Church of the Brethren
Lower Trout Run
Wardensville, Hardy County, West Virginia

Census completed November 4, 2006 by Suzanne W. Whitson

This cemetery is located by going down Trout Run Road from Wardensville and turning right onto Thorn Bottom Road, the church is immediately on the right and the cemetery is on the right side of the church in the back.

                                        Born                Died
Haycock, Hannah J.                 Jan. 26, 1856       Dec. 26, 1938
Haycock, Paris                     Aug. 1, 1881        Jan. 14, 1933
Gone but not forgotten

Haycock, Rosa F. May 18, 1889 June 30, 1988 Resting in Jesus

Heishman, Artie M. May 15, 1868 Feb. 12, 1936 His Wife Heishman, George W. Nov. 14, 1856 Oct. 27, 1935

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