History of Hampshire County West Virginia From Its Earliest Settlement to the Present
By Hu Maxwell and H. L. Swisher
Morgantown, West Virginia; A. Brown Boughner Printer; 1897

PART 3 - Family Sketches
Pages 699-700

Last Names beginning with "A"

DAVID C. AGNEW, of Mill Creek district, son of Samuel K. and Sarah G. Agnew; born at Birmingham, Pennsylvania, May 5, 1847, of Scotch and Irish ancestry; a plasterer; married, 1869, to a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Hartman, of Hampshire County; children, John W., Floyd D., Susan N., Martha M.

FRANK P. ALLEN, of Mill Creek district; a merchant; born in 1860; son of Mr. and Mrs. Judge Allen; of German ancestry; married, 1887, to Lucy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Taylor, of Moorefield; children, Alfred T., Caroline K., and Lucy V. Mr. Allen married twice, the second time to Annie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hartman. He owns twelve hundred and sixty-five acres of land.

DANIEL ARNOLD, son of Zachariah and Elizabeth Arnold, was born eight miles west of Romney, in what is now Mineral County, in the year 1838. He now resides on Beaver Run, in Mineral County, on the Beaver farm, from whom the Run takes its name. His ancestors came from Germany about one hundred and fifty years ago. On December 14, 1859, he was married to Sallie Ludwick, of Hampshire County. They have seven children living and two dead. They are Ann F. B., George E. E., Mary T. B., Effie M. W., Sallie N. W., James H. T., and Daniel A. Z. The oldest and the youngest are dead. In 1876 Mrs. Arnold died, and Mr. Arnold married Mary Ann Keys Tutwiler, of Hampshire, daughter of Martin Tutwiler.

ULYSSES S. ANDERSON, engaged in saw-mill and carpenter business, resides near Capon Bridge; son of Benjamin F. and Rachel Anderson; German and Irish ancestry; born 1872; married Cordelia S., daughter of Theodore and Martha Larrick, 1893. Their child's name is Pearl V.

LEWIS ARNOLD, carpenter, eon of A. and Mary Arnold, English descent, was born in Capon, 1828; married Emeline, daughter of Enos and Rosanna Spaid, 1852; children, Emma A., Miranda I., Mary F., Sarah C., Iven C., Maggie V., Albert S., and Edward T. He was three months in the Confederate service.

EDWARD T. ARNOLD, farmer of Capon, son of Lewis and Emeline Arnold, Irish and English descent, was born 1858; married Nellie, daughter of John and Elizabeth Lafollette, 1886. Tbeir daughter's name is Naomi. He resides on a farm of eighty acres.

ALFORD ANDERSON, farmer of Capon, son of Amos and Sarah Anderson, English ancestry, was born 1839; married Jemima, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Bumgarner, 1870; children, Hunter S. and Carlmy H. Mr. Anderson served four years in the Confederate army; in Imboden's cavalry, and nine months a prisoner.

ALFORD S. ANDERSON, farmer of Capon district, son of Paul P. and Maria Anderson, was born 1834; English and German ancestry; married Mary F., daughter of Robert and Mary Hook, 1865; children, Armintha M., Martha M., Mary J., Angie M., and L. H. Mr. Anderson's farm of five hundred and forty acres was one of the first settled in the county. It was first occupied by Paul McKeever.

RUSSELL C. ANDERSON, by occupation a carpenter and saw-mill man, son of Benjamin F. and Rachel Anderson, was born 1856; German and English ancestry; married Lillie, daughter of Robert H. and Sarah E. Lang, 1887; children, Lisle C., Claud R., and Roy B.

W. S. ALKIRE, farmer of Gore district, son of Peter and Alcinda Alkire, was born of English ancestry, 1848; married, 1872, to a daughter of Mordecai and Julia A. Orndorff; children, Charles W., Theodore H., Truman R., Annie E., Edward V., Virgil F., Gertrude C. M., Minnie M., Bertha L., Edith M., and Golda F.

I. V. ALDERTON, of Paw Paw, tanner by trade, son of William H. aud Rebecca F. Alderton, was born, 1870, in Hampshire; English ancestry; married 1890. Their child's name is N. P. Alderton.

ROBERT E. L. ARNICK, farmer of Gore, son of Jacob and Jane Arnick, was born in Frederick County, 1870; Irish parentage; married, 1894, Fannie, daughter of James aud Jane Moorehead; children, Sadie M. and Bertie V.

FRANCIS M. ALDERTON, now of Indiana, was born on Capon River, 1873; son of William H. and Mary Alderton; married Vera, daughter of George and Harriet Lane, of Indiana, 1896. Their child's name is Francis Deskin. Mr. Alderton lived in Chicago during the world's fair, 1893, and held a position as overseer of a portion of the grounds.

GEORGE S. ARNOLD, farmer of Springfield district, son of David and Mary Arnold, was born, 1843, of German and Irish ancestry; married, 1882, to Virginia B., daughter of Isaac and Susan Parsons; children, Mary L., George S., Susan B., and Isaac Parsons. Mr. Arnold's farm is one of the finest in the South Branch Valley.

M. H. ADAMS, of Springfield district; merchant; son of David C. and Emily J. Adams; born in Virginia, 1857; English ancestry; married, 1890, to Anna M., danghter of Hector and Sarah E. Bell, of Virginia; children, Georgia Belle, Pauline M., and Russell.

JOHN F. ARNOLD, farmer, resident of Romney district, son of Joseph H. and Climenta Arnold, of Irish ancestry, was born in Hardy County, 1870; married, 1891, to Mollie A., daughter of William and Sarah Sisler; children, William H. and Ethel L.

JACOB ALLEN, tanner, resident of Romney district, son of Frank and Viola Allen, was born at Moorefield, 1821; married, 1852, to Matilda, daughter of Edmund and Sarah Granison; children, Henry, Viola, Sarah, Belle H., Mary, and Guy.

JACOB R. ARNOLD, stone-mason, Gore district, son of J. S. and Martha Arnold, German ancestry, was horn 1849; married Hattie F., daughter of Moses H. and A. E._Core, 1873; children, William L., Mettie M., Fannie E., Paul A., Alwilda, and Joseph.

JOSHUA R. ARNOLD, farmer of Sherman district, son of George W. and Sarah A. Arnold, Scotch and Irish ancestry, was born 1841; married Mary H., daughter of James and Emeline Haines, 1867; children, Laura M., James E., Crenetta R., Sarah E., and John. Mr. Arnold served three years in the Union army, and took part in several battles, among them the battle of South Mountain, Antietam, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, and Dalton.

DAVID A. ARNOLD, stone-mason, Gore district, son of J. S. and Martha Arnold, was born 1853; married Anna M., daughter of Peter and Rebecca Snyder, 1877; children, Virginia M., Edward R., and Daisey M.

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