Hawkins Cemetery
Hardy County, West Virginia

Census taken in 2002 by Suzanne W. Whitson.

This cemetery is located on North Mountain Road in Wardensville, West Virginia.

Note: ossw = "on same stone with"

                                  Born                  Died

Funkhouser, Amanda C.             1819                  1885
  "Wife of J.H. Funkhouser", "ACF" ossw Infant son Funkhouser

Infant                                                  1879
  "Son of J.H. & A.C. Funkhouser", "IF" ossw Amanda C. Funkhouser

Funkhouser, Amanda J.             1833                  1869
  "Wife of J.H. Funkhouser", "AJF" ossw James H. Funkhouser

Funkhouser, James H.              1836                  1912
  "JHF"  ossw Amanda J. Funkhouser

Catherine E.                      Aug. 25, 1856         April 25, 1894
  "Wife of J.H. Godlove"

Godlove, Delila                   1872                  1940
  "Tho Lost to Sight to Memory Dear"  ossw Isaac Godlove

Godlove, Isaac                    1869                  1936
  "Tho Lost to Sight to Memory Dear"  ossw Delila Godlove

Robert H.                                               April 4, 1885
  "Son of J.H. & C.E. Godlove" (Note: only one date believed death)

Hawkins, John E.                  1847                  1930
  ossw May W. Hawkins

Maxine                            7-26-1928             11-28-1934
  "Daughter of Eston and Viola" (Note: in Hawkins plot so believed to
   be a Hawkins)

Hawkins, May W.                   1861                  1947
  ossw John E. Hawkins

Orndorff, Harrison                August 17, 1818       Nov. 5, 1899
  "Aged 86 yrs 3 mos 18 dys", "Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep from
   which none ever wakes"

Mary                                                    October 21, 1888
  "Wife of Harrison Orndorff", "Aged 67 yrs 5 mos 19 ds", "Asleep in
   Jesus blessed sleep from which none ever wakes" (Note: only one
   date - death)

Snyder, Martin Van Buren          Nov. 27, 1840         March 16, 1896
  "Aged 55 yrs 3 mos & 20 ds", "He has the soldiers recompense, His is
   a patriots grave, Where calm in death reposes Our noble, true and
   brave", "MVBS"

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