History of Hampshire County West Virginia From Its Earliest Settlement to the Present
By Hu Maxwell and H. L. Swisher
Morgantown, West Virginia; A. Brown Boughner Printer; 1897

PART 3 - Family Sketches
Pages 727-736

Last Names beginning with "R and S"

C. J. RACY, a teacher residing three miles south of Purgitsville, was born in Hardy County, 1871; son of Morgan and Rebecca Racy; married, 1895, to Cora H., daughter of Warner and Hannah High. Their child's name is Violet I.

JAMES R. RILEY, farmer of Rloomery, son of Thomas and Margaret Riley, was born 1845; Irish ancestry; married, 1877, Mary E., daughter of Iven and Sarah Kidwell. Their child's name is Alonzo D. He served one month in the Confederate army.

RORERT F. RILEY, residing three miles east of Capon Bridge, son of William T. and Susan A. Riley, was born 1859; Irish descent; married, 1889, Dorothy M., daughter of Louis D. and Elizabeth Schmilbe; children, Tracy L., Wilson C., and Mary P. He owns one hundred and five acres, one hundred improved. He attended the Ohio Normal University two terms, taught twenty years, sixteen of them on a number one certificate. He was two years a member of the board of examiners, and one year a member of the school-book board.

F. B. RILEY, farmer and mail contractor of Bloomery, son of Thomas and Margaret Riley, was born of Irish descent, 1852; married, 1891, Martha A., daughter of Robert and Mary A. Hook. Their child's name is Thurman R. Mr. Riley owns one hundred and thirty-eight acres, forty improved.

JACOB C. RUDOLPH, farmer, residing on Mutton Run, Capon district, son of George and Catherine A. Rudolph, German and Scotch extraction, was born 1837; married Cora, daughter of Adam and Catherine Bowers, of Berkeley County, 1864; children, Annie, Walter, Cora, Harry, Ada, Eliza, and Mary. He was four years in the Confederate army.

JOHN N. RANNELLS, farmer, residing near Higginsville, son of John and Kissiah Rannells, German descent, was born 1836; married Hannah E., daughter of Silas and Harriet Mileson, 1858; children, Augusta Y., Charles L., Samuel F., W. Edward, Annie V., Annie B., and Katie.

S. A. ROWZEE, fanner, residing near Higginsville, son of Reuben and Sarah A. Rowzee, was born in Frederick County, 1835; French and Irish ancestry; married Ann J., daughter of Peter and Jane Reilly, of Ireland, 1860; children, Mary E., John W., Samuel A, Sarah J., Catherine A., Cyrus H., Isaac N., and David W.

A. S. RHODES, farmer of Green Spring, son of Andrew M. and Christina Rhodes, was born in Ohio, 1849, of German descent; married, 1889, Mary A., daughter of Leonard W. and Elizabeth Huff, of Maryland; children, Annie L., John S., Edward F., and Lucy M.

M. H. RUSSELL, of Okonoko; farmer; son of Mahlon and Mary A. Russell; born, 1830, in Loudoun County; English and Irish ancestry; married, 1873, Arabella W., daughter of Edward W. and Mary E. McGill, of Maryland; children, M. Edith, Henry M., Edna H, Virginia M., Edward M., Julia B., and Ann Louisa.

L. A. RIZER, a miller, residing in Keyser, son of Matthias and Nancy Rizer, was born at Springfield, 1845; French and German ancestry; married to Kate Hyde, daughter of John J. Hyde; five children.

BENJAMIN REYNOLDS, farmer of Romney district, son of James and Elizabeth A. Reynolds, was born on Lost River, 1866; married, 1891, to Mary S., daughter of Cornelius and Catherine Blackburn; children, Clarence P. and Leafy M.

CHARLES N. ROBERSON, farmer and trader, Sherman district, son of Captain Amos and Catherine Roberson, German descent, was born 1873. He has filled the office of constable.

A. M. RUCKMAN, farmer of Sherman district, son of J. T. and Caroline Rnckman, English ancestry, was born 1860; married Alverda, daughter of R. M. and Phoebe Wolford, 1885; children, Ira C., Herman G., and Floyd M.

DAVID WARNER SWISHER was born in Augusta County, Virginia, April 29, 1822. He is of Swiss-German descent. About the year 1750, four brothers named Schweiber set out from Switzerland for America to try their fortunes in that far-away land. They are known to have reached America, but from that period the history of three of the brothers is lost. It is thought that one settled near Winchester, while two of the others went northward into Pennsylvania, and their descendants afterwards migrated into what are now the counties of Marion, Monongalia, and Harrison. It will be noticed that the name was spelled and pronounced essentially differently at that time from what it is now. John Schweiber, the grandfather of the subject of this sketch, was born in 1730. He came to America in company with his brothers as before mentioned. He became an Indian trader and merchant. He made extensive trips into the interior of the State, returning to Philadelphia heavily freighted with valuable furs. These trips were made about once in six weeks, and the value of the merchandise brought back varied from two hundred to seven hundred dollars, as is shown by receipts given at that time. The oldest of these receipts preserved is dated at Philadelphia, July 24, 1767, and is for thirty-nine pounds two shillings and ninepence. It seems his trading in Philadelphia was largely with two persons named Daniel and William Wister, as their names are attached to many of the receipts. In these receipts the spelling of the name varies, sometimes being Schweiber, Sweitzer, or Switzer, and once it is spelled Schweighlger. In no instance does the name Swisher appear. Some time during John Schweiber'e stay in the vicinity of Philadelphia, he married Anna Warner. He Boon afterwards moved to McGaheysville, Rockingham County, Virginia, where he engaged in merchandising. Later, moved to Augusta County, Virginia, where he died in 1802, and was buried on what is known as the Spring Hill Farm. This progenitor of the family in America left a large family of children. These were John, Jacob, Henry, Samuel, Daniel, George, Nancy, Elizabeth, and Mary. Of these Nancy married a man named Pence, Elizabeth married a Fauber, while Mary married Philip Thurman, of Illinois.

John Switzer or Swisher, as the name had come to be called, the father of David Warner Swisher, was married in 1811 to Catherine Trout. To them were born thirteen children; Mary, Anna, Elizabeth, John, Sarah, Jacob, Margaret, David, George, Henry, Samuel, Rebecca, and William. Of these Mary married John Koiner, Anna married Joseph Spore, Elizabeth married William Henderson, Sarah married Jacob Swisher, Margaret married Stuart Bennett, and Rebecca married Taylor Parker.

