History of Hampshire County West Virginia From Its Earliest Settlement to the Present
By Hu Maxwell and H. L. Swisher
Morgantown, West Virginia; A. Brown Boughner Printer; 1897

PART 3 - Family Sketches
Pages 702-704

Last Names beginning with "C"

THE COOPER FAMILY. — Two brothers, named Keifer, emigrated from Germany a little before the Revolutionary War. One settled near Frederick City, Maryland; the other near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Both families adopted the English name Cooper. James Cooper, United States Senator from Pennsylvania nearly half a century ago, was a grandson of the Pennsylvania Cooper. Near the close of the eighteenth century, the Maryland Cooper sold his property and purchased land and located in Hampshire. He left three sons and two daughters; John, Adam, and Christopher were the sons. Adam married Catherine Kertz, of North River; the late Rev. Christopher Kertz, so prominent in the early history of Methodism on North River was her brother. They left four children, Sarah, Charles, Mary, and Samuel. Sarah married Rev. John Engle. They left four sons and three daughters. Their eldest son, Rev. J. J. Engle, now owns and lives on a fine farm near Berryville, Clarke County, Virginia. He has been a prominent minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, for over forty years. He was chaplain to Colonel Burk's regiment. Stonewall Jackson's brigade, in the Confederate service. His brother, Lieutenant B. Holland Engle, belonged to the same brigade, was wounded and died. The youngest brother, Samuel Engle, belonged to the cavalry commanded by Captain Sheetz, and was killed at Brandy Station. Mary Engle married James Carter. They left four sons and two daughters. Their eldest son. Lieutenant Jefferson Carter, belonged to Imboden's command The well known and successful merchant of Pleasant Dale, this county, John W. Carter, is one the four brothers. Charles Cooper, now eighty-five years old, lives on his fine farm seven miles southwest of Cooper Bridge.

Photograph - Gov. J. J. JacobSamuel Cooper, the youngest of the family, was born 1824, and retains physical and mental faculties seldom enjoyed by one of his age. He has been in the mercantile business at Capon Bridge nearly forty years. In his youth, schools were few in Hampshire, and education was obtained with difficulty. He saved his money and invested it in books, and by close application he qualified himself for teaching school long before he was twenty. He taught in winter and attended school in summer. In 1851 he was nominated by the Democrats of Hampshire for county surveyor. The Whigs also placed his name on their ticket, and he was elected by one thousand majority over two good men. He was justice of the peace, member of the old county court, and member of the board of education and its presiding officer. He was twenty years president of the Capon district board of education. He also held the office of sheriff of the county. In 1866 he Was elected to the legislature with Henry G. Davis, afterwards United States Senator, as his colleague. They were Hampshire County's first representatives after the war. Colonel Cooper, being a Democrat, was on the minority side in the legislature; but his course won for him the respect, confidence, and esteem not only of his constituents, but of the whole State.

J. C. CUNNINGHAM, farmer of Mill Creek, son of Samuel and Mary C. Cunningham, was born, 1872, in Greene County, Pennsylvania, of Irish parentage; married, 1894, Sarah C., daughter of Nicholas and Catherine Leatherman; their child's name is Lyle. Mrs. Cunningham taught thirteen terms of school.

W. H. CLAYTON, of Mill Creek, by occupation a plasterer, was born in Missouri, 1869; son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Clayton; English ancestry; married, 1894, to Lillie J., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hartman.

JOSEPH T. CLARK, farmer of Bloomery, son of Sampson B. and Mary E. Clark, English and German descent, was born 1841; married, 1865, Margaret E., daughter of Stephen and Annie Miller; children, James M., Mary A., Alice V., John W., and Clara M. He owns one hundred acres, sixty improved.

A. C. COWGILL, farmer and school-teacher, Bloomery district, son of James A. and Frances Cowgill, was born of English and Irish ancestry, 1854; married, 1873, Frances M., daughter of Azariah and Jane Woolford; children, Leonora, Ira V., James L., Ethel N., Grady E., and Edna F. He owns one hundred and seventy-five acres, sixty-three improved. Mr. Cowgill has taught twenty-one terms of school, of which sixteen were on a number one certificate. He was three times a member of the county board of examiners and once secretary of the board of education.

C. H. CAUDY, merchant at Elk Garden, in Mineral County, son of James and Margaret Candy, was born in Hampshire. In 1880 he was elected sheriff of Mineral. He was several years conductor on the West Virginia Central Railroad, and in 1896 he was placed in charge of the company's store at Elk Garden.

J. B. COOPER, merchant and saw-mill man, residing near Capon Springs, was born 1861; son of M. B. and Rebecca Cooper; German parentage; married Alice M., daughter of William and Eliza Anderson, of Virginia, 1883; children, Carson N., Delilah F., Nelson B. He resides in a stone house on a farm of twenty-three acres.

ASA CLINE, farmer, residing at Yellow Springs, son of Philip and Elizabeth Cline, was born 1827; German, Scotch, and Irish parentage; married Margaret R., daughter of Hugh and Lucinda McKeever, of Hardy County, 1849; children, Irvin M., John W., Jennie, Alice, Bertie, Hugh P., Frank, and Sarah. Mr. Cline was married again, 1882, to Jemima, daughter of Jacob Heishman, of Hardy County; children, Winifred, Daisy, Ernest, Clarence, Ross L., and Bryan. He was in the Confederate service seven months. He owns one thousand acres, three hundred and fifty improved.

