History of Hampshire County West Virginia From Its Earliest Settlement to the Present
By Hu Maxwell and H. L. Swisher
Morgantown, West Virginia; A. Brown Boughner Printer; 1897

PART 3 - Family Sketches
Pages 717-721

Last Names beginning with "M"

U. L. MILLER, a farmer of Mill Creek, son of Jacob and Annie Miller, was born near Keyser, 1854, of German ancestry; married, 1893, to Amanda, daughter of S. and Damoris Biser; their child's name is David F. Mrs. Biser has been twice married, her first husband being David Walker, who was born in 1861 and died in 1886; children, Lillie F., Homer A., and Walker.

GEORGE W. MERITT, farmer of Mill Creek, son of George and Annie B. Meritt, was born 1862, of German ancestry; married, 1889, to Rosetta, daughter of Joseph and Mary Shoemaker; children, Ethel C. and Georgia L.

CHARLES J. McGEE, farmer of Mill Creek, son of Charles and Hannah McGee, of Irish and German ancestry, was born in Pennsylvania, 1843; married, 1865, to Margaret C., daughter of George and Susan Hartman; children, George S., Charles A. Mr. McGee's second wife was Harriet, daughter of John and Molly Fleming.

CHARLES F. MILLER, farmer near Purgitsville, son of Charles and Louisa Miller, was born, 1856, in Hardy County, of German ancestry; married, 1877, to Sarah F., daughter of John and Eliza Shoemaker; children, Samantha L. and Lafayette C., who is an adopted child. Mr. Miller owns one hundred and seventy-six acres of land.

OLIVER MESSIC, a farmer near Romney, was born in Hampshire County, 1861, of German ancestry; son of Thomas and Rachel Messic; married, 1887, to Tabitha, daughter of Isaac and Hannah Timbrook; children, Garret I. T., Osceola, Hildred, and Mildred.

E. J. McATEE, farmer of Bloomery, son of Robert and Drusilla McAtee, was born of Irish parentage, 1854; married, 1877, Charlotte A., daughter of John and Margaret L. Bradfield; children, Hettie M. and Sarah B.

S. C. McDONALD, merchant of Gore district, son of Sidnor and Mary J. McDonald, Irish ancestry, was born in Frederick County, 1850. He has been in the mercantile business at Hanging Rocks six years.

JAMES D. McCOOL, farmer of Bloomery, son of John and Cassandra McCool, was born 1823; Scotch and Irish; married, 1852, Emeline C., daughter of Joseph S. and Mary Baker, of Virginia; children, John S., Perry C., Mary C., Elizabeth, Theodore, Thomas, Virginia, Lucy K., Ida, Leslie, and Ora. He owns twelve hundred and fourteen acres, two hundred improved. He belonged to the Hampshire militia under Colonel Alexander Monroe, was in the fight at Hanging Rocks. He was afterwards in the regular Confederate army, in Captain Ginevan's company. He has several times filled the office of justice of peace; was president of the board of education five years; for thirty years was road overseer.

MARION McDONALD, farmer of Bloomery, son of J. H. and Mary V. McDonald, was born of Scotch parentage, 1870; married, 1894, Sarah E., daughter of Luther and Elizabeth Bennett. Their child's name is Mary E.

HUGH McDONALD, carpenter and farmer of Bloomery, son of Hugh and Elizabeth McDonald, was born in Pennsylvania, 1842; Irish descent; married, 1869, Louisa, daughter of Josiah and Margaret A. Surbaugh; children, Alpheus A., Fannie A., Joseph E., George W., Mary S., and W. M.

LARKEN G. H. P. MILLER, farmer of Bloomery, son of Jeremiah and Mary Miller, was born 1854; English ancestry; married, 1881, Mary A., daughter of Nimrod and Susan Day; children, Bessie E. E., John H., Addie, Robert, William, Mamie, Ora, and Larken D.

J. S. McCOOL, farmer of Bloomery, son of J. D. and Emeline McCool, was born 1852; Irish and German ancestry; married 1877, Louisa M., daughter cf Israel and Elizabeth Hardy; children, Gertrude B., Edna I., Herbert A., Robert B., Edith, Emma, and Grayson. He owns six hundred and ninety-eight acres, eighty-six improved.