Upon the death of his first wife, John Swisher married Mary Grow, and two children, Daniel and James Swisher, were born to them. The descendants of the Swisher family are now scattered to almost every State of the Union, and in nearly every instance their habits of industry and perseverance have won for them the respect of their fellows and an honorable place in society.

Photograph - David W. Swisher and spouseThe subject of this sketch, David Warner Swisher, was born a farmer's son, and has followed farming for his life's work. He received such education as the common schools of his time afforded. This was, of course, meagre, but his excellent business foresight and judgment have served him well for any lack of school-training. About the year 1838 he, with his father, moved from Augusta County, Virginia, to what is now Preston County, West Virginia, but he remained there only a short time, until he moved to Hampshire County, where he bought land near Higginsville in 1841. David W. Swisher married Miss Katharine Bonnifield in February, 1846. Miss Bonnifield was a daughter of Dr. Arnold Bonnifield, of St. George, West Virginia. She had been carefully instructed by her father and in schools of those early days, besides having attended an Academy at Pruntytown for several terms. She had thus acquired what was for those days a polished education, and began teaching school soon after leaving the Academy. She came to Hampshire in 1845 an# took up a school near Higginsville. While here she met Mr. Swisher, and they were married the following year. Soon after their marriage the young couple took up their abode on the lower Levels, at which place they still live. Mr. Swisher has always been closely connected with the thought and progress of his neighborhood. When the Free School system was inaugurated it had his hearty sympathy, although he was strongly Southern in feeling, and many of his neighbors ridiculed the new educational system, branding it as a "Yankee" institution. He was a member of the first board of education in his district under the new system, and had as his associates "Jackey" Thompson, Joseph Parker, and Zeiler Chadwick. Since then he has many times been trustee of the Levels School, and has always watched the progress of education with satisfaction.

As a farmer he may be taken as a model, as his beautiful farm wrought out of the wilderness well attests. As a business man, few persons have a clearer insight into conditions than he. As a citizen he commands the respect of all who know him for his honesty, integrity, and industry. In politics Mr. Swisher is a Democrat. His church connection is with the Methodist Episcopal South. His children are Silas Newton, Anzalettie, Addie, John Arnold, Mary Isabel, David, Edward, Franklin, and Howard.

H. C. SWISHER, son of John and Catherine Swisher, was born at Tinkling Spring, Augusta County, Virginia, January 28, 1826. He is of Swiss-German descent. He came to Hampshire County in 1842, and is at present living at Levels Cross Roads in Springfield district. He was married March 25, 1847, to Elizabeth E., daughter of Samuel C. and Virginia Fauber, of Augusta County, Virginia. His children are Mary E., Samuel S., Jane A., Robert L., and Charles K. Mr. Swisher is a farmer by occupation. He owns land on the Levels and near Higginsville. His son Charles K. Swisher is associated with his father in farming and dealing in stock. C. K. Swisher is one of the most progressive young men of his neighbourhood, and recognized as the leader of his political party in the northeastern part of the county. Both father and son are Democrats.

SAMUEL SWISHER, son of John Swisher, was born in Augusta County, Virginia, March 23, 1827. In 1842 he removed with his father to Hampshire County, and is at present a resident of Gore district. He is a farmer by occupation, but has followed merchandising a good portion of his life. He was married, January 18, 1848, to Leah C., daughter of Philip and Rebecca Fahs; children, Rebecca E., Middle F., James H., Philip M., Mattie C., and Taylor P. He was married a second time to Miss McBride, and the children of this union are Nettie R., Robert W., Myrtie V., Minnie L., Samuel M., and Wildy B.

S. N. SWISHER, son of D. W. and M. K. Swisher, was born in Hampshire County, March 26, 1848. He taught school during the winter of 1868-69, and for ten consecutive winters following. During the year 1871 he made an extended trip to the west, visiting the States of Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, and Kansas. He removed to Tucker County, West Virginia, in 1873, where he has 6ince resided. He has held the offices of president of the board of education, county commissioner, road commissioner, and assessor in his adopted county. He was married, October 7, 1875, to Mary S., daughter of Jesse and Catherine Parsons, of Tucker County. His children are Minnie B., who teaches school, Scott N., a student at the West Virginia University, and Glenn T.

JOHN A. H. SWISHER, son of D. W. and M. K. Swisher, was born in Hampshire County, September 4, 1857. For some years he taught school in his native and adjoining counties. He attended the Fairmont State Normal School in 1879 and 1880. At present he is a fruit-grower, and resides in Tucker County. He married Ella C., daughter of Edward W. and Mary E. McGill, October 17, 1883; children, Wallace, Nellie, Belle, Lee, and Virgil.

EDWARD D. SWISHER, farmer of Springfield district, son of David W. and Mary K. Swisher, was born 1865; ancestry, English and German; married, 1886, Agnes J., daughter of Washington and Catherine Miller, of Pennsylvania; children, Hallie B, Grace E., Clyde E., Edward D., Ray M., Mary K., and William B.

JOHN A. STICKLEY, of Mill Creek; farmer; son of Tobias and Maria Stickley; German and Scotch ancestry; born near Romney, 1838; married, 1865, to Grace A., daughter of Joseph and Sarah A. Taylor; children, Tobias T., Rufus W., Joseph R., John R. Mr. Stickley was a member of Company F, Thirty-third Virginia Infantry, the "Stonewall Brigade." He was severely wonnded in the first battle of Bull Run. He now owns and resides upon the old Joseph Taylor farm of two hundred and twenty-five acres.

CYBUS O. STRIEBY, an attorney-at-law of Davis, West Virginia, son of Henry J. and Rachel Strieby, was born at Williamsport, Pennsylvania, 1866, of American ancestry, married, 1896, to Miss Addie Adams, daughter of John J. and Angelica Adams, of St. George, West Virginia. Mr. Strieby graduated, 1889, from the Susquehanna University, and in December of the same year was admitted to practise law in the courts of West Virginia.

