Dove Cemetery
Hardy County, West Virginia

Census taken in 1979. Contributed by Suzanne W. Whitson

This census was taken by Clifton and Lila Funkhouser on July 10, 1979. They recorded many Hardy County cemeteries and generously wanted their work made available to the public; therefore, they gave a copy to the Hardy County Public Library. It is reproduced here with permission from the Library.

Located about midway of Dove Hollow Road on a hill above the old Dove home which was occupied by Blanche Hamilton in 1979.

                               Born     Died
Dove, Richard W.               1869     1939

Dove, Myrtle H.                1874     1945

Dove, Bulah L.                 1899     1913
(Daughter of J.W. and L.B.)

Dove, George W.                1835     1908

Dove, Elizabeth (Halterman)    1834     1916
(Wife) (Daughter of Christian & Sarah Feathers)

Dove, Infant son               1901     1901
(son of M.H. and R.W.)

Dove, Cora B. Taylor           1894     1967

Hamilton, John O.              1904     1935

Hamilton, Blanche              1907     (no date)
(Daughter of Myrtle and Richard Dove)

Parker, Sally B.               1939     1941

Taylor, George R.              1924     1935

Hamilton, Frances L.           1946     1946
(Daughter of Berlin and Dorothy)

Mongold, Loney V.              1920     1925
(Daughter of D.H. and R.C.M.)

Hamilton, George S.            1929     1972
(Husband) (Korean War)

Hamilton, Florence J.          1935     (no date)

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