Chapter LV - One Federal Company

History of Hampshire County West Virginia From Its Earliest Settlement to the Present
By Hu Maxwell and H. L. Swisher
Morgantown, West Virginia; A. Brown Boughner Printer; 1897

PART 2 County History
Pages 641-643

When the civil war began Mineral county was a part of Hampshire, and Company I, Tenth West Virginia volunteer infantry, under Captain James A. Jarboe, was organized at Piedmont, May 5, 1862, and was mustered into the service of the United States May 19, 1862. There was not one company of union soldiers organized in the present territory of Hampshire, but as its limits at that time included Mineral, it is given credit for one federal company to offset thirteen companies and parts of companies mustered into the service of the confederacy. Following will be found a history of Captain Jarboe's company.

The field and staff officers were: Colonel, T. M. Harris; lieutenant colonel, M. S. Hall; major, Henry Withers; surgeon, George E. Ganes, died at Harrisonburg, Virginia, October 3, 1864; assistant surgeon, J. R. Blair; adjutant, O. P. Boughner; quartermaster, Samuel Adams; chaplain, John Branch; sergeant-major, Henry H. Detimore; quarter-master-sergeant, Herman Gregg; commissary sergeant, John P. Phillips; hospital stewart, Antony Simon. The company officers were: Captain, James A. Jarboe, wounded September 6, 1863; first lieutenant, John M. Jarboe, wounded at Shafer's mountain, promoted from second to first lieutenant June 1, 1863; second lieutenant, Michael Ahern, promoted from first sergeant, June 1, 1863, taken prisoner; orderly sergeant, Isaac N. Trout, promoted from corporal June 1, 1863; second sergeant, John W. Rawlings; third sergeant, William I. Hilkey, wounded July 24, 1864; fourth sergeant, Benjamin F. Mayhew, captured and died at Andersonville, Georgia; fifth sergeant, John H. Kitzmiller; first corporal, Henry Banner, taken prisoner; second corporal, George W. Miers; third corporal, John Likens, deserted; fourth corporal, David K. Crawford; fifth corporal, Joseph H. Aronhalt, taken prisoner; sixth corporal, William Hershman, taken prisoner; seventh corporal, John. T. Cross; musicians, Richard H. Thrush, killed near Strasburg, Virginia, October 13, 1864; Ransom T. Powell; wagoner, Abram P. Byrd. Former officers, commissioned, and non-commisioned: First lieutenant, W. Barclay, died at Winchester, Virginia, April 19, 1863; sergeant, William Turner, died at Winchester; corporal, James Shillenburg, died at Winchester; corporal, Michael Thrush, died from wounds received September 19, 1864.

Privates, Gabriel F. Arnold, Hezekiah P. Bailey, William Bartholow, Joseph Bobo, Silverton Burns, wounded at Winchester, September 19, 1864; James S. Barrick, deserted; James Blackburn, deserted; George Blackburn, taken prisoner; Samuel T. Brooks, died in a confederate prison; Peter Bever, taken prisoner; Thomas Cornell, Orlando Chester, taken prisoner; William Drew, wounded at Leetown, Pennsylvania; Joseph Danner, taken prisoner; William J. H. Dye, taken prisoner; Theodore Elliott, deserted; Pater R. Greenwalt, wounded October 19, 1864; John Grapes, deserted; David Harrison, taken prisoner; Jacob H. Hull, discharged; James G. L. Harrison, Runnels Harrison, wounded at Winchester, September 19, 1864; George A. Harrison, died in the hospital; Henry Hall, taken prisoner; Francis M. Jarboe, Arnold Lyon, died at New Creek, West Virginia; Michael A. Liller, John Liller, taken prisoner and died at Andersonville, Georgia; Peter Mason, taken prisoner; Solomon Martin, George Martin, wounded September 19, 1864; Joshua J. Mayhew, wounded July 24, 1864; John W. Moore, died at Winchester; John McAnerny, George Miller, died at Philippi, West Virginia; Jacob Mungold, deserted; James May, deserted; Hugh O'Donnall, John Poland, taken prison; Joseph Powell, Charles T. Powelson, taken prisoner; Jacob Rhodes, taken prisoner; John W. Rhodes, Samuel Steward, Isaac Shillenburg, William Shafer, William F. Staggs, taken prisoner; John F. Stages, taken prisoner; Benjamin Tasker, wounded October 19, 1864; John D. Welch, deserted.

Captain Jarboe's company was in the following engagements: Timber Ridge, August, 1, 1862; Shafer's Mountain, August 22, 1862; Hedgeyille, Virginia, July 26, 1863; Lunice Creek, September 6, 1863; McNemar's Church, January 3, 1864; Leetown, Virginia, July 3, 1864; Maryland Heights, July 5 and 6, 1864; Snicker's Ferry, Virginia, July 18, 1864; Winchester, Virginia, July 23 and 24, 1864; Martinsburg, West Virginia, 1864; Berryville, August 3, 1864; Cedar Creek, Virginia, August 15, 1864; Fisher's Hill, Virginia, September 22, 1864; near Strasburg, Virginia, October 13, 1864; Cedar Creek, Virginia, October 19, 1864.

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