THE SPAID FAMILY. — According to the statement of Joseph Spaid, the oldest one of the family now living, George Nicholas Spaid was the first person of that name to settle in Hampshire County. He came from Germany in 1774, but from what part of that country is not known. He settled on Capon River, not far from Hoak's Mills, where he tilled the virgin soil. He married a Miss Kale, of Capon. To them were born nine children. Elias died when eleven years old. In the early part of the century George Nicholas Spaid, after having reared his family, moved to Will's Creek, Ohio. His son Michael married Margaret Cutloaf, and moved to Will's Creek also. William, Mary, and Nancy married in Ohio. Elizabeth, Christina, John, and Frederick remained in Hampshire. Elizabeth became the wife of Henry Secrest, and Christina the wife of James Anderson.

JOHN SPAID, eldest son of George Nicholas Spaid, was born August 19, 1783, and died March 3, 1862. He was a farmer. He married Hannah Anderson, December 19, 1805, To them were born thirteen children: Mahalah, Enos, Amos, Hiram, Joseph, Margaret, Mary, Rachel, Michael, Nancy, Christina, Melinda, and Elizabeth. Mahalah was boru September 17, 1806, and married William Arnold, January 3, 1826. Margaret was born November 23, 1814, and died April 15, 1846, having been married to John Richards, February 16, 1834. Mary and Rachel were twins, born June 4, 1817. Mary was united in marriage to William Gardner, August 27, 1835, and died July 12, 1836. Bachel was married to Amos Lafolette, August 31, 1841, and is still living. Nancy was born February 1, 1822. She was married to Cyrus Groves, November 23, 1843, and died May 24, 1855. Christina was born July 24, 1824, and was married to Joseph Secrest, December 17, 1846. Melinda was born June 16, 1826, and was united in marriage to Meredith Capper, February 4, 1847. The Cappers live in Winchester, Virginia. Elizabeth was born May 26, 1828, and became the wife of Silas Lafollette, February 10, 1848, and died February 21, 1859.

ENOS SPAID, the oldest son of John Spaid, was a carpenter by trade, and was born January 30, 1808. On February 15, 1829, he married Elizabeth Brunner. She lived but a short time, and he married Rosanna Stifre, May 10, 1830. They became the parents of eleven children, two of whom live in this county, — viz., Emeline and Minerva. Emeline was born February 27, 1831, and was married to Lewis, son of Mary and Archibald Arnold, March 11, 1852. Hannah Minerva was born October 4, 1839. She became the wife of James F., son of Joseph and Anna Kelso, March 12, 1860. At the beginning of the Civil War Enos Spaid moved to Dayton, Ohio, his sympathies being with the North. Francis M. and John H. are dead. The other children, Elisha, James E., Jeremiah, Isaac N., Asberine, Alsinda, and Alonzo P., live about Dayton and Hartford, Ohio.

AMOS SPAID, second son of John Spaid, was a farmer, born September 22, 1809. Maria, daughter of Abraham Hackley, became his wife February 9, 1832. To them were born the following children: John J., Margaret, Emily, Flavius, and Sarah. All married except Sarah, who died at the age of eighteen. Margaret became the wife of John, son of Felix and Rachel Good. Emily married Elkana, son of Amos and Rachel Lafolette. They are both dead.

JOHN J. SPAID, shoemaker by trade, is the oldest son of Amos Spaid, and was born December 28, 1832. He married Margaret, daughter of Felix and Rachel Good, September 1, 1857. Their first children were twins, born January 15, 1859. Both were boys, Lorenzo and Uriah by name. They died young. Their two boys, James William and Lemuel J., were born June 12, 1860, and September 7, 1870, respectively. Lemuel is a successful teacher. James married Laura E. Fox, daughter of J. J. Updike, of Browntown, Virginia, January 2, 1883. They had two children, John W. H., born January 10, 1884, and Annie E. E., born July 2, 1889.

FLAVIUS J. SPAID, farmer by occupation, and second son of Amos Spaid, was born May 20, 1846. He married Mary, daughter of James and Elizabeth Wilson, November 28, 1867. The following are their children, with date of birth: Sarah E., born April 19, 1868; Amos J., September 11, 1869; Asbury C., October 21, 1871; Jeremiah J., May 7, 1873; Maria E., June 23, 1875; May M., October 20, 1877; Clarisa S., December 5, 1880; John Arthur, August 19, 1883. Asbury died October 5, 1872, and Sarah, September 4, 1894. Sarah was married to Lemon, son cf Amos and Elizabeth Brill, March 2, 1887. Amos J. Spaid was married to Laura, daughter of John and Margaret Slonaker, January 19, 1893. They have two children, Alfie G., born September 8, 1894, and Daisy N., born September 2, 1896. Amos J. is a carpenter by trade. Maria E. became the wife of Aljourn, son of Amos and Elizabeth Brill, November 11, 1896.

HIRAM SPAID, third son of John Spaid, was a farmer, and was born April 6, 1814, and died November 12, 1876. His marriage to Jemima, daughter of William and Elizabeth Lafolette, occurred April 29, 1832. To them were born fourteen children, whose names and dates of birth are given below: Levi was born March 22, 1833; Margaret J., January 5, 1835; Elizabeth, November 14, 1836: Rebecca, January 15, 1839; John W., November 7, 1840; Frederick M., October 23, 1842: Silas J., February 1, 1845; Annie M., March 2, 1847; Hannah C., July 17, 1849; Sarah F., November 10, 1851; Christina A., April 6, 1854; Regina S., February 18, 1857; Tilberry M., June 19, 1860; George A., July 21, 1863. Of these the following died without marriage: Silas J., died January, 1856; George, February 3, 1876: Sarah, October 7, 1876; Rebecca, December 15, 1895. Elizabeth was married to John, son of Bartholomew and Nellie Lafollette, March 4, 1856. Margaret was united in marriage, April 30, 1856, to William, son of Jacob and Catherine Cline. Annie became the wife of Paul, son of Samuel and Mary Brill, December 13, 1867. Hannah was married, December 11, 1874, to George, son of Samuel and Maria Davis. Christina became the wife of Terry, son of Jacob and Emily Swisher, January 11, 1877. Begina was married to Henry, son of Spencer and Sarah Gray, December 28, 1893.

LEVI SPAID, the oldest son of Hiram Spaid, was a farmer. He married Margaret, daughter of Jacob and Catherine Cline, February 14, 1858. To them were born three children, Jacob F., November 25, 1858; William L., June 8, 1860; Jemima C., February 4, 1862. In 1861 Levi entered the Confederate army. He belonged to Captain Herrell's company. Thirty-third Regiment, Stonewall Jackson's brigade. He died of fever at Richmond, April, 1863. His son William died November 24, 1864. His widow died March 11, 1895.

