Bible Records of some Black Births

Provided by Mr. Robert Kuykendall, copied from the Bible cited.

NOTE! - It is NOT known whether these individuals were slaves. The range of dates would support that, but the illness or absence of anyone in the household who could read and write would also contribute. Also, since these were on a loose sheet, additional sheets could have been lost over the years. Spelling, and abbreviations are preserved as I received them.

SOURCE: "The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testament Together with the Apocrypha: Translated out of the Original Tongues, and with the former translations diligented compared and revised by the special command of his Majesty King James I of England with marginal notes and referecnes to which are added an index; An alphabetical table of all the names in the Old and New Testaments, with their significations; and tables of scripture weights, measures, and coins embellished with eleven engravings. Philadelphia. Printed and published by M. Cary, No. 121, Chestnut Street. 1815."

On the inside of the front cover is written "Thomas Blue, South Branch, Hampshire County, Va."

The Family Records portion of the Bible are numbered 677 through 680.
The following are written on plain paper, between pages 898 and 899.

  • Barbarah (a Mullatto) was born in May 1789
  • Negro Benjamin (of Barbarah) was born Oct 5, 1806
  • Negro Phebe (of D) was born April 15, 1809
  • Negro Rebecca (of D) ws born June 15, 1810
  • Negro David (of D) ws born December 28, 1812
  • Negro Clem (of D) was born February 5, 1815
  • Negro Letty (of D) was born May 15, 1817
  • Negro Patrick (of D) and Dancel was born Dec 12, 1819
  • Negro (of D) was born March 12 1822
  • Negro Samuil of D, D was born April 22, 1824
  • Negro Lucy of D D was born July 4, 1826
  • Negro Abe of Phebe was born June 3, 1829
  • Negro Charles of Phebe, ws born Jan 24, 1831
  • Negro Fillice (of D) was born July 24, 1834
  • Negro Rebbecca of Phoebe was born July 1, 1838
  • Negro Loueazer of Elizabeth was born Jan 4, 1839
  • Negro Phoebe of D & D ws born Oct 20, 1840
  • Negro Susan of D & D was born Apr 13, 1841
  • Negro Elizabeth of D D was born Apr 9, 1845
  • Negro David of Phillice was born Dec 18, 1849
  • Negro John of Phillice was born Feb 13, 1856
  • Negro Dan of Phillice was born Mar 29, 1857
  • Negro Harriett Ann of Phillice was born November 24th, 1858
  • Negro Margaret of Phillis was born May 17, Anno Domini 1860
  • Negro Barbry & Phebe twins of Phillis was born September 2nd Anno Domini 1862

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