History of Hampshire County West Virginia From Its Earliest Settlement to the Present
By Hu Maxwell and H. L. Swisher
Morgantown, West Virginia; A. Brown Boughner Printer; 1897

PART 3 - Family Sketches
Pages 704-706

Last Names beginning with "D, E, and F"

HOWELL F. DEAVER, farmer of Bloomery, son of George and Lucinda Beaver, was born at Ice monntain, 1851; Irish and English parentage; married, 1892, to Ida, daughter of Peter and Rebecca Snyder; children, Leonidas R. and Edna F. He was married twice, the first time to Annie Slane, in 1878 : children, Franklin W., Icie T., Attha E., and George L.

JOHN W. DAVIS, farmer and shoemaker of Capon district, son of Samuel and Marie Davis, Irish and German ancestry, was born 1845; married Eliza A. V., daughter of George and Rebecca Spaid, 1868; children, Robert F. L., Fannie R., Lillian C., and Benjamin F. He resides on a farm of three hundred acres.

GEORGE DEAVER, farmer and stock raiser of Gore district, son of Alexander and Nancy Deaver, was born 1825; English and Irish ancestry; married, 1848, Lucinda, daughter of Jeremiah and Lucinda Hiett; children, Francis A., Howell F., and Sarah V. Mr. Deaver, about 1855, was major in the Hampshire militia, under Colonel Alexande Monroe. In 1872 and the following year, he was a member of the legislature.

G. P. DARE, farmer of Gore district, son of William H. and Catherine M. Darr, was born in Rappahannock County, 1853; German ancestry; married, 1880, Eliza A., daughter of James and Ann Nealis, of Ireland; children, William N., Minnie E., and James E.

JOHN W. DAY, farmer of Gore, son of Alexander and Caroline Day, Irish descent, was born 1868; married, 1893, Mollie E., daughter of S. A. and Ann J. Rowzee, of Virginia; children, James E. and John N.

JOHN P. DARR, of Green Spring; farmer; son of W. H. and Catherine Darr; German ancestry; born 1847; married, 1873, Mary F., daughter of Ammon and Lncinda Clem; children, Anna L., Lovary B., Mary E., James W., George H., Sarah E., John R., Samuel E., and Lucy M.

G. M. DUVALL, of Green Spring; railroading; son of William and Mary J. Duvall; French and English ancestry; born 1861; married, 1886, Anna M., danghter of John and Martha J. Nixon, of Maryland; children, Ashby W., Missouri L., Florence A., Myrtle M., Isabella V., Viola D., Blanche B., Benjamin M., Ernest S., Daisey E., Mary W., and Irwin.

JACOB DAILEY, of Springfield; merchant; son of Jacob and Jane Dailey; Scotch-Irish and English parentage; born 1844; married Tomazine, daughter of John and Eliza Pearce, of Maryland. Their son's name is R. W. Dailey.

H. B. DAWSON, farmer of Romney district, son of James and Elizabeth Dawson, of German ancestry, was born in Alleghany County, Maryland; ancestry, German; married, 1870, to Elizabeth, daughter of John J. and Eliza Rodruck. Their son's name is John J.

D. H. DAUGHERTY, farmer near Augusta, son of John W. and Eliza Daugherty, was born 1862; Irish and English parentage; married Ella B., daughter of Henry and Rachel Sowers, 1882; children, Nora V., Bertie A., Benjamin O., Ira R., Grover C., and Cora R.

GEORGE W. DANDRIDGE, farmer of Gore district, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Dandridge, was born 1838; married Harriet, daughter of William and Anna Brooks, 1870. Their son, Charles, was born 1872.

GEORGE W. EMMART, of Gore, son of Henry and Rebecca Emmart, was born 1822; German and Welsh ancestry; by occupation a millwright and miller; married, 1859, to Barbara A., daughter of Henry H. and Eleanor Adkins; children, Henry M., Rebecca E., Robert L., Charles W., Mary E., George E., Lacy A., and John A. Mr. Emmart was a school-teacher for fourteen years before the Civil War.

