History of Hampshire County West Virginia From Its Earliest Settlement to the Present
By Hu Maxwell and H. L. Swisher
Morgantown, West Virginia; A. Brown Boughner Printer; 1897

PART 3 - Family Sketches
Pages 700-702

Last Names beginning with "B"

PETTER BAUER, a manufacturer of woollen goods, resides in Mill Creek district. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bauer, and was born at Heidelberg, Germany, 1832. In 1865 he married Kate, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Weckert, of Wurtemberg, Germany; children, James H. and Frederick W. Petter Bauer served four years in the Union army, and belonged to the Kelley Lancers, Company A., First West Virginia Cavalry. He engaged in many battles, from first to last, among them being that at Romney, October 26, 1861; Blue's Gap, January 7, 1862; Winchester, March 23, 1862; Port Republic, Juue 9, 1862; Rapidan, August 7, 1862; Cedar Mountain, August 9, 1862; Kelley's Ford, August 21, 1862; Waterloo Bridge, August 24, 1862. He came from Germany, 1852, and has lived in Hampshire ever since, except ten years in Grant County. He had never seen Miss Weckert before she left Germany. She came to America in 1853.

CHARLES H. BISER, a farmer of Mill Creek, son of Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Biser, was born 1859; English ancestry; married, 1880, to Susan C., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Hartman, of Hampshire County; children, Lulu F., Nasby L., Dorothy B., Marvin A., and Ethel I.

GEORGE W. BOWERS, farmer of Bloomery, son of Daniel and Mary E. Bowers, was born 1840; German ancestry; married, 1866, Mary C., daughter of Israel and Elizabeth Hardy; children, Elmer, Warren, Mead, Lottie, John, Mary E., Elizabeth, May, George, and Emma G. He owns one thousand acres, one hundred and twenty-five improved.

JOHN B. BENNETT, farmer of Bloomery, son of Isaac N. and Margaret Bennett, was born 1859; German ancestry; married, 1890, Lallie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Reaves Whitlock; children, Ray and Viola. He owns two hundred and sixty acres, one-fourth improved.

JOHN B. BUCKWALTER, of Bloomery district, carpenter by trade, was born 1830; son of Anthony and Mary Buckwalter; German ancestry; owns two hundred and sixty-eight acres, half improved.

EDWARD BRETSFORD, farmer, but formerly a blacksmith, son of Jesse and Mary E. Bretsford, was born 1838; French ancestry; married, 1872, to Barbara, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Swancy (the name in English is Twenty), of Maryland; children, Edward E. and John M. Mr. Bretsford owns four hundred and eight acres, forty improved; was a Confederate soldier twelve months, and lost an arm from a wound received while on furlough, near Slanesville.

JAMES F. BLAKER, farmer of Bloomery, son of Fintou and Eveline Blaker, was born 1846; English ancestry; married, 1873, Iny Z., daughter of Jesse and Elizabeth Pugh; children, Jettie W. and Arlie L.

H. J. BRILL, farmer of Capon district, residing on the head of Dillon's Run, was a soldier in the Confederate army.

CHARLES N. D. BENNETT, minister of the United Brethren Church, son of Isaac N. and Margaret Bennett, was born of German ancestry, 1869; married Nannie O., daughter of F. D. and Emeline Blaker, 1888; children, Beulah C. and Julius M. He has been in the ministry since 1886. He lives near Capon Springs.

HARRISON BRILL, farmer of Capon, son of Michael and Ellen Brill, was born 1840; German ancestry; married Anna E., daughter of David and Harriett E. Nixon, 1870; children, James A., Robert C., Anna L., and Minnie B. Mr. Brill served three years in the Confederate army.

JOHN L. BURKETT, farmer of Gore, son of Samuel and Catherine Burkett, was born 1852; German and Irish parentage; married, 1888, Ella, daughter of John and Mary Burkett; children, Samuel F. and Ethel.

T. D. BLOOM, farmer of Gore, son of Jonathan and Martha Bloom, was born in Pennsylvania, 1873; married, 1895, Edith, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Offutt. Their child's name is Aita E.

JASPER N. BUZZARD, farmer of Gore district, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Buzzard, was born 1842; married, 1867, Susan M., daughter of James I. and Rebecca Pownell; children, Mary R., Robert W., Ida A. L., Lola M., and Ethel S.

I. P. BARNES, farmer of Gore, son of William and Susanna Barnes, was born 1823; German ancestry; married, 1851, Mary Figans; children, Barbara E., Franklin P., James N., Isabella M., Susanna, Barnes W. H., Minor G., Minerva, and Ida L.

THE BLUE FAMILY. — The Blue family were among the earliest settlers in Hampshire County, if not the very earliest. There were three brothers, John, Uriah, and Michael, the two latter making their homes near Shepherdstown, while John settled about five miles north of Romney, and was the founder of the Blue family in Hampshire Couuty. They came from New Jersey to Virginia early in the seventeenth century. They came to New Jersey from Holland in the early years of the colonization of the United States. They were, therefore, among the pioneers upon the Western continent; and in all the generations since then they have been influential and useful citizens. The family, so far as their history can be traced in Holland, were in affluent circumstances.

The date at which John Bine came to Hampshire County is fixed partly by tradition and partly by family record. His son John (grandfather of the present John Blue) was twelve years old when he came with his father to Hampshire. He died in 1791, aged seventy-eight years. That would prove that he came to Hampshire in 1725. If such was the case, he was about eight or ten years earlier than the usually accepted earliest settlement of the South Branch Valley. This John Blue, who died in 1791, left his property by will to his wife and his thirteen children. The names of these children were as follows: Uriah, Abraham, John, Jacob, David, Michael, Garrett, William, Jesse, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Hannah, and Margaret.

