History of Hampshire County West Virginia From Its Earliest Settlement to the Present
By Hu Maxwell and H. L. Swisher
Morgantown, West Virginia; A. Brown Boughner Printer; 1897

PART 3 - Family Sketches
Pages 715-717

Last Names beginning with "L"

EMANUEL LILLER, farmer of Mill Creek district, was born, 1848, of English parentage; son of Henry and Charlotte Liller; married, 1869, to Mary C., daughter of George and Elizabeth Bobo; children, Mary K, Amelia A., Martha A., George T., William, Clara, Joseph, Nora, and Niota.

MISS LENA LEATHERMAN, of Mill Creek, a teacher by profession, was born, 1876, of German and English parentage; daughter of John M. and Amanda J. Leathernian. Miss Leatherman has attended the Shenandoah Normal College three terms, and has taught four terms of school.

GEORGE W. LEATHERMAN, son of John Lewis Leatherman, of English and German descent, was born in Hampshire, 1835. In 1851, when his father died, he decided to seek his fortune in the west; and with pluck and perseverance made the trip to Missouri, travelling till late in the fall through rain and mud. He and his brother took charge of the family in the new country, and endured much sickness and privation. Mr. Leatherman returned to Hampshire to sell the home farm, but failed to sell it. He then made up his mind to buy out the other heirs, which he did, and, having married Mary S. Whip, he settled down to an industrious life, and would have worked on had he been let alone. But he was drafted for the rebel army, and not choosing to fight on that side, he hurried away to Indiana. In 1862 he came back and was not molested. His wife died some time afterwards, leaving him six children. He kept his family together, and in 1877 married Catherine Thrush. His children are Warren W., John W., Zedekiah A., Mary Elizabeth, George S., and Emma Margaret. He is an ordained minister of the German Baptist Church.

SAMUEL H. LARGENT, of Bloomery; farmer; son of Thomas F. and Sarah Largent; French ancestry; born 1842; married, 1868, Lucy A., daughter of Deskin and Ann Wills; children, G. S., Thomas D., Albert H., Nannie M. He owns nine hundred and eighty acres, four hundred improved.

JOHN LARGENT, farmer of Bloomery, son of Joseph and Mary Largent, was born 1826; French parentage; he owns three hundred acres, with interest in other lands.

ALBERT O. LOVETT, farmer of Bloomery, son of Jonathan and Nancy R. Lovett, was born in Frederick County, 1847; married, 1869, Mary S., daughter of Harvey and Esther Park; children, Nettie R. and Harry P. He was married the second time, in 1877, to Annie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hiett Loy; children, Joel G., Hetzel H., Albert Brown. He owns eighteen hundred acres, half improved.

JOHN A. LEWIS, of Bloomery; painter; son of William and Margaret F. Lewis; German ancestry; born 1868; married, 1883, Fannie L., daughter of Eli J. and Margaret E. Nelson; children, Roy A. and Leslie A.

P. W. LOY, farmer of Bloomery, son of Hiett and Sarah Loy, was born 1857; Irish ancestry; married, 1883, Sarah V., daughter of Jacob and Jane Ziler, of Virginia; children, Roy S., Bessie H., and Clyde. He owns five hundred and twenty-five acres, three hundred improved, He served two ters as president of the board of education.

SILAS LARGENT, farmer of Bloomery, son of Samuel and Mary Largent, was born 1829; English ancestry; married, 1858, Sarah E., daughter of Robert M. and Mary Powell; children, Mary E., Henrietta, and David S. In 1864 his wife and three children died within three months. He served three years as a Confederate soldier; was taken prisoner in Martinsburg in 1863.

GEOEGE A. LUPTON, farmer of Capon, son of Jonathan and Catherine Lupton, was born 1862. He taught nine terms of school; was elected magistrate of Capon district, 1888, and elected commissioner of the court, 1892.

THOMAS L. LARRICK, farmer of Capon, son of John and Margaret Larrick, Irish ancestry, was born 1863; married Louisa, daughter of Harmon and Sarah Oates, 1888; owns one hundred and fifteen acres, seventy-five improved.

LUTHER LINEBUBG, farmer of Capon, son of Louis and Eliza Lineburg, English extraction, was born in Frederick County, 1872; married Elizabeth, daughter of Madison and Martha Elliott; children, Nellie and Ollie.

T. S. LAFOLLETTE, farmer of Capon, son of Amos and Bachel Lafollette, French an- cestry, was born 1854; married Fannie, daughter of Louis and Emeline Arnold, 1875; children, Delina L. and Lower E. P.