JACOB SPAID, farmer by occupation, married Lvdia A., daughter of Amos and Elizabeth Brill, January 11, 1894. Arthur W., their son, was born May 11, 1896.

JOHN W. SPAID, second son of Hiram Spaid, is a shoemaker by trade. He married Margaret, daughter of Michael and Eleanor Brill, March 2, 1865. Their children, with dates cf birth, are as follows: Arthur Rusmiselle Miller was born July 27, 1866; Luther Lore, October 20, 1868; Elia May, June 17, 1870; Martha Evalona, July 12, 1875; William Pohe, July 23, 1878; Nellie Love, May 28, 1881. Luther died May 27, 1877, and William, April 16, 1885. Elia M. was married to Carter G., son of Joseph and Elizabeth Kelso, March 19, 1891. He died October 30, 1891, and his widow married Lemon H., son of Amos and Elizabeth Brill, March 24, 1896. Martha E. was united in marriage with Samuel, son of Henry and Laura Fox, October 17, 1895.

Photograph - Arthur R. M. & Mary Abi SpaidARTHUR R. M. SPAID, the only son of John W. Spaid, is a teacher by profession. He attended the district school until he was in his twentieth year. In the spring of 1886 he entered Professor Taylor's school at Lacey Spring, Virginia, where he remained three months. The same snmmer he attended Professor Borglebaugh's Normal at Broadway, Virginia, for a short time; took the teacher's examination, secured a certificate and a school — Loan Oak — where he taught his first school. He engaged for a second year; but at the invitation of a cousin he went to Washington, Ohio; and having decided to enter Washington College, he resigned his position in Virginia. The first year he supported himself by acting as assistaut librarian of the college, also as librarian of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union library in the town. He kept "bachelor's hail," living on two or three dollars per month. The following year he supported himself by acting as sexton of the Christian Church. In 1890 he became principal of the Twin Township high school at Bourneville, Ohio. In order to economize, he and E. M. Parrett, teacher of the village school, kept "bachelors' hall." In 1891 he again entered college; but the illness and death of his brother-in-law took him back to Bourneville. He completed the term of school which his brother-in-law had left unfinished. At the close of the term he returned to college and completed his course in 1893, receiving the degree of A B. He was awarded the Haverford fellowship, worth five hundred dollars, and entitling him to a year of post-graduate work in Haverford College. In 1894 he received the degree of A.M. The same year he was elected principal of the Alexis I. Du Pont School of Wilmington, Delaware; a position he still holds. He at once placed himself in the front rank of the educational workers of Delaware, and received the commendation of the press and the educators for his advanced ideas. He is a believer in public schools, and he argues that no aim is too high for the American youth who has ambition for better things. His own life-work is an example of what industry can accomplish under circumstances by no means the most favorable. He has demonstrated that it is no more difficult for a talented man to become a leader than to follow others. The sum and substance of it all is well-directed work.

Mr. Spaid was united in marriage to Miss Mary Abi, daughter of Mary B. and Benjamin Farquhar, of Wilmington, Ohio, September 30, 1897. Mrs. Spaid was born April 11, 1872. In June, 1894, she graduated from Wilmington College. After having spent a year in a kindergarten training class in Columbus, Ohio, she became the kindergartner in the Alexis I. Du Pont School at Wilmington, Delaware.

FREDERICK M. SPAID, the third son of Hiram Spaid, is a farmer. He married Catherine, daughter of John and Cinderella Brill, December 13, 1866. To them have been born the following children: Edward T., born October 31, 1867; Frances H., October 10, 1869; John W., October 23, 1871; Tilberry F., November 30, 1877; Margaret A. B., April 14, 1880; Cora J., June 13, 1884. Frederick Spaid volunteered his services to the Confederacy in 1861, and served through the war, a member of Captain Lovett's company, E, Twenty-third Virginia Regiment. He was in nine battles, and received two ballet-holes through his clothes, one passing through his hat. Frances H. became the wife of Walter, son of John and Eliza Brill, November 14, 1894.

JOHN W. SPAID, a farmer, son of Frederick Spaid, married Almira, daughter of William and Mary Ridgway, May 26, 1896. Their daughter, Maud B., was born March 19, 1897.

TILBERRY M. SPAID, the youngest living son of Hiram Spaid, was married to Lydia, daughter of Isaac and Jane Pennington, October 1, 1885. Their son Frank Clayton was born September 11, 1887. Mr. Spaid keeps a general store, and in May, 1897, entered upon the duties of constable of Capon district.

JOSEPH SPAID, fourth son of John Spaid, farmer by occupation, was born December 7, 1812. When a baby he crawled out of the cradle into the fire and burned the toes off both feet. However, that has not kept him from doing much hard work. He is the oldest Spaid living. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Nicholas Leatherman, November 24, 1836. They became the parents of four children. John W. was born October 18, 1838; Hannah C., June 17, 1842; Nicholas L., August 15, 1846; Charles F., January 1, 1853.

JOHN W. SPAID, oldest son of Joseph Spaid, went west in 1860. He lives at neyworth, Illinois, and is the father of ten children. Hannah became the wife of Jules G. Pennington, but died 1862.

NICHOLAS L. SPAID, a farmer, second son of Joseph Spaid, married Angeline, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Anderson, March 26, 1873. The following are their children, with dates of birth: Evan W., June 30, 1874; Angus R., August 21, 1875; Branson B., January 2, 1877; Elvie C., June 1, 1879; Ora C., June 20, 1880; Nicholas R., November 30, 1881; Bertha L., September 3, 1883; Charles C., October 18, 1885; Ada E., November 28, 1887; Daniel B., June 13, 1890; Ida S., September 20, 1893. Evan W. died November 3, 1874. Angus R. Spaid is a teacher by profession.

CHARLES F. SPAID, carpenter, youngest son of Joseph Spaid, married Sarah, daughter of Jacob and Eliza Good, December 13, 1877. Their children are Liilie B., born October 2, 1878; John R., March 6. 1880; Margaret E., March 13, 1885; Joseph C., December 7, 1886; Jacob W., October 10, 1892; Florence L., May 25, 1895.

