Black and Mulatto Individuals
In the 1850 Census of Hardy County, Virginia

Submitted by: Margaret Lew
This extract identifying Black and Mulatto individuals was taken from the 1850 Census of Hardy County (West) Virginia a transcription published by Wes Cochran. Please see the microfilmed original US Census records at your public library or the National Archives to verify any entry. The transcription does not include all the information recorded in the Census and it is always necessary to check for accuracy in transcription.

Where there is no entry for race, information may have been illegible or absent in the microfilmed records. Census records are good evidence, but not foolproof, as the information given the census taker was only as good as the knowledge and intentions of his informant. The informants are not identified and there lies at least one of the problems in accepting a census record as final evidence for the identity of an ancestor.

In spite of the limitations, these records are presented in hope that they prove helpful in your research.

DwHhldNameAgeBornOccupationRaceHead of household
11Allen, Mortimer22VAHostlerMulJohn Mullin, Farmer
11Clifford, Wm. Henry18VABarkeeperMulJohn Mullin, Farmer
45Washington, Elizabeth 8VA BlackJames Elliott, Mail Contr.
1012Tyler, James16VABlacksmithBlackAdam Sulser, Wagon maker
1820Allen, Eliza48VA MulMortimer D. Williams, Physician
2527Noble, Jemima44VA Blackhead
2729Parker, Lucy Jane10VA BlackSamuel H. Alexander, Merchant
3436Captain, Isaac48VACarpenterMulThomas Maslin, Merchant
3537Steptoe, Charles40VAStone MasonBlackhead
3537Steptoe, Sophia J.45VA BlackCharles Steptoe, Stone Mason
3537 Steptoe, Hampton17VALaborerBlackCharles Steptoe, Stone Mason
3537 Steptoe, Mary Jane15VA BlackCharles Steptoe, Stone Mason
3537 Steptoe, Field Shepherd11VA BlackCharles Steptoe, Stone Mason
3537 Steptoe, Laura Bell 6VA BlackCharles Steptoe, Stone Mason
3537 Steptoe, Charles M. 2VA BlackCharles Steptoe, Stone Mason
3739Duke, Sally51VA Mulhead
4244Brooks, Kitty31VA Blackhead
4244Brooks, Rebecca12VA BlackKitty Brooks
4244Brooks, James W. 9VA BlackKitty Brooks
4244Brooks, Nimrod 7VA BlackKitty Brooks
4244Brooks, Andrew H. 5VA BlackKitty Brooks
4244Brooks, Sarah C. 2VA BlackKitty Brooks
4244Jones, Isaac49VACarpenterBlackKitty Brooks
4345Ashens, Mary29VA Blackhead
4345Ashens, William12VA BlackMary Ashens
4345Ashens, Sarah11VA BlackMary Ashens
4345Ashens, John Wesley 4VA BlackMary Ashens
4345Ashens, Mary J. 3VA BlackMary Ashens
4345Sellers, Jemima45VA BlackMary Ashens
4345Sellers, Eliza25VA BlackMary Ashens
4345Sellers, Charles 4VA MulMary Ashens
4446Parker, Patsy38VA Blackhead
4446Parker, Sarah E.14VA BlackPatsy Parker
4446Parker, George M..12VA BlackPatsy Parker
4446Parker, Martha E. 8VA BlackPatsy Parker
