Silvester Welch

Submitted by Kathy Futey

  • Source: Will Book Vol 5 (pages 81-83)
  • Court/Repository: Hampshire County Court House, Romney, WV

In the name of God Amen, I Silvester Welch of the County of Hampshire in the state of Virginia being of a sound mind and memory and in a good state of health in body blessed be god do this 30 day of September 1800 make and publish this my last will and testament in manner following that is to say I give first unto my son Demcey Welch a bed and furniture his choise in my House also I give unto my daughter Luraner Welch a bed and furniture her Choise after demcey in house. I give and bequeath unto my loving wife Jemima Welch the tract of land I now live on with all my moveables except the Legacys aforesaid mentioned to her Single Life and if she should see cause to marry again she is to have no more than the Law allows her. I give and bequeath unto my sons Silvester Welch and Demcy Welch the place or tract of Land I now live on after the death of my wife Jemima to them and their heirs for ever to be equally divided between them. also I give and bequeath my land in Harrison County to my son Benjamine where he now lives to him and his heirs for ever. also after the Single or Naturel life of my wife Jemima Welch I leave all my movable Estate except the legacys aforesaid mentioned to be divided between my children as follows, Isaac Welch Silvester Welch demcy Welch Benjamine Welch Nancey Smith Mary Mott Elizabeth Fleming Sarah good Levraner Welch only Nancey Smith her part of the Estate is to be given to her by my Executor and Executrix as she is in need of it and if she should die before she has received her part her Children Reuben Jemima and Dorcas shall receive the rest Equally divided betwene them by my Executor and Executrix, Mary Mott dec'd her part is to be Equally divided betwene her Children Silvester Mott Sarah Mott Lucey Mott and Jemima Mott after the death of my wife Jemima Welch. and I make and ordain Jemima Welch My Executrix and Demcey Welch my Executor of this my last will and testament in trust for the Intrests and pofits in this my will Contained in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal.

In presence of
Rodham Iams
Josiah Smoot
Joseph Davis


Silvester Welch [seal]       


At a Court held for Hampshire County the 19 day of February 1810

                     This last will and testament of Silvester Welch dec'd was presented in Court by Demcey Welch the Executor therein named proved by the oath of Josias Smoot one of the witnesses and the signature of Rodham James decesed another of the subscribing witnesses to the said will proved by Jacob Vandivier and thereupon the said will is ordered to be recorded the Executor having taken the oath of an Executor and entered into an acknowledged Bond with Jacob Vandivier his in the penalty of Five thousand dollars conditioned as the law directs

And Wodrow

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