MICHAEL SPAID, farmer, the fifth son of John Spaid, was born July 17, 1819. He married Mary E., daughter of Jacob and Catherine Cline, August 22, 1849. He died January 18, 1868. The first child born to them, James C., June 27, 1850, died April 2, 1851. The following are living: Miranda I., born April 7, 1852; Ellen C., July 26, 1853; Sarah J., July 24, 1855; Aljourn R., November 24, 1857; Matthias William, May 24, 1860; Mary M., February 11, 1865. Aljourn lives at Lee Summit, Missouri. Mary became the wife of Atweil Alverson, January, 1897. They live in Texas.

The second branch of the Spaid family sprang from Frederick Spaid, brother to John Spaid. He was born December 3, 1785. He was married to his first wife, Margaret McVicar, May 5, 1808. Their childreu were as follows : Elizabeth, born March 22, 1809; Nancy, September 24, 1810; George, February 12, 1812; Margaret, February 16, 1816; Mary. September 17, 1820; Priscena, December 4, 1824. Elizabeth became the wife of Philip, son of Philip and Elizabeth Cline, February 27, 1827. Nancy never married. Margaret united herself in marriage with David Garvin, September 20, 1832. Mary died young, November 18, 1823. Priscena became the wife of David Moreland.

GEORGE SPAID, the only son of Frederick Spaid, was a farmer by occupation, although he was magistrate of Capon district for many years. He married Rebecca, daughter of William and Eleanor Moreland, August 25, 1836. He died March 13, 1879. His wife died August 13, 1878. There were six children: Margaret, born July 10, 1837; Mary, November 10, 1838; Rebecca, March 21, 1840; Lemuel, March 14, 1842; Fannie, February 25, 1844; Eliza, August 24, 1850. Margaret became the wife of Evan P. Ward, son of Simeon and Sarah Ward, April 12, 1854. Mrs. E. P. Ward's second husband was William Hall, son of William and Rachel Hall, whom she married in March, 1873. Mary was married to Levin, son of George and Mary Moreland, February 5, 1862. Rebecca married Isaiah, son of Robert and Mary Hook, June 21, 1863. Lemuel Spaid married Miranda, daughter of Michael and Elizabeth Spaid, December 22, 1880. They live at Odessa, Missouri, and have a large family. Fannie married Robberts Chamberlain, December 23, 1868. Eliza became the wife of John, son of Samuel and Maria Davis, December 23, 1868. Frederick Spaid married his second wife, Priscilla Capper, May 22, 1832. Their children were Harriet and Marjary. Harriet became the wife of Elias Arnold. She was born November 19, 1833. Marjary, born October 28, 1834, became the wife of Flavius Sine, and is still living.

PHILIP SHELLY, son of Daniel and Catherine Shelly (née Fauver), was born in Augusta County, 1831; German, Scotch, and Irish descent. In 1854 he married Hannah, daughter of Jacob and Margaret Shank; children, William and Luther. Mr. Shelly married a second time, 1877, to Susan, daughter of John and Carolina Hott; children, John, Theodore, Homer, and Eltie.

H. W. SHORT, farmer of Bloomery district, son of Joseph C. aud Phoebe J. Short, German ancestry, was born 1878. The grandfather of the subject of this sketch was John Short, who was a shoemaker. His family consisted of seven boys and four girls. Joseph C. Short was youngest. He was born 1857 and died 1894. He was a farmer. He married Phoebe Jane Snyder, daughter of Jacob Snyder, of Wordensville, Hardy County. They had eight children, only two of whom are living, H. W. and Lillian Grace Short. Joseph Snyder's second wife was Isabella J. Bennear. They had one child, now dead. Miss Bennear's father, James Bennear, resides at Elk Garden. He was in the Federal army.

DANIEL SHANHOLTZ, farmer of Bloomery, son of Samuel and Phoebe Shanholtz, was born 1844; German parentage; married, 1869, Rebecca, daughter of Nicholas H. and Maria Harris; children, Minnie, Florence B., Taylor, Joseph E., and Harman B.

THOMAS E. SANTINGERE, farmer of Bloomery, son of John B. and Harriet Santingere, of German and Irish ancestry, was born 1855; married, 1877, Elizabeth, daughter of John and Harriet Allen; children, John W., Edward T., Harvey D., James O., Asa W., Ernest L., Leslie. Maggie H., and Minnie E.

JOSHUA SHANHOLTZ, of Bloomery; carpenter; son of Martin and Elizabeth Shanholtz; German ancestry; born 1853; married, 1878, Mary J., daughter of John and Mary J. Smith; children, Leonora, Alvesta, John, Smith, Sarah, James V., Carl L., Harry, and Ira.

BENJAMIN H. STROTHER, farmer of Bloomery, son of Benjamin and Nancy Strother, German ancestry, was born, 1823, in Virginia; married, 1855, Letitia, daughter of Joseph and Lucinda Sale, of Virginia; children, George W., Dorsey S., Rosetta B., Florence A., John R., and Albert H. Mr. Strother was twice married, the second time, 1873, to Elizabeth M., daughter of Madison and Sarah Paskel; children, Annie E., "Walter M., Lily W., Tenna E., and Ada M. Mr. Strother served two years in the Confederate army. He owns three hundred acres, half improved.

A. J. SAGER, farmer of Bloomery, son of James and Mary Sager, was born 1867; German ancesters. He owns two hundred and fifty acres, fifty improved.

SIMON W. SWISHER, farmer of Bloomery, son of John and Priscilla Swisher, was born of German parentage, 1839; married, 1864, Mary E., daughter of John and Julia Hiett. Their son's name is Edward L. Mr. Swisher was captain of Company G, One Hundred and Fourteenth Virginia militia, until the company disbanded. He then volunteered in the cavalry, and served till the close of the war, surrendering at Winchester. He was one of the few Confederate soldiers never wounded or taken prisoner.

B. W. SHANHOLTZ, farmer of Bloomery, son of James and Harriet Shanholtzer, was born of German parentage, 1850; married, 1872, Amanda E., daughter of Isaac and Matilda Pepper; children, Bertha V., Henry G., Carrie E„ Ernest L., Lily M., James C., and John C. His daughter Bertha has taught two terms of school in Hampshire.

A. C. SLONAKER, farmer and miller residing in Bloomery district, son of David and Margaret Slonaker, was born 1855; married, 1874, Elizabeth E., daughter of George and Margaret Hott; children, Irene M., Robert B., Mary C., Daily R. He held the postmastership at Cold Stream twenty-one years; was deputy sheriff eight years. He now owns the mill at Cold Stream, which was built by a man named Largent a hundred years ago. It has chamged ownership from Largent to Thomas Yonley, from Yonley to Jonathan Lovett. It was then sold by decree of court, by Commissioner A. P. White, to Deskin Wills, and in 1876 it became the property of its present owner, who operated it on the old process until 1896, when he put in rollers. Mr. Slonaker owns four hundred and one acres, half improved, and has interests in other lands.