JOHN H. MILLER, farmer of Bloomery, son of Stephen and Anna Miller, was born 1833; English and Scotch ancestry; married, 1868, Elizabeth Miller; children, Ira T., Robert E., Mary F., Annie E., George W., Dora S., John M., Daniel A., Minnie B., Ezra. C., Bertha E., Ruth I., F. C., and Allen P. He served twenty-one months in the Union army, in a Pennsylvania regiment. He was severely wounded in the battle of the Wilderness, and was confined to his bed two years, and was a cripple seven years. He receives a pension of twenty-four dollars a month. He owns two hundred and fifty acres, one hundred and seventy-five improved.

HIRAM L. MASON, carpenter of Yellow Springs, son of William and Mercy Mason, Irish and English extraction, was born 1855; married Jennie, daughter of Wesley and Mary Frank, 1879; children, Edgar W., Nellie A., Charles W., Arthur L., Ira W., Ashby V., and Nelson W.

JOHN J. MONROE, farmer of Capon, son of Dr. James and Margaret Monroe, Scotch ancestry, was born 1833; married Lydia T., daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Kackley; children, James A., Joseph T., and John J. Mr. Monroe died 1892. He was elected, 1871, as a member of the county court, and was subsequently elected to the legislature, and was sheriff of the county. Mrs. Monroe and her son John J. reside on the home place of four hundred and seventy acres.

L. T. MORELAND, farmer of Capon, son of George W. and Sarah Moreland, Irish ancestry, was born 1830; married Mary E., daughter of George and Rebecca Spaid, 1862; children, Lemuel H., Ella B., George W., Rebecca S., John A. O., Mary M., Martha M., and Aramintha A. He served in the Confederate army; owns one hundred and fifteen acres, seventy-five improved.

WASHINGTON MILLER, farmer of Gore district, German descent, son of Jacob and Elizabeth Miller, was born in Pennsylvania, 1826; in 1854 married Catherine, daughter of John and Eleanor Fisher, of Maryland; children, Nervi, Ellen, Theodore, Amanda, Mary, Ira, Agnes, Ama, Augusta, and Alberta.

WILLIAM P. MORELAND, farmer of Gore district, near Spring Gap, son of Evan and Ellen Moreland, was born 1865; married Caroline, daughter of J. A. and Sarah E. Largent, 1892; children, Lavinia, Wilbert, and Arthur.

JOSEPH MONTGOMERY, farmer, residing near Spring Gap, son of James and Priscilla Montgomery, was born, 1863, in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. He married Lena, daughter of Eli and Margaret Sunderland, of Pennsylvania; children, Bertha M., Willie, Mary E., and Dora E.

J. M. MILLER, of Higginsville; merchant; son of Oliver J. and Eveline J. Miller; born in Hardy County, 1868; German ancestry; married Ida, daughter of John P. and Amanda Miller, 1896. Their child's name is Hilda.

ALBION MORTON, farmer of Gore district, son of Thomas and Elmira Morton, English ancestry, was born in Parish St. David's, New Brunswick, 1864; married Lala A., daughter of Moses and Helen E. Barrows, of Maine, 1892; children, Levi B., Moses I,, Lecta L., Charles I., and George I.

ALEXANDER W. MONROE, surveyor, lawyer, and farmer, residing near Barnes's Mill, Gore district, son of Robert and Elizabeth Monroe, Scotch descent, was born, 1817, in Hampshire County; married, 1852, Sarah A., daughter of John and Eleanor French; child, James W. Mr. Monroe was married a second time, in 1866, to Margaret E. Pugh; children, Robert P., Sallie E., Ella G., and Annie H. Alexander Monroe was the oldest colonel, by his commission, in the Virginia militia. He commanded the 114th Regiment, which disbanded in 1862. He fought in the war till the close, and was in command of the rear guard on the retreat from Gettysburg, and his duty was to protect the wagon-train, which was twenty-seven miles long. Further mention of Colonel Monroe will be found in this book.

F. P. MORELAND, farmer residing in Gore district, near Hanging Rocks, son of George and Jemima Moreland, was born of English parentage, 1855; married Mary M., daughter of John and Caroline Kline. 1875; children. Sadie J., Harriet A., Marion M., Minnie B., John F., Hettie L., Yirgiuia E., Elsie C., and George E.