4446Parker, James R. 6VA BlackPatsy Parker
4446Parker, Winfield S. 2VA BlackPatsy Parker
4446Parker, Samuel H. A.7/12VA BlackPatsy Parker
5355Miller, William 8VA MulWashinton Miller, Laborer
5759Paine, William52VALaborerBlackhead
5759Paine, Kitty33VA MulWilliam Paine, Laborer
5759Paine, Rice17VALaborerMulWilliam Paine, Laborer
5759Paine, Sarah E.13VA MulWilliam Paine, Laborer
5759Paine, Anne R.11VA MulWilliam Paine, Laborer
5759Paine, Isaac L. 9VA MulWilliam Paine, Laborer
5759Paine, George Washington 6VA MulWilliam Paine, Laborer
5759Paine, Mary C. 4VA MulWilliam Paine, Laborer
5759Paine, William H. 2VA MulWilliam Paine, Laborer
5961Cook, John W.14VA MulElizabeth Cook
6668Redman, Robert52VALaborerMulhead
6668Redman, Lucy40VA MulRobert Redman, Laborer
6668Redman, Jackson17VALaborerMulRobert Redman, Laborer
6668Redman, Catherine16VA MulRobert Redman, Laborer
6668Redman, Elizabeth14VA MulRobert Redman, Laborer
6668Redman, Jacob12VA MulRobert Redman, Laborer
6668Redman, Susan10VA MulRobert Redman, Laborer
6668Redman, Richard Henry 7VA MulRobert Redman, Laborer
6668Redman, Hezekiah 4VA MulRobert Redman, Laborer
6668Redman, Silas 3VA MulRobert Redman, Laborer
6668Redman, Rebecca 5VA MulRobert Redman, Laborer
6668Redman, Margaret3/12VA MulRobert Redman, Laborer
6769Redman, Valentine S.29VALaborerMulhead
6769Redman, Jane25VA MulValentine S. Redman, Laborer
6769Redman, Mary E. 6VA MulValentine S. Redman, Laborer
6769Redman, Joseph E. 4VA MulValentine S. Redman, Laborer
6769Lett, William18VALaborerMulValentine S. Redman, Laborer
7983Wilson, Susan26VA MulSally Wilson
8589Row, William19VALaborerMulWilliam Snodgrass, Commr of Revenue
8589Sellers, John18VALaborerBlackWilliam Snodgrass, Commr of Revenue
97101Duke, Kitty19VA MulOwen Kain, Farmer
97101Fidler, John16VALaborerMulOwen Kain, Farmer
100104Peck, Israel21VALaborerMulJames W. F. Allen, Lawyer
119123Bruce, Isaac27VALaborerMulNathaniel Little Fish, Clergyman
119123Bruce, Daniel21VALaborerMulNathaniel Little Fish, Clergyman
127131Newman, Alfred36VALaborerBlackFelix B. Welton, Farmer
45149Lewis, Harrison28VALaborerBlackElizabeth Myers,
151155Redman, Joel42VAWaggonerMulhead
151155Redman, Eveline41VA MulJoel Redman, Waggoner
151155Redman, Martha Jane13VA MulJoel Redman, Waggoner
151155Redman, Mary R Casey11VA MulJoel Redman, Waggoner
151155Redman, Joel 9VA MulJoel Redman, Waggoner
151155Redman, William K. 7VA MulJoel Redman, Waggoner
151155Redman, Richard S. 3VA MulJoel Redman, Waggoner
151155Redman, Mary Jane1/12VA MulJoel Redman, Waggoner
156160Allen, Polly44VA MulGarret Vanmeter, Jr., Farmer
158162Redman, John28VALaborerMulhead
158162Redman, Mary Ann30VA MulJohn Redman
158162Redman, Daniel 5VA MulJohn Redman
158162Redman, Polly 5/12VA MulJohn Redman
183187Bowers, Sanford23VALaborerMulJohn Stickley, Farmer