WESLEY SLONAKER, wagon-maker and farmer of Capon, son of Christopher and Mary Slonaker, German and Welsh descent, was born 1835; married Louisa L., daughter of John E. and Jane Heatwole, 1882; owns one hundred and seventy-five acres, one hundred improved. He was in the Confederate army.

H. H. SHARFE, printer of Romney, son of John H. and Fannie J., German and English ancestry, was born in Baltimore, 1871; married Ada L., daughter of H. C. Jackson, 1891. Their child's name is Ruth.

C. W. SCHAFFENAKER, blacksmith of Bloomery, son of William Schaffenaker, is of German origin. He has held the offices of school trustee and county assessor.

WILLIAM H. SALE, proprietor of Capon Springs; son of W. P. and N. C. Sale; English ancestry; born 1831, in Rockbridge County; married Sarah J., daughter of Samuel and Mary S. McCorkle, of Rockbridge. Their daughter's name is Sarah J. He was in the Confederate army, a member of the staff of General Fitzhugh Lee. Captain Sale was manager of the Rockbridge Alum Springs sixteen years, beginning 1854. He then became the proprietor of Capon Springs. He is believed to be the oldest spring manager in the United States.

CHARLES W. SCHAFFENAKER, blacksmith of Bloomery, son of C. W. and Catherine Schaffenaker, German ancestry, was born in New Jersey, 1857; married Martha F., daughter of Elias and Harriet F. Arnold, of Frederick County, 1885. He has served as member of the board of education and assessor.

B. F. SINE, teacher of Capon district, son of F. J. and M. A. Sine, English ancestry, was born 1865; married Annie R., daughter of B. F. and Julia A. Kerns, of Frederick County, 1891; their child's name is Guy R. He has taught in Stuart Normal College, the Shenandoah Normal College, in the Rock Enon High School, and in a normal school which he established at Capon Bridge.

GEORGE W. SLONAKER, farmer of Capon, son of Mr. and Mrs. George H. Slonaker, German ancestry, was born 1843; married Almira, daughter of Hillery and Sarah Oglesbee, 1871; children, James A., Dora E., John W., Charles E., Sarah M., Joshua D., Leatha V., and Carl M. He was a soldier under Stonewall Jackson, and was a prisoner nearly two years.

GEORGE SAVILLE, farmer of Gore, son of Oliver and Mary Saville, German descent, was born 1814; married Sarah J., daughter of Moses and Elizabeth Robinson, 1860; children, J. J., J. D., W. T. L., and G. L.

S. A. SNYDER, Gore district, railroader, son of Frederick and Lydia Snyder, was born 1872; German and English descent; married Flora E., daughter of James S. and Sarah F. Malcolm, 1892; children, Jessie C. and James L.

BENJAMIN F. SNYDER, farmer residing near Okonoko, son of Frederick and Lydia Snyder, German and English ancestry, was born 1861; married Mary E., daughter of Washington and Catherine Miller, 1886; children, Edith M. and Ora L.

SILAS L. SHANHOLTZER, farmer residing near Higginsville, son of Silas and Joanna Shanholtzer, was born 1842; German ancestry; married Maria, daughter of James and Catherine Wattson, 1867; children, Mary A., Lorenza E., Catherine G., and Herbert G.

BENJAMIN J. SHANHOLTZER, farmer of Gore, son of Joseph and Mary Shanholtzer, was born 1842; German extraction; married Nancy J., daughter of John W. and Elizabeth Daugherty, of Maryland, 1868.

WILLIAM SHADE, farmer residing on the Levels, son of Adam and Elizabeth Shade, was born in Frederick County, 1833; married Mrs. J. W. C. Largent, daughter of Josiah and Mary Kaylor, 1895.

H. J. STRIEBY, farmer residing near Spring Gap, son of Jonas and Sarah Strieby, Dutch parentage, was born near Williamsport, Pennsylvania, 1835; married Rachel, daughter of Nathan and Catherine Ridge, of Pennsylvania; children, Sadie A., Cyrus O.,Emma A., Joseph C., Harry E., and Clara M.

A. J. SHANHOLTZ, farmer of Gore district, son of John and Barbara Shanholtz, was born 1844: German parentage; married Sallie M., daughter of Peter and Alcinda Alkire, 1871; children, M. G., Ettie M., Lulu B., Bursie E., Harper A., Vernie O., and Thurman W.

BENJAMIN W. SMITH, minister residing near Augusta, son of Jefferson and Ellen Smith, was born of German parentage, 1860; married Martha J., daughter of John and Anna Corbin, 1884; children, Annie C. M. and Mary Elivildie.

S. J. STUMP, farmer of Gore district, son of John and Nancy Stump, was born of German ancestry; he married Rebecca, daughter of John and Rebecca Coddy; children, Margaret E., Ann R., and Sarah J.

WILLIAM SMALTZ, farmer of Gore, near North River Hills, son of Jonas and Barbara Smaltz, was born, 1830, in Germany; married Caroline, daughter of Henry and Wilhelmina Bower, of Germany, 1864; children, Henry W., William L., Emma A., and Ella M.

JAMES T. SPICER, farmer residing near Spring Gap, son of Henry and Hannah Spicer, was born 1842; Irish extraction; married Anna B., daughter of James and Anna Nealis, 1877; children, Maggie E., Anna C., Mary E., Clara B., George W., Joseph H., and Rose M.

SYLYESTER SNYDER, farmer of Gore district, son of Adam and Barbara Snyder, was born in Pennsylvania, 1855; Irish and German descent: married Mary, daughter of Abraham and Mary Newcomer, 1880; children, Lizzie, Wesley A., and Amos.

JAMES F. SMITH, residing near Slanesville; machinist; son of Jefferson and Susanna Smith; German descent; born 1855; married Laura, daughter of W. R. and Martha Kendall, 1880; children, Sardis E., Albert L., Gorda A., Alonzo D., and Herbert F.

I. J. SAVILLE, school-teacher residing at Pleasant Dale, son of Oliver and Elizabeth Saville, was born 1863, of French descent; in 1888 he married Oceanna, daughter of Abraham and Margaret Barnes; children. Ira C., Ada P., Essie I., and Blanche.

