Civil War Monument, Hancock County, West Virginia

Photo courtesy of Judith Tauber-Lovik

The following article was printed in the Newsletter of the Tri-State Genealogical & Historical Society. The newsletter is Vol. XVI, Issue No. 2 printed in 1995. There
is a photograph of the Civil War Veterans taken prior to 1921. It was not clear enough that I could scan and print it. I do intend to insert a photo of the monument on this
page soon. Thanks for your patience. Also, many thanks to the society for allowing this to be posted on this page.


"A rededication ceremony was held on Friday, April 28, 1995 at the Hancock County Courthouse in New Cumberland, West Virginia for the newly restored Civil War Soldiers
Monument. Many area residents, County and State officials attended.The restoration project was started in 1992 by the New Cumberland Area Chamber of Commerce. The one hundred and nine year old monument was badly in need of repairs.It was erected by the citizens of Hancock County and dedicated on May 29, 1886. Therestoration was completed in 1994 at the cost of $18,000. Through the kindness ofnumerous patriotic citizens, area organizations, County and State government the moneywas raised.

During the restoration, many bronze plaques that list almost five hundred names of soldiers were removed for cleaning. Underneath two of the plaques a discovery was made, in raised letters were the names of soldiers that Died in Battle, Killed in Service, and Died since Discharge. These names appear on Winchester (left) side, and on Cedar Creek (right) side. Most of the names are unreadable in the two pictures I have, but with the aid of a magnifying glass I was able to read these names: Wm. Wylie, 15th W. VA Art., Hamilton S. Pose, 1st W. VA Cav., Moses A.Campbell, Robert Milby, U.S.M., Jno. W. Connelly, William A. Murray, John C. Murray,Jno. W. Durbin, Ephriam ?, John H. Jenkins, ? H. Thayer, 34th O., Geo. W. Apple,
62nd P., ? Eton, ? Campbell, N. C. Austin, Jas. Wycoff, John C. Russell, Geo. W. ?,Jas. Mc ?, ? W. White, Jno ?, ? McDonald, ? Marshall, F. ? Myers, Jno ?, Jno. Johnson, Jas. ? Steele, Thos. J. Reed, D. ? Householder. I have no knowledge of who, when or why the bronze plaques were placed over the original names.
Miss Mary Porter of New Cumberland, West Virginia was honored with a corsage. Her father, James Porter fought in the Civil War.The Hancock County Commission was presented a plaque listing the names of those  that contributed to the restoration project.The plaque will be placed at the courthouse."

The article lists the names of those who contributed also. It was compiled by Kathleen Murray of the T.S.G.H.S.

Those pictured in the photograph mentioned earlier are: William Ramsey, Basil West,Morgan Headley, David Patterson, Wesley Flowers, Jonothan Smith, J. Goodwin (Godwin),
Jefferson Lockhart, John Swaney, Benjamin Robb, Joseph Bailey, and James Bradley.

Miss Mary Porter of New Cumberland had an original invitation to the unveiling and dedication of the monument in 1886. I will be putting the text of this document
on the Hancock County page. Again, the photo is not clear enough to scan and post.

Copies of this newsletter can be obtained by contacting the Tri-State Genealogical & Historical Society.

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