JAMES W. MONTGOMERY, residing near Spring Gap, Gore district, son of Robert and Sydna Montgomery, was born in Pennsylvania, 1821; Irish and Scotch descent; married Priscilla, daughter of John and Ellen Hockenberry, of Pennsylvania, 1863; children, John, Isabella M., Robert, James, Samuel T., Mary L., Elvira, Margaret, Elizabeth A., and Achey.

DAVID E. MORELAND, farmer residing near Spring Gap, Gore district, son of Evan and Eleanor Moreland, was born 1851; married Rachel E., daughter of Kenner and Martha E. Seaton, 1878: children, William W., Cora B., Amy E., Charles E., Benjamin A., Anna M., Victor G., and Joseph C.

WILLIAM McDONALD, farmer residing near Higginsville son of Samuel and Catherine McDonald, English ancestry, was born 1871; married, 1891, Linnie, daughter of Taylor and Cinda Shanholtzer; children, Ethel L. and Bertha P.

WILLIAM MILLER, of Gore, son of John B. and Sarah Miller, was born 1845; Irish descent; married, 1868, Sarah B., daughter of Thomas and Rebecca Wills; children, Cora, Anna, Holland, Ettie, Ella, Alma, Willie, and Charles. Mr. Miller has several times been deputy sheriff.

B. F. MARTIN, farmer of Gore district, near North River Mills, son of John and Ellen Martin, was born 1843; Irish parentage; married, 1865, Jane, daughter of Stephen and Mary Queen; children, John C., Stephen W., Hettie V., Taylor B., Sallie L., R. S., Cordelia M., and Howard W.

CORNELIUS MILFORD McCARTY, contractor and builder, of Romney, was born at Kernstown, 1846, but subsequently moved with his parents to Winchester. He is a son of Joseph S. McCarty, who was born at White Post, 1815, and who married Miss Mary Sticker, of Winchester, 1835. He moved to Winchester before the Civil War, joined the Confederate army, was captured, and was a prisoner at Fort McHenry. After the war he became mayor of Winchester and justice of the peace. His second wife was Miss Lucinda Bron, of Winchester. He died 1895. C. M. McCarty married Miss Mary C. Brown, of Charlottesville, Virginia, 1869. They had four children, Nannie Gertrude, Bertha Irene, Olar Belle, and Daisy Virginia. Mrs. McCarty was born at Paris, Virginia, 1845. Her father, John W. Brown, was born at Winchester, 1815, and in 1837 married Margaret Manuel, of Prince William County. They both died in 1864. Cornelius McCarty was in the Confederate army, was taken prisoner, and was confined at Fort Delaware at the time his father was a prisoner there. The family is related to many of the oldest families of Virginia. The great-grandfather of the subject of this sketch was named Groff, which is now Grove. He owned large bodies of land in Virginia; and was also owner of the land on which Shepherdstown stands. His descendants entered suit to recover the Shepherdstown land, but were defeated by the plea on the part of the citizens that they had been in undisputed possession the number of years required by statute to perfect a title.

THOMAS F. MULLEDY. — In 1795, Thomas F. Mulledy, son of Thomas Mulledy, was born in Romney, Irish by birth and in religion a Catholic. His life is a shining example of what industry and perseverance can do. With no advantages not enjoyed by the average youth of that time in the secluded inland village, he applied himself to books, overcame obstacles, entered Georgetown College, and graduated with honors in 1815. He went to Europe and studied several years in Rome, becoming one of the ripest scholars in Italian literature which this country has produced. He served two years as tutor to the crown prince of Naples; and twice after his return to America was sent by the Catholic Church as ambassador to Rome. In 1829 he was chosen president of Georgetown College, and was connected with that institution nearly all the time till his death, which occurred July 20, 1861.

SAMUEL MULLEDY, a brother of Thomas F. Mulledy, was also born in Romney, and he became little less distinguished than his brother. He finished his education in Europe, and was first president of the Holy Cross College at Worcester, Massachusetts. Few men, if any, have gone from Hampshire County who accomplished so much as they as scholars, educators,' and ecclesiastics.

JAMES MONROE, of Scotch ancestry, settled in Hampshire County near the close of the eighteenth century. He was grandfather of Colonel Alexander Monroe of this county, and R. W. Monroe, of Preston County. He had four brothers, Dr. John Monroe, a Baptist preacher, who resided on North River and died on Capon; George Monroe, who lived in Fairfax County; Alexander Monroe, Baptist preacher, who went to Keutncky; and Robert Monroe, who was born near Slanesville, 1796, and died in Harrison County, 1876.