J. WILLIAM SMITH, farmer of Go- district, near Pleasant Dale, son of Jefferson and Polly A. Smith, German descent, was born 1867; married Sarah A. M., daughter of John and Martha Piles; children, W. F., Dailey C., Susan M., and O. G.

JOHN W. STUMP, of Gore district, railroader by occupation, son of W. M. and Rebecca Stamp, was born of German parentage, 1837; married Ehoda A., daughter of Bailey and Elizabeth Catlett, 1867; children, Lorena M., E. W., and Bessie M. Mr. Stump, in 1876, married Miss Jennie Showalter.

WILLIAM R. SHANHOLTZER, farmer of Gore, son of Isaac and Jane Shanboltzer, was born 1849; German ancestry; married Elizabeth C., daughter of James and Jane Henderson, 1870; children, Mary M. J., Sarah E. M., Annie B., Charles J., James R. L., Jacob W. R., Isaac S. E., Estella G. M., and Minnie N. F.

B. A. SHANHOLTZER, farmer of Gore, son of Jacob and Catherine Shanholtzer, was born 1851, of German and Irish parentage; married Eliza E., daughter of James H. and Caroline Saville, 1875; children, Hamilton T., Marshall G., Virginia M., James J. C., Sarah B., and George E. Mr. Shauboltzer, in 1894, was married to Miss Ettie Doman.

EDWARD MAYBERRY SMITH, formerly of Hampshire, but now connected with the Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Trust Company, of Kansas City, Missouri, was born in Romney, 1858; son of Abraham and Mary Elizabeth Smith; married, June 1, 1893, Elizabeth Reid, daughter of John W. and Elizabeth Waddell, of Lexington, Missouri. Their son's name is Walter Edward. Abraham Smith was killed in the Confederate army, an account of which will be found in this book. Mrs. Smith, with her two sons, Edward M. and Robert E., went to Missouri in 1870, and settled at Lexington. She died at that place four years later.

B. F. SHANHOLTZER, school-teacher residing in Springfield district, son of Fahs and Sarah A. Shanholtzer, was born 1871; German ancestry; married, 1893, Mary J., daughter of J. W. and Susan C. Crock; children, Claud E. and Charles L.

I. N. SAVILLE, railroading; son of Jerry and Mary Saville, of Springfield district; born in Hardy County, 1863; married, 1884, Martha, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Miles; children, Boyd, Cora, Rose, Alice, and Susie.

JAMES A. SHORT, shoemaker, Springfield district, son of John and Susan Short, was born 1854; Irish ancestry.

SAMUEL SMITH, railroading, resident of Green Spring, was born in Maryland, 1851; son of Jacob and Mary C. Smith; German ancestry; married, 1877, Cynthia, daughter of James and Sophia Crabtree, of Maryland.

J. O. SAVILLE, railroading, resident of Springfield district, son of Jacob and Elizabeth Saville, was born 1849; German ancestry; married, 1875, Amanda J., daughter of James and Sophia Crabtree, of Maryland; children, Kirk W., Eva I., Jacob H., J. Samuel, James T., and Elia T. M.

M. L. SNYDER, farmer of Springfield district, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Snyder, was born 1858; German ancestry; married, 1881, Ellen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Washington Miller, of Pennsylvania; children, M. W., W. C., L. M., and Oscar Lee.

JAMES W. SAVILLE, farmer of Springfield district, son of Jacob and Elizabeth Saville, was born 1839; English and German ancestry; married, 1864, Miss M. J. Malcolm, daugbter of John and Eleanor Malcolm; children, William L., E. B., C. H., G. M., J. T., E. G., E. May, and N. C. Saville.

WILLIAM S. SUTER, engineer, resident of Springfield district, was born, 1841, in Pennsylvania; son of George W. and Susanna Suter; Irish and German ancestry; married, 1867, Margaret, daughter of John and Margaret Kagarrice, of Pennsylvania; children, Mary E., Paulina B., Sarah C., Josephine E., David R., William E., Eliza L., Wayne G., Percy E., George E. R., and Elva V.

BENJAMIN SHANNON, justice of the peace, Springfield district, son of Andrew and Mary Shannon, was born 1821; Irish ancestry; married, 1842, Hannah C., daughter of Jeremiah and Maria Chadwick, of Kentucky; children, Mary E., J. C., James, William, Anna B., Robert L., Elizabeth, and John.

C. K. SWISHER, farmer of Springfield district, son of Henry C. and Elizabeth E. Swisher; German ancestry: born 1869; married, 1895, Annie L., daughter of James A. and Margaret Athey, of Maryland.

NOAH SHANHOLTZER, blacksmith of Springfield district, son of Jacob and Catherine Shanholtzer, was born 1845; German ancestry; married, 1873, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bedinger; children, M. L. C., S. E. A., S. R. M., C. V. F., M. A. M., D. R. E., and John W.

J. W. SNYDER, farmer of Springfield district, son of Frederick and Lydia A. Snyder, was born 1865; German parentage; married, 1895, Anna B., daughter of Samuel and Elmira Showalter. Their child's name is Lydia E.

J. W. STARNES, shoemaker of Springfield district, son of Frederic and Annie Starnes, was born 1844; English ancestry; married, 1867, Matilda J., daughter of Perry and Eliza Cheshire; children, Thomas A., Charles F., Wade H., Mary A., and.Ellis C. Mr. Starnes was in the Confederate army; was taken prisoner at Frederick, Maryland; spent three months in the hospital, and was released on parole.

G. W. STICKLEY, farmer near Okonoko, son of Thomas and Mary A. Stickley, was born in Virginia, 1852; German ancestry; married, 1874, Nancy E. Kerns; children, Annie E., James E., Emmel I., Thomas B., Gabriel S., and Lottie P.

GEORGE W. SIFORD, Springfield district; miller; son of George and Delila Siford; born in Morgan County, 1863; German ancestry; married, 1881, Fannie, daughter of James and Mary Allison, of Pennsylvania.

C. W. SINGHASS, merchant of Springfield, son of James A. and Mary L. Singhass, of Virginia, was born 1854; English and German anct/try; married, 1872, Jennie, daughter of James and Mary Allison, of Virginia; children, Effie R., Walter F., Nannie P., and Lillian A.

