Funk Cemetery
Hardy County, West Virginia

Census taken in 1979. Contributed by Suzanne W. Whitson

This census was taken by Clifton and Lila Funkhouser on Sept. 17, 1979. They recorded many Hardy County cemeteries and generously wanted their work made available to the public; therefore, they gave a copy to the Hardy County Public Library. It is reproduced here with permission from the Library.

Located on Pine Ridge, turn off between Baker and McCauley, go back to Jess Combs residence (in 1979) about one mile, then thru his barn lot follow an old road perhaps .4 mile thru an open field, then a wooded area, then coming out of a wooded area to a cleared field a road or path goes up a small hill a short way to this cemetery - wire fenced, good condition.

                        Born     Died
Funk, Jacob             1862     1948

Funk, Sophia            1855     1919

Funk, Mahala            1895     1895

Funk, Eliza B.          1885     1885

Funk, John W.           1883     1885

Funk, Luellen           1881     1886

Funk, Erman             1914     1914
(Son of Jas. and Amanda)

Funk, James F.          1891     1957

Funk, Amanda Alice      (no dates)
(Wife of Jas. - died before Jas.)

Miller, Jos. L          1891     1958

Miller, Lavina C.       1888     1951

Miller, Jos. Jr.        1920     1920

Miller, Ernest          1932     1932
(Son Sophia and Eston)

Miller, Kenneth
(Infant - no data)

Miller, Ralph and Ruby
(Infants - no data)

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