W. T. McGRUDER, farmer of Springfield district, born 1849; children, Fad S., Martha E., Minnie, and Almeda.

J. R. MARTIN, a farmer near Higginsville, son of Benjamin and Margaret Martin, was born 1846; Irish ancestry; married, 1879, Sarah, daughter of Jacob and Catherine Shanholtzer; children, H. T., J. B., G. S., J. F., and Margaret C.

A. W. McCAULEY, farmer near Three Churches, son of Jacob and Mary McCauley, was born 1844, of Irish ancestry; married, 1867, Priscilla, daughter of David and Jemima Shelley; children, Bessie L., Charles E., and George W. E.

NERI MILLER, farmer of Springfield district, son of Washington and Catherine Miller, was born in Pennsylvania, 1857; German and Irish ancestry; married, 1883, Addie S., daughter of Abram and Elizabeth Thomas, of Pennsylvania; children, Anna G., Espy W., Abram W., Catherine E., Chester N., and Rose E.

JOHN G. MONROE, farmer of Springfield district, son of Jesse and Eleanor Monroe, was born 1824; ancestry, Scotch and Irish; married, 1853, Mary, daughter of James and Catherine Allen.

S. T. McGLATHERY, farmer of Green Spring, son of Allen and Martha McGlathery, was born in 1835, in Pennsylvania; ancestry, Scotch and Irish; married, 1858, Susan V., daughter of Rev. Moses and Sarah Raymond, of Connecticut; children, Martha C., I. R., and Edgar A.

JASPER N. MARTIN, of Three Churches, farmer, was born 1849; son of Benjamin and Margaret Martin, of Irish parentage; married, 1878, Sarah, daughter of William and Mary King; children, Stella M. and Luther G.

B. N. MORELAND, former, Springfield district, son of Bassil and Margery Moreland; born 1842; German descent; married, 1880, Bhoda, daughter of John W. and Mary C. Whitacre, of Virginia; children, Delsie L., Isaac William K., Benjamin C., Annie, Lettie C., Hettie V., Joseph H.

EDWARD W. McGILL, farmer of Springfield district; eon of Patrick and Mary McGill; of English ancestry; born in Maryland, 1817; married, 1847, Mary E., daughter of Benjamin and Rachel Chiswell, of Maryland; children, E. Franklin, Edward W., Wallace H., Arabella W., Mary H., Kate T., and Ella C.

WERNER MARTIN, farmer, son of Christian and Elizabeth Martin, of German ancestry, was born 1834; married, 1868, Miss A. E. Elliott, daughter of James and S. J. Elliott. Mrs. Elliott was a daughter of Peter Lions. They have had six children, — three living, three dead. Mr. Martin came to Hampshire in 1850, and lived at Hartmansville twenty-eight years; then moved to Keyser, where he keeps a hotel.

JAMES A. MONROE, Sheriff of Hampshire County, was born 1864; son of John and Lydia T. Monroe; Scotch and Irish ancestry; married, 1890, to Virginia, daughter of John W. and Mary M. Monroe; children, Mary L. and James W.

M. A. MILLAR, farmer of Romney district, son of John D. and Sarah Millar, was born 1872; Scotch ancestry; married, 1893, to Martha E., daughter of John M. and Amanda Peer; children, Sarah A., Scotland, and Edith C.

CHARLES MATTHEWS, farmer of Romney district, son of Harry and Lettie Matthews, was born 1841; married, 1861, to Clemnia, daughter of John and Gracia Notes; children, Harry and Matthews.

DANIEL MATTHEWS, of Romney district, teamster, was born 1844; son of Harry and Lettie Matthews; married, 1869, to Harriet Jackson; second wife was Drusilla Johnson; children, Mollie, Cora, Roxie, William, Martha E., Sullivan, Garret, Lawson, Floyd, Annie B., and Hoppie.

FRANKLIN MESSICK, farmer of Romney district, born of German and Lrish parentage, 1851, is a son of Thomas and Rachel Messick; married, 1872, to Belle, daughter of Philip and Emily Hartman; children, Charles W., Emma S., R. Lula, Irene, Rittie V., Lillian O., George F., and Isaac B.