L. G. BURKETT, farmer of Springfield district, son of Henry and Harriet Burkett, was born, 1832, of German ancestry; married, 1852, Eliza A., daughter of James and Jane Malcolm, of Ireland; children, S. Jane, James H., Charles M., Thomas M., L. Dora, William H., and Harriet A.

C. E. BURKETT, of Three Churches; farmer; English ancestry; son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Burkett; born 1856; married, 1884, to M. E., daughter of H. D. and Annie Collins; children, Nannie V. and O. T.

JAMES R. BLUE, of Springfield; farmer; son of John L. and Eliza M. Blue; Dutch and English ancestry; born in Maryland, 1855.

JAMES P. BLUE, a farmer of Springfield district, was born 1833; son of Thomas and Sarah A. Blue; Dutch ancestry; married, 1861, Mary E., daughter of Simon and Eliza Blue; children, Susan G., Kirk, Thomas L., Sarah C., Mary E., and Maud C.

J. H. BLUE, farmer of Springfield district, son of Charles and Mary C. Blue; English ancestiy; born 1847; married, 1881, Sarah G., daughter of George W. and S. A. Washington; children, C. W., Charles J., and Lucy R.

MICHAEL BLUE, farmer of Springfield district, son of Michael and Frances Blue, was born in 1819, of Dutch ancestry; married, 1857, to Mary, daughter of William and Sarah A. Blue. Further mention of Mr. Blue will be found in this book.

LAWSON BLUE, farmer of Springfield district, son of Michael and Frances Blue, was born 1821, of Dutch ancestry.

A. C. BAKER, of Springfield district; farmer; son of Isaac and Susan Baker; German and Scotch ancestry; born 1851; married, 1882, Kate R., daughter of William and Mary Donaldson.

A. F. BARNES, of Three Churches; farmer; son of William and Susanna Barnes; born 1833; German ancestry; married, 1865, Margaret, daughter of Andrew and Elenor Bowman; Children, J. D., O. A., Verdie E., William E., G. H., A. W., and A. G.

WILLIAM BANKS, farmer of Romney district, son of David and Sarah Banks, was born 1831, married, 1867, to Agnes, daughter of Samuel and Juda Biggs, of Virginia; children, Lydus and Nora.

EWING BUSH, of Romney district, hotel waiter; born in Missouri, 1839; married, 1866, to Judith Washington; children, Anna, Arthur, and Minnie.

JOHN BLUE, assessor of Hampshire County; son of Garret I. and Sarah A. Blue; born 1834, of Holland Dutch ancestry; married, 1868, to Annie E., daughter of Vause and Rebecca Fox; children, Sarah V., Edwin H., William F., George C., Rebecca H., Mary E., John D. Further mention of Mr. Blue will be found in this book.

B. B. BROOKS, carpenter, Romney district, son of David and Elizabeth Brooks, was born in Hardy County, 1835; Irish ancestry; married, 1865, to Ellen, daughter of Isaac and Matilda Keller, of Virginia; children, Annie B. aud Nettie F.

JOHN BONNEY, Sr., farmer of Romney district, son of Reuben and Martha J. Bonney, was born in Pennsylvania, 1836, of Scotch and Irish ancestry; married, 1859, to Mary, daughter of John and Mary Brown; children, Lucretia, John R., Charles E., Tirzah, Sarah C., and Martha J.

ISAAC T. BRADY, farmer of Romney district, son of S. D. and Susan P. Brady, of Irish parentage, was born 1840; married, 1865, to Sallie L., daughter of Isaac and Susan Parsons; children, James B., Edna E., Samuel D., Isaac P., Robert D., Kate, and Susan. Further mention of Mr. Brady will be found in this book.

ERASMUS BEAN, farmer of Sherman district, son of Joseph Bean, English ancestry, was born in Hardy County, 1822; married Mary E., daughter of Jacob and Rachel McKeever, 1885; children, Luella and Jacob S.

ISAAC N. BAKER, farmer of Sherman, son of James and Rebecca Baker, was born 1842; married Catherine, daughter of George and Nancy Nealis, of Ireland, 1876; children, William C., James H., Fannie C., Rosa A., George N., Sallie R., Norman F., and Mary E.

GEORGE O. BOWMAN, farmer of Sherman district, son of Andrew and Catherine Bowman, German ancestry, was born 1846; married Jemima Shingleton, 1882; children, Eddie, Reuben, Stella, Frank, Thomas, Martha, and Griffith.

J. W. BLOXHAM, farmer of Sherman, son of Thomas and Nancy Bloxham, English ancestry, was born in Hampshire County; married Susan, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Rudolph, 1897.

CHARLES L. BAKER, farmer of Sherman, son of Warren and Eliza Baker, German ancestry, was born in Hardy County, 1867; married Lucy B., daughter of John and Flora Shane, 1888; children, Alonzo E. and Vernon O.

E. T. BYRD, blacksmith of Sherman district, son of Emanuel Byrd, was born of English parentage, 1867; married Celie E., daughter of B. F. and D. C. Kline, 1893. Their child's name is Benjamin F. Byrd.

SILAS BUCKLEW, a miller of Sherman district, son of William and Emily Bucklew, German ancestry, was born in Preston County, 1862; married Mary L., daughter of Elias and Rachel Peer, of Virginia, 1885; children, Ada F. and Owen L. Mr. Bucklew has charge of the roller flour-mill at Augusta. He learned his trade in Preston County.

ELZY F. BUCKLEW, farmer and blacksmith of Sherman, son of Marcellus and Lutissia Bucklew, English and German ancestry, was born in Pendleton County 1876; married Maggie, daughter of Jacob W. and Jane Smith, 1895; their child's name is Renza J.

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