Mary Harmison

Submitted by Cheryl H. Singhal

  • Source: Will Book Vol 23 (page179)
  • Court/Repository: Hampshire County Court House, Romney, WV

July 12, 1912       

       I leave all my property to Papa as long as he lives, then at his death to pay Chris and Lou each $300, apiece; and the rest to go to go to Johnnie, Dora, Henry & Joe.

       This is my will.

/s/ Mary Harm                             
Mary Harmison                            

West Virginia to wit:

       In the Clerk's Office at the County Court of Hampshire County, on the 3rd day of January 1923, the last Will and Testament of Mary Harmison, decd., was presented in said office and proved by the oaths of Lelia H. Houser and Mary Elizabeth Iren Houser to be wholly in the handwriting of the said Mary Harmison, dec., they stating upon oath that they were well acquainted with the handwriting and signature of the said Mary Harmison, decd., and had often seen her write and sign her name, that the whole of the said writing is in the handwriting of the said Mary Harmison, decd., and said Will is here admitted to Probate.

Teste: /s/ C. W. Haines Clk. Cty.       
Ct. Hamp. Co. W. Va.             

[Note: Lelia and Irene were her nieces. The persons named in her will were her children, except Papa, who was her husband, Charles Van Harmison.]

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