LUTHER C. EWERS, farmer of Gore, son of Franklin and Virginia Ewers, of Welsh and Scotch ancestry, was born in Loudoun County, 1854; married, 1875, Susan V., daughter of Jacob and Sarah Swisher; children, William T., Annie M., Ella B., and Jacob F. Mr. Ewers was twice married. His second wife, whom he married 1890, was Mrs. Annie Swisher, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Scanlon; children, Albert Luther and Annie Carson.

FRANKLIN EWERS, of Three Churches; farmer; son of William and Nancy Ewers; born in Loudoun County, Virginia, 1824, of Welsh and Scotch descent; married, 1850, Virginia, daughter of Thompson and Catherine Furr; children, Kate F., William T., Luther C., Agnes, Jonathan, Loudoun, Naunie F., and Lizzie B.; stepchildren, Laura and Isaac Ewers.

JAMES L. EDMISTON, of Green Spring, farmer, was born in Hampshire County, 1812; son of Jerry and Rosanna Edmiston; married, 1865, Martha, daughter ot Nathan and Maria Coleman, of Maryland; children, James B., John C., William L., and Vandever. Mr. Edmiston's first wife was Emily A. Washington, whom he married 1848.

W. O. EVANS, farmer, resident of Romney district, son of John and Mary Evans, of German ancestry, was born in Hardy County, 1861; married, 1882, to Sarah C., daughter of Samuel and Rachel Loy; children, John W., Oliver D., Mary R., Elizabeth A., Sarah J., and George H.

L. B. EMMART, teacher of Sherman district, son of Samuel and Elizabeth Emmart, was born of German parentage, 1869; has taught seven years, one year as principal of the Romney school.

H. M. EMMART, carpenter and teacher, son of George W. and Barbara A. Emmart, of Gore district, was born of German and Welsh parentage, 1860; married Mary F., daughter of Abram and Elizabeth Thomas, 1893; children, Thomas Rives, Turley Leon, and Georgia Elwilda.

JOHN P. EVERETT, farmer of Gore, son of Asa and Frances Everett, German extraction, was born in New Jersey, 1813; married Mary C., daughter of John I. and Sanah Pownell, 1864; children, Lupton, Richard S., Julius P., John P., aud Sallie F.

G. T. FEASTER, farmer of Mill Creek; German ancestry; son of Henry ard Eliza Feaster; born in Grant County, 1S46; married, 1867, to Catherine, daughter of Aaron and Sarah May, of Grant County; children, Albert W., Arthur C., Miranda B., Luther T., Sarah E., James H., Annie G., Carrie F.

JAMES W. FLEMING, farmer of Mill Creek, was born 1854; of German ancestry; son of John and Mary Fleming; married, 1876, to Mary C., daughter of Andrew and Evaline See, of Hardy County; children, Nora F., Albert R., Martha J., Mary E., John W., and Bertha M. Mr. Fleming owns two hundred and eighty-two acres of land, one hundred and fifty acres improved, three miles east of Purgitsville.

WILLTAM V. FOX, farmer, Vernon County, Missouri, was born in Hampshire, 1843; son of Vause and Rebecca Fox: English ancestry; married, 1874, Ursula, daughter of Garrett I. and Sarah A. Blue. Their son's name is William V. Fox. Mr. Fox left Hampshire, 1878, for Kansas, and in 1884 moved to his present home in Missouri.

SAMUEL J. FARMER, Bloomery district; a farmer; son of Samuel and Anna Farmer; born, 1846, in Missouri; married, 1872, Margaret E., daughter of Minor and Mary Furr; children, Minnie B., Lelia A., Miuor L.; owns two hundred and eighty acres, half improved.

ELIHU C. FLETCHER, farmer of Capon district, son of Lewis and Martha Fletcher, German and English ancestry, was born in Frederick County, 1855; married Susanna, daughter of Harmon and Sarah Gates, 1882. Their child's name is Albert A. Mr. Fletcher was married again, 1887, to Martha A., daughter of Henry W. and Anna M. Oates; children, Lafa L., Sadie S., and Ray R. He owns three hundred acres, one-half improved.