BENJAMIN S. LARRICK, farmer of Capon, son of Jacob and Harriet Larrick, German ancestry, was born in Frederick County, 1842; married Elizabeth, daughter of David and Jemima Farmer, of Frederick County, 1866. Their child's name is Smith. Mr. Larrick served four years in the Confederate army. He owns one hundred and eighty-seven acres, seventy-five improved.

SILAS LAFOLLETTE, farmer of Capon, son of William and Jane Lafollette, was born of French and Irish parentage, 1820; married Sarah J., daughter of Richard and Hannah Johnson, 1860; children, Richard, Lemon L., William, and Iven S. He was in the Confederate army. He owns two hundred acres, one-half improved.

PETER LARGENT, of Gore district, near North River Mills, son of Thomas F. and Sarah Largent, was born 1839; German descent; married, 1863, Eliza J., daughter of Robert and Eva Edwards; children, Sarah E., Mary L., Margaret E. H., Anna L., Bobert T., and George E. F.

T. S. LARGENT, farmer residing near Slanesville, son of Thomas F. and Sarah Largent, was born of German parentage, 1862; married, 1883, Leona S., daughter of William and Frances Wills; children, Edna M., Flournoy L., Charles B., and Brady W.

JOHN J. LARGENT, farmer residing in Gore district, near Paw Paw, son of John and Jennie Largent, was born 1827; Irish parentage; married, 1855, Mary, daughter of George and Sallie Moorehead; children, Anna E., Mary C., Nettie V., R. B., Jeremiah, J. W., and Amanda F.

HERMAN LEDERER, farmer of Springfield district, son of John and Johannah Lederer, of German ancestry, was born in Germany, 1864; married, 1889, to Laura V., daughter of Je6se and Rebecca Lewis; children, Jesse L., John M., Elizabeth J., and Virginia B.

MIDDLETON LEWIS, farmer, resident of Springfield district, son of Silas and Louisa Lewis, of German ancestry, was born 1833; married, 1856, to Eliza A., daughter of John and Mary Hanners; children, John N., Silas F., Sophia H., Hannah E., Maria C., and Virginia G.

T. J. LEWIS, farmer, resident of Springfield, son of Silas and Louisa Lewis, of Irish and German ancestry, was born 1844; married, 1878, to Barbara E., daughter of Pierce and Mary Barns; children, M. C., Estella M., and Thomas G.

WILLIAM J. LONG, farmer, resident of Springfield district, son of David and Christina Long, of German and French ancestry, was born 1829; married, 1849, to S. M., daughter of Jacob and Mary Taylor; children, Mary C., Simon, David W., W. F., A. L., Thomas J., John A., and Charles T.

URIAH LONG, farmer, resident of Springfield district, son of Isaac and Charity Long, of German ancestry, was born in Maryland, 1865; married, 1893, to Hannah L., daughter of Isaac and Fannie B. Taylor; children, Isaac T., Francis C., and Mary S.

W. F. LEARY, of Romney district; miller; son of Benjamin and Virginia Leary; Irish and German ancestry; born in Maryland, 1864; married, 1889, to Victoria, daughter of James and Maggie Shull; children, Otie, George W., and Maggie.

GEOEGE A. LINCH, farmer of Romney district, son of Charles and Mary Linch, was born in Hardy County; married Caroline, daughter of Alexander and Anna M. Malcom; children, Laura V., George W., John E., William A., and George F.

B. F. LINTHICUM, of Romney; stage-driver; son of Joel and Jane H. Linthicum; ancestors, German and Irish; born 1847; married, 1881, to Rebecca, daughter of W. J. and Achsah Poland; children, Charles W., Anna B., and Katie E.

WILLIAM LOY, farmer of Romney district, was born 1834; son of Samuel and Leah Loy; German parentage; married, 1863, to Jane P., daughter of W. H. and Mary A. Smith; children, James R., Mary C., Martha L., Bettie R., Cornelius C., Minerva C., Jane P., Georgia M., Daniel M., Sadie M., and Nannie E.

I. W. LAMBERT, teacher and farmer residing near Augusta; son of L. W. and Mary Lambert; born in Pendleton County, 1868; married Sarah F., daughter of John W. and Virginia Haines, of Maryland, 1893; children, Charles E. and Ansel C.

EDGAR J. LOY, farmer and teacher of Sherman district, son of William and Rebecca Loy, was born of German and Irish parentage, 1868; married Martha R., daughter of James T. and Caroline Ruckman, 1891. He has taught nine terms of school.

WILLIAM L. LUPTON, farmer residing near Rio, English ancestry, was born 1846; married Era A., daughter of Frederick and Sarah Mank; children, Lucinda C., Harriet R., Walter C., Ada A., Robert E., William F., and Clarence F.

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