I. K. MILLS, farmer of Romney district, son of Evert and Elizabeth Mills, was born of German ancentry, 1853; married, 1888, to Sydna, daughter of William J. and Susan Hartman; children, Annie B., John W., Ettie E., and Effie.

JOHN D. MILLAR, Jr., farmer of Romney district, son of John D. and Sarah L. Millar, was born 1860; married, 1883, to Nannie, daughter of Robert and Catherine Sheetz; children, Catherine, Edwin, Nannie, Frederick, and Thomas. "Lot 4" was granted by Lord Fairfax to William Millar, June 15, 1749: by him conveyed by will to his son, Isaac Millar, 1789; by him conveyed to his son, Michael Millar; Michael conveyed it to his son, John Decker Millar. Isaac Millar was president of the county court until his death, and twice declined the office of sheriff.

F. T. McBRIDE, of Romney; railroading; son of Joseph and Sarah McBride; born 1854; married, 1879, to Anna, daughter of Washington and Mary S. Fisher, of Pennsylvania; their son's name is Robert.

J. W. MUNDAY, of Romney; railroader; son of Patrick and Catherine Munday; Irish parentage; born in Maryland, 1828; married, 1849, to Hester A., daughter of Edward and Eliza Brady, of Maryland; children, Charles F., Ella M., Margaret J., and Anna B.

WILLIAM H. MALONEY, by trade a carpenter; at present justice of the peace in Romney; son of Daniel and Caroline Maloney; ancestors, Irish and Scotch; born 1845; married, 1873, to Margaret, daughter of James and Catherine Cool; children, Fannie M., Robert J., W. H., A. M., and D. H. Mr. Maloney belonged to Captain McNeill's company, in the Confederate army, and mention of him will be found in other places in this book. He was severely wounded in a night attack near Moorefield upon a much stronger force of Federals under Colonel Thoburn. September 13, 1863, where the Unionists had five companies taken prisoners. Mr. Maloney was left in Moorefield on account of his wounds, when McNeill withdrew, and he soon fell into the hands of the Federals as a prisoner of war. But not being able to take him away without endangering his life, the Federals left him there, and he subsequently recovered, and took part afterwards in many of the most daring raids known in border history, the most noted of which was the capture of Generals Crook and Kelley in Cumberland, February, 1865, by sixty-four men under Lieutenant McNeill, and carrying them out of the city, which was occupied at the time by about eight thousand Federals. A full account of this may be found elsewhere in the book.

A. J. MILLER, farmer of Gore district, son of Stephen and Celia Miller, German ancestry, was born in Morgan County, 1846; married Leah, daughter of David and Mary Hott, 1890; children, W. L., James A., and Sylvester.

B. F. MILLESON, farmer of Gore district, son of William and Sarah Milleson, was born 1832; married Lizzie E., daughter of John and Sarah Engle, 1863; children, Sallie B., John W. T., George B., Joseph M., Mary M., Charles C., Samuel H.

ISRAEL MAPHIS, farmer near Delray, son of George and Elizabeth Maphis. German ancestry, was born in Shenandoah County, 1850; married Lettie M., daughter of Timothy and Sidna A. Bradford, of Virginia, 1884; children, C. C. S. and S. M.

JOHN A. McBRIDE, farmer and teacher of Gore district, son of Robert and Mary McBride, Irish parentage, was born 1855; married Virginia, daughter of E. and Elizabeth Sandy; children, Robert W., Laura B., Charles A., Wendell L., Bessie J., and Martha E.

HIRAM MICHAEL, farmer of Gore district, son of Andrew and Elizabeth Michael, German extraction, was born in Morgan County, 1815; married Nancy, daughter of Jacob and Mary Ullery, 1856. Their son's name is G. T. Michael.

J. J. MARTIN, farmer of Sherman district, son of Blackney and Lucinda Martin, was born 1843; Scotch, Irish, and Welsh ancestry; married Florence V. Grim, of Kernstown, Virginia, 1867; children, Virginia B., Blackney H., Annie L., Lillie M., Thomas F., M. Lunettie, Copsy V. B., Laura E., and Edgar F.

VICTOR L. MYERLY, farmer of Sherman, son of Jesse and Jane Myerly, English and German parentage, was born in Maryland, 1860; married Rena, daughter of J. B. and Martha Everheart, of Clarke County, 1889; children, Eva P. and James R.

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