186190Allen, Jacob18VALaborerMulValentine Simmons, Farmer
189193Paine, Eliza Jane10VA BlackCharles A. Heath, Farmer
209214Row, Jacob41VALaborerMulhead
209214Row, Margaret35VA MulJacob Row, Laborer
209214Allen, Caroline11VA MulJacob Row, Laborer
209214Hicks, James J. 5VA BlackJacob Row, Laborer
213218Redman, John24VALaborerMulJames J. Stump, Farmer
255260White, Milly53VA Black
255260White, Rachel37VA BlackMilly White
255260White, Susan19VA BlackMilly White
255260White, David17VALaborerBlackMilly White
255260White, Solomon15VA BlackMilly White
255260White, William 7VA BlackMilly White
255260White, Rebecca C. 8/12VA BlackMilly White
310317Kent, Mont30VALaborerBlackBenjamin Cunningham, Farmer
310317Redman, Benjamin30VALaborerMulBenjamin Cunningham, Farmer
345352Lett, Elizabeth J.23VA MulJohn Rohrbaugh, Farmer
348355Peck, James75MDFarmerBlackhead
348355Peck, Elizabeth71VA  James Peck, Farmer
348355Peck, Polly35VA MulJames Peck, Farmer
348355Peck, Martha12VA MulJames Peck, Farmer
348355Peck, Betty18VA MulJames Peck, Farmer
348355Peck, Eveline18VA MulJames Peck, Farmer
348355Peck, Martin 9VA MulJames Peck, Farmer
348355Peck, John 12/12VA MulJames Peck, Farmer
348355Green, Ezekiel22VALaborerMulJames Peck, Farmer
437444Peck, Nimrod22VALaborerMulJohn Miller, Farmer
449456Clarke, Frederick38VALaborerMulhead
449456Clarke, Rebecca36VA MulFrederick Clarke, Farmer
449456Clarke, Catharine16VA MulFrederick Clarke, Farmer
449456Clarke, Juliet13VA MulFrederick Clarke, Farmer
449456Clarke, Miranda11VA MulFrederick Clarke, Farmer
449456Clarke, Polly Ann 9VA MulFrederick Clarke, Farmer
449456Clarke, Susan 7VA MulFrederick Clarke, Farmer
449456Clarke, James William 3VA MulFrederick Clarke, Farmer
449456Clarke, Victoria 1/12VA MulFrederick Clarke, Farmer
457464Saunders, William25VALaborerMulhead
457464Saunders, Melinda40VA MulWilliam Saunders, Laborer
533540Stephens, John W.10VA MulJeremiah Stewart Jr., Farmer
576583Reed, Jane M. 8VA MulJohn M. Hopewell, Farmer
579586Rayner, Sarah28PA Mulhead
579586Rayner, William F.10VA  Sarah Rayner
579586Rayner, Margaret Ann 7VA  Sarah Rayner
579586Rayner, Sarah C. 5VA  Sarah Rayner
579586Rayner, Joseph A. 2VA  Sarah Rayner
581588Peyton, Philip38VALaborerBlackhead
581588Peyton, Rhoda34VA MulPhilip Peyton, Laborer
581588Peyton, Isabella12VA MulPhilip Peyton, Laborer
581588Peyton, Mary10VA BlackPhilip Peyton, Laborer
663671Smith, Jacob38VALaborerMulhead
663671Smith, Polly30VA  Jacob Smith, Laborer
663671Smith, Henry H.11VA  Jacob Smith, Laborer
663671Smith, Sarah C. 2VA  Jacob Smith, Laborer
663671Smith, William H. 2VA  Jacob Smith, Laborer
705713Allen, Lucy10VA MulMichael Levy, Farmer
705713Allen, Julius C. 8VA MulMichael Levy, Farmer
743752Allen, Catharine15VA MulNancy Marshall
755764Bowers, William17VALaborerBlackIsaac V. Seymour, Farmer
758767Biggs, Rhoda47VA Mulhead
758767Biggs, Mary Eliza12VA MulRhoda Biggs
758767Biggs, Nancy Virginia 4VA MulRhoda Biggs
758767Lowry, Susan22VA MulRhoda Biggs
760769Robottom, Peggy25VA BlackJohn W. Welton, Farmer
760769Robottom, Mary 8VA BlackJohn W. Welton, Farmer
760769Robottom, Rebecca 5VA BlackJohn W. Welton, Farmer
760769Robottom, Aaron 3VA BlackJohn W. Welton, Farmer
771780Redman, Rebecca19VA MulJacob K. Chambers, Physician
775784Armentrout, Henry30VABlacksmithMulIsaac Hill, Blacksmith
794804Lett, Jesse16VALaborerBlackCyrus Welton, Farmer
795805White, Job22VA BlackJob Welton Jr., Farmer
877888Cappito, Samuel30VABlacksmithBlackhead
877888Cappito, Lacy Ann20VA MulSamuel Cappito, Blacksmith
877888Cappito, Isaac S. 1VA MulSamuel Cappito, Blacksmith
907918Lowry, Levi30VALaborerMulhead
907918Lowry, Maria22VA MulLevi Lowry, Laborer
950961Lett, Cornelius55VAFarmerMulhead
950961Lett, Mary45VA MulCornelius Lett, Farmer
950961Lett, Samuel16VALaborerMulCornelius Lett, Farmer
957968Redman, Sanford46VALaborerMulhead
957968Redman, Harriet47VA BlackSanford Redman, Laborer
958969Lett, Caleb50VAFarmerMulhead
958969Lett, Abby35VA MulCaleb Lett, Farmer
958969Lett, William19VALaborerMulCaleb Lett, Farmer
958969Lett, Jane14VA MulCaleb Lett, Farmer
958969Lett, Rachel12VA MulCaleb Lett, Farmer
958969Lett, Israel A. 9VA MulCaleb Lett, Farmer
958969Lett, James 6VA MulCaleb Lett, Farmer
958969Lett, John 5VA MulCaleb Lett, Farmer
958969Lett, Zachariah 1VA MulCaleb Lett, Farmer
973984White, Prince26VACarpenterBlackPeter Armentrout, Blacksmith
973984White, Jesse24VACarpenterBlackPeter Armentrout, Blacksmith
9901001Harvey, Thomas44VALaborerMulhead
901001Harvey, Diana24VA MulThomas Harvey, Laborer
9901001Harvey, John W. 6VA MulThomas Harvey, Laborer
9901001Harvey, Margaret F. 3VA MulThomas Harvey, Laborer
9901001Harvey, Johnson 11/12VA MulThomas Harvey, Laborer
9901001Hicks, Elizabeth Ann16VA MulThomas Harvey, Laborer
9911002Hicks, Frances60VA Blackhead
9911002Hicks, Polly Ann18VA  MulFrances Hicks
9911002Hicks, Giboria ? (f)15VA Black Frances Hicks
9911002Hicks, John11VA  Black Frances Hicks
9911002Hicks, Israel18VALaborer Mul Frances Hicks
9931004Redman, Hannah30VA Blackhead
9931004Redman, Sarah E.12VA BlackHannah Redman
9931004Redman, Solomon10VA MulHannah Redman
9931004Redman, John 8VA MulHannah Redman
9931004Redman, Mary C.. 5VA MulHannah Redman
9931004Redman, Francis 2VA MulHannah Redman
9951006Rubottom, Harriet54VA Blackhead
9951006Rubottom, Eveline25VA BlackHarriet Rubottom
9951006Rubottom, Ann E.21VA BlackHarriet Rubottom
9951006Rubottom, Mahala15VA BlackHarriet Rubottom
9951006Rubottom, George13VA BlackHarriet Rubottom
9951006Rubottom, Abraham11VA BlackHarriet Rubottom
9951006Rubottom, Sally Seymour 1VA BlackHarriet Rubottom
9951006Rubottom, Mary E. 1/12VA BlackHarriet Rubottom
9951006Boyd, Mary C.27VA BlackHarriet Rubottom
9951006Boyd, Hannah C. 7VA BlackHarriet Rubottom
9951006Boyd, Hetty 5VA BlackHarriet Rubottom
9951006Boyd, Benjamin 1VA BlackHarriet Rubottom
9951006Noble, Berry 6VA MulHarriet Rubottom
9961007Redman, Nimrod28VALaborerMulhead
9961007Redman, Jane25VA MulNimrod Redman, Laborer
9961007Redman, Davis K. 7VA MulNimrod Redman, Laborer
9961007Redman, Gabriel 4VA MulNimrod Redman, Laborer
9961007Redman, Rebecca 3VA MulNimrod Redman, Laborer
9961007Redman, Andrew4/12VA MulNimrod Redman, Laborer
10401052Little, Venus55VA Mulhead
10401052Little, Mary24VA  Venus Little
10401052Little, Isabel17VA  Venus Little
10401052Little, George15VA  Venus Little
10401052Little, Minerva11VA  Venus Little
10461058Bowley, George W.20VALaborerMulhead
10461058Bowley, Sarah Ann18VA MulGeorge W. Bowley, Laborer
10501062Lowry, Elias70VALaborerMulhead
10501062Lowry, Polly60VA BlackElias Lowry, Laborer
10501062Lowry, Rebecca29VA MulElias Lowry, Laborer
10501062Lowry, Polly22VA BlackElias Lowry, Laborer
10501062Lowry, William17VALaborerMulElias Lowry, Laborer
10501062Lowry, John 5VA MulElias Lowry, Laborer
11061119Redman, Benjamin45VAFarmerMulhead
11061119Redman, Christina39VA MulBenjamin Redman, Farmer
11061119Redman, James14VA MulBenjamin Redman, Farmer
11061119Redman, Robert 3VA MulBenjamin Redman, Farmer
11061119Redman, Jesse 2VA MulBenjamin Redman, Farmer
11061119Redman, Hannah C.1/12VA MulBenjamin Redman, Farmer
11231136Bruce, George62VAFarmerBlackhead
11231136Bruce, Lavinia64VA MulGeorge Bruce, Farmer
11231136Bruce, Joseph24VALaborerBlackGeorge Bruce, Farmer
11231136Bruce, Elizabeth Ann12VA BlackGeorge Bruce, Farmer
11241137Redman, David28VALaborerMulhead
11241137Redman, Elizabeth32VA MulDavid Redman, Laborer
11241137Redman, Mary F. 7VA MulDavid Redman, Laborer
11241137Redman, Jesse C. 5VA MulDavid Redman, Laborer
11241137Redman, Strother 3VA MulDavid Redman, Laborer
11241137Redman, Charles W.2/12VA MulDavid Redman, Laborer
11281141Bruce, Isaac50VAFarmerBlackhead
11281141Bruce, Jane32VA MulIsaac Bruce, Farmer
11281141Bruce, Daniel16VALaborerMulIsaac Bruce, Farmer
11281141Bruce, Hannibal14VA MulIsaac Bruce, Farmer
11281141Bruce, Sanford11VA MulIsaac Bruce, Farmer
11281141Bruce, Mary Jane 9VA MulIsaac Bruce, Farmer
11281141Bruce, Normand 4VA MulIsaac Bruce, Farmer
11281141Bruce, Willliam H. 3VA MulIsaac Bruce, Farmer
11281141Bruce, Elijah 2/12VA MulIsaac Bruce, Farmer
11291142Row, Isaac46VALaborerMulhead
11291142Row, Sarah35VA MulIsaac Row, Laborer
11291142Row, Eliza J.18VA MulIsaac Row, Laborer
11291142Row, Matilda15VA MulIsaac Row, Laborer
11291142Row, Polly14VA MulIsaac Row, Laborer
11291142Row, John W.12VA MulIsaac Row, Laborer
11291142Row, Hannah10VA MulIsaac Row, Laborer
11291142Row, Rebecca 8VA MulIsaac Row, Laborer
11291142Row, Daniel S. 4VA MulIsaac Row, Laborer
11291142Row, Thornton S. 2VA MulIsaac Row, Laborer
11291142Row, Sarah V. 1VA MulIsaac Row, Laborer
11651178Allen, Mary Jane 9VA MulBenjamin F. McNemar, Sheriff
12061219Bosley, James74MDFarmerMulhead
12061219Bosley, Elizabeth70VA  James Bosley, Farmer
12061219Bosley, Rachel33VA  James Bosley, Farmer
12061219Bosley, Owen L. D. 8VA MulJames Bosley, Farmer
12061219Bosley, Susan M. 6VA  James Bosley, Farmer
12211234Robinson, John W.30VAFarmerMulhead
12211234Robinson, Julia Ann34VA MulJohn W. Robinson, Farmer
12211234Robinson, Joseph 6VA MulJohn W. Robinson, Farmer
12211234Robinson, David 6VA MulJohn W. Robinson, Farmer
12221235Thomas, Sarah Ann16VA BlackSamuel Babb, Farmer
12231236Redman, Edmund35VAFarmerMulhead
12231236Redman, Peggy33VA MulEdmund Redman, Farmer
12231236Redman, John A.14VA MulEdmund Redman, Farmer
12231236Redman, Jane Ann12VA MulEdmund Redman, Farmer
12231236Redman, Daniel H. 8VA MulEdmund Redman, Farmer
12231236Redman, Sarah E. 6VA MulEdmund Redman, Farmer
12231236Redman, Sarah 5VA MulEdmund Redman, Farmer
12231236Redman, William 3VA MulEdmund Redman, Farmer
12231236Redman, Rinieh ? (m)10/12VA MulEdmund Redman, Farmer
12351248Duke, Absolom17VALaborerMulJames S. Miles, Farmer
12351248Duke, Lucinda13VA MulJames S. Miles, Farmer
12351248Duke, James H. 9VA MulJames S. Miles, Farmer
12381251Kent, Evan66VAFarmerBlackhead
12381251Kent, Priscilla56VA BlackEvan Kent, Farmer
12381251Kent, Betsy26VA BlackEvan Kent, Farmer
12381251Kent, Rebecca23VA BlackEvan Kent, Farmer
12381251Kent, Mary A.20VA MulEvan Kent, Farmer
12381251Kent, Artemisia18VA MulEvan Kent, Farmer
12381251Kent, James17VALaborerBlackEvan Kent, Farmer
12381251Kent, Hanson14VA MulEvan Kent, Farmer
12381251Clifford, Isaac26VALaborerMulEvan Kent, Farmer
12381251Clifford, Satilpa34VA MulEvan Kent, Farmer
12381251Clifford, Theodore 5VA BlackEvan Kent, Farmer
12381251Clifford, David 3VA MulEvan Kent, Farmer
12381251Clifford, John R. 1VA BlackEvan Kent, Farmer
12391252Kent, Filmore28VALaborerBlackhead
12391252Kent, Ann32VA BlackFilmore Kent, Laborer
12401253Bruce, Jacob60VAFarmerBlackhead
12401253Bruce, Charity61MD MulJacob Bruce, Farmer
12401253Bruce, Sarah J.13VA MulJacob Bruce, Farmer
12401253Redman, Josiah27VALaborerMulJacob Bruce, Farmer
12401253Redman, Elizabeth22VA BlackJacob Bruce, Farmer
12401253Redman, Mary 1VA MulJacob Bruce, Farmer
12411254Bruce, Hannibal37VACarpenterBlackhead
12411254Bruce, Thomas15VA MulHannibal Bruce, Carpenter
12411254Bruce, America13VA MulHannibal Bruce, Carpenter
12411254Bruce, Rebecca50VA MulHannibal Bruce, Carpenter
12411254Bruce, Milly47VA MulHannibal Bruce, Carpenter
12431256Duke, Hannah37VA BlackJob Sion, Road Contractor
12431256Duke, Lafayette 3VA BlackJob Sion, Road Contractor