W. D. FOLTZ, farmer of Gore, son of Levi and Matilda Foltz, German parentage, was born 1855; married, 1876, to a daughter of William and Caroline Haines; children, Warren Z., Charles W., Herman L., Dailey L., Lulu L., Ocy F., Gordy L., and Grover Cleveland.

C. M. FRENCH, farmer of Springfield district, son of William and Susan T. French, was born, 1841, of Welsh and English parentage; married, 1873, to Hannah E., daughter of Joseph and Harriet A. Taylor. Their son's name is Joseph W. French; second marriage, 1876, to Miss Mary Susan Taylor; children, Susan T., Harriet B., C. M., and Mary C. French.

DAVID FAIRFAX, of Springfield district; farmer; born 1848; son of Zacharias and Phillis Fairfax; married. 1869, Mary, daughter of Vincent and Nancy Bartlett; children, Belle, William, Flora, Lannis, Wordlaw, Mary N. V.

JOSEPH W. FRENCH, farmer of Springfield district, son of Charles M. and Hannah E. French, was born September 24, 1874.

W. T. FRENCH, farmer of Springfield district, son of William and Susan French, was born 1824; married, 1870, Florence M., daughter of John and Sarah C. Myers, of Virginia.

Photograph - S. L. FlournoyS. L. FLOURNOY, of Charleston, West Virginia, was formerly a resident of Hampshire County, representing this district in the State Senate from 1884 till 1890. He is by profession a lawyer; son of Richard W. and Sarah P. Flouruoy; French and English ancestry; born in Chesterfield County, Virginia, 1846; married, 1875, to Frances A., daughter of John Baker and Frances White, of Virginia; children, R. Parke, Harry L., Frances Z., Samuel L., and Alexander. Mr. Flournoy joined Otey Battery, Confederate army, in the spring of 1864, and fought till the close of the war. He graduated from Hampden Sidney College in 1868, receiving the speaker's medal. He came to Hampshire in 1870, and taught school two terms before commencing the practice of law.

DAVID FOX, farmer of Romney district, was born 1858; son of Vause and Rebecca Fox; English, German, and Irish ancestry; married, 1867, to Nannie J., daughter of Abraham and Susan M. Johnson; children, Susan R., Carrie B., Edwin J., Bessie M., and David V.

WILLIAM L. FELLER, farmer of Romney district, son of W. H. and Margaret E. Feller, was born, 1855,in Shenandoah County; German ancestry; married, 1881, to Mary B., daughter of Isaac and Sarah Mills; children, Mary E., Harry C., Wrennie G.

ROBEBT S. FISHER, of Romney; carpenter; German ancestry; born, 1859, in Augusta County; son of J. A. and Sarah Fisher; married, 1885, to Jemima, daughter of Silas and Abigail Lewis; children, Robert A., Firman D., Roy C.

SAMUEL A. FREDERICK, miller of Sherman district, son of Lewis and Sibell Frederick, German parentage, was born in Hardy County, 1859; married Julia A., daughter of Decatur and Eleanor Steed, 18S1; children, Edna M., Walter F., and Harry A.

F. M. FRAVEL, teacher, son of Moses B. and Eliza A. Fravel, was born at Pughtown, Virginia, 1836; Swiss descent; married Leah C., daughter of Philip and Diadem Hockman, of Virginia, 1869; children, C. N., Lena M., Aldine S., Laura B., and Ada L. Mr. Fravel is one of Hampshire's oldest educators. He began the work in Hampshire at the close of the war, and taught in this county until 1892, when he removed to Edinburg, Virginia, where he is still teaching. He has taught forty-three years; and his son, C. N. Fravel, is at this time a teacher in Hampshire. Mr. Fravel was two years in the Confederate army.

B. LEE FRYE, farmer of Sherman district, son of Benjamin and Mary I. Frye, German descent, was born 1863; married Hattie J., daughter of William H. and Sarah Pepper, 1892; children, Ina L. and Mary.

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