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Mary M. ALLISON 1918 Hancock Marcie McClelland
Peter Lincoln ALLISON 1906 Hancock Marcie McClelland
Garon ARMSTRONG 17 Oct. 1936 Chester Janet Waite
Albert George BAILEY 9 Apr 1980 Chester Vicki Lanham
Grace McGee BAILEY 4 Dec 1968 Weirton Vicki Lanham
Harold BAILEY Apr 1913 Chester Vicki Lanham
Ralph Irwin BAILEY 28 Jun 1981 Chester Vicki Lanham
Wasson Joshua BAILEY Apr 25, 1956 Chester Vicki Lanham
Samuel R. BATCHELOR 17 July 1937 Holidays Cove Liz Batchelor
Jane BEALL 13 Dec. 1846 Hollidays Cove Dale Patterson
Alice Marie BREEN 25 Aug 1924 New Cumberland Doretta Thompson
Ambrozine Murray BREEN 15 Aug 1934 New Cumberland Doretta Thompson
Clyde Henry BREEN 1 Jan 1961 Weirton General Hospital Doretta Thompson
Eva Manolia Gardner BREEN 6 25 Aug 1927 New Cumberland Doretta Thompson
John Scott BREEN 6 June 1930 New Cumberland Doretta Thompson
Lillian May BREEN 25 Jan 1927 New Cumberland Doretta Thompson
Alexander CAMPBELL 15 Mar 1856 Hollidays Cove Dale Patterson
Alice M. Breen COX 16 Oct 1983 Weirton Doretta Thompson
Bessie J. DICKEY 11 Sept 1907 New Cumberland Karen Schroeder
Fronie G. DICKEY 1903 New Cumberland Karen Schroeder
James S. DICKEY 9 Nov 1918 New Cumberland Karen Schroeder
John DICKEY 25 Jan 1908 New Cumberland Karen Schroeder
Margaret DICKEY 2 June 1908 New Cumberland Karen Schroeder
Alexander EDIE 16 April 1887 New Cumberland Dale Patterson
Samuel EDIE 16 Feb 1914 New Cumberland Dale Patterson
Mary McCarty EWING 19 Jan. 1911 Chester Cheryl Castelin
Ethel M. GLASURE 12 May 1907 Chester Jean Butler
James C. HAMILTON 9 April 1919 Weirton Jenn Lewallen
Lida (LEWIS) HAMILTON 11 April 1919 Weirton Jenn Lewallen
Mary Elizabeth Wells HAYNES 7 Feb 2003 Weirton Doretta Thompson
Mary Virginia (IRWIN) HOWARD 16 July 1968 Weirton Emilie Ayers
Arthur Otto HULDERMAN 21 May 1946 Chester Janet Waite
James William IRWIN 20 Oct. 1967 Weirton Emilie Ayers
Connie L. JACKSON 5 Jan 1993 Newell Brea Blewitt
Elizabeth Sarah McCONNELL 2 Sept. 1875 Hollidays Cove Dale Patterson
Levi Monroe McFANN 10 May 1933 Holliday's Cove Brian D. McFann
Thomas T. McPEEK May 13, 1910 Hancock Rich McPeek
George J. MIKEALS 6 June 1946 Chester Robert Mikeals
Margaret J. MOORE 20 June 1889 New Cumberland Dale Patterson
John G. MURRAY 8 Feb 1874 Hancock County Doretta Thompson
Olive Jewell Stephens NORRIS 1999 Chester Judie Norris
Martha A. PETTIBONE 9 Aug 1884 New Cumberland Dale Patterson
Elizabeth Herb (IRWIN) PICKERING 20 Sept 1964 Weirton Emilie Ayers
Alexander Campbell PRIEST 10 Mar 1910 Chester David Quinn
Caroline PRIEST 27 Apr 1926 Chester David Quinn
Elizabeth PRIEST 23 Feb 1925 Chester David Quinn
Susannah PRIEST 26 Sep 1922 Chester David Quinn
Samuel RALSTON 26 May 1881 Hollidays Cove Dale Patterson
Everett RYAN 21 Mar 1981 Hancock County Janet Waite
James Riley RYAN 18 Dec 1936 Chester Janet Waite
Cyrus Homer SAYRE 19 Mar 1949 Chester Herman Sayre
Nova Martha Kessel SAYRE 4 Mar 1962 Chester Herman Sayre
Rhonda Nana Rickey SMOOT 3 July 1998 Chester Karen Schroeder
Walter James SMOOT 4 Oct. 1980 Weirton Karen Schroeder
Martin Van Buren STALEY 24 May 1909 New Cumberland Mary E.Staley
Jacob Anthony STEINER Nov 1974 Weirton Jill McCall
Paulina STEINER 11 Jan 1993 Weirton Jill McCall
Charles H. TAYLOR 10 June 1938 Chester Janet Waite
James Harold TAYLOR 15 July 1978 Weirton Janet Waite
Margaret V. Applegate TAYLOR 1940 Hancock County Janet Waite
Sybil Lucile TAYLOR 8 Feb 1918 Hancock County Janet Waite
Mary E. Hunter THAYER 1 Apr 1914 New Cumberland Dihann Walters
Milton Homer THAYER 18 Mar 1892 New Cumberland Dihann Walters
Edwin Lynn THORNBERRY 1991 Newell Judie Norris
Leslie Thomas THORNBERRY 4 June 2005 Newell Judie Norris
Ralph Leroy WAITE 27 July 1970 Chester Janet Waite
Minnie WARD 21 Jan 1981 New Manchester Janet Waite
James Agustus WELLS 5 May 1989 Weirton Doretta Thompson
Katherine Ella (HINDMAN) WERN July 12, 1937 Hancock County Corrine Robinson
Leticia (ROLAND) WERN 1917 Hancock County Corrine Robinson
Thomas WERN, Sr. 1918 Hancock County Corrine Robinson
Mary J. Barlow Bailey WIGNOR 12 Feb 1942 Hancock County Vicki Lanham


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