellaneous War Notes 200-228
XIX The Newspapers of West Virginia 229-236
XX Geography, Geology and Climate 237-255
XXI West Virginia's Forest Trees 256-268
PART 2 - County History
XXII Courts and Officers 271-279
Illustration 1. Judge Robert White; 2. John B. White;
3. Captain C. S. White; 4. Colonel Robert White
XXIII Old Roads and Ferries 280-286
XXIV Educational Affairs 287-301
Illustration Residence and Family of Franklin Herriott --
XXV Among Old Laws 302-312
XXVI Agricultural Affairs 313-326
Illustration Residence and Family of Ephraim Herriott --
XXVII Reminiscences of Washington 327-333
XXVIII Indian Depredations 334-343
XXIX Money and Currency 344-347
XXX The Revolutionary War 348-355
XXXI Notes On Newspapers 356-360
XXXIII Among Old Records 361-372
XXXIV Religious Organizations 373-391
XXXV Lands and Landowners 392-408
XXXVI Natural Curiosities 409-418
XXXVII Cemeteries of Romney 419-429
XXXVIII Romney Literary Society 430-437
XXXIX Literary Workers 438-462
Illustration Andrew Wodrow Kercheval --
Illustration Marshall S. Cornwell --
XL Schools for the Deaf and Blind 463-480
XLI Physicians and Surgeons 481-492
Illustration 1. Rev. Peter Miller; 2. Clyde P. Miller;
3. Dr. J. M. Miller; 4. Alberta C. Miller
XLII Bar of Romney 493-497
Illustration 1. Judge R. W. Dailey; 2. J. S. Zimmerman;
3. H. B. Gilkeson; 4. William B. Cornwell;
5. John J. Cornwell.
XLIII Landscapes Past and Present 498-532
XLIV Industrial Affairs 533-536
XLV Souvenirs and Curiosities 537-542
Hampshire's Part in the Civil War
XLVI Beginning of the Strife 543-553
XLVII Lew Wallace Takes Romney 554-562
XLVIII General Kelley's Campaign 563-570
XLIX Spying for Jackson 571-582
L Stonewall Jackson in Romney 583-590
LI Enlisting Companies 591-602
LII The Frontier Riflemen 603-620
Illustration 1. Dr. J. W. Shull; 2. T. G. Pownall;
3. Howard L. Swisher; 4. V. M. Poling.
LIII Others Taking the Field 621-632
LIV Enlisting Continues 633-640
LV One Federal Company 641-643
LVI Imboden's Raid 644-650
LVII Murder of Captain Stump 651-655
LVIII Averell Defeats M'Causland 656-664
LIX Captain McNeill's Company 665-672
LX Crook and Kelley Captured 673-684
LXI Closing Events of the War 685-695
PART 3 - Family Sketches
Illustration 1. Major John Baker White; 2. Alexander White;
3. Hon. S. L. Flournoy; 4. Last residence of John B. White, and present residence of Julius Waddle
Illustration Governor J. J. Jacob;
Residence of Colonel Samuel Cooper