Jenkins Cemetery
Near Lost River
Hardy County, West Virginia

Census taken December 6, 1979. Contributed by Suzanne W. Whitson.

This census was taken by Clifton and Lila Funkhouser on Dec. 6, 1979. They recorded many Hardy County cemeteries and generously wanted their work made available to the public; therefore, they gave a copy to the Hardy County Public Library. It is reproduced here with permission from the Library.

Located on Jenkins Hollow Road which is off Lost River State Park Road at the residence of Ann B. Strawderman (in 1979).

                           Born   Died
Jenkins, John T.           1907   1968

Jenkins, Howard F.         1905   1944

Jenkins, Levi Jacob        1874   1941

Jenkins, Blanche Vernon    1879   1960

Jenkins, A.B.              1849   1908

Jenkins, Sarah J.          1855   1925

Jenkins, Wilbur            1911   1911
"Son of L.J. and B.V.J."

Jenkins, Ernest R.         1904   1955

Jenkins, Felix             1879   1938

Jenkins, Minnie E.         1884   1960

Shipe, Garnet Brown        1907   1958

Shipe, Roger Dale          1955   1975

B.J.   b. May 19, 1780  d. Dec. 1871
(on field stone)

Field stones marked three more rows containing
an additional 25-30 graves with no data on them.

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