Two Cemeteries near Brake, Hardy County, West Virginia

Submitted byPerry BrakeSun, 11 Oct 1998.

Brake Cemetery, Brake, Hardy County WV. While touring West Virginia last week with my brother Jack (Newport, RI) and cousin, Sherri Brake-Recco (Canal Fulton, OH), we visited a cemetery in Brake, Hardy County, WV. Brake is about 15 miles south of Moorefield on the South Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac (you won't find it on all road maps!). While there, we inventoried and photographed the Brake Cemetery. You will be able to view the results of that effort on the Brake Family web page as soon as we get organized and send the info to webmaster Dan Hyde.

Cullers, Lipscomb, Hinkle graves, near Brake, Hardy County WV. We had noticed a nearby cemetery on the map and decided to check for Brakes there, also. We found none, but took an inventory anyway in hopes it would be of interest to others.

Two Views of the Cemetery

Lipscomb Cemetery
Lipscomb Cemetery
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  1. Many unmarked head and foot stones (flat field stone), most of which were approximately four feet apart, perhaps indicating children.
  2. Infant daughter of CE and GM CULLERS, Feb 3, 1963 to Feb 4, 1963.
  3. Infant daughter of CE and GM CULLERS, Oct 17, 1964 to Oct 28, 1964
  4. Four white, wooden crosses with black lettering saying "LIPSCOMB" with foot stones.
  5. Lucy E., daughter of CW & RA CULLERS, 1902 - 1907.
  6. Nellie, daughter of CW & RA CULLERS, 1905 - 1907.
  7. William S. CULLERS, May 15, 1885 - Oct 16, 1972.
  8. Hannah M. CULLERS, Jan 18, 1892 - 1959.
  9. Benjamin "Bud" HINKLE, Nov 30, 1868 - Nov 20, 1966.
The cemetery is clearly visible on a hillside field (possibly used for hay) to the northwest of (right side going in) Dumpling Run Road, 1.85 miles from Route 7 and the South Fork. Dumpling Run Road angles to the southwest from Route 7. An occupied farmhouse is nearby and the lady of the house was happy to let us visit the cemetery. She was not aware of the cemetery's history or of its occupants.

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