JAMES CRESWELL, tanner and fanner of Capon district, son of Abraham and Mary Creswell, English and Irish ancestry, was born 1816; married Margaret, daughter of Philip and Elizabeth Cline, 1848; children, Mary V., Charles W., Alverdie C., James B., Edward P., Cor- delia E., Bessie O., Ida R., and Lydia I. Mr. Creswell died 1878. Mrs. Creswell resides on the home farm of two hundred and eighty acres on Capon River.

J. W. CARTER, merchant, residing at Pleasant Dale in Gore district, son of James and Mary Carter, was born 1845; English and German ancestry; married, 1873, Jennie, daughter of William S. and Nancy Taylor. Their son's name is William A. Carter. His father, James Carter, was born in Loudoun County, 1803, and moved with his father in 1810 to Hampshire and settled at Hanging Rocks, on North River.

EDWARD B. CUMMINS, farmer of Gore, son of Edward and Sarah Cummins, was born of English parentage, 1860; married, 1885, Margaret, daughter of Alexander and Mary Sanders; children, Myrtle M., Harry C., and Dwight E.

BENJAMIN CORNWELL, a minister of the old school Baptist Church, moved to Jersey Mountain, from Fauquier County, 1859, with his wife and two sons, Jacob H. and Jesse. His wife died in 1869, and is buried at Three Churches. He died several years later in Fauquier county, and is buried there.

JACOB H. CORNWELL, son of Benjamin Cornwell was married, 1864, to Mary E. Taylor, daughter of John Taylor and granddaughter of Jesse Monroe. To them were born four sons and one daughter, all of whom are living, except one son who died in infancy.

WILLIAM B. CORNWELL, son of Jacob Cornwell, and prosecuting attorney of Hampshire, was married April 30, 1891, to Miss Nannie Dellinger, of Middletowa, Virginia, who, with two children, died three years later.

JOHN J. CORNWELL, son of Jacob Cornwell, was married June 30, 1891, to Miss Edna Brady, of Romney.

PHILIP CLINGERMAN, farmer of Springfield, son of Peter and Mary Clingerman, was born of English ancestry, 1846, in Pennsylvania; married, 1870, Sarah A., daughter of Theodore and Susanna Mellott, of Pennsylvania; children, John W., Frederick W., Joseph P., Sherman, Charles G. C., George H., and Maggie E.

WILLIAM W. CORDER, merchant of Green Spring, son of J. W. and Julia A. Corder, was born at Old Town, Maryland, 1863, of Irish and German ancestry; married, 1896, Nettie V., daughter of Elias and Catherine Regle, of Ohio.

L. A. CORDER, farmer of Springfield district, son of Abner and Emma A. Corder, was born 1864; English, Irish, and French descent; married, 1889, Mary S., daughter of Alexander and Mary A. Sanders; children, F. E., Beatrice A., and Noah S.

JAMES M. COWGILL, of Springfield district; farmer; son of F. H. and N. J. Cowgill; born 1857; German ancestry; married, 1897, Harriet E., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Bowman; children, F. T. G., P. R. W., M. B. A., V. E. T., and E. D. N.

J. H. CHESHIRE, son of Elias and Katharine Cheshire, of English ancestry, was born 1859; farmer, residing near Junction; married, 1884, Kate E., daughter of Daniel and Sallie Arnold, of Burlington; children, Edith B. and Harry W.

J. ROBERT CHESHIRE, farmer, resident of Romney district, son of James F. and Sarah A. Cheshire, was born 1853; married, 1877, to Harriet E., daughter of Samuel S. and Mary C. McDonald; children, Anna B., Burr W., Mary B., Charles E., Gustava N., Maud M., and Nina M.

C. H. COOKUS, teacher, resident of Romney district, son of John T. and Susan B. Cookus, of German ancestry, was born in Tirginia, 1859; married, 1882, to Sue N., daughter of Bernard and Caroline Fetzer, of Virginia; children, Lester B. and Harry H.

ABRAHAM CHESHIRE, farmer of Sherman district, son of Elias and Catherine Cheshire, German extraction, was born 1850; married Eliza A., daughter of John W. and Mary E. Daugherty, 1877; children, Ada F., John W., Lucinda K., Howard C., Martha E. F., and Maud V.

CHARLES A. CARLILE, farmer of Sherman, son of Isaac and Sarah Carlile, German ancestry, was born 1835; married Julia, daughter of George H. and Leah Slonaker, 1869. Mr. Carlile was born in Hampshire County; moved to Missouri, resided there twenty-eight years, and was moving back to Hampshire in 1895, when he died.

J. W. COFFMAN, farmer of Sherman district, son of John and Mary Coffman, German ancestry, was born 1845; married S. V. Frye, daughter of Benjamin P. and Mary Frye, 1881; children, M. L., Ira W., Otis E., Charles M., and Jettie L.

G. T. CUMMINS, merchant of Gore, son of Edward and Sarah Cummins, was born 1857; married Frances E., daughter of James W. and Eliza Orndoff, 1883; children, Wilhelmina, Edward M., and Ethel G.

M. L. COMPTON, farmer near Slanesville, son of A. R. Y. and Mary E. Compton, English parentage, was born in Rappahannock County, 1858; married Rachel A., daughter of John A. and Sarah L. Corder, 1881. Their child's name is Austin M.

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