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Hancock County Tidbits

1744--First pioneers known to be in Brooke County area.

1793--Scotch-Irish settled at Poe District.

1794--Presbyterians built log church on the Flats. First Ministers were Joseph Smith,
John Brice, and George M. Scott.

1799--George M. Scott became first regular minister at Flats Church serving until 1826.
Pastor John Hales then served until 1837, Robert White 1837-1848, followed by
Joseph Pomeroy.

1810--Dr. David Pugh laid out New Manchester, named for Manchester, England from
where some of the settlers emigrated.

1811--Log school house was erected at the Flats. Among first teachers were Henry Holmes,
Thomas Bambrick, Mr. Brandan, and Mr. McCoy.

1818--A small group of Methodist Episcopal adherents organized in Grant District and built
the Asbury Chapel.

1818--Hotel was built at New Manchester. Mr. Kidd was proprietor from 1820-1830. He was
followed by Sam Connelly, Thomas Hunt, and Alex Morrow.

1819--Post Office was established at New Manchester and named Fairview. Laurence Keenan
was appointed postmaster August 29, 1819. His son-in-law, Thomas Bambrick, was ap-
pointed on October 29, 1827, followed by John McCowan February 18, 1832, Joseph
Burns December 12, 1849, and Joseph Cameron appointed on November 25, 1850.

1819--William Murray erected the first grist mill at Tomlinson Run just north of New Manchester.
It was destroyed by fire in 1852. Other mills at Tomlinson Run were: Pugh's Mill, Hart-
ford's Mill, Baxter's Mill, and Stevenson's Mill.

1825--Andrew Henderson and William Logan erected a grist mill on Kings Creek. Soon after,
Mr. Eaton built a saw mill nearby.

1837--An academy was founded at Hollidays Cove to accommodate fifty to sixty students. The
last term was held in 1856.

1839--New Cumberland was laid out by John Cuppy.

1840--Disciples of Christ organized at New Cumberland.

1844--Post Office was established at New Cumberland with Mr. W. H. Grafton serving as the

1848--Hancock County was created from Brooke County on January 15, 1848.

1848--The first County Court was organized at the home of Samuel C. Allison in New Man-
chester. Ground was donated by David Pugh and heirs of Dr. McClean for court house
that was completed February 11, 1850. A jail was added to the northwest corner and
was ready for use in 1858.

1852--Following a heated dispute with New Cumberland, the county seat was established at
New Manchester. Not until 1881 would it be moved to New Cumberland where it
remains today. Thayer Melvin was the only judge to preside at New Manchester.
Other lawyers were R. C. Brown, Daniel Donehoo, W. I. Lang, and James Marshall.

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