J. W. STEWARD, farmer of Springfield district, of English ancestry, was born 1867; married, 1889, Eliza A., daughter of George and Sardina Steward; children, William N., Benjamin R., and Ethel M.

JACOB B. SEDERS, farmer of Springfield district, son of Thomas Seders, of German ancestry, was married, 1854, to Charlotte A. Kesler, of Kentucky; children, Mary, John J., Sarah, William T., Reuben H., Asberry, Henry C., Clarence F., Robert L., and Ida.

W. A. SHANNON, supervisor on the Baltimore and Ohio Bailroad; resident of Springfield district; son of James C. and Elizabeth Shannon; Irish ancestry; born 1861; married, 1884, Fannie, daughter of William and Louisa Parsons. Their son's name is Augustus C. Shannon.

JOSEPH STUMP, of South Branch, railroading, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Stump, was born, 1816, of English ancestry; married, 1847, Nancy, daughter of Peter and Mary Hass.

JAMES SHEETZ, of Romney; merchant; son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Sheetz; born 1815; married, 1869, to Myra, daughter of William and Nancy Harper, of Pennsylvania. Their daughter's name was Nancy H.

J. W. SHANK, farmer of Romney district, son of George W. and Catherine A. Shank, was born 1835; German ancestry; married Sarah, daughter of William and Rachel Barrett; children, Charles W. and Delia. Mr. Shank has worked twenty years on the north-western pike.

M. I. STARNES, farmer of Romney district, son of Frederick and Annie Starnes, was born 1849; married, 1872, to Sallie S., daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Albright; children, Lewis E., Charles F., Robert C., and Maud E.

WILLIAM B. SMITH, farmer of Romney district, son of George and Leah Smith, was born at Moorefield, 1869; married, 1894, to Edith, daughter of Charles and Sarah Keys; children, Sarah, Charles F., and Myrtle I.

J. B. STICKLEY, farmer of Romney district, son of Tobias and Elizabeth Stickley, was born 1853; German ancestry; married, 1873, to M. B., daughter of Isaac and Sallie Mills; children, Luther D., Tobias W., Otie L., Lloyd E., and Annie E.

A. E. SETTLETON, of Romney; teamster; son of Moses and Eliza Settleton; born 1861; married, 1886, to Sarah, daughter of Joseph and Sarah Jackson; children, Fannie, Clarence, William, Louisa, and Mary.

ALEXANDER SINGLETON, of Romney; teamster; son of Alexander and Emily Singleton; born 1876; married, 1896, to Lula, daughter of Isaac and Bertie Brown; children, Leona and Herbert.

JOHN W. SMITH, farmer residing near Augusta, son of Jacob and J. S. Smith, German and English parentage, was born 1869; married Minnie S., daughter of David and Mary Shaffer; children, Rannie J. and Clarence L.

JOHN O. SAVILLE, of Gore, farmer, son of Abraham and Eliza Saville, French ancestry, born 1838; married Sarah, daughter of Philip and Emily Shanholtzer; children, William T., Delia J., Cora H., James C., and Minnie C. Mr. Saville served as a Confederate soldier through the war, most of the time in Captain Genevan's company.

JAMES C. SNAPP, farmer of Gore, son of Joseph and Margaret Snapp, German ancestry, was born in Augusta County, 1813; married Malinda, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Monroe, 1860; children, Elizabeth and Alexander W. L.

J. LUTHER SHELLY, teacher of Sherman district, son of Philip and Hannah Shelly, German parentage, was born 1867; married Sarah L., daughter of George and Matilda Roomsburg; children, Luther C., Susan V., and Myrtle.

JOHN A. SAVILLE, farmer of Sherman, son of Isaac and Martha Saville, English ancestry was bora 1851; married Sallie, daughter of Daniel and Polly Simmona; children, Etna M. Matilda E., Rosa B., and James F.

P. H. SAVILLE, farmer of Gore, son of John and Rebecca Saville, German extraction, was born 1860; married Malissa, daughter of George and Elizabeth Malick, 1892. Ida M. is their child.

ROBERT H. STROTHER, carpenter of Sherman district, eon of James Strother, Irish extraction, was born in Loudoun County, 1842; married Rachel A., daughter of Spencer and Sarah Gray, 1871; children, Walter Spencer, John Henry, and Joseph Anthony. Mr. Strother died on North River, 1893.

JOSIAH SIRBAUGH, carpenter of Bloomery district, son of Jacob and Elizabeth Sirbaugh, was born in Hardy County, 1850; married Harriett A., daughter of John and Elizabeth Harper, Virginia; children, Clarence J. and Lulu V. Sirbaugh.

A. A. SCHULLER, miller and merchant, residing near Sedan, son of Ferdinand and Barbara Schuller, German ancestry, was born in Europe, 1851; married Catherine, daughter of Eli and Leah Frye, of Virginia, 1880; children, Mary L., Martha V., Bertha E., Lillian, Annie F., Arthur X., Rosa V., Effie E., and Florence X. Mr. Schuller was a soldier in the German army during the war with France, 1870-71. He came to America in 1873, and to West Virginia in 1876.

J. H. SAVILLE, farmer of Sherman district, son of Abraham and Eliza Saville, English descent, was born 1833; married Caroline, daughter of Henry and Eliza Yoste, 1854; children, Amanda F., E. Z., William L., and Rosa L. Mr. Saville was a Confederate soldier two years. He was in the fight at the wire bridge near Springfield.

GEORGE W. SAVILLE, farmer near Kirby, son of Peter A. and Mary C. Saville, was born 1872; married Dora B., daughter of Harrison and Catherine Peters, 1894; children, Lee E. and Harrison O. He owns one hundred and fifteen acres, seventy-five improved.

JOHN W. STEWART, farmer of Sherman district, son of James and Lucinda Stewart; Scotch ancestry; married Lydia N., daughter of James and Lizzie Haws, 1889.

ISAAC SAVILLE, of Pleasant Dale; farmer; son of Abraham and Eliza Saville; English parentage; born 1828; married Martha, daughter of James and Nancy McBride, 1851; children, John, Elizabeth, James B., Drusilla, E. A., Eliza, Mary, and Robert.

JAMES L. SWISHER, farmer of Gore, son of Jacob and Sarah Swisher, Swiss and German ancestry, was born 1853; married Annie, daughter of Michael and M. E. Scanlon, 1886; children, Johanna and James. These children own the old Swisher home, which has been in the family sixty years.

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