Hyder Graveyard
Near Moorefield
Hardy County, West Virginia

Census taken about 1975. Contributed by Suzanne W. Whitson.

This census was taken by Clifton and Lila Funkhouser about 1975. They recorded many Hardy County cemeteries and generously wanted their work made available to the public; therefore, they gave a copy to the Hardy County Public Library. It is reproduced here with permission from the Library.

This graveyard is on the A.G. (Dick) Hutter farm (in 1975) located on back road going left at the river bridge two miles North of Moorefield. Note: The name Hyder is also spelled Hider.

                                        Born     Died
Hider, Adam                             1796     1835
  "Son of Michael & Dianna Hider"

Hider, Christina                        1804     1835
  "Daughter of Michael & Dianna Hider"

Hider, H. (believe Hampton)             1827     1888

Hider, Michael                          1780     1841

McNeill, Mary Elizabeth                 1816     1841

McNeill, Adam H.                        1841     1869

Miles, Charles William S.               1843     1864
  (Member of McNeill's Rangers)

Neville, George                         1790     1866

Taylor, Ann V.                          1818     1845
  "Wife of Parsons Taylor"

Taylor, Margaret T.   (no dates)

Taylor, Sarah Y.                        1845     1847
  "Daughter of Parsons & Ann V. Taylor"

Vandiver, Caroline R.                   1813     1831
  "Wife of Samuel Vandiver"

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