Peter Tarr's Furnace
WV Twelfth Regiment, Company I Volunteers, Hancock County, West Virginia


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Margaret Pruni, 15, and 'Butch". 1942.
Taken on the corner of Ferguson and Orchard Street.
Margaret married Charles L. Bailey, Jr. in 1946.

Contributer, Mark K. Bailey

Kenneth J. Bailey c. 1943, (1915-1992),
Son of Charles L. Bailey and Bessie Lee Dolphin.

Charles Lloyd Bailey, 32 Degree Mason

Contributer, Mark K. Bailey

The following three photos are of the Margaret Manson Weir
Memorial Pool on Marland Heights, Weirton, WV; 1956-57

Emilie Ayers, contributer of Marland Heights Pool Photos.

The following three photos are of the Weir Cove Dairy, Weirton, WV taken
sometime during or after WWII.

L-R, Dennis O'Keefe, Josephine (Irwin) De John

L-R, Unnamed employee, Josephine (Irwin) De John

L-R, Unnamed employee, Josephine (Irwin) De John
Emilie Ayers, contributer of Weir Cove Dairy Photos.

The Old Hooker Homestead, Weirton, WV

1915 Third Grade Class, County Road School, Weirton, WV
(abstracted from an undated Weirton Steel Bulletin)
Margaret Ellis Heaton, contributer.

1930-1940s Corner Main Street and County Road, Weirton, WV

Washington School 1939-1940, New Cumberland, WV
Ruby Geer Talbot, contributer.

Weirton School - 1912. First school after Weirton Steel came to town, 1911.
Grades 1-6. Left rear, Pearl Swearengen, teacher, second left rear, Lillian Truax.
Hunter at far right was teacher/principal.

Weir High School, Weirton

Cove School, Weirton

Edward Gregory Walsh

Born 1893 in Forest City, PA, and d. 1966 Weirton
(Courtesy of Kelly)

L-R Jack--U.S. Army, Bob Walsh--U.S. Army, Bud Molnar--U.S. Navy, Mike--U.S. Navy
The fellow with his arm hanging out the Weirton Bus Company window was Robert Joseph WALSH,
(1924, Weirton-1986, Louisville, KY); leaving Weirton bound for Louisville for the war in the 1940s.
More WALSH Family Photos (Courtesy of Kelly)

Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne (1868-1949),
President of West Virginia Fire Clay Mfg.
He resided on Ridge Ave., New Cumberland
(which later became Fields Funeral Home and
currently private Fields residence).

(Courtesy of Mary Uible Crowson)

Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible - Winter 1931

(Courtesy of Mary Uible Crowson)

L-R Robert Ballantyne, Jennie Sanford, Robert and Leora Brown, Scott Brown holding
Jean Ballantyne, Ola Moore Brown, Nathaniel and Lucie Ballantyne, Virginia Ballantyne
- May 1923

(Courtesy of Mary Uible Crowson)

L-R Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hawks, unknown, and Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Ballantyne; circa 1925

(Courtesy of Mary Uible Crowson)

Ruby Margaret Geer and Donald William Talbot, circa 1947
on Washington School Road in Hancock County, WV.
(Courtesy of Marvin L. Talbot)

Sons & daughters of Charles & Letha Handley Geer taken at the Geer family
homestead in Hancock County W. Va. circa 1934. L-R: Clark, Ruth, Elliott,
Catherine, Gertrude, Floyd and Paul
(Courtesy of Marvin L. Talbot)

Samuel Paul Webb, b. 1905,
(Courtesy of Philip K. Webb)

Samuel Reeves Webb, b. 1857,
Residence on Tomlinson Run.
(Courtesy of Philip K. Webb)

Maelie "Mary" Spivey Webb born Oct. 1863
(Courtesy of Philip K. Webb)

Pughtown Church Group, gentleman on far left is Samuel Reeves Webb. (Courtesy of Philip K. Webb)

Edmund "Big Ed" Byron Geer ( X marked over his head) and unknown others outside
the Railroad Station. (Courtesy of Susan Geers Brenders)

Hartford's Mill (Courtesy of Susan Geers Brenders)

GEER family taken at the farm circa 1940
L-R: Oscar DeWitt GEER (Dee), his wife Maxine, her mother Zetta, Caryl (Kay) MURRAY (nee Geer),
Arthur GEER (a cousin), his daughter, his wife Lodia, Martha Adah GEER (nee Hartford), Phillip GEER and
his wife Gladys. (Courtesy of Susan Geers Brenders)

Christian Church of New Cumberland

Spartan Mechanics:
Front Row, Left to Right
Ralph Harper, Ohio; Walden Cook, Fairview, WV; Quenten McRae, Montana; Clerance Grimm, West Virginia; George McLain, Iowa; Joseph Pasdeck, Illinois; Walter Cookman, Iowa; Harold Warren, Ohio.
Center Row, Left to Right
Kenneth Haberfield, Wheeling, WV; Richard Newman, Chester, WV; Kent Van Winkle, Ohio; Fred Magnello, Canton, Ohio; Harry Marr, Youngstown, Ohio; Rex Funderburk, Illinois; Frank Barto, Illinois; Russell Wilson, Iowa
Back Row, Left to Right
Robert Magnieson, Iowa; Bill Colburn, Idaho; Robert Lennox, Pennsylvania; James Edenfield, Oregon; Robert McDougall, Iowa; Cecil Sieman, Iowa; Warren Messer, Iowa; Forrest Baughman, Ohio; Russell Koppes, Ohio;

The fountain at Newell Park

Rock Springs Park

Old Chester High School at 6th and Indiana Avenue

The Masonic Temple, Chester

City Hall, Chester

The Chester United Presbyterian Church on Carolina Ave. started in 1895.

Werkeheiser's Hardware Store, Chester. The business dates back to 1909.

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