Thomas Athey

Abstract of Last Will and Testament submitted by: David Earl Athey

  • Source: Will Book Vol 1-22 (page146), Hampshire (W)Virginia
  • Court/Repository: Hampshire County Court House, Romney, WV
  • Executor: Henry Smith
  • Date signed: 20 February 1826
  • Date Proved: 16 October 1826
  • Signature: Thomas Athey
  • Witnesses: William [his mark X] Tanney, Samuel Davis, Reuben Davis

Bequests, Devises, etc.: 1. Perishable estate should be sold to satisfy debts and funeral expenses. 2. Any surplus should not be sold, but remain in the hands of wife, Martha, for the support of minor children, Samuel, Nancy, Martha, and Joseph until they reach the age of twenty-one. 3. After the above stated children arrive at the age of twenty-one, all land should be sold and the money arising from such sale to be equally divided between all surviving children; Sarah, Elizabeth, Walter, Thomas, Emma, Susan, Verlinda, Mary, Samuel, Nancy, Martha, and Joseph.

Codicil: Wife, Martha, should she live and remain in widowhood till the time shall come when the land is sold, should have an equal part of the money arising from the sale, that is to say, a child’s part.

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