12431256Duke, Taylor 1VA BlackJob Sion, Road Contractor
12451258Bruce, Solomon45VALaborerBlackhead
12451258Bruce, Jane24VA MulSolomon Bruce, Laborer
12451258Bruce, Susan E.10VA MulSolomon Bruce, Laborer
12451258Bruce, Martha E. 8VA MulSolomon Bruce, Laborer
12451258Bruce, Mary 6VA MulSolomon Bruce, Laborer
12451258Bruce, Catharine 3VA MulSolomon Bruce, Laborer
12451258Bruce, Andrew H. 1VA MulSolomon Bruce, Laborer
12451258Little, Susan61VA MulSolomon Bruce, Laborer
12451258Little, Harriet39VA MulSolomon Bruce, Laborer
12471261Warwick, Rachel59VA Blackhead
12471261Warwick, John34VALaborerBlackRachel Warwick
12471261Warwick, Eli29VA BlackRachel Warwick
12781291Burgess, James62MDFarmerMulhead
12781291Burgess, Priscilla50VA MulJames Burgess, Farmer
12781291Burgess, William25VA MulJames Burgess, Farmer
12781291Burgess, John15VA MulJames Burgess, Farmer
12781291Burgess, Elizabeth 9/12VA MulJames Burgess, Farmer
12821295Deeks, Ann R.14VA MulAaron Baker, Farmer
12891302Bosley, Jacob72MDFarmerMulhead
12931306Bruce, Emanuel28VAFarmerMulCharles Bruce, Farmer
12931306Bruce, Abraham23VAFarmerMulCharles Bruce, Farmer
12981311Redman, Nimrod51VAFarmerMulhead
12981311Redman, Fanny45VA MulNimrod Redman, Farmer
12981311Redman, Sally29VA MulNimrod Redman, Farmer
12981311Redman, George23VALaborerMulNimrod Redman, Farmer
12981311Redman, Jemima22VA MulNimrod Redman, Farmer
12981311Redman, Ann R. 6VA MulNimrod Redman, Farmer
12981311Redman, Thornton 1VA MulNimrod Redman, Farmer
12981311Redman, James F.4/12VA MulNimrod Redman, Farmer
12981311Redman, Aaron3/12VA MulNimrod Redman, Farmer
13011314Mooreland, Milly32VA MulWilllam W. Mullin, Farmer
12011314Mooreland, Anna R.C. 4VA MulWilllam W. Mullin, Farmer
12011314Mooreland, Richard W.S.1VA MulWilllam W. Mullin, Farmer
13041317Lowry, John29VALaborerMulhead
13041317Lowry, Jane Ann29VA MulJohn Lowry, Laborer
13041317Lowry, Elias 8VA MulJohn Lowry, Laborer
13041317Lowry, William S. 6VA MulJohn Lowry, Laborer
13041317Lowry, Ann J. 4VA MulJohn Lowry, Laborer
13041317Lowry, Daniel 1VA MulJohn Lowry, Laborer
13051318Redman, Isaac54VALaborerMulhead
13051318Redman, Betsy53VA MulIsaac Redman, Laborer
13051318Redman, James15VA MulIsaac Redman, Laborer
13051318Redman, Delia14VA MulIsaac Redman, Laborer
13051318Redman, Elias13VA MulIsaac Redman, Laborer
13051318Redman, Mary Jane12VA MulIsaac Redman, Laborer
13051318Redman, Daniel10VA MulIsaac Redman, Laborer
13051318Redman, William 7VA MulIsaac Redman, Laborer
13051318Redman, John Thomas 5VA MulIsaac Redman, Laborer
13051318Redman, Elizabeth3VA MulIsaac Redman, Laborer
13051318Redman, Susan C.1VA MulIsaac Redman, Laborer
13051318Row, Fanny45VA MulIsaac Redman, Laborer
13121325Jones, Andrew45VALaborerBlackDavid Vanmeter, Farmer

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