Wilkins, Smith, And  Shoemaker,
from the 1880 Census of Hardy County, WV

Name Age Relationship Occupation State of Birth
Wilkins, Noah 42 head of house Carpenter VA
Wilkins, Mary E. 35 wife keeper at home VA
Wilkins, Alice 15 daughter
Wilkins, Philip 16 Wilkinsson
Wilkins, Amanda 11 daughter
Wilkins, Polly 82 mother
Wilkin, Geo. W. 27 head of house
Wilkin, Margaret 29 wife
Wilkin, Henry 34 head of house farm laborer VA
Wilkin Susan 25 wife

Wilkin, Moses 7 son

Wilkin, Lorenzo 6 son

Wilkin, Wm R 5 son

Wilkin, James 40 head of house

Wilkin, Isabella 49 wife

Wilkin Lionel 27 head of house Farmer
Wilkin, Barbara 19 wife

Wilkin,Abraham 38 head of house

Wilkin, Rachel 41 wife

Wilkin, Wm H. 15 son

Wilkin, James E. 13 son

Wilkin, Silas 12 son

Wilkin, Benjamin 11 son

Wilkin, Sarah A. 9 daughter

Wilkin, Virginia C 6 daughter

Wilkin, Lucinda 4 daughter

Wilkin, John C 2 son

Wilkin Aaron 59 head of house

Wilkin, Frances 40 wife

Wilkin, Victoria 16 daughter

Wilkin, Angus 13 son

Wilkin, Sarah 9 daughter

Wilkin, Margaret 7 daughter

Wilkin, Moses 5 son

Wilkin, Lafayette 3 son

Wilkin, Levi 22 laborer D.R. McNeill

Wilkin, Isaac 20 laborer McNeill

Wilkin, Samuel 23 head of house Farmer VA
Wilkin, Susan 22 wife keeper at home VA
Wilkins, James 26 head of house farm laborer
Wilkins, Irena 27 wife

Wilkins, Sarah J 3 daughter

Wilkins, Angus M 7/12 son

Wilkins, Ananias 25 head of house Farm Laborer VA
Wilkins, Susanna 23 wife

Wilkins, Mary 3 daughter

Wilkins, Lillie 10/12 daughter

Wilkins, Jospeh 66 headof house Farmer VA
Wilkins, Barbara 48 wife
Wilkins, Levi 21 son Farm laborer VA
Wilkins, Isaac 17 son farm laborer WV
Wilkins, Mary 14 daughter at home WV
Wilkins,Sarah 11 daughter athome WV
Wilkin, Job 56 head of house

Wilkin, Call(?) 53 wife

Wilkin, Lydia 22 daughter

Wilkin, Victoria 20 daughter

Wilkin, Sarah 8 daughter

Wilson, Job C 14 grandson

Wilson, Ida E 1 granddaughter

Wilkin, Silas 45 head of house

Wilkin, Elizabeth 45 wife

Wilkin, Julia 12 daughter

Wilkin, Brandon 8 son

Wilkin, Matthias 65 head of house Farmer
Wilkin, DC 31 wife pregnant
Wilkin, Solomon 11 son

Wilkin, OJ 8 son

Wilkin Wheeler D 7 son

Wilkin, Mary C 5 daughter

Wilkin,Cora S 3 daughter

Wilkin, Harrison
head of house

Shoemaker, Edward 16 laborer -Moses Sagas

Shoemaker, Jane 42 head of house

Shoemaker, Algerrion son

Shoemaker,  Ida 5 daughter

Shoemaker, G E 23 laborer - Geo Fox

Shoemaker, Jasper 37 head of house Farmer VA
Shoemaker, Mary 31 wife

Shoemaker, Gertha May 12 daughter

Shoemaker Robert A. 11 son

Shoemaker, Lionel F. 10 son

Shoemaker, Rosa Etta 8 daughter

Shoemaker, Aaron 6 son

Shoemaker, Alinzo 3 son

Shoemaker, Cornelia F 5/12 daughter

Shoemaker, Elijah 53 head of house Farmer VA
Shoemaker, Charles 18 son
Shoemaker, Cora Jane 1 daughter
Smith, SPF 30 head of house Physician VA
Smith, Ann R 21 wife

Smith,GeorgeA 3 son

Smith, Geneva E. 1 daughter

Smith, Reuben 54 head of house Farmer VA
Smith, Margaret 30 wife

Smith, Elizabeth 12 daughter

Smith, Ann 11 daughter

Smith, Seymour 3 son

Smith, Sallie 1 daughter

Smith, Heishelb? 9 son

Smith LF 41 head of house Farmer VA
Smith, Mary 37 wife

Smith, Benjamin 16 son

Smith, Ezra 15 son

Smith, David 12 son

Smith, Mary 9 daughter

Smith, Susan 8 daughter

Smith, Annie 5 daughter

Smith,  Clara 2 daughter

Smith, Catherine 1 daughter

Smith,Ellen 16
servant- Geo. Simon
Smith, John T. 50 head of house Farmer VA
Smith, Martha J 54 wife

Smith, Sallie 21 daughter

Smith, Charles Edward 18 son

Smith, Julia 114 daughter

Smith Mary 71 head of house

Smith, Sarah C 25 daughter

Smith, W. G. W. 52 head of house Farmer VA
Smith, Sarah A  35 wife keeper  at home England
Smith, Ann J. 20 daughter
Smith, Clara A. 14 daughter
Smith, John H. 12 son
Smith, George R 10 son
Smith, William F 9 son
Smith, Franklin 7 son
Smith, Charles 5 son
Smith Lillian 2 daughter
Smith, John S 88 father
Smith, J H 24 laborer w/JCB Mullins VA
Smith Ann 25 wife
Smith, Mary C 3

Smith, David 34 head of house laborer VA
Smith, Sarah E. 35 wife

Smith, Wm W 11 son

Smith, Bettie T 8 daughter

Smith, Nora A 6 daughter

Smith, Mary Mag 4 daughter

Smith, Cora M 1 daughter

Smith, Heiden 22 head of house laborer
Smith, Margaret J 22 wife

Smith, Careie B 5 daughter

Smith, Willie Jane 2 daughter

Smith Polly D 9/12 daughter

Smith, Dane W 32 head of house laborer
Smith, Retina? 22 wife

Smith, Samuel A 9 son

Smith, Clinton 5 son

Smith, Mary R 4 daughter

Smith, Alice Jane 1 daughter

Smith, AB 48 head of house

Smith, Ann R 36 wife

Smith, Isaac 16 son

Smith Lionel 24 head of house

Smith, Sophia 26 wife

Smith, Asa Lehne 2 son

Hedges, William 42 head of house Minister VA
Hedges, Martha 37 wife

Hedges, Janie 12 daughter

Hedges, Willis 9 son

Hedges, Samuel 8 son

Hedges, John M 4 son

Hedges, Sadie 11/12 daughter


Brock, Mary 63 head of house
Brock Sarah 24 daughter
Brock, George 19 son
Brock, Jacob 35 son
Brock, William 28 son
Bean, Thomas H 4 grandson

Brock, John 33 head of house
Brock, Hannah J 32 wife

Brock, Sarah V 11 daughter

Brock John W. 9 son

Brock, Lydia M 6 daughter

Brock, Charles L. 3 son

  Researched and created by